Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) – Wireless Video Doorbell

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Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) – Wireless Video Doorbell
Smart WiFi Doorbell Camera, Snow


 Battery-powered to work with almost any door.

The Nest Doorbell is battery powered, so it’s compatible with all homes. Pair with Nest Mini3 to get an audible chime, or use the wired installation to get your existing chime.

Choose how you chime.

How you hear your doorbell chime will depend on how you’ve installed the Nest Doorbell.

Wire-free installation.

If you install using battery power, you’ll get an alert on your phone and on your Google Assistant-enabled speakers or displays3 when someone rings the doorbell.

Wired installation.

You can also connect the Nest Doorbell to your doorbell wires4 and hear your existing chime when someone rings the doorbell.

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) - Wireless Video Doorbell - Smart WiFi Doorbell Camera, SnowSay hello while you’re away. Answer your door, even if you’re away from home.

Talk to who’s there, even when you’re not. Talk and listen to visitors through the built-in speaker and microphone.

 Get the door, no matter where you are.

Respond to someone at the door when they arrive or choose from a menu of pre-set responses.

About this item

  • Know if a person is at your door; The Nest Doorbell can tell the difference between people, parcels and vehicles, and alert you when someone’s there
  • Check in at any time; Know what’s happening at your door 24/7; Check your doorbell camera from anywhere using the Google Home app and get alerts about important activity, like a visitor or delivery
  • Go back in time; See what you missed with 3 hours of event video history, using the Google Home app; The Nest Doorbell (battery) does not record 24/7 video history, even with the optional wired installation
  • Designed for almost any door; The Nest Doorbell is wireless and battery-powered, which means that it works with almost any door, whether you live in a house or a flat
  • Expected battery life; Battery life will depend on factors including activity, temperature, and camera settings that you select; You can extend the battery life of your camera by adjusting video quality, length of video clips, time between recorded events, and using activity zones to monitor specific areas.

Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.6 x 2.4 x 16 cm; 206 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 19 April 2022

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Google

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09TBCTQ59

Item model number ‏ : ‎ GWX3T

About this item Know if a person is at your door; The Nest Doorbell can tell the difference between people, parcels and vehicles, and alert you when someone’s there Check in at any time; Know what’s happening at your door 24/7; Check your doorbell camera from anywhere using the Google Home app and get alerts about important activity, like a visitor or delivery Go back in time; See what you missed with 3 hours of event video history, using the Google Home app; The Nest Doorbell (battery) does not record 24/7 video history, even with the optional wired installation Designed for almost any door; The Nest Doorbell is wireless and battery-powered, which means that it works with almost any door, whether you live in a house or a flat Expected battery life; Battery life will depend on factors including activity, temperature, and camera settings that you select; You can extend the battery life of your camera by adjusting video quality, length of video clips, time between recorded events, and using activity zones to monitor specific areas.






Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

4.6 x 2.4 x 16 cm; 206 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

19 April 2022

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


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60 reviews for Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) – Wireless Video Doorbell

  1. Christopher Stott

    Works well

    I’ve deleted my negative review as I was mistaken about how the product works. I previously complained that I was unable to access live view. After some experimentation and having lived with the doorbell for a few days, it is working normally. My issue was that I was trying to live view too often in too short a time span, having only just installed it and wanting to test it extensively, and the doorbell was conserving battery. Under normal usage, the live feed is accessible on demand. All other functions seem quick and reliable so far – there’s minimal delay between pressing the button and the Nest mini announcing a visitor. Notifications on my phone and watch are even quicker. The zoning feature is powerful and reliable. Person and parcel detection work well.I am impressed with the speed at which this doorbell operates. When someone presses the button, I can access the live feed very quickly. I previously had the old Nest Hello which was very slow and I’d often find that visitors had given up and left by the time I was into the feed.I will be hardwiring the doorbell. I need a new transformer as unfortunately the combined transformer/chime that I have is only 6V and doesn’t operate at all with this doorbell. Also unfortunately, Google doesn’t sell a solution to this, so I will be using a standard transformer from Toolstation or Screwfix and will use the Ring transformer enclosure in place of my current chime, and will continue to use a the Nest mini as my chime.

