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Xiaomi Wellskins Hair Straightening Comb WX-ZF105

Xiaomi Welllskins Hairdressing straight hair comb WX-ZF105
Youpin Hair Straightening Comb
Anion Dual-purpose Hair Straightener
Curling Stick Female Lazy Perm
for Xiaomi Youpin

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Youpin Hair Straightening Comb
Anion Dual-purpose Hair Straightener Curling Stick Female Lazy Perm
for Xiaomi Youpin

Weixin Hair Straightening Comb heats up for 8 seconds, transfers heat through the PTC constant temperature, and gently combs it, effectively smoothing the frizz, relaxing the concave shape, and making a smooth inner button in just a few minutes.

Change the traditional double-splint hair straightening method and adopt an integrated PTC heating element, which is safe and reliable; it has an automatic constant temperature throughout the whole process to prevent the temperature from damaging the hair when the temperature rises and falls; the three-dimensional heating cycle can straighten the hair/curls through the physical effect, which is healthy and no damage.

For different hair types and hairstyles, it has formulated different straightening programs to ensure that all hair types and textures have good styling effects. Ordinary hair is suitable for the first grade, gentle straight hair does not hurt the hair; while thick curly hair is suitable for high-end, uniform temperature spreading, and long-lasting style.

2 large division combs perform their duties, the high and low staggered combs penetrate the roots of the hair and comb the knots; gently straight to the scalp, promote the blood circulation of the roots, massage, and relax.

4 Anti-scalding design

One: 3D anti-scalding comb

2: Thermal insulation rock wool

Three: handle

Four: Overheating protection

The thermally conductive sheet is hidden under the comb teeth and does not directly contact the skin to block the heat of the comb from being transferred to the shell. It is not easy to burn your hands. The temperature is only 47℃* for 30 minutes.

NTC thermistor senses temperature, overheating stops working

Product Parameter

  1. Brand Name: Weixin
  2. Product name: Ceramic anti-perm hair care styling straight hair comb
  3. Product model: WX-ZF105
  4. Rated voltage: 220V~
  5. Rated power: 40W
  6. Product net weight: 0.34kg
  7. Product size: 286x70x50mm


Brand Name


State of Assembly




Control Channels

2 Channels


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