XIAOMI Mi WiFi Amplifier Pro N300

XIAOMI Mi WiFi Amplifier Pro Range Extender 2.4GHz Band 300Mbps Ethernet Port Amplifier WiFi Signal Router

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Xiaomi WiFi Range Extender N300

Please note that this is the Chinese version of the product and we will send you an adapter.

Main Features

* 2*2 external antenna, transmission rate up to 300Mbps, stronger Wifi signal coverage

* Easy to connect and adapt to mainstream routers

* Supports up to 64 devices connected simultaneously

* Accurately detects the current signal connection status and strength, and can be adjusted to maintain a good wifi signal

Boost your wireless network
Xiaomi WiFi Range Extender N300 connects to your router wirelessly, strengthening and expanding its signal to every corner of the home – even to those, hard-to-reach spots, such as bathrooms, balconies, bedrooms. This ensures an increased coverage of reliable and high-speed Internet for devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs.
Xiaomi Wifi Range Extender N300
2×2 external antenna, with a transmission rate of up to 300Mbps
Add Wi-Fi extenders to vastly speed up your gaming and movie-watching experience. The upgraded Xiaomi WiFi Range Extender N300 now comes with a 2×2 external antenna to maintain a transmission rate of 300Mbps while also increasing signal stability. The best connection is selected automatically, to give you a better experience anytime, anywhere.
  1. 2×2
  2. External antenna
  3. 300 Mbps Wi-Fi
  4. Enhanced coverage
Xiaomi Wifi Range Extender N300
Support up to 16 devices connected simultaneously
Once connected with an existing router, you always get a reliable connection wherever you watch TV, catch up with the latest series or share happy memories with the kids via video call.

XIAOMI WiFi Amplifier Pro

2X2 external antenna,WiFi signal strong coverage

Easy to extend Wi-Fi signal, adaptable to mainstream routers

Load-bearing walls, bedroom doors and glass windows in your home can all cause a weakened WiFi signal. Place the signal amplifier close to the router, wait for the yellow light to flash after powering up, scan the QR code to install the app and follow the instructions to add it, when the light turns blue the pairing is complete and the amplifier can be moved to the bedroom room where the network needs to be expanded.

The amplifier can be moved to the bedroom where the network needs to be expanded. The signal expansion is also stable in large houses.

When the signal in the bathroom, balcony or bedroom does not meet the demand for internet access, you can pair the amplifier with multiple amplifiers according to the actual situation. Place the successfully paired signal amplifiers in sequence between the main router and the weak signal area to help improve the router’s WiFi coverage. No need to repeat the setup after the first successful pairing.tookfun

2*2 external antenna, transmission rate up to 300Mbps

With the WiFi amplifier, you can play games and watch movies faster. With the newly upgraded Signal Amplifier Pro, the external 2X2 antenna is added to maintain the transmission rate of 300Mbps while the signal transmission is more stable and automatically selects the better signal.

Improved signal reception

Through the optimisation of software, hardware and antenna design, the multi-arc signal coverage is effectively ensured to every corner of your home. Use with your home router for extremely fast pairing to help extend the WiFi signal. It allows you to receive wifi signals everywhere in your home.

Supports up to 64 devices connected at the same time

Easy coverage to every corner of the house after successful signal relay.tookfun

Intelligent detection of connection status

Alerts you when you encounter network problems and the app provides you with a smarter solution. In one easy step, you can accurately detect the current signal connection status and strength, and adjust the placement according to the detection status in time.

Classic power supply interface, convenient and more intimate

Thoughtful plug-in wall design, more convenient for WiFi expansion anytime, anywhere.

After the first successful setup, no need to repeat the operation, plug in the power supply and ready to use, compact and lightweight, does not take up extra space.

No need to set up, firmware automatically upgrades at leisure

Automatically selects firmware upgrades at leisure. Continuous performance optimisation, No need to open the app and click on it, no more tedious operations.




Plug Type

EU plug

Wi-Fi Supported Frequency




Standards And Protocols

Wi-Fi 802.11g

Max. LAN Data Rate


With Modem Function




Brand Name



Mainland China

10 reviews for XIAOMI Mi WiFi Amplifier Pro N300

  1. Samirah Hood

    All working, but the plug is American with an adapter included. However, it works right to specify

  2. Isadora Heer

    The is malfunction with the product which prevents it from detecting the router

  3. Gayla Tincher

    All good!

  4. Kemberly Roza

    All is good.

  5. Alfredo Lamanna

    Does not work, cannot be configured in any way, does not accept email accounts or gmail or hotmail directly says they do not exist.

  6. Prudence Rodden

    The plug does not correspond to the indicated country.

  7. Finn Junkermann

    China version, not globe

  8. Marlen Akhmetov

  9. Thibault Silvestre


  10. Benoît Cortot

    All good!

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