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  2. Topdog

    Kind of disappointed

    I’ve used the nest doorbell original wired one for a few years but unfortunately it started blowing up the plugs I used to run it. The biggest problem with the new battery powered one is the viewing angle. Both old and new have a bracket to set the viewing angle but the new one is not the same angle. For our use case when installed an inch from the door (where the old was mounted) it can’t see the person at the door. It’s almost like the camera is zoomed in but just looks past the person. I’ve since found a new mounting bracket with adjustable angle (3rd party) but given the price of this it’s a bit poor. The other issue is the previous nest doorbell used the nest app the new nest doorbell uses the Google home app which isn’t as good (you can’t see previews of multiple cameras as you could in the nest app, there is also no web interface which there was with the nest app). On top of all of this most features are hidden behind subscriptions of either 6 or 12 dollars a month, thats a bit much given the camera itself is not cheap. These features used to be free with the original but have since switched to subscription, seems like you were incentivised to buy into the nest/Google ecosystem but then get the rug pulled out after the initial investment.

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  3. lb853673

    Great non-amazon option for a doorbell

    Great build quality and overall feel, and very easy to install. The picture quality is OK – sometimes a bit blurry and it does not have wide enough FOV to pick up packages on the floor. Night vision and sound is great thoughDoes not work natively with Apple Home so needs some 3rd party hardware to work properly there.

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  4. Rob Whitehead

    Easy fit

    Easy to fit and works well with google assistant Home Screen and on iPhone

  5. KP

    Good picture

    I find it a bit awkward to remove from the bracket. Might be me.poor hands.

  6. H.H

    Good camera but poorly executed.

    Updating my review after owning this a few months. The video quality i spot on and night vision is good as well, it’s managed the weather ok and the battery life is fine so long as you setup a suitable zone and don’t record everything.However after a few months im left dissapointed in a few areas.The videos that it records and saves are too short. It often cuts out the events leading up to the recording and ends too soon. I end up with 7 sec pointless videos. I tried to change to maximum in the home app but it cuts videso too short.The door bell function is usesless, given this is a door bell its a massive let down! I bought this expecting it to ring my phone when someone rang the doorbell. All this does is send a notification to your phone. So if you phone is on mute or stuffed in your pocket your not going to know if someone is at your door. I also found a severe lag between someone ringing the bell and then sending notifications to devices. If you have speakers in the home it will announce on them as well.I also found it’s slow to load video feed. Im getting fed up waiting for videos to load. I don’t know if this is my internet connection but it is poor. Especially when youre paying for the privilidge to use the service.I feel a bit of a sucker because i bought into the Google Home soloution this is maried up to some other camera’s and other devices. However i really think this is a poor product from Google.If you’re looking to upgrade to new security camera’s id avoid these. Not impressed at all.

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  7. philip

    Hit and miss.

    Delays in notifications. Also live view hit and miss. Would I buy again. Probably not. Easy to fit and set up.

  8. chri3065

    The battery drains even when plugged in

    Be prepared to charge this device a lot

  9. Peter

    Camera 10 goggle app 1

    Like all nest products 10 out of 10.Unfortunately since Goggle has got involved the integration of the apps is appalling and unfortunately this seems very low on Google’s to do list.So until Google Home App gets sorted out I will be staying clear of Nest/Google products.

  10. Andy Earnshaw

    Good functionality, but flawed

    I’m happy with this overall. The picture quality is good, the battery life is decent, but there are a few issues that let it down.Firstly, the free tier of Nest Aware is very bad. You only get 3 hours of video retention, which is useless for catching events while you are asleep or away. It’s obviously intentional, as they want you to subscribe, but I don’t really want to pay £7.99 per month for my doorbell for 30 days retention when 12 or 24 hours is enough. I’d pay about half that for something in between, but I feel like there is no value for money in the subscription as it is.The motion sensor also lets it down a bit. Sometimes it only catches the end of an event, even if some of it happens in full view of the camera.Despite the issues, it’s been a great purchase. The dog no longer goes mental when someone is at the door because the smart speaker announcement is similar to broadcast messages. I can see that my 18 year old daughter got in safely during the night without disturbing her if she’s been out partying and I can answer the door when I’m not home.

