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Google Pixel Buds A-Series – Wireless Earbuds

Google Pixel Buds A-Series
Wireless Earbuds
Headphones with Bluetooth
Compatible with Android

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Google Pixel Buds A-Series – Wireless Earbuds
Headphones with Bluetooth – Compatible with Android

As you listen to your music with the Pixel Buds A-Series True Wireless In-Ear Headphones from Google, they can detect ambient sound and auto-adjust the volume to suit each situation.

They can also detect whether they are in or out of your ears, automatically pausing and resuming playback so you don’t miss a beat. When you need to interact with the outside world, real-time in-ear translation and more is just a “Hey Google” voice command away, and dual beamforming mics in each earbud work to keep hands-free calls crystal clear.

Add in a charging case, a comfortable & secure fit, and sweat resistance, and the Pixel Buds A-Series become an ideal entertainment and communication solution for those on the move.

Pixel buds in case

Person wearing pixel buds

Sound that’s music to your ears.

Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbuds deliver rich, high-quality audio, no matter what you’re listening to.

Person in skatepark wearing Pixel BudsMade for a snug and secure fit.

With a flush-to-ear design, three ear tip sizes, and a stabilizer arc, the earbuds stay in place and create a gentle seal for amazing sound.

People wearing Pixel Buds

Audio that adapts to where you are.

  1. Adaptive Sound adjusts the volume as you move from noisy to quiet places, so you don’t have to.[6]

Person wearing Pixel Buds

Not afraid of water.

  1. The earbuds are sweat and water resistant, so rainy days and sweaty workouts are no problem.[5]


Get hands-free help when you need it.

  1. When you need directions, real-time translations, or notifications read to you, just ask Google.[2]

buds in ear

A battery that barely needs a break.

  1. Get up to 5 hours of listening time or 2.5 hours of talk time on a single charge.[1]

buds in ear

Clear calls in loud places.

Beamforming mics help make your calls crystal clear, even in noisy conditions.[7]

1 Hands-free help 2 Battery 3 Clear calls 4 Adaptive Sound 5 Water resistant

Pixel Buds



Legal buds

Product information

Headphones Jack 2.5 mm Jack

Model Name Pixel Buds A-Series

Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth

Special Feature Sweatproof, Microphone Included

Included Components Earbuds, Cable, Charging Case, Eartips with 3 size options

Age Range (Description) Adult

Material Plastic

Specific Uses For Product Sports and Exercise

Charging Time 5 Hours

Compatible Devices Tablets, Telephones, Laptops, Desktops, Smart Speaker

Theme Video Game

Control Type Media Control

Cable Feature Without Cable

Item Weight 1.9 Ounces

Water Resistance Level Water Resistant

Unit Count 1 Count

Style Pixel Buds

Control Method Touch

Number of Items 1

Battery Life 5 Hour

UPC 193575009735

Manufacturer Google

Product Dimensions 0.81 x 1.15 x 0.69 inches

Item Weight 1.9 ounces


Item model number G7YPJ; GPQY2; G7T9J

Special features Sweatproof, Microphone Included

Other display features Wireless

Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbuds deliver rich, high-quality audio, no matter what you’re listening to. With a flush-to-ear design, three eartip sizes, and a stabilizer arc, the wireless earbuds stay in place and create a gentle seal for amazing sound.

Get up to 5 hours of listening time or 2.5 hours of talk time with a single charge, or listen for up to 24 hours with the charging case[1].

Play music, get directions, check the weather, or have notifications read to you just by using your voice; or press and hold the earbud to talk to Google[2].

Pair the Pixel Buds A-Series with your Pixel or any Android device in just one tap[3]; or quickly and easily connect to iOS or any other Bluetooth 4.0 plus device[4].

The wireless earbuds are water resistant, so rainy days and sweaty workouts are no problem[5].

Adaptive Sound adjusts the volume as you move between quiet and noisy environments, so you don’t have to[6]. Beamforming mics help make your calls crystal clear, even in noisy conditions[7].

Find your earbuds easily if you misplace them; hear them ring with Find My Device if they’re nearby, or see their last known location on a map[8]. Please refer to the “From the manufacturer” section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.). Show more

Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbuds deliver rich, high-quality audio, no matter what you’re listening to. With a flush-to-ear design, three eartip sizes, and a stabilizer arc, the wireless earbuds stay in place and create a gentle seal for amazing sound.













