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Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set

Global Version Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set Solar-Powered Battery IP66 Full-Color Night Vision Alexa Cloud storage

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Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera Bw 400 Pro Set Main Features

● Clear Imaging: 1/2.7-inch sensor for clear imaging in various environments.

● High-Resolution Surveillance: 4MP camera with 2.5K resolution for sharp and detailed picture quality.

● Hardware-level HDR: High dynamic range for brilliant images under different lighting conditions.

● Wide Field of View (FOV): 132° wide FOV to eliminate blind spots and capture a broader area.

● Night Vision: High-power infrared lights and full-color LED lights for clear night vision.

● Long Battery Life: Built-in solar-powered panel, Solar-powered panel with a 20% conversion rate for efficient power storage.

● Smart Detection: Automatic alerts on your smartphone for human figure detection.

● Outdoor Durability: IP66-rated dust-resistant and waterproof design for all kinds of weather.

● Two-way Voice Calling: Full, clear, and noise-free sound with a large built-in speaker.

● Multi-platform smart link: supported Google Assistant and Alexa.


Detailed parameters

Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera Bw 400 Pro Set

Solar-powered battery for uninterrupted high-quality housekeeping


1/2.7-inch sensor


Clear imaging in any environment

Day and night, clear picture quality in any outdoor environment. Tookfun


4MP clear, high-detail surveillance


2.5K* resolution for sharper, more detailed picture quality


Hardware-level HDR


Brilliant images under any lighting conditions

High dynamic range to ensure a clear image whether in harsh light or backlit


Expanded horizon to eliminate blind spots


132° wide FOV


Clear night vision


Feel safer at night

High-power infrared lights and full-color LED lights capture clear images, even when it’s dark outside. Tookfun


10000mAh battery


Uninterrupted online protection

High-capacity battery for a steady supply of power 180 days* of continuous operation with normal use


Built-in solar-powered panel


Convert sunlight into power for night-time use

Solar cells conversion rate of 20%* for efficient power storage


Real-time smart response reduces unnecessary power consumption


Local filtering algorithms, low-power consumption technical architecture, and BaseStation reduce power consumption for more power-efficient real-time monitoring performance.


Smart computing with an AI chip


Smooth images, precise recognition

Multiple algorithm models for enhanced response stability

Smoother images


Precise recognition of the human form


An alert is automatically sent to your smartphone if a human figure appears in the frame


Receive an alert as soon as an intruder is detected


Customize the detection area to receive immediate alerts on your smartphone when an intruder is detected. Tookfun


Wireless connection to the base station for more flexible installation


Power-efficient communication between the camera and the base station without the need for a router provides more flexible coverage over a longer distance. Tookfun


MJA1 security chipset


Financial-grade security

Each built-in MJA1 security chipset has an exclusive private key and certificate. Any data transmission between the camera and related devices passes through the MJA1 security chipset to enhance user privacy protection.Tookfun


Professional outdoor design


Dust-resistant and waterproof for all kinds of weather

IP66-rated* dust-resistant and waterproof design to handle complex outdoor weather and environments. Tookfun


Two-way voice calling


Full, clear and noise-free sound

Large, built-in speaker for clear calls without interference


Design details


· Two data storage modes

SD card storage up to 256GB | Cloud storage



· Multi-platform smart link supported

Google Assistant | Alexa



· No cables needed for quick installation

On the roof | On a wall


Package Contents



Base Station

Camera Mount

Charging Cable

Ethernet Cable

Mounting Template Sticker

Screw × 4

Wall Plug × 4

Attention Sticker

User Manual


*PIR sensitivity and triggering time can be adjusted in the app as needed.

*8m security distance was tested by 70mai AI Lab. The sensitivity of the machine was set to high. In the test, the PIR detection distance reached 8 meters.

*The Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app provides 3-month of 7-day rolling cloud storage service. To save your videos in the cloud for longer, you will need to activate an additional cloud storage service or buy a Micro SD card/USB drive (Cloud service policies are dependent on different regions and countries; for specific details, refer to the Mi Home app).