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  11. Nick

    As expected

    Top quality as always from Google nest

  12. pat


    Easy to install, only let down is the app. Anyone that uses nest products will know how slow it is to load. But the flood light is spot on, can set automations with it also

  13. Deebee

    Super easy solution

    Have had this product for a couple of months and have been on the whole very happy with it. Didn’t want a doorbell as wanted to place a camera discreetly under my porch so went for this. Also chose a Google product as wanted a Connected device that would have long-term software security updates.Setup is extremely easy using the Google Home app through which I can control my Nest thermostat as well. Mounting the camera is really straightforward as well although if your not using it wired you will need to put it higher and as far out of hand reach than you think as it is only attached to the mount base by magnets.I’ve been using the camera on battery only and have been very surprised that I’ve only needed to charge it once (after about 6 weeks).Google use Machine Learning to recognise and identify “familiar faces” that the camera picks up so that you don’t get constant alerts which is impressive and probably a major selling point compared to competitor devices on the market.The camera I would say is fairly useless though without the £5 a month Google Nest Aware subscription that allows you to access events older than 4 hours. Also it didn’t appear to pick up a local fox tearing up rubbish in our driveway so perhaps not great for picking out non-humans! As others have pointed out, the Google Home app allows you to control but not really manage your heating schedule for the Nest thermostat so hopefully all Nest products will be properly integrated into Google Home in the future. Would definitely recommend though.

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  14. josh spoors

    Great smart doorbell overall

    Overall the Nest Doorbell is top quality, great smart features for it being being battery powered and the zones and facial detection are excellent. Only issue I have is the battery life is no where near long enough. We are getting about 2 weeks it seems from a full charge which I do expect to be much longer. Also the picture quality is not amazing, but it does the job.Night vision is crystal clear and the audio recording is very good too. Sometimes too good as it picks up sounds actually in the house!

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  15. Gloria

    Not a great experience for existing Nest camera owners

    Our house is full of google nest products. We owned nest outdoor IQ cameras until the one by the driveway kept failing. Google sent us a replacement which has now also failed in less than a year. We’ve invested too much in the google ecosystem to switch now and it doesn’t seem like google camera’s competitors are faring much better anyways so we bought the new magnetic version. Having owned the predecessor, we feel like the new version is a complete failure of a successor. Why have they made it magnetic? Literally anyone can just jump up and knock the camera off now? We’ve had spend extra to buy the anti theft accessory (which looks like a cone of shame pets have to wear). Secondly it’s explicitly marketed the new camera is only weatherproof but not waterproof. It’s supposed to be an outdoor camera for goodness sake. I’m not sure if it’s predecessor was fully waterproof but the one facing the garden has survived brutish British weather so far. Thirdly, if you want to have this camera outside and either make use of an existing nest subscription (I pay £50 a year) or not be paranoid about the battery dying, you have to spend extra for the cable. It cost me £35 for the 10metre cable and you can’t reuse the old camera’s cable because the output is completely different. You also can’t reuse the old mounting system. Why have they not thought of this?!It’s highly frustrating because we had a Nest Pro installer fit all our cameras and doorbell and it would’ve been nice to have replaced the key parts but no, we’ve had to completely take down all the old hardware.The final nail in the coffin is you can’t use the Nest app with the new google cameras. This means I now get notifications from two different apps for all our cameras and the design on Google Home App means I can’t see all my cameras working on one screen. I also can’t seem to be able to save video clips like I can in the Nest app. I can’t say the Nest app was fantastic but the connection to view the camera in the google home app is equally as poor.Google has done a terribly poor job of integrating the new and the old.The camera quality seems to be the same as the old cameras so I really don’t feel like I’ve gained anything from buying a new model.The only good thing about this whole thing is they’ve significantly reduced the packaging. But they could’ve reduced things even more by using the same parts of the products like the cabling and the Mount.Poor show all round.

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  16. Deadilus

    Another Great Google Camera

    Bought this for my Mother-In-Law to replace an existing outside light and give them some security.They love watching the wildlife in their garden at night (foxes and badgers mainly), and it’s a great peace of mind for us as we can see the video feed also – no worrying about if they have fallen over outside.The picture quality is great, and the floodlight settings offer a levels of variability both in sensitivity and brightness to stop it going off too often. The floodlight can also be turned on and off separately via the app to act as an outside light.

