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Steering Wheel Hori Wireless Racing Wheel

Steering wheel Hori
Wireless Racing Wheel
apex for PS4/PC (ps4-142e)

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Steering wheel Hori Wireless Racing Wheel
apex for PS4/PC (ps4-142e)

PS 4 steering wheel Hori Wireless Racing Wheel apex


Complete immersion in the game with vibration technology touch sense Official Sony license for games on PlayStation 4
LED backlight Connection Bluetooth

Play on a new level!

Pass at the speed of turns of spa-francorches or drive brövna on the broken road doubly more fun with the wheel, helping video games. Hori Wireless Racing Wheel apex is suitable for PlayStation 4 owners who race with Scotsman prefer jet racing.


Fans of racing simulators and simple autoarcade will appreciate in the case of a wireless steering wheel that connects to the console with Bluetooth. At the same time, in offline mode, the accessory is able to work up to 15 hours. Together with the steering wheel, which is easily attached to the table by means of a clamp or suction cups, the pedals come complete.

Flexible adjustment

On the steering wheel there are familiar action keys, a cross and girlfriend petals, which are designed to shift gears. For the wheel itself, you can set the rotation modes of 180 and 270 °, and touchsense technology will allow you to feel each pit on the track, each clash with the rival.

Do not miss the target

Among other things, the steering wheel has built-in LED illumination, and its rubberized coating will not allow the hands to slip during too busy and long visits.




Model Ps4-142e


LED backlight Yes
Rotation angle 270 degree
Girlfriend sectional gearshift petals Yes
Fully programmable buttons Yes
PC compatible Yes
Connection Bluetooth Yes
Size Diameter 280mm


Warranty 1 year


Ships From

Russian Federation



Brand Name


Compatible Brand/Model


SONY Model


Model Number




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  1. Aamir Boyd

    Быстро и качественно.

  2. Néo Lortie

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