Headphones Jack

2.5 mm Jack

Model Name

Pixel Buds A-Series

Connectivity Technology


Wireless Communication Technology


Special Feature

Sweatproof, Microphone Included

Included Components

Earbuds, Cable, Charging Case, Eartips with 3 size options

Age Range (Description)




Specific Uses For Product

Sports and Exercise

Charging Time

5 Hours

Compatible Devices

Tablets, Telephones, Laptops, Desktops, Smart Speaker


Video Game

Control Type

Media Control

Cable Feature

Without Cable

Item Weight

1.9 ounces

Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Unit Count

1 Count


Pixel Buds

Control Method


Number of Items


Battery Life

5 Hour





Product Dimensions

0.81 x 1.15 x 0.69 inches



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#6,317 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #713 in Earbud & In-Ear Headphones

Special features

Sweatproof, Microphone Included

Other display features


Date First Available

May 2, 2022

60 reviews for Google Pixel Buds A-Series – Wireless Earbuds

  1. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I ordered these for my Pixel 6 Pro because I needed bluetooth headphones quickly, otherwise I would have waited for the new Pro buds that came out a short while after I ordered these.Overall, I like these but I have a few issues.One, all three ear fitting sizes don’t work great with the shape of my ear canal, I guess, because they are pushed out and I am constantly pushing them back in. They have almost fallen in the trash, down the sink and in the litter box when I have leaned/bent over. I am not using these buds during physical activity such as running or working out, this is just in the kitchen while cooking or doing household chores. This is inconvenient and aggravating. If I did some research, I am sure I could find other shapes in ear fittings to remedy this issue, and this issue does not reflect on the quality of the headphones themselves.Two, the battery life. For music and talking on the phone, I find the battery life to be as much as one should expect but not as much I would want. I hope the Pro buds have longer battery duration. I use my ear buds everyday, for as little as an hour/2 hours for talking on the phone, or as long for music. I understand not everyone will need to be on the phone as long as I do, but if you were looking for these for working from home or instead of a headset at work, they aren’t advisable for that.Three, the noise filter/cancelation. When using in the car, I have had complaints of the road/wind/traffic being louder than my voice to the person am talking to. Also, I have had complaints that noises like doing dishes/opening a bag to add to the trash can is extremely loud to the person on the other end. For noise cancelation, I think it does decent enough but I think the feature the Pro has called Transparency mode where you can fade in/out of cancelation would be more useful.These are comfortable in your ear when they aren’t popping out, the sound quality of the music and the voice of the other person on a phone call is great. The voice assistant I haven’t used much but it’s been very responsive when I have used it. I can’t call my husband via voice because he is saved as ‘hubby’ in my contacts, and when I ask Google to call Hubby, she says, ok what’s your husband’s name? then can’t find him in my phone. Oh well. All in all these headphones are worth getting over off-brands, but I would save for the Pros if I was honest.

    45 people found this helpful

  2. Cabbage

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very nice

    They stay in well however the rib can be uncomfortable and they smell really funny.

  3. N. ArrN. Arr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    They do the job for what I needed

    I’ll be honest, I loose technology….often. As a result I never bought expensive earbuds. I would always buy the $30 and under option because inevitably I was going to misplace them and could not stomach the idea of loosing a $100 item within a few weeks of purchase. However after 3 years of COVID required zoom calls my coworkers chipped in and bought me the Google pixel buds. There was an immediate difference for me in regards to what I could hear and the experience for anyone talking to me on the other side. Here are the highlights1. The noise cancellation works well. In the past people would complain they can’t hear me clearly because of all the background noise. As if I were at a construction site when I simply was opening a bag of chips!2. Sound quality is perfect. Can’t tell you how many times with other earbuds I would be told can you get closer to the phone, or that I sounded far away, or was I underwater etc etc. But with these it’s Crystal clear no issues at all.3. Battery lasts long enough. I find that these last most of my work day. I tend to average about five hours of meetings a day and in that capacity they last.4. Charge speed is quick. When I do need to charge these for from 0-100% in like 20mins. To be fair I don’t think I have ever let them get to 0. Overall I don’t find myself charging them often and the charging case really does do a good job of charging the actual buds quickly if I do run into a problem.5. Ear buds do slip out. I have found an occasion that a slight tap will accidentally send the earbuds falling out of my ear. I’ve changed the size of the ear cushion but doesn’t really seem to lock in well like other earbuds I have tried. So that is one point off for them but nothing insurmountable that would detract from the overall score.Overall for the price I think these are great. So much so that I did in fact lose the ones my coworker bought me within about 6 weeks and ended up buying my own pair thankfully they were on sale. We’ll see how long these last before I lose them!