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  17. Tim

    Really good

    Takes a bit of time to charge. You need to buy a nest mini (not sold on Amazon) for the chime. Battery seems to last well (currently -3c) so reckon 2 weeks in winter and 6 in the summer. I have high usage so you can turn down monitoring to get longer life. Set up was quick and unit is responsive and quick. I’ve programmed recognised faces so that is a nice touch as it defining an area so you can exclude areas. Notifications to phone needs a bit of work but overall I’d recommend.

  18. Sam C

    As someone with a full Google eco system, this was regrettable.

    I owned this for the best part of a year, the obvious choice for a house that has Nest Hubs, Chromecasts & Android phones. Installation wasn’t hard, bought a screw less mount that stuck on the door frame with 3m tape which took me hammering in a flat screwdriver to remove, so no concerns with it falling off or being stolen.The video quality and night vision are excellent, the visual look of the device is minimalist and appealing, the battery lasted a good 6 weeks between charges. That is unfortunately the end of the positives.I have pretty quick internet, but getting a notification to my phone took over 15 seconds, by which point most delivery people will have gone. I tried to alleviate this issue by purchasing a Nest WiFi mesh system comprised of two points – One connected to my modem and the other located less than a meter from where the doorbell rests. Notifications continued to take far too long and it proved less than helpful for most deliveries, which is quite incredible considering I had at this point spent around £300 on Google products to make it work it’s best, as I’d had positive experiences with all other Google products upto this point.The Home app integration with the doorbell, namely how notifications were handled, caused me significant nuisance. In order to get notified that the doorbell had been pressed, I had to go to notification settings on my phone, silence individually every single other app on my phone then leave the notification volume on loud, certain system processes can’t be silenced so for example when Sleep mode activated every night at 10pm on my phone, it would loudly play the doorbell chime. There absolutely needs to be an override option in the home app where a simple tick box stating “ignore system volume settings when doorbell pressed” would easily have overcome this massive annoyance.But the icing on the cake came very recently. I suffered through disconnections in the past where the doorbell had to be removed from the mount and hard reset because it began failing to connect at random times with increasing frequency, in good weather and moderate temperatures I should add. Then finally, it just stopped connecting altogether. Couldn’t use with the app, factory reset and couldn’t even locate in the app. In the end after two days solid of troubleshooting – Baring in mind that I troubleshoot smart devices for a living and would be considered a Technologist by most standards, nothing made a lick of difference. It literally lost the ability to make a wireless connection. Never seen anything like it.Suffice to say it was a bitter pill for me to swallow but I returned it under warranty and opted for the latest Ring doorbell, which is depressing given everything else I own runs with the Home app. But so far so good I must say by contrast, far shorter delay between notifications, a much wider viewing angle and removable battery packs, set up was less irritating too.To conclude: As much as I praise Google otherwise, this product was a hot mess from the start and it would take a lot for me to ever consider a Google doorbell again. The device and software experience have left me wanting for more and with the benefit of hindsight I’m hoping the Amazon alternative will deliver a more consistent experience.

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  19. S A AYCHE

    all good

    easy to install

  20. Danny Climpson

    Simple Fixing Camera

    A very easy method of installing a security camera to your home. No wires to worry about, just screw the bracket to the wall and hey presto the magnetic feature of the camera secures it. I already had the App so I just needed to scan the new camera’s QR code and it was instantly added to my Google/Nest App account. The only small down side will be that you need to make sure that the battery isn’t allowed to totally drain before recharging.

  21. Midas Touch

    Very good product

    Excellent product, does everything as advertised. Very fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.

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  22. Marco

    Handy but needs improving

    I’ve had this camera for 13 months now. When it works, it’s a great security device, but the problem is that most of the time, it doesn’t work. I’ve recently got a WiFi booster which I’ve plugged in at the top of the stairs leading to my front door (the closest power point) yet the camera is still constantly offline. It’s frustrating to receive constant notifications that the camera is offline. More often than not, I can’t get a live feed when someone is at the door, so can’t give couriers instructions (yet at random times it works perfect).When the camera records something, I can’t then view the video, instead I get “this video is not ready yet) and I have to wait ages to view.When the weather is clear, it easily picks up movement from people walking out in the street, even across the road, yet struggled to detect people coming up my steps to the door.Google really need to sort this, or I’ll have to consider switching (despite having a Google hub for years and android phones since Honeycomb!)

