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Segway C2 Pro Electric Scooter

Recommended height: 3’8”-5’6”
Max speed: 12.4mph
3 riding modes: Standard, Sport, and Power-Assisting
7-inch hollow tires (maintenance-free)
Adjustable handlebar heights and one-step folding mechanism
Integrated Bluetooth speaker
Ambient lights under footboard
Payload: 132 lbs

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Ninebot KickScooter C2 Pro B Powered by Segway

Safety is Our Priority
The Segway C2 Pro electric scooter for kids is designed to ensure young riders stay safe while enjoying their ride. It has passed the following rigorous safety tests: 300km (about 186.41 mi) real-scene road test, 100 times drop test, IPX4 scooter body waterproofing , IPX6 battery pack waterproofing. Other safety features include Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) handlebar grips, anti-clamp intervals, and no spine or sharp edges.

A scooter that grows up with you
Thanks to the adjustable handlebar design, the new Segway C2 Pro can be used for years with three heights on the stem: 34.8 inches for the little ones, and 37.8 and 40.7 inches for the taller ones. One KickScooter for all siblings!

Lights, Music, Action
The Segway C2 Pro includes a Bluetooth speaker for music, dancing ambient light that syncs with music, and an intelligent voice assistant for guidance and safety reminders. *Once the Bluetooth speaker is on, the ambient light syncs with music. Otherwise, it syncs with riding speed.

Control At Your Fingertips
Parents can control the speed of the C2 Pro on the Segway-Ninebot app, providing an added layer of safety to new riders.

The Coolest Scooter Around
This scooter has a surf-inspired design and rhythmic RGB ambient lights under footboard

Kick start your C2 Pro
The Segway C2 Pro adopts a 150W powerful brushless motor allowing kids the necessary force to speed up to 12.4 mph and ride freely. Thanks to the battery capacity, your child can enjoy the fun alone or with their friends for up to 9.3 miles!

2.8-inch screen size
With a large LED dashboard integrated into the handlebar, kids can quickly glance at their speed, battery life, and riding modes.

3 Modes to explore
Easily switch between three riding modes by double-clicking the power button.

Steady, maintenance-free riding
Experience peace of mind with a safe, maintenance-free kickscooter. The Segway C2 Pro features 7-inch inner hollow tubes for a comfortable ride, free from worrying about punctures.

Braking made easy
The Segway C2 Pro comes with a high-performance mechanical drum brake that only requires a squeeze to slow down.

Easy throttle for every mode
Variant throttle responsiveness changes depending on the riding mode, making it easy for kids to fully enjoy the ride.

Portability simplified
Weighing 23.1 pounds and featuring an easy-fold mechanism, the Segway C2 Pro fits perfectly in the trunk of your car and easily stores at home.

Designed with safety in mind
The Segway C2 Pro is equipped with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) handlebar grips and anti-clamp intervals for comfort and safety. Additionally, the body has no spine or sharp edges.

Recommended age 6-14 years old
Max. driver weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Net weight 10.7 kg
Max. Speed Up to 16 km/h (10 mph)
Max. range Up to 17 km (10.5 miles)
Water resistance IPX4 & battery IPX6
Battery 108 Wh (5000 mAh)
Brake Rear Drum Brake
Ambient lights under foot board Yes
Riding modes 3 riding modes (Standard, Sport, Power-assisting Mode)


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