    49 people found this helpful

  4. obdulio Demata

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    I think the sound is ok, but the shape of the ear buds are not the best, it keep falling off and not fitting good, give 3 star because I think the could be better for the price

  5. Hailu Beyero

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    It’s wonder and fits your ears perfectly with different sizes

  6. Heather A. Turner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wireless Showdown: Pixel Buds in the Ring

    Venturing into the realm of the Google Pixel Buds, I embarked on a journey of exploration that spanned across platforms, including iPhone and Windows computer usage. This review aims to offer a comprehensive perspective on the capabilities of these wireless earbuds, in comparison to other popular options. To be honest I tried them out because they were on supersale during Prime Day. So why not!The Pixel Buds shine brightly in several aspects. Their design, minimalistic and comfortable, ensures a snug fit suitable for both workouts and daily activities. The sound quality, characterized by crisp audio and punchy bass, impressed me across a variety of musical genres. Google’s adaptive sound feature, dynamically adjusting volume based on surroundings, further enhanced the listening experience.As an iPhone user I love Airpods but they are pretty pricey. Speaking of alternatives, let’s talk about the AirPods. The Pixel Buds stack up well in terms of sound quality and the real-time translation feature, giving them a distinct edge. I have found the battery to be pretty good and have not had to recharge nearly as often as my Airpod Pros.Considering the AirPods, while they integrate seamlessly with Apple devices, the Pixel Buds’ compatibility with different platforms is a plus. Additionally, the Pixel Buds’ noise canceling and translation capabilities broaden their appeal beyond audio quality alone.To sum it up, the Google Pixel Buds offer a solid package. Their design, audio quality, and innovative features position them as strong contenders in the wireless earbud market. Though a few minor drawbacks exist, they deliver an enjoyable audio journey. Whether you lean towards the Google ecosystem or seek versatile wireless earbuds with modern touches, the Pixel Buds are well worth your consideration. So I say, if they are on SUPERSALE give them a spin!

    61 people found this helpful

  7. Andrew M.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing quality

    I purchased a refurbished set and they are like new. The only thing is I had to do a factory reset because it still had the previous owners name attached to them. But after I did that they were like brand new earbuds.

  8. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best I’ve tried

    These are excellent. They stay in place, and the sound quality is fantastic

  9. Cindy Timo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Present for my grandson

    I gave them to my grandson for Christmas. He really was excited to get them

  10. FrAn

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Fit well

  11. Seth McNew

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A great set of Earbuds for a non-premium price

    I was kind of skeptical at first when I decided to buy these – there were other earbuds I was considering at the time at around the same price range, and I had a pair of $20 buds at home that were still somewhat working. But, I decided to take a shot and honestly, I’m really surprised with how well these work.Bluetooth communication between the buds and my Pixel 6 have been amazing outside of one weird incident towards the beginning where music was choppy, but a quick restart on my phone fixed that. I’ve left my phone in my office a few times, and I can get a pretty good distance before noticing dropouts too, so it’s nice not to always need the phone on my hip for these to work. Though, these do not support multipoint – afraid if you want to connect to multiple devices at the same time with a Pixel bud, you’ll need to step up to the Pixel Buds Pro.Audio quality has been really good as well. I’m no audiophile by any means, but I do listen to a lot of EDM/Techno/Jazz and nothing really sounds muted. There is a setting to do Bass Boost within the Bluetooth settings that silently get installed when pairing the Buds for the first time to your phone, but I’ve yet to experiment with it. ANC isn’t a feature on here, but just the fit of the earbuds do isolate the music to some degree from the world around. And the fit was surprisingly comfortable – the extra wing of support keeps the buds in place well that I rarely have to adjust them.Lastly, I was kind of worried about the battery before purchasing. I’d prefer something that would last my whole work day, and surprisingly, these do! Mind you, I typically only have a single bud in while I’m working because a lot of people walk into my office, but I’ll swap buds around lunch time when it starts to get low on battery. They charge quickly – I’d say I could pull out my bud in about 20 minutes to it being mostly, if not fully charged. From this, I’d say I get about a week’s worth of battery charge with the case.My only major complaint is that I hate that there’s no tactile buttons on the buds themselves. You have to tap the G on your earbuds to bring up the Assistant, stop/play music, etc. but sometimes I’ll be tapping all around the bud just trying to find that sweet spot because touch detection can be a little iffy. But, compared to my previous earbud set, this is a significant upgrade.