  23. Mr M W D

    You get what you pay for!

    To Google’s credit this is (in comparison to the two other (cheaper) alternatives I tried) worth the extra money. Links to our nest hub so when the bell is pressed you get a notification and live video. Great camera quality and a fast audio response time.

  24. kate louise harrison

    A little camera to put in shop window.

    Does what it says hopefully a deterrent for shop lifters.

  25. Steve YR

    Poor quality image and unable to return!

    The quality of the image is very poor and the lights do not operate. Unable to return product as Amazon states I have passed the return date – even though this is only three months after purchase date and one month after installation date. I would expect a 12 month warranty on this product and suggest anyone thinking of purchasing NEST CCTV cameras buy through a retail store to protect their interests.

  26. Will Gallacher

    Battery life woeful (even when wired)

    Integrates well with Google Home. Face recognition works reasonably well. Often a long delay between doorbell press and getting a notification on my Google speaker that there’s someone at the door, but satisfying when it recognises the person and announces them by name. However, battery life is woeful. I went to the trouble to hard wire the doorbell which in itself is not an easy task (it’s not like you can just buy a plug in adaptor the works out of the box). I have had to learn more about transformers than I ever thought I would need to. But despite all of this effort, the battery still drains when wired up. So I am having to charge this quite often, depending on the weather. This wasn’t clear when I bought it and is the biggest let down.

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  27. Leslie Price

    Nest cameras are very well designed

    I had a nest camera before this one and this one is a huge improvement on the other one

  28. Gobucks

    Easy to install and use

    I have been in the market for a video doorbell for a while. The nest battery doorbell appealed to me for several reasons.1. Installation: as it’s battery powered, there is no need for running cables or messing around with transformers. I just had to drill a few holes in the door frame to install it! (You can wire it up if you want to)2. Google home: I already have a few Google home devices so this fits in perfectly. I can see who is at the door on tv with chrome cast and have the speakers around the house announce a visitor.3. Price: this compares really favourably with other products.Some other things I discovered after buying were:- it’s really easy to set zones so you don’t record things you don’t want like the neighbours!- somehow it recognises cars, animals and people- an angled bracket is included to help point the camera where you want it which was very helpful- there is very little lag between motion detection and a notification- the battery life seems really good but if you have maximum quality recording and record every little bit of movement then I suspect it won’t last very long- you can quickly save video clips to your mobile from the Google home app- night vision is decentA few drawbacks are:- you only get events for the last three hours saved in the cloud for free unless you pay £5 a month and then it’s 30 days- if you want to check the camera it can take several seconds to connect- I wouldn’t recommend it if you have mainly Alexa devicesOverall, I am happy with it.

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  29. Asif

    Doesn’t work with Nest app

    Overall the camera works well. Was mainly interested in this as I already have Nest doorbell and Nest IQ outdoor cameras and love the experience through the nest app.I’m giving this 3 stars because the experience through the Google home app is poor compared to the Nest app.This alongside Google’s new cameras cannot be used with the nest app.I would not recommend unless you are already part of the nest camera eco-system. Does work ok but annoying issues like getting alerts every few mins when the kids are playing in the garden. My Nest IQ which was previously in the garden would realise that this is the same event and wouldn’t send 10 alerts each time kids would play.

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  30. Rodwan

    Overall great! Only one consideration about event storage

    Looks great, convenient and easy install. However you might want to consider these things before buying.Limited event storage after nest aware trail ends, events are only kept for 3 hours before being auto deleted. Which might defeat the whole purpose of monitoring your home. I am sure google can easily do 12-24 hours at least but it’s their way if pushing Aware subscriptions. So you can either sub to Nest Aware or make sure you download event videos within 3 hours of getting the notification to review them later.Despite this concern, I find value in the device as a seamless addition to my Google Home setup. While it comes at a higher cost compared to other options, the two-way communication, mini live view, and night vision features are appreciated. I recommend the Nest Doorbell for those aiming for Google Home integration without the need for destructive installation.

