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Google Nest Doorbell Wired (2nd Gen)

3 hours of event video history included
Taller camera view (8 inches from door)
Pre-recorded message responses
Sharp, vivid view with HDR
Night vision capability

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Google Nest Doorbell Wired (2nd Gen)
Snow GA02767-US

The 2nd-gen wired Nest Doorbell is always on, so you can know whats happening at your front door around the clock. Get built-in intelligent alerts about people, packages, and animals, and 3 hours of event video history. Add up to 10 days of continuous recording with Nest Aware Plus. And manage your doorbell easily using the Google Home app.

  • 3 hours of event video history included
  • A taller, enhanced camera view lets you see people head to toe and packages left on the ground as close as 8 inches from your door.
  • Quickly respond to someone at your door with pre-recorded messages like “Just a sec, we’ll be right there,” or “You can just leave it. Thanks!”
  • Get a sharp, vivid view of your front doorstep. HDR helps you see details in sunlight or shadows, while night vision helps you see in the dark.

Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 A batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2.8 x 4.2 x 13.1 cm; 340.19 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 20 March 2023

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Google


Item model number ‏ : ‎ G28DR

Country of origin ‏ : ‎ Thailand

Best Sellers Rank: #7 in Door Bell Kits

Customer reviews: 505 ratings

3 hours of event video history included A taller, enhanced camera view lets you see people head to toe and packages left on the ground as close as 8 inches from your door. Quickly respond to someone at your door with pre-recorded messages like “Just a sec, we’ll be right there,” or “You can just leave it. Thanks!” Get a sharp, vivid view of your front doorstep. HDR helps you see details in sunlight or shadows, while night vision helps you see in the dark.

3 hours of event video history included

The wired Nest Doorbell spots and records important activity with clips up to 5 minutes long and 2-second previews for context.

A camera built for your front door.

A taller, enhanced camera view lets you see people head to toe and packages left on the ground as close as 8 inches from your door.

Leave visitors a message with just a tap.

Quickly respond to someone at your door with pre-recorded messages like “Just a sec, we’ll be right there,” or “You can just leave it. Thanks!”

Works with compatible doorbell transformers.

It requires a 16-24VAC, 10-40VA rated doorbell transformer and chime (both sold separately). You may need to replace existing hardware.

Control with the Google Hom app.

View live HD video, replay video recordings, talk to visitors, and more – all from the Google Home app. Also view live video feed at home.google.com. The Nest Doorbell (Wired) requires a free Google Account and is not compatible with the Nest app or Nest site.

Everything works together.

Use devices that work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to stream your live video feed or see and talk to people at your door. And use compatible Nest and Amazon Alexa speakers and displays as a doorbell chime.

Video backup in case of a Wi-Fi outage.

If Wi-Fi goes out, the Nest Doorbell automatically records events for up to an hour. When it’s back online, you can see exactly what you missed.

See more at the door, day or night.

Get a sharp, vivid view of your front doorstep. HDR helps you see details in sunlight or shadows, while night vision helps you see in the dark.

Talk and listen, from anywhere.

Chat through the doorbell to let friends know you’ll be right there. Or tell a delivery person where to leave a package.













Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 A batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

2.8 x 4.2 x 13.1 cm; 340.19 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

20 March 2023

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Country of origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#7 in Door Bell Kits

Customer reviews:

505 ratings

60 reviews for Google Nest Doorbell Wired (2nd Gen)

  1. Dee Onna

    Goes offline frequently

    I have tried 2 of these, both had issue of staying offline more than online. I have 2 nest camera also with no issues. I had the previous version of this doorbell with no offline issues. I am going back to the previous version.

  2. Trent Guillory

    Power Outage Bricked It

    Worked great and I was very happy until a power outage entirely broke it. This was just about a month into ownership. Google is sending a replacement, maybe this one won’t die after the first outage.. we’ll see

  3. MS

    Great Design, ok App, Constant WiFi Disconnects

    I loved the design of the product, but the Google Home app is ok compared to Ring. App Alerts are not as good with the Ring App, there is some delay. The web UI is very limited, only offers a live view. What killed me were the constant WiFi disconnects, a known issue by Google but doesn’t seem like there’s a fix for it. Nice thing… facial recognition and constant video recording but that was about it. Compared to a Ring Doorbell Pro 2, the viewing angle is limited and the aspect ratio is just 3:4.