    50 people found this helpful

  12. jp

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    surprisingly great everyday earbuds for andriod users

    im honestly really impressed with these things. ive bought a lot of wireless ear buds over the years and have really failed to find a pair that 1. stay in my ears and 2. sound great relative to the price. even airpods and airpod pros were a disappointment to me when i used apple. these are the best everyday wireless earbuds ive ever used.the biggest pro is the fin that helps keep them in your ears. i dont why, but so many audio companies just stopped designing fins into their earbuds and its nice to see that google actually cares if these things stay in your ears or not. the fin design is great and functional and they dont move at all in my ears for long periods. i also havent had any connection issues with these over the past few weeks. they never take long to pair, randomly disconnect and reconnect, or randomly pair while their in the case. these just work like they should and its nice to experience. they also sound great for what you pay for them. im not an audiophile but the sound on these have really impressed me. I have a pair of sony wf-1000xm4s that i use at work and those sound truly incredible with the anc on and while these dont have anc i would say they do sound impressive when turned up louder and the eq is perfect for the music i listen to. the case is also great and i love the shape. and the battery is great also. ive only had to change them once since i got them a few weeks ago.i love these things as an everyday carry. they look great, sound great, and work great. if you use android you should really look into these.

    43 people found this helpful

  13. Andrew Gross

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Buds on the market

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Google Pixel Buds are an absolute game-changer in the world of wireless earbuds. From the moment I put them on, I was blown away by the exceptional sound quality. The audio is crisp, clear, and the bass packs a punch. Whether I’m listening to music, podcasts, or taking calls, the audio experience is consistently top-notch.Battery life is a crucial factor for any wireless earbuds, and the Pixel Buds deliver in this department. I’ve been using them for hours on end, and the long-lasting battery life is impressive. No more constantly worrying about recharging them, which is a significant convenience.The noise-cancelling feature is, in a word, perfect. It effortlessly blocks out ambient noise, allowing me to immerse myself fully in my music or conversations without any distractions. It’s a game-changer for my daily commute and working in noisy environments.The design is sleek and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The touch controls are intuitive and responsive, adding to the overall user experience. The connectivity is seamless, and they pair effortlessly with my devices.In conclusion, the Google Pixel Buds are a true masterpiece of wireless earbud technology. The amazing sound quality, long-lasting battery life, and perfect noise cancelling make them an unbeatable choice. They’ve quickly become an integral part of my daily life, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    26 people found this helpful

  14. Gary M GettisGary M Gettis

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best every day headphones – works with non pixel too

    Note: These do not have active noise cancellation! Only the pixel buds 2 have thatI have these and I just purchased them for my wife because I think they’re great. I love how subtle they are, and fit almost flush with the ear. I hate earbuds that stick way out of the ear, so these are perfect. And the stabilizer bar keeps them secure. The sound is great and super clear, but the battery life could be better. I seem to get maybe 2 hours of continuous use. However, I only use one headphone at a time, most of the time, so that could be doubled If you were to do that. I feel like I get more charges out of the case than it says in the description as well.They’re very easy to connect to any phone. I have a pixel device but my wife does not and her headphones connected right away. I’m also a fan of the features. When you take them out it’ll pause music or videos, when you put them back in it’ll start playing again. I just wish it had the volume function like the more expensive pixel buds, where you could swipe the volume up and down on the headphone. . Definitely worth the money

  15. David L. Gill

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Earbuds which sound glorious

    These ear buds are a wonderful investment. They last quite a while on one charge and pair with minimal effort to one’s phone or laptop. They’re also reasonably comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I use mine often with my Galaxy S23+ and am very happy with the sound and functionality.

