The KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Treadmill: Your Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

King Smith WalkingPad X21

Experience the ultimate at-home sports experience with the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Treadmill. Boasting a range of exceptional features, this treadmill is designed to revolutionize your fitness journey. From its innovative double-fold design to its NFC interaction and infinitely variable speed, the X21 combines convenience, technology, and quality for an unparalleled workout experience.

Double-fold features with exceptional quality

The X21 sets itself apart with its innovative folding technology. With just two simple steps, this treadmill can be conveniently stored, taking up less than 0.16m2 of space. Patent No. 201721078839.2 for its folding design showcases its uniqueness and practicality.

Installation Free | NFC interaction | Infinitely variable speed

Say goodbye to complicated installations. The X21 is installation-free, allowing you to start your workout immediately. Utilize the NFC pairing feature to connect your smart devices effortlessly. Moreover, enjoy an infinitely variable speed range, allowing you to adjust your running pace in real time based on your preferences and fitness level.

Innovative folding technology

The X21 incorporates cutting-edge folding technology. Not only does it offer 180° folding, but it also achieves a 90° folding with its double-fold design. This compact machine emphasizes sleek aesthetics while providing the convenience of easy storage.

Digital display panel

Equipped with an integrated panel display, the X21 boasts an industrial aesthetic design. When powered on, the hidden LED digital display showcases real-time data, allowing you to monitor your progress and stay motivated during your workout.

Multi-gear infinitely variable speed

With a wide range of speeds ranging from 0.5 to 12 km/h, the X21 ensures you have full control over your running speed. Adjust your pace on the go based on your fitness level and desired intensity.

NFC Pairing

Take advantage of NFC-enabled smart sensors that simplify network distribution. Seamlessly connect your mobile phone and WalkingPad, allowing for real-time data updates and easy access to the interface.

Multiple dampers

The X21 is designed with multiple dampers to provide enhanced comfort and safety during your workout. Each step on the professional four-layer track simulates real running, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Exclusive app for intelligent tracking

Download the KS Fit App to unlock a whole new level of fitness tracking. The app records and tracks your fitness statistics, while also allowing you to control various functions of the X21, including modes, start, stop, acceleration, and deceleration.

Superior looks, exceptional intellect

With its all-aluminum alloy frame and black coated body, the X21 exudes elegance and sturdiness. The balance of design aesthetics and power sense ensures stability and durability for long-term use.

Running at home without anxiety

Enjoy a quiet workout experience with the X21’s efficient brushless motor. It maintains a constant power output, generating only 75dB of noise at maximum speed under no-load conditions. Run at full speed without disturbing your downstairs neighbors.

Ready to go, right out of the box

With no installation required, the X21 allows you to start your urban workout lifestyle immediately. Begin your running plan as soon as you open the package, and let the X21 guide you towards your fitness goals.

Embrace a more intelligent future and improve your health with the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Treadmill. Join the global family fitness trend and experience the ultimate at-home sports experience like never before. Invest in your well-being and unlock your full potential with the X21.

Product Specifications

  • Product name: King Smith WalkingPad Treadmill
  • Product model: X21
  • Color: Space gray
  • Nominal voltage: 220V~
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Pump driving motor: Brushless
  • Rated power: 918W
  • Range of speed: 0.5-12km/h
  • Panel material: Acrylic
  • Body material: ABS + aluminum alloy
  • Panel connection: OLED screen
  • Other functions: User-defined speed limit, overload protection, Auto standby, child lock function
  • Maximum loading capacity: 110kg
  • Tread height: 96mm
  • Running area: 460*1210mm
  • Unfold size: 14207201020mm
  • Folded size: 710955226mm

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