  4. gary w.

    Great to have

    The newer version is much better

  5. Dixie McInnis

    Excellent quality, easy installation, works as advertised.

    Doorbell was easy to install. We spend a lot of time at the back of the house and never knew what was going on out front. With the video doorbell we now know even when our neighbor walks his dog across our yard.

  6. Heath E

    Don’t Order Unless you Read This!

    I went to install my new google nest wired doorbell and when I was following the instructions when I put that I had 4 wires at the door bell and it said call a professional to install, then I put 3 wires instead just to see and again it said call a professional to install. It should say that in BOLD letters in the main description. Very deceptive and Bull you know what, I am so disappointed in Google for this, why can’t you help people and figure out how to help us install on our own, all you want is more and more of our money, this is why you just can’t trust big business anymore! If you truly care for your customers you would help figure out how not to make it matter how many Dang Wires it has and just make it work! I am so dissapointed I can’t even see straight!

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  7. Chris Robbins

    Very easy to install

    Ease of install, plug and ay, great video quality.

  8. A.Roosberg

    Nest doorbell

    Nice product works perfectly

  9. Amazon Customer

    Live view unavailable

    I’ve had the doorbell installed for several days now. It will go through a day or so of being unable to display live video with the error “live view unavailable, the camera may be unreachable or saving battery.” I thought it could be poor wifi so I replaced my entire network with a faster router and additional access points to ensure it reaches the front door. Alas though I still get the error. It seems to correct itself after a day or so or by performing a full factory factory reset and re-adding it but I really don’t want to have to do that every time. When it is working will also still send me notifications for areas outside of my activity zone. This is a shame as I really wanted to like this camera

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  10. Tring

    NO WARRANTY outside US and CA – GOOGLE cannot ship a replacement.

    I purchased 2nd Gen wired doorbell from Amazon to use in Australia. The product worked reasonably well for four months, going offline occasionally, and a factory reset would resolve the issue.Last time, a factory reset didn’t resolve the issue of the device going offline. I contacted Google to assist in troubleshooting, and it was deemed faulty.BUT, Google refused to send a replacement. “….The Doorbell 2nd Gen wired is only sold in the US and CA, so you would need to process the replacement using a US address. This is the only way to handle this request…. “Have fun folks!!

  11. Eliokc

    Read if you’re having audio issues

    So I finally made the jump to a smart doorbell. And I decide with the nest doorbell since I have the smart nest thermostat.The only issue was with the audio, it stuttered/skipped REAL bad, to the point I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. Not only that but if the Home app was left open in the background, it would also mess with my audio in general for my phone, so I HAD to close the app completely.After some searching, I realized that my smart watch was the issue, I’m not sure if it’s the same with all watches, but for me, I had to disable the “calls” option for my watch. I recommend doing the same if you have the same issue. I can’t say the brand, to avoid promoting, but I hope this helps you out if you are having a similar problem like I didAfter that fix, audio has been crystal clear, video is crisp,the option to have an inner and outer zone is nice, notifications are pretty customizable and detention is pretty spot on.

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  12. BP_75_WhiteSox

    Good resolution for a door bell.

    Love the resolution, like the looks, it’s clean and simple. I’m not understanding why it shows a fuzzy picture however on Google home app (until you click on the doorbell/cam). Why doesn’t it just show the camera view entire time like nest camera.

    2 people found this helpful

  13. Jordan

    Works well

    Install was pretty straight forward. Hard part was figuring out what breaker the the doorbell was on. This took a bit of effort. Depending on how it is wired, this may not be on any breaker related to the area around the front door. Otherwise, it was pretty simple install. I have two doorbell ringers and it only comes with one puck to go inside one of the ringers. Had to buy a 10ohm resistor for the second one and everything works great. Downside is that they do not sell the little pucks by themselves.Works great to see packages being delivered and message when at front door. Works way better than I thought it would. Also, find that it has been more helpful to see people coming up than I though it would.Would highly recommend

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  14. Laszlo Neufeld

    Amazon renewed was actually new!