    One person found this helpful

  16. Sashmitha Adithya

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pairs well with pixel phones

    Works well. Sound quality is good. No active noice cancellation. Feels durable. The charging case is solid, has a nice feel to it!

    2 people found this helpful

  17. Kevin Tuggle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth The Price

    These ear buds fit into the ear perfectly and you can’t tell they are in there. The sound is great and these are easy to operate. I would recommend these.

  18. Signalsoldier

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    These are marginally good

    When they work, they work well. Here are a list of my complaints- The stay connected to the phone after placing them in the pod. The contact sensors may not be extended far enough from the inside of the case to contact the earphones to disconnect and charge. I often have to press them firmly into their holes before closing the lid.- They often take forever to connect after pulling them from the case. Sometimes not at all. You have to place them inside, close the lid and reopen and pull them out several times before they connect.- They’ve gotten lower in sound over time. After about 30 days the left bud is noticeably lower than the right. For seemingly no reason.I’ve had 3 different set of Pixel buds and they’ve all fell victim to the above complaints. Keep this in mind if you plan to buy some

    3 people found this helpful

  19. some guy from Pittsburgh

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t let them anywhere near water when in charging case

    I love pixel buds but I am on my third pair. Both of my previous sets were in the charging case in my pocket and I had rain soak through them, I assume the charging pins shorted and killed them. The first pair I had this happen to, only the light on the charging case went out, after factory resetting them they worked for a few more weeks before totally dying. The second pair died outright. If you get them wet while wearing them, let the buds dry out completely before putting them back in the charging case. Yeah it was my fault for leaving them in my pocket during a rainy hike (twice) but it still upsetting.

  20. Elizabeth Strube

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best earbuds I’ve had so far

    Got these on a black Friday special and they have been the best earbuds I’ve owned thus far. I have had Soundcores, Skullcandys, and more. They are an especially good fit for petite ears while still being compatible with regular people’s earholes.

  21. carley

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mostly happy

    Took me a while to get used to them and figure out how to get them to sit in my ear. The only problem is sometimes I pause then accidentally if I move my arms by my head.

  22. Joe Chappell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome sound!

    This is the first pair of Pixel Buds I have owned, it will not be the last. I have been missing out!They have crystal clear sound, great base which I like to feel when I listen to music.

  23. Lupita

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really nice

    Perfecto sound

  24. Ted H

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good quality

    Best earbuds I ever used, excellent battery life, great design, very nice sound , balance very well

  25. C Ison

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great gift

    Gave these to my husband for Christmas. 5-6 months later he says they are great. They must cancel noise well because he often can’t hear me when he’s wearing them.

  26. SavvyRooster

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    These are fantastic

    Compared to my soundpetes with noise cancelling, these are great. I hardly ever used the noise cancelling in the first place.The sound quality is superior than any ears buds I ever had. The anchor are great because they stay in my ear. I get sweaty waxy ears and everything falls out. These don’t. If they hurt your ears, you may need to adjust them. It does take some getting used too. And they are well worth it! I’d buy them again

    One person found this helpful

  27. Jay Jerome

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleek, but poor battery life

    I mainly use earbuds for listening to podcasts all day at work. Despite what the advertised battery life states, I’m only able to get just over 4hrs of usage. I counter this by only having one bud in at a time, so I can just rotate them into the charger.The call quality seems fine, as nobody has said I sound bad. The overall audio quality is great.

    One person found this helpful

  28. Caleb e.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best earbuds I’ve had under $100.

    I like how seamless it is with a pixel 6a, they have some flaws like connecting when charging. But other than that they’re perfect, they sound great. Even the bass tuning is pretty good. The touch controls are very useful, along with voice control. The pixel buds a series are also very comfortable, sometimes I forget they’re there.

  29. yung-g.z.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Love them. We’ll see how they do in the long run

  30. Moonlight

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy set up

    Loved the look and the fact that they came charged. They fit perfectly and connected to my phone in seconds.

  31. Phlox

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best earbuds!! Better than Airpods and cheaper too

    