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Deerma BY200 Fabric Sofa Cleaning Machine

Deerma BY200

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Deerma BY200 Fabric Sofa Cleaning Machine
Spray Suction Integrated Multifunctional Carpet Curtain Household Cleaning Machine

Del Mar Hot Rinse Fabric Cleaner

high temperature hot rinse

Renewed fabric without stubborn stains

Spray/brush/wash/suction/thousand, one-piece clean cloth

No need to dismantle and wash fabrics

In view of the cleaning problems of stubborn stains and residues on household fabrics and troublesome disassembly and washing, we have created a mobile cleaning system for sofas, carpets, curtains, etc. Easy to disassemble and wash.

Inspire 5-fold cleansing power to wash really clean

Applying high-temperature washing technology to the fabric cleaning machine, there is a Delmar hot-rinsing fabric cleaning machine, saying goodbye to the inefficient and time-consuming washing with normal temperature water, and washing away stubborn stains with one spray and one brush, and home fabrics are often new.

Rinse while dissolving and dissolving stubborn stains

Self-developed high-temperature thermal energy system, which instantly heats normal temperature water to about 50°C* hot water and sprays it, rinses and scrubs while accelerating the dissolution of stubborn stains, improves cleaning efficiency, and says goodbye to stain residues

Effortless cleaning

The right water temperature is the key

Hits deep into the fabric without leaving stains

The nozzles not only pressurized the jet of water, but also deeply cleans heavier dirt or stains that have penetrated deeper. And it comes with a high-density brush to brush out the dirt in the gaps of the fabric. Double cleaning power, restore fabric cleanliness.

Deep vacuuming and quick drying

The built-in wet and dry performance motor releases hurricane suction, sweeps away the dust particles, and at the same time draws out the moisture remaining in the fabric after spray cleaning, speeding up drying soon.

with it Wash whole-house fabrics

The machine covers the whole house fabrics, and can freely wash sofas, curtains, carpets, mattresses, etc., without leaving stains and stubborn dirt, saying goodbye to the trouble of dismantling and washing.

100+ Fabrics

Let’s “clean up” together

Automatic running water washing is more convenient

Equipped with clean and dirty large-capacity dual water tanks, the clean water tank automatically sprays live water to clean, free of manual troubles; the sewage tank collects sewage to prevent backflow, clean and separate sewage without secondary pollution, and the large-capacity design meets the cleanliness of large apartments.

lPX4* The whole machine is waterproof and safe to use

The whole machine adopts generous materials and new structure, which reaches IPX4* waterproof, no fear of splashing, and can be used and cleaned with peace of mind. The brush head supports self-cleaning, washing with large water does not leave stains, reducing housework.

360° universal roller skating to move freely

The 360° universal roller skating chassis realizes the control experience of moving the whole house, from the living room to the bedroom effortlessly. Optimize the material and structure of the universal wheel, so that the movement of the light sound does not disturb, and the floor and family are taken care of.

Beautiful in every detail




Special Suction Nozzle

Sofa Brush

Model Number



Mainland China

Brand Name



Carpet Type

Power (W)


Voltage (V)





Bucket Type

Dust Storage Type

Dust Bucket

Remote Control


Turbo Brush


Timing Reservation


Cord Length (m)

About 5 meters

Bag Or Bagless


Cleaning Route

Random Type



Battery Life




Filter Type


Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.6-1 L

Sewage tank capacity



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