    No complaints from me!

  15. Mark Twain

    Neutered product compared to old versions

    I have several different Nest doorbells already and this one was my first hardwired 2nd gen. It says that there is no need to charge but it clearly contains a battery as I found out after removing the device from my doorbell wires and found that it continued to be powered.However, if you do not have the right transformer Google will now refuse to work with your doorbell even though there should be enough power for it to function. I highly doubt the newer doorbells need so much power that it wouldn’t work in some form even if the battery were to run down. Google simply is not allowing you to use it with the non-spec transformer so they don’t need to deal with people who complain when they have issues.So in my experience this product is inferior to older versions with less stringent installation requirements. This could be working but Google is simply refusing to allow that in the app when you install and there is no way around it.In addition to that Google is notorious for forcing their products to become obsolete rendering your product useless after some period of time. Given the reliance on an app I will be thinking about leaving the Google ecosystem altogether and considering Ring or perhaps Blink for future setups.

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  16. Amazon Customer

    Too many sets of different Instructions

    Seems easy to install, but the instructions send you to 3 or more different places, and don’t show the exact model or wires provided, so installation is hit or miss. Plus the instructions send you to Google Home, Google Nest and Amazon Alexa, so knowing where to be is confusing. Everything is setup and installed, but while the blue light indicates power, there is no video, not even a door chime. My guests are knocking while we continue to troubleshoot. I am thinking it might be defective and will probably return it.

  17. PB

    Love it

    The size is compact and perfect. Super easy to install and the video quality is great even at night. If you have a drill then it can be installed in minutes. Highly recommend

    2 people found this helpful

  18. JT

    Hello you…

    The range in this camera is pretty impressive… I also like the ability to recognize a package and when the package has been removed I get an alert. Wont go without one of these ever again.

  19. Jesse Barnes

    Bought and installed to find out Google support said it doesn’t work on nest app.

    Took 45 minutes to install the camera which is fine. I have other nest cameras inside my house and the thermostat which is why I love the Nest app with everything in one place. I get to completing it, and it takes me to a Google Home app. I see it working there but then take another 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get this doorbell camera to show up with the rest of my cameras in my Nest app. I end up having to call Google tech-support and they informed me at the end of the call that this second GEN nest doorbell camera camera is not supported on the Nest app and can only be viewed on the Google Home app. It was never disclosed or explained on the box that the Nest app made for Nest products is not compatible with the newest nest doorbell camera. Not sure why Google would take all this time to launch a product that doesn’t even work with the app that it’s named after. Go figure.

  20. Tammy

    Easy to install

    It was easy to install

  21. Josh Willis

    Chimes and Rhymes: The Tale of My Clever Google Doorbell

    Absolutely, Josh. Let’s craft a whimsically rhymed product review for your Google Doorbell camera in a Dr. Seuss-like style. Here we go:In the land of my cozy, tech-savvy abode,I installed a gadget on my front door road.A Google Doorbell, sleek and fine,With features so smart, they almost shine!It’s not just a bell, it’s an AI whiz,Alerting who’s there, be it Ms. or Mr.”Is it the mailman or Auntie Lou?”This clever doorbell instantly knew.Faces it learns, never a mix-up,Telling me names while I sip my tea cup.”John’s at the door,” it would chime,Saving me guesswork, oh so sublime!Packages arrive, it’s on the case,Alerting with zeal, never a chase.And if someone sneaks up for a package heist,It tells me promptly, isn’t that nice?Installation, you ask? A breeze, a cinch,I set it up without a flinch.Up on the wall, wires tucked tight,Ready to guard my home day and night.So here’s my review, rhymed and fun,Of a doorbell camera second to none.In a world of gadgets, big and small,This Google Doorbell stands tall!

