ENCHEN Enrollor Pro Hair Curler

ENCHEN Enrollor Pro Hair Curler
3-Gear Temperature Adjustment
Ceramic Glaze Coating
Anti-Scald Safety Lock
Hair Style Tools

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SKU:ENCHEN Enrollor Pro Hair Curler

ENCHEN Enrollor Pro Hair Curler
3-Gear Temperature Adjustment Ceramic Glaze Coating
Anti-Scald Safety Lock Hair Style Tools


Product Name: Hair Straightener Product Model:Enrollor Pro Brand:ENCHEN Rated Voltage:100-240V~ Rated Frequency:50HZ Rated Power:73W Diameter: 28mm Product Weight:450g Size:265*47*30MM The length of the wire:1.7m

Package Included:

1 x Hair Straightener 1 x Manual

S-shape Groove | 28mm Diameter | Ceramic Glaze Coating | Thermal Insulation Design

28mm Diameter One Clip For Curling Beautiful Hair

Curl / straight intelligent adjustment, easy to handle with one button; smoothen and straighten hair, no hairy. Beautiful curly hair, lasting shaping.

Press, hold your hair

Curl after combing

Loose, automatic rebound

Curl in different batches

Cur in one step

Curl in wavy pattern

3-Gear Temperature Adjustment

(160°C-180°C-200°C) constant temperature setting, natural and lasting hairstyle.

🌟160℃ Suitable for general hair 🌟180℃ Suitable for rough and hard 🌟200℃ Suitable for professional hair styling 🌟30 Seconds fast heat up

Ceramic Glaze Coating

180 ° tube shaping, U-shape radian for perfect shape

S-shape Groove Perfect wavy hair

Anti-scald body, prevent being heated

Safety lock, easy to store

Rotating Power Cord No longer to be tied

International Common Voltage

For travelling over the world

Explanation on rated power:

The product is equipped with thermistor (NTC) temperature control configuration and PTC heating structure. In combination with the functional characteristics of the product, the rated power is “adjusted to the highest level at the beginning of being powered on, and the integral power of integral for 30 minutes × 2” is the rated power of the product.

Safety Caution:

Do not use this appliance near water. Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers and bath boxes or other containers containing water.

1.Check the condition of the power line regularly; Do not use this product again if the plug, power line or product itself is damaged. 2.If the power line is damaged, it must be replaced by the professional staff from the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments in order to avoid danger. 3.In order to add protection, it is recommended that a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual working current of not more than 30mA shall be installed in the electrical circuit of power supply in the bathroom. 4.This product is not recommended for use by persons who are physically disabled, perceptually or mentally handicapped or lack relevant experience and common sense (including children), except under the supervision and guidance of a guardian. 5.Keep this product out of reach of children. 6.Do not let the power line contact the heating parts of the product. 7.Do not place this product on a surface that is not heat-resistant and should be kept away from flammable materials (such as towels or clothes). 8.The user shall not leave while the product is powered on. 9.Do not use this product on wigs. 10.Be sure to unplug the product’s plug after use. 11.Do not twine the power line around the product. 12.Leave the product to be cool completely before storing it.

Use Tips:

1.Please keep the heating plate and rod clean and tidy. Do not use this product after the use of hair spray or hair gel, so as to avoid residues damage the product and affect the next use. 2.The rod and plate are coated with ceramic coating.The coating will wear away with time. Even if the coating wears away, the normal functions of the product will not be affected. 3.When the product is applied to dyed hair, the plate may be stained with colors. 4.Do not touch the heating parts of the appliance to your body, especially your eyes, ears, face and neck. 5.Do not use in special environment with corrosive or explosive gas and so on.

How to Use:

1.Get the plug of power line into the power socket,press the power switch to turn on the power, the work indicator light is on, and the product starts to be heated and can be used 5 minutes later. 2.After heating the product for 5 minutes, take the hair with a width of 2-3 cm clipped on the product to shape it for 5-8 seconds (depending on the thickness of your hair), then release the clip and continue to process hair to the end of the hair in turn, and a wisp of perfect curls will appear 1-2 minutes later. In curling bangs, be sure to avoid heating unit to contact with the skin, otherwise it is easy to burn the skin. 3.After the use, pay attention to turn off the power, unplug the power plug, and leave the product to be cool before storing it.


If there is any sound of hiss during the heating process of the product, it is the working sound of the anion emitter, which is a normal phenomenon. If the product is without the anion, please ignore this note.

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EU Plug, US Plug



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International Common Voltage

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Product name:

Hair Curler

Product model:

Enrollor Pro




3-Gear Temperature Adjustment


Ceramic Glaze Coating


Thermal Insulation Design

Safety lock:

One Button Lock


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