  31. K-Flex

    Im impressed

    Video and audio quality are fantastic.I’m really surprised by the nigh time video quality, although its hard to hide how drunk I was coming home the other day………This doesnt work with the nest app (Yet, I hope that changes)Google home works, but can be slightly clunky.it does what i wanted so im happy.

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  32. Lorenzo

    Screws missing, Amazon washing their hands clean of all responsibilities as usual

    The product itself works like a charm (usual Google standards). Unfortunately, some screws are missing feom the package. I said Ok, that’s fine I’ll reach out to Amazon customer care and have them send me out the replacement screws. However, customer service is appaling from Amazon Warehouse (usual amazon standards) and will not even provide a voucher for their incompetence. Overall not a great buying experience. Won’t be recommending it to anyone.

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  33. Leon

    Was heavily discounted. Nice Camera.

    It was a good deal and I’m pleased with the product, but Google Home isn’t the best ui for home cams. This will likely improve with time though. A lot of nice features require a subscription.

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  34. flamingferrari

    Home app integrated

    Simple to setupTwo screws and a plate to mountUSB C chargeCharge lasts 3 plus weeks depending on usageGoes into ring only mode on low batterySimple to unclip to charge with provided tool.WirelessGood quality recodingSimple monthly plan for multiple devices and online recodingIf you have an automatic outdoor light above this it will blind the camera . It will need a hood that can be purchased from online actions.Pings ring to google speakersFace recognition- let’s you know who’s at the door one you add them to the face list !Speak into app to talk to person at door.Night mode pretty goodBuy the black sleeve to add stealthThe light surrounding the button and led indicator can not be switched off. As you know the person on your property deserves privacy.

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  35. T5

    Fantastic camera but has major flaw

    Bought this to keep an eye on our drive, picture quality is very good and the detection is great, it picks up people and vehicles but not cats that pass through. However there is a major flaw that despite changing all the settings and speaking to Google’s support, every time we have heavy rain it thinks a vehicle is moving. As a result you have to switch notifications off (the main purpose of having the camera is to notify me if there is activity on my drive) and in one night of heavy rain it switched the floodlights on 79 times. Would not recommend for this reason.

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  36. Kris

    A great doorbell if it’s suit your need

    I bought a budget doorbell that manufacturerd in China but its not working properly so I decided to purchase a Google wireless doorbell instead. As a top range one, the picture quality is good, motion detection works fine, battery life decent even it works well with Alexa. But the problem is, the Google home app only provide push notifications with no sound & vibration, means the doorbell works great when you are at home but NOT when you are out. It also not compatible with my Samsung smartphone, it not allow me to speak with someone who press the bell over my phone. Such an expensive doorbell I think Google should do better, what a shame that I have to return it.

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  37. Ruth37

    Pretty useless as a doorbell

    We bought this mainly for the camera to check who was coming in and out of the house when we were away to cat sit. When it’s working, it does the job of alerting us when people come and go.However, as a doorbell it’s really not much use. The alert on your phone is quiet and there seems to be no way to change the volume. The alert on the Nest speaker we bought so it ‘rings’ in the house is even quieter, and on a delay. So, you’re very lucky if you actually hear it and catch someone trying to deliver a parcel!It took a VERY long time to set up, set the zones, get it to ‘ring’ on the nest speaker etc. The battery lasts about a week. If you can get a wired one it must be better.

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  38. Henry

    Works as camera but cannot fit in cradle

    It works perfectly as a camera and doorbell but I cannot fit it to the cradle because of a design flaw, it fell off the wall because it doesn’t fit properly in the cradle.

  39. izaak

    Great so far

    I brought this after returning my Eufy doorbell because it just did not work, even after a replacement. Since setting it up, it’s worked great. The only slight downside I’ve noticed is that the image quality is not that great when it rains, it seems like drops of water on the lens effects the image quality more than it did on the Eufy one I had before.

