Experience the Future: APPLE VISION PRO Launches in Dubai


Embark on a journey into the future of virtual reality as APPLE VISION PRO makes its debut in Dubai. This groundbreaking standalone VR headset revolutionizes the way we interact with technology, offering unparalleled immersion and innovation.

Immersive Enclosure

Enclosed within a singular piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass, APPLE VISION PRO seamlessly merges with an aluminum alloy frame that elegantly curves to envelop your face. This innovative design ensures a captivating visual experience while providing comfort and durability.


Perfect Fit with Light Seal

Experience a precise fit like never before with the Light Seal feature of APPLE VISION PRO. The Light Seal gently flexes to conform to your face, ensuring a snug fit while effectively blocking out any stray light, allowing you to dive deeper into your virtual world without distraction.

Ultimate Comfort with Head Band

Designed for extended wear, the Head Band of APPLE VISION PRO offers unparalleled comfort, breathability, and flexibility. With the Fit Dial feature, you can customize the headset to your exact specifications, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit throughout your VR experience.

Unmatched Power

With its external battery support, APPLE VISION PRO offers up to 2 hours of uninterrupted use on the go. For extended sessions, simply plug in for all-day power, allowing you to explore virtual realms without interruption.

Immersive Spatial Audio

Elevate your auditory experience with the rich Spatial Audio delivered by speakers positioned close to your ears. APPLE VISION PRO not only provides immersive sound but also keeps you aware of your surroundings, ensuring a safe and engaging virtual reality experience.

Experience the Unprecedented

Join us in Dubai as we unveil APPLE VISION PRO, the epitome of innovation and technology in the realm of virtual reality. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic launch event and witness the future of immersive entertainment firsthand. Pre-order now and step into a new era of virtual reality with APPLE VISION PRO.

Elevating Entertainment in Dubai

Step into a world of unparalleled entertainment as APPLE VISION PRO transforms any space into your personal theater. With its high-resolution display and Spatial Audio technology, every movie, show, and game comes to life like never before. Whether you’re on a long flight or relaxing at home, immerse yourself in stunning content and feel like you’re part of the action.

Relive Memories in 3D

Capture and relive cherished moments in stunning 3D with the groundbreaking 3D camera of APPLE VISION PRO. From magical spatial photos to immersive spatial videos, every memory becomes a captivating experience. Watch as your existing photo and video library comes alive in remarkable detail, with panoramas wrapping around you, transporting you back to the moment they were captured.

Revolutionizing Virtual Collaboration

Make virtual meetings more meaningful with APPLE VISION PRO’s advanced features. With life-sized FaceTime video tiles and seamless document collaboration within FaceTime, connect and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere in the world. Experience the future of remote work and collaboration like never before.

Crafted with Precision by Apple

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, APPLE VISION PRO is the result of decades of innovation and expertise from Apple. Its sleek and compact design integrates advanced technology seamlessly, delivering an unparalleled VR experience with every use. Join us in Dubai and witness the dawn of a new era in virtual reality with APPLE VISION PRO.

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