Unlock a Healthier You with WalkingPad X21: The Ultimate Double-Fold Treadmill


In the bustling city of Dubai, where space is a premium commodity, finding efficient and space-saving fitness solutions becomes essential. Introducing the revolutionary WalkingPad X21, the world’s first treadmill equipped with Double-fold technology, designed to elevate your home workout experience.

Why WalkingPad X21?

1. Innovative Folding Technology: Maximizing Space Efficiency

The WalkingPad X21 boasts cutting-edge Double-fold technology, allowing it to be neatly folded and stored in an upright position. This innovative feature ensures that the treadmill takes up minimal space, making it an ideal choice for compact living spaces in Dubai.

2. Digital Display Screen: Sleek and Informative

The treadmill comes with a hidden LED digital display screen, featuring an industrial aesthetic design. This user-friendly display provides real-time feedback on crucial workout metrics such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and steps taken. Stay informed and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

3. One-touch Operation: Seamless Control

With an intuitive operation panel on the handrail, the X21 series offers one-touch control for effortless operation. Adjust speed and monitor your progress with ease, enhancing the overall convenience of your workout routine.

King Smith WalkingPad X21

4. NFC Pairing: Smart Connectivity (For Android)

Enjoy seamless connectivity with NFC pairing, a feature catering to Android users. The interaction interface allows for direct access, adding a touch of modern technology to your fitness regimen.

5. App Monitor: Track Your Progress

The WalkingPad X21 comes equipped with an app monitor that displays comprehensive data, including time, speed, distance, calories, and steps. Keep a close eye on your workout history, helping you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

6. Detachable Phone Holder: Entertainment on the Go

Enhance your workout experience by placing your favorite tablet or phone on the treadmill’s detachable holder. Stay entertained or follow workout routines effortlessly, turning your exercise sessions into an enjoyable experience.

Technical Specifications: Power and Performance

  • Speed: 1 – 7.45MPH / 12KPH
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Panel Material: Acrylic
  • Body Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
  • OLED Screen: Panel Connection
  • Rated Power: 918W
  • Display Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps
  • Speed Range: 1 – 7.45MPH / 12KPH
  • Double Fold Technology: YES
  • Unfold Size: 39.6 * 27.99 * 55.9in / 1007 * 711 * 1420mm
  • Folded Size: 39.6 * 27.99 * 8.86in / 1007 * 711 * 225mm
  • User Capacity: 240 lbs / 110KG
  • Running Area: 18.1 * 47.6in / 460 * 1210mm
  • Other Functions: Overload protection, automatic standby, child lock function
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Voltage: US Version: 110V | UK Version: 220V | EU Version: 220V | JP Version: 110V

What’s in the Box:

  • WalkingPad * 1
  • Power Cord * 1
  • Allan Wrench * 1
  • Dimethicone * 1
  • Safety Key * 1

Transform your fitness journey with WalkingPad X21 – where innovation meets practicality, and health meets convenience. Elevate your home workout experience in Dubai with the world’s first Double-fold treadmill. Order yours now and take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you!

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