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  40. Amazon Customer

    Basic security camera

    Very easy to setup and install, this is made for the Google Home App and not the original Nest app so at the moment I have to use two apps to control my nest cameras as I have the original Nest Hello doorbell hopefully this will change in time so I can control all my nest devices in one app. Saying that the home app seems to handle notifications better with more prompt alerts for motion and people. All in all a good basic CCTV camera that is easy to install and has good all-round battery life, I seem to get around three to four weeks between charges but I could get longer but I don’t allow it to get too low before charging

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  41. Mr E Shop

    Great value for money

    1080p picture quality is good.Face recognition is useful.Running on battery lasts about 3 weeks between charging.Only snag is drops streaming after about 1 minute so can’t be used as constant monitoring but this might be because it’s battery powered and perhaps would resolve the issue if powered via mains power.

  42. Winston

    Great doorbell

    This is a great video doorbell but be aware there are a few gotchas you‘ll need to be aware of before jumping in and buying it.You’ll need a gmail account, that’s no surprise, but if you are not a fan of Google and their harvesting of your data then this won’t be very useful for you as you really do need an account. There is no microSD card slot to record clips it there it is fully wifi cloud storage based, but unlike other cloud-based solutions Google provides 3 hours free video retention for you to review and download clips as required whereas other products such as Ring must have a subscription.The doorbell is quite difficult to get on the base plate, you really need to align the hold at the bottom then slide it up hard until it clicks. This scared me a few times as I was worried I would break the doorbell but it clicked in place and is secure. Don’t be afraid to use some force here. Removal is also rather tricky even with the provided tool, just becareful or you could damage the recessing notch behind the doorbell. That would be very bad.I recommend you set up zones for motion detection the moment you set it up otherwise everything in frame would set it off from commuters to random birds flying in the sky. This would allow it to focus on specific areas and save you a lot of battery. Trust me.There are occasions when reviewing video clips you see sudden bursts of white frames before the video returns to normal. This is a known issue of the doorbell where the nightvision flashes briefly when the video records just incase but it causes the frame to whiteout. You can fix this by disabling night vision in settings so it should fix the issue, and if your street is adequately lit you can leave it off as well at night as the low-light performance of the doorbell is pretty good.All in all, a great doorbell if you can accept some of it’s foibles.

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  43. Ga Chun Yau


    Overall, I think this cam is great for day or night use. I am using this primarily for indoor use though. I didn’t mount it. I think the software is alright and does the job as it says on the tin. The magnetic camera that latches onto the stand is also helpful to keep it secure and in place. The only negative point is that I wish the battery life was longer. I just wish it could last a week before you have to charge it. In reality, it lasts a few days if that and then you have to charge it. Bummer but this will hopefully be something that Google can work on fixing or making a long battery life cam.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Shanu Dominic

    Great doorbell

    This is great doorbell from Google. Just works and integrates very well with Google products.I have this connected to home assistant to do custom automation based on triggers from doorbell and works really well.Also managed to get this integrated with Alexa so I can use Alexa devices as doorbell chime which works like a charm also.Picture quality compared to other devices on market is not the best but for what it offers it is really good. A good nightvison also.

  45. Szidonia

    Nice but

    A little disappointed because it’s recording only 3 h unless you pay for Google

  46. Z

    Google really didn’t think ahead

    It’s great, everything works as it should, but if you’re anything like me and switch broadband providers every year or two to get the best deal then you have a problem. With a new service provider there’s a new router (sometimes they just send you a new router because the old one they deem faulty) meaning a new WiFi. Get on that ladder, go up to the camera lift it back from the magnet that holds it in place and press a button for 15 seconds to reset the camera to connect it again because they haven’t added a feature in the Google home app for you to be and to charge the WiFi and it apply it to all cameras. Funny because with nest you can do this and a doorbell is more accessible than a floodlight usually. So yeah welcome to my world of climbing ladders every year or two.

    12 people found this helpful

  47. Nelson

    Great door security cam

    Battery lasts for months at a time even through winter. Live recording and video stored on the cloud with a low cost nest plan that covers other devices as well. Highly recommended

  48. M. Humphreys

    Decent outdoor camera

    Does a good job. You need a Google subscription to get the best out of it, and it’s best if you can hook it up to permanent power (though I’ve not yet).