Cloud storage membership services are not currently available in the Russian region; only a 7-day rolling cloud storage service is provided.(Cloud service policies are dependent on different regions and countries; for specific details, refer to the Mi Home app).

*Battery life is estimated to last approximately 5 months based on tests by 70mai AI Lab. Lab tests of battery life are for reference only. Results may vary due to differing test conditions and actual environments. Actual battery life is subject to actual usage conditions.

*Recording frequency affects battery usage. Motion sensitivity, recording time, alert intervals, and other settings can be personalized in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.

*Actual video length is determined by both the maximum recording time set and whether there is continuous motion within the frame.

*One device can be shared among multiple family members, but can only be viewed by one Xiaomi account at a time.

*Cloud storage is a paid service. Once enabled, videos will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

*Disable the alert function in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app before removing the camera for charging or other operations to avoid triggering video alarm notifications.

*Please pay attention to the battery safety when charging , the charging port open while charging. And securely close the waterproof plug of the charging port when using Xiaomi Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro outdoors.

*The signal strength between the indoor base station and the camera depends on the distance and the number of walls between them. The fewer the walls, the stronger the signal.

*Product images and models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interface and other product information on this page are for reference only. Xiaomi may amend the above information. For details, please refer to the actual product as its performance is subject to actual usage conditions.

*The comparisons made on this page refer to Xiaomi products only. The comparison images are for illustrative purposes only and may not accurately reflect the actual performance or functionality of the product.

*Unless otherwise stated, all data on this page are derived from 70mai AI Lab. Actual data may vary depending on environmental factors and is subject to actual usage conditions.

*Network cable and power cord are not required for the outdoor camera only. The indoor base station still needs to be connected to a power source. It can be connected to the internet using either a network cable or Wi-Fi.

*IP66 protection rating test was performed by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, with test report number: SHES230901721471.

*10000mAh refers to the typical value of Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro’s battery capacity.

*Data obtained from 70mai AI Lab. Actual results may vary.

*”Self-sufficient” requires solar panel to receive two or more hours of direct sunlight per day under standard scenario conditions (recording 20 times per day).

*When a person, vehicle, animal, or package is detected in the monitoring area, a notification and video will be automatically sent to your mobile phone via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app’s security assistant and detection settings.

*Please remember that the use of recording equipment, such as Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro to capture video or sound recordings may affect individuals’ personal data. The processing of personal data may involve compliance with local data protection regulations. Please note that you are solely responsible for the use you make of this device and for compliance with any such regulations that may apply to you.

*The base station can only be paired with one camera at the same time.

*The 8-meter sound pick-up distance is the distance within which sounds can be clearly recorded. Tests carried out by 70mai AI Lab. Actual distance will vary in different situations due to a variety of factors such as background noise intensity, temperature, and humidity.

*Approximately 180-day battery life is based on 20 10-second recordings per day. Tested by 70mai AI Lab. Battery life may vary due to different test conditions and environments. Actual battery life is subject to the actual usage environment.

*Data is based on irradiance of 1000W/㎡, tested at a working temperature of 25°C. Actual conversion efficiency may be affected by factors such as the installation environment, service life, etc. Actual test results may vary.

*2.5K denotes a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

*IP66 waterproof rating: This product is completely dust and water-resistant, except when charging. It cannot be immersed in water.


Sensor Size


High Definition

4.0 Megapixels

IP Rating


App name


Power Mode

Solar Powered


Wall Mounted,Pendant Mount

Video Compression Format


Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof

Model Number

BW400 Pro

Supported Operating Systems


Lens (mm)




Color Night Vision


Brand Name



Bullet Camera


Mainland China



Smart home platform

Alexa,Mi Home,Google Assistant

Rated Input




Wireless Connectivity

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Lens Viewing Angle



2.5K,2560 x 1440

Battery Capacity


Wi-Fi Maximum Output

< 20 dBm

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 55°C


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