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  22. Buzz_lightwheel

    Google doorbell

    I had the 1st gen and upgraded to this one when I moved. Works great and camera is much clearer then the 1st gen. No issues and easy install

  23. Scott B

    Better than the first Nest Hello

    Works much better as the old Nest wouldn’t ring our doorbell. This doesBetter picture

  24. ITM

    Two steps forward and two steps back from Gen One

    I bought this as an upgrade from by Gen One Nest wired video doorbell.The good- This Gen Two doorbell is much quicker. With Gen One, by the time you got a picture of who was at the door, it was almost too late. Now you get it nearly immediately- Picture is much sharper. I know that technically resolution has been reduced with Gen Two to 960p with HDR from the 1200P on the Gen One, but despite this, I think the Gen two images look better.- The field of video is taller than with Gen OneThe bad- The auto-detect that turns on night mode is fooled by bright lights from the neighbor’s house. Gen One was, in this regard, better- Gen Two only works with Google Home, not the Nest application. This is a problem because Google Aware on the web, which is what you have to use for a Mac/PC, won’t let you view or download recordings from cameras – you need to save/download/view recordings from your phone- Field of video is a little narrower than it was on Gen One.All-in-all, it isn’t bad, and I’d still recommend it (probably), but I regret having made the upgrade.

    12 people found this helpful

  25. Jay


    Good for the value

  26. Pierre J Ibrahim

    Doesnt ring my mechanical doorbell

    Easy to installGood picWorks greatJust doesnt ring my bell and cant figure it out

  27. Ok

    Good, but small disappointment

    Reduced side vision compared to the previous model. Other than that. The doorbell is great.

  28. Тимка

    GN 2nd Gen Wired.

    This is my first video door bell. It works great, super responsive in app. Installation was straight forward but time consuming. Happy so far.

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  29. Amazon Customer

    Great Camera/Doorbell

    Great price and a very easy install. Works great with Google and Home.

  30. J. Powers

    Neighbor recommended and happy with this camera

    The picture is super clear and not only does it pick up passing vehicles but animals and motion too. It’s so great. While I do like incorporating other security features in our household, this one integrates with googles smart home services with many features even face detection.

  31. Steve L

    Great upgrade from the Nest Hello

    I have had a Nest Hello doorbell for a few years, but recently it developed the symptom that my indoor electronic chime would only sound two notes, no matter what I set the duration to in the Nest app. The camera itself was working well, though the field of view didn’t extend as far down as I would like. I also noticed that the plastic on the faceplate was blistering, so I decided to replace it with the Gen 2 Wired.The Gen 2 is a bit taller than the Hello (the battery version is even taller), which meant that the spacer I had 3D printed to bring it past the door molding needed to be redone. Luckily, the screw holes are the same distance apart. Installing was straightforward, and I used the included 20-degree wedge plus the printed spacer. Due to the way the Gen 2 mounts, I had to swap out the #10 long screws I had used for some thinner ones, as the screw heads blocked the camera from mounting properly. The Google Home app leads you through the install, but the URL shown for a web video leads to the old Nest Hello instructions!The chime adapter, while it looks like that of the Hello, is different and connects in parallel to the chime wires rather than in series.Once installed, I was delighted that the indoor chime worked properly again. I was also happy to see that the vertical field of view was considerably taller than that of the Hello, so that I could see almost all of my front steps without a wedge angling down. Image quality is better than the Hello, and at night the picture is still in color!Another advantage I had not anticipated is that I get notifications of people at the door almost instantaneously, whereas with the Nest Hello it was typically 20-30 seconds later. I attribute this to the local processing of images, rather than sending them to the cloud for recognition.Right now, my major gripe is that there is not a fully functional web interface, unlike the older camera. There is a beta interface, but it shows a live view only and tends to crash a lot. I hope this gets improved. The Google Home app isn’t bad, but I like to use a web browser on my PC. A minor gripe is that email notification is no longer available, just push notifications from the app.

