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Airbot iClean OMNI X Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Airbot iClean Omni X
Cordless Self-Cleaning Wet and Dry Water Vacuum Mop, Cordless Portable Vacuum Cleaner, Handheld Electric Floor Sofa Motorized Mop

Omni X all-in-one wet & dry wash vacuum for floor, carpet, sofa, curtain and window. Long handstick mode allows traditional floor washing and mopping. Spot and Stain Deep cleaning head provides powerful suction along with a spray & soak function to remove stains.
This can be used for a variety of purposes from car seats to soft toys, so whether it’s everyday home cleaning or just a quick cleanup after kids have been playing outside, this spot and stain deep cleaner will make your life easier!


  • Infra-red dust sensing, detects and measures micro-size particles, smartly boost up motor speed
  • Omni and versatile cleaning for both floor, furniture, and window
  • Stick mode – wash floor
  • Handheld portable mode – furniture cleaning
  • Spot cleaner mode – brush, wash sofa, mattress
  • Self cleaning, supply clean water to wash fluffy roller
  • Centrifugal high speed auto drying, prevent mold, backteria growing on fluffy roller
  • Spot stain cleaner can spray soap water, wash and clean sofa fabric, car seat, mattress
  • Flat window cleaner can vacuum, mop, wipe window glass and car wind glass
  • Crevice nozzle cleaner can reach corner, gap, slit between slider door, window track, sofa cushion
  • Fluffy roller can closely follow wall edge, with minimal 1mm gap, pickup dirts, hair
  • Smart battery management, auto cut off power once fully charged, worry-free re-charging
  • 5200mAh battery supported extended operating time
  • Voice prompt, bottom roller, self propelling roller, allow lady, kids to handle it easily
  • *** Notice : after each time mopping, please remove HEPA and fluffy roller brush, clean black muds, dirt in HEPA, put them under windy area to dry for 24 hours. The moisture inside HEPA will block wind flow and cause suction drop.


  • Weight | 4.8KG Power | 160W
  • Suction power | up to 20,000Pa
  • Clean water tank | 500mL
  • Dirty water tank | 380mL
  • Battery | 5200mAh
  • Operating time | up to 40min eco mode
  • Charging time | 5hr ( firt time charging )
  • Sound level | 75dB
  • Package dimension | L1115 x W286 x H228 mm
  • Safety Mark, SIRIM

Content included in Box

  • 1 x Vacuum handle motor
  • 1 x Main vacuum body
  • 1 x Clean water tank, 380mL
  • 1 x Dirty water tank, 500mL (w/ Hepa filter installed)
  • 1 x Handle stick
  • 1 x Crevice nozzle cleaner head
  • 1 x Spot, stain cleaner head
  • 1 x Flat window glass cleaner head
  • 1 x HEPA filter 1 x Charing, storage, cleaning base
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x U.K. 3-pin Charging adapter



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