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Xiaomi 24 Inches Mute Universal Wheel Trolley Suitcase

Xiaomi Suitcase 24 Inches
Mute Universal Wheel Trolley Suitcase
PC Customs Lock Luggage

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Xiaomi Suitcase 24 Inches Mute Universal Wheel Trolley
Suitcase PC Customs Lock Luggage

Product name: Xiaomi suitcase 24 inches
Box surface material: polycarbonate
Box material: polyester fiber
Product size: 425×225×618mm
Total size: 445×225×673mm
Product net weight: about 4.3kg
Product volume: about 66L
Product color: blue, gray, black, pink

**The total size is the size of the wheels, handles, and side standing feet when the lever is fully stowed; the product size is the box size.

Xiaomi Luggage

Light and strong, accompany you to travel around the world * Strong casing * Wear and scratch resistance * Large capacity upgrade

Tough case, from the German professional quality

The raw materials of case and shell come from Kostron, one of the world’s largest PC raw material suppliers, and it is equipped with a professional team to track the quality of the factory, to ensure that the professional quality makes a good case.

Anti – pressure, anti-collision, to protect the contents of the box from being knocked

The three-layer PC composite pressure-resistant design, which is stronger and more durable than the general travel case, is adopted to create a strong case to protect the goods inside the case from extrusion and collision.

*Three-layer PC is stronger than the double-layer PC and PC+ABS materials used in general suitcases, and it is not easy to deform.

Very wear-resistant, more scratch-resistant, and the cabinet does not easily leave scratches

The capacity is larger than the previous generation and can be installed

Compared with the previous generation of 20-inch suitcase, it can reach 38L after expansion design, which can hold 3-4 more clothes than the original.

Soft tone, smooth, and calmly coping with different roads

Adhere to the use of high-elastic TPE rollers, and optimize the structure of the axle and wheel cover, while reducing noise, ensure smooth walking, and truly achieve a light sound without disturbing the people.

Push and pull, stretch and retract freely without stuttering

4 gears are adjustable, and the surface of each tie rod is treated with anti-oxidation to prevent rust and corrosion. At the same time, the stable design of the tie rod base is strengthened, and a reasonable shaking space is reserved to ensure a smooth closing and no jamming.

Business trip, travel, study, go wherever you want

No longer limited by the purpose of travel or the mode of transportation, the Mi suitcase can meet your various travel needs, travel for school, business trip, move, and one box can help you get it done.

More detailed design, take care of you in all aspects

* Worry-free going abroad TSA certified password lock *Stop hands TPU soft handle *Protection box Foot spike design *Seamless Tight and durable, smooth pull *Durable and easy to take care of Skin-friendly material lining

Four colors, choose the suitcase that suits you


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