    48 people found this helpful

  32. Chris L

    Easy to use, Limited functionality

    Firstly, it is one of the better looking doorbell cams of all the brands in my opinion, which is one of our reasons for buying. This specific gen build is clean, elegant and seemingly durable. The video quality is good for its limited resolution, and is plenty sharp for cell phone screen sized viewing. If you have it tied into larger displays, you may start to notice the resolution limitations. Don’t expect to read license plates, or nearby text.The 2nd reason for buying was the stated non-requirement for subscription to see short-term recorded clips. You will need the subscription for 24hr recording and access to view clips from their cloud. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it does NOT allow for your own local recording. For my use case, it is not a big deal, but I do wish it had the option for local recording to onboard memory. Sadly, most companies are doing away with this capability purely out of greed to force users to pay them a perpetual fee. I refuse to pay service fees (i.e. rent) for the equipment that I purchase. So the 3hr clip recording is fine for now.So I will live with this limitation for now. I have a camera system around the house that is NOT google, and DOES allow local recording 24/7 so I am good. But all features that this product includes has been fantastic so far.I have a smart home system built upon the Google Home ecosystem, so this product integrated very well. Doorbell usage gets announce via the existing doorbell chime without issue, but more importantly it announces on all the google home mini speakers throughout the house, and even on-screen my home PC/Cellphone. This is important because I work from home usually, with headphones on, and in the past sometimes wouldn’t hear the doorbell. On top of which I often have my phone on silent to not distract me too much. But doorbell, sometimes can be important, so all these other notification methods are very welcome in my use case.Great product with your typical features blocked by subscription, but for what you pay upfront for, no sub needed!

    50 people found this helpful

  33. BenSahn

    Good video doorbell

    It was easy for me to install. The instructions were good and the set-up easy to accomplish. I knew in advance, from reading information and watching videos before purchasing the doorbell, that I had the appropriate doorbell transformer and chimes to work with the doorbell. I suggest doing that research before purchasing the doorbell.The doorbell has been working well. The notice of people at the door has been timely. It rings the chimes in my house.My major disappointment is that I cannot see packages left at the door if they have been left against the house because the doorbell camera does not look straight down. Also, because the camera picture is in portrait mode, and the steps to my front door are along the side of the house people have walked along the side without being picked up on camera. It would be fine if the path from the sidewalk to my house was straight ahead, but I may have been better off with a fisheye camera lens.Finally, it’s not clear how to ring the doorbell. Some people have pushed the camera lens, thinking they were pushing the doorbell. Google would be wise to add a graphic to the place on the doorbell to push.

  34. dennis derton

    ok product

    Had the Nest Hello since 2018, the cover was starting to peel, Wifi chip died (would only connect for 4 hours out of 48 hours. Replaced with the new wired doorbell, and i am NOT impressed, mounting is horrible design, viewing angle is not as good, and stands too tall in the image when viewing from the web. Fisher Price look does not help the fact, and all in all, this feels like a downgrade for the product line. Will be looking for a different product. Seems like when Google took over Nest products, quality & warranty went down. Cheap feel, Cheap look.Not recommended

  35. GoBucks

    Great update from the classic Nest doorbell

    I needed to update my doorbell from the first Gen and was a little hesitant to get the second gen after reading various comments. I went ahead and am glad I did. I’m not sure what all the concerns are about as I have all similar first gen features and capabilities from the first Gen plus a little more. Seems to me people were concerned with the interface. Works flawlessly and the interface is just a little different. Highly recommend.

  36. David Nadas

    Better than ring

    First off, it does not have that annoying RING chime. The camera is crystal clear. Software is even better. Can identify familiar faces from your library for announcements. Can identify if a package is at the door and can differentiate people from animals— which is pretty good for most of my friends…

  37. Chris

    Great Upgrade

    I purchased the new Google doorbell to replace a previous version. This one has better night vision, a clearer picture and picks up motion well. If you have previous versions of the Nest doorbell, you’ll see that the image from this cam is a bit more vertical – meaning you see more from top to bottom and less side-to-side. In my case, this works well as I can better see if/when packages are left on the stoop. It was easy to install and I was able to use the same transformer that I used with the previous version.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Robert I

    Met expectations

    I researched doorbell cams for quite sometime did even installed 1 last year only to return it. This is what I had been waiting for. Narrow enough to fit where I wanted it. Easy enough to install and setup. Perfect field of view for packages left on the ground near the door. Sure there are others that have more bells and whistles, but I needed one that met my expectations and this is it.