  49. Paul

    Nest Doorbell Camera

    Installation with the wedge was simple, doorbell camera works extremely well and has replaced my Ring doorbell camera, my observations are that the Google camera has faster motion detection than the Ring camera and the picture is also much better, however I find that the Ring camera had much better battery life, like for like use has me charging the Google camera every 3 weeks whilst the Ring camera was in need of a charge every 5 or 6 weeks.Motion zones are easy to set up and also receiving alerts only within the zones are easily achieved.Ring are generally cheaper although my opinion is that the Google doorbell looks better.Reason for changing from Ring was the lack of support for Google Home and assistant, which I find better than Alexa but I would say they are both very good Doorbell cameras, the subscription for one camera is also £1 a month cheaper with ring although £3 aonth cheaper with Google if you have multiple cameras, I’d therefore suggest that the main choice comes down to which smart home assistant you wish to use

    9 people found this helpful

  50. scb_6

    Works as intended

    Nothing much to say other than it works exactly as intended, happy with my purchase.

  51. Ehab T.

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unable to connect the camera on Google Home

    Surprisingly I purchased the camera and I’mNot able to add the camera on google home. I keep getting an error msg that there’s a problem connecting to the cloud!

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Michael Duncan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product for home security

    The tool was easy to install, and is easy to recharge – so far it is operating 10 days and the battery is down about 50% during the super hot Middle East summer – and this is with an average of 20 triggers per day

  53. hanouf


    شهر على بال ماوصلتني لكن تستأهل الانتظار بطله واستخدامها سهل وصافيه

  54. Jay

    Google smart home? Get one! *Read Review*

    – Mounting.Super easy to mount with the provided template! Don’t worry if at a later date you decide you need to use the provided wedge to give you that needed tilt the holes are extraly the same as the fixing plate and once locked into place it’s super secure!- Setup.The Google home app literally talks you through everything and is super easy to follow! All you need is the home app and scan the QR code on the back of the camera and done! Grate field of view and very good quality which I was a little sceptical about as the specs where not brilliant but it’s as good as my 5MP CCTV system!- App settings.Plenty of separate settings you can adjust such as for better battery life or better quality, linger recording ect, even chimes with existing Google speakers!- AdditionalYou can wire to the mains the cables are provided but unfortunately our house has never had a doorbell so we don’t have this option but after researching this device for a while even at maximum use it’d last us a month on a full charge and that’s with alot of use that’s more than we’d probably use but where more than happy with that as it charges relatively quickly.-phone supportWithin a few seconds of the button being clicked all the speakers are ringing to a chime you choose (p.s they have event ones like Halloween) the notification is on your phone with live video footage straight from your notifications! (Android device here)Would I recommend? Yes for a Google eco system and android phones. (Unsure on iOS)Would I recommend for Alexa? Probably not as ring will be alot more optimised for the device.- Draw backs?It is expensive, so I’d suggest waiting for the sales! Then it’s a bargain!

    5 people found this helpful

  55. Todo perfecto y llegó rapidísimo.

    Cámara muy buena calidas

    Muy buena y calidad de lujo

  56. markdj

    Great light and camera

    Excellent camera, works great with the floodlight which is separately controllable in the Google home app.

  57. Marc RAYNAL

    Facile à installer, qualité de la vision nocturne à améliorer.

    Bon matériel, la vision nocturne est à améliorer ainsi que la réception WIFI. Difficulté à connecter depuis un portail extérieur. Les antennes sont à booster.

    2 people found this helpful

  58. Andy R

    Great product easy installation battery lasting for ever

    TBH, not a lot goes on in my back garden especially in the winter so the camera doesn’t often trigger and hence the battery life is pretty awesome it’s been up-and-running since a week before Xmas and as of today (7/Feb/24) still has 52% battery left.Night sight is great, you just gotta make sure the IR isn’t bouncing off a nearby wall or plant because if it is the picture gets washed out, just takes a bit of trial and error to point it in the direction just right so that doesn’t happen.Daytime picture is fab, sound is great outside wall installation was pretty easy need a drill and that’s about it.

  59. Mreds


    Works well.We have an attempted car theft and this provided a nice clear picture for us to send to the police.Battery level varies during the colder months, but for the price its fantastic

  60. AJS

    Easy to set up, great results

    Easy to charge, easy set up, easy to monitor. I use my phone or my Google Nest Hub screen to monitor live picture. It means I don’t have to open the door if I don’t want to. The 3 hour life of the action is a bit limited but I could pay for a subscription …

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