  39. Tech Reader

    Wired 2nd generation doorbell review – no issues but one need to be handy to install.

    Amazon review 9/15/2023 for the Google Nest Doorbell (Wired, 2nd Gen) – Video Doorbell Security Camera,720p – Snow. Note the reviews on Amazon mix variants together in one list. In a typical home, unless it’s quite new, one will need to do a thorough evaluation of your current home doorbell system (assuming you have one). Very likely, your doorbell transformer will need to be replaced for sufficient power. Also, check your current chime manufacturer specs (search the model number on the Internet) to see that it will work with the new transformer (often a higher voltage than the original transformer). If it won’t work, your options there are to not have a chime, or buy a new one. For mounting the doorbell itself, consider the surface for mounting and the angle. Often, you’ll need a 3rd party vendor wedge mount of some kind, other than the one packaged with the door bell, in order to get the correct viewing angle. Lastly, take various wireless devices you own such as phones, tablets, even laptop computers to the exact mounting location for the doorbell to assess whether you have a strong WiFi signal. This can be a hit or miss situation, though. Once you go through the complete doorbell installation process, if the unit disconnects periodically, your only option is to get a WiFi signal closer to the unit. Most likely, you can’t move your main router. Your options are to run Ethernet cabling to another WiFi Access Point that you purchase and configure, or perhaps a WiFi extender, or perhaps a WiFi Access Point and Powerline Ethernet devices back to your router.

    25 people found this helpful

  40. Virginia

    Its ok

    We had a Ring but decided to try Google since the rest of the house is Google smart. Night vision stops working sometimes but the picture is clear and install is a breeze. No you don’t need a subscription all depends on preference.

  41. Kat1940


    It shorted out in weather! Had to buy new 1

  42. MichaelToronto

    Great Product

    Posting day and night time pix. Love the doorbell security camera. Image is super clear! Would highly recommend. Also, we had the company Google recommends as the installers. Went perfectly.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Adam Farkas

    2nd. Gen hard wired is better than battery.

    Awesome Device. Love it.

  44. D

    Work as described and decent value

    Works perfectly and decent value

  45. David

    No improvement over Gen1

    I wish I could return this doorbell and purchase another Gen I. The Gen 2 wired doorbell, while better looking, had less field of view than Gen 1 and same resolution.It does not have the ability to notify your phone with the doorbell audible alert that Gen had. It sends only a notification that gets lumped in with other notifications so you will not notice that someone is at your door unless your are starting constantly at your phone. This defeats the purpose of a video doorbell. I don’t to Google tech and they gave no idea this is happening, have no idea if and when it will be fixed and generally do not have any idea how this device works. Do not buy this doorbell. Get the Gen 1 for $100.

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  46. Chris

    1st gen is a better camera IMO

    The design is pretty. However, the quality at night has severely diminished from the first generation, no longer see more than my front porch, and on the first generation, I could see all the way to the street. The width of the video has also been cut in half so I no longer can see my whole porch. Very disappointing for product that was released 5 years after the original.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Not for all doorbells

    didn’t work with my doorbell. too complicated. it’s not for all doorbells returned

  48. ej33040

    It’s Google

    Very good

  49. Amazon Customer

    Don’t buy this doorbell

    The new nest doorbell (wired) 2nd gen is terrible. If you think it’s going to be similar to the previous/original nest doorbell you’re wrong. This camera not only doesn’t work at all in the nest app, you need to use the google home app which surprisingly doesn’t have the same features as the original nest app does. The final straw on this product before returning it was the google home app doesn’t support any video preview of the notification it sends you saying there’s someone on your porch. All it shows you is a picture of the first thing it sees. As you can see from the pictures I uploaded, in the really small picture you can see the UPS driver dropping a package off. But when you click on the notification to see the preview, there is no one on the porch. I talked to Google support about this, and their answer was “this isn’t a feature available in the Google Home app”.

    8 people found this helpful

  50. Dan

    This new version sucks

    A tiny “security screw” as pictured is all that holds the doorbell in from being ripped out. What a terrible redesign from the previous clipped in versions.

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  51. Jesse Swartzlander

    Well Designed Hardware!

    This product is one of the best-looking doorbell cameras out there. The LED lighting the device is equipped with has adjustable brightness and is eye-catching, so it is easy for guests to spot. The software works well too!

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  52. Brian

    Gen 2 wired doorbell

    I had to order from the US to UK just to get one. Switched out my ring doorbell and it is much better. 24/7 recording may cost but is worth it!

  53. M Wheat

    Mostly disappointed

    My original nest hello doorbell died after 5 years of use, so I thought I would “upgrade” to the new Google Nest V2. Unfortunately everything besides how this doorbell looks is a downgrade from the original.The picture quality looks washed out. I lost a considerable amount of field of view on each side. My old camera had 24/7 recording for free. If you want that on this model you will have to pay 12 dollars a month and scrubbing left or right on the timeline is so slow that it’s practically useless.Also, I have to use the Google home app instead of nest now which is also a downgrade because with nest you could create a shortcut for your camera and place it on your home screen, so with one click you could view your live feed. You can’t do that with Google home and there is no live preview of the camera from the Google home homepage, so you have to open the app then click the doorbell listing.The one thing that may keep me from returning it is the notification response time. When you click a doorbell notification on your phone your will see the live feed after about 1 second of load time. From the research I’ve done that is the industry best by quite a bit.

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  54. Malibu Sportster 2001

    Works right out of the box…

    Purchased this to replace the arlo doorbell camera…what a piece of junk. No customer service… Googles now has the same viewing as arlo. This way you can see if something gets delivered on the porch.. Also got it on sale

  55. Shalista


    My telephone company tech husband had a hard time installing this and the inside bell still won’t ring.

  56. Zacks mom

    Good but disappointed

    The doorbells view is wider with more length. I bought it to view on my Echo (as described) but there isn’t a way to do that.

  57. Warren

    Big Camera Improvement

    This replaced a Nest Hello and it was a big jump in the camera view. This new camera is vertically oriented so you see the person’s face better and it’s not cut off!

  58. Guilford Lake

    It’s okay, however

    No instructions. Flimsy mounting bracket. Only 1 tiny screw holds it to bracket. Have had it over 2 weeks and still cannot figure out or find directions on how you can view the person who rings the doorbell on the iPhone. I thought you can see who rings the door bell on your phone. If you have to subscribe to the nest aware program they don’t tell you that or what it entails. Probably try the RING doorbell and put the crappy one on the back door.

  59. Dave T.

    Functioned neither as a doorbell nor as a camera

    I use other Google Home products, so I thought I’d get a Nest doorbell, owing to increases in crime in our neighborhood. I did all of the required research and voltage testing to ensure that my current wiring would provide enough power to the doorbell. The I went through the (fairly arduous) installation process. At the end, the camera’s indicator light turned blue… hooray, it will work! Or, would it? My first test was to try ringing the doorbell. Nothing. Okay, maybe for some reason it would need to be connected to WiFi in order to work. So I attempted to do that… except the thing refused to connect to my router. Keep in mind, the router was about four feet away from the doorbell. Numerous other devices — including some Google devices — were already connected with no problems. But for this thing, I must’ve tried thirty times to get it to connect with no luck at all.So I was left with a doorbell that did not actually ring the doorbell, and a “camera” that was utterly useless. I returned the doorbell for a monetary refund , but I wish I could get that wasted afternoon refunded as well.

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  60. Rob & Deb

    Beware…. not so easy to install

    For likely some of the smartest people in the world…. they did not think the wire connecting very well at all!Give them credit for trying. But note no instructions shows how to connect the door bell wiring.They did try to help by including a connector wire in the box. But… door bell house wiring uses a very fine gauge wire that the connector does it connect well to the thin and brittle wire standard for most US homes.And… with the wire connected, the doorbell does not snug up to the mount bracket as simply as the video shows. This will be the most challenging part of the install. And hopefully.. you do not lose the doorbell wire in the Wall! Nightmare to pull out if it happens. I suggest you connect a Hemostat pliers to the wire like I did as a precaution. Oh…. and note the hex screw is very small so be careful not to drop when trying to screw in. Drop cloth is another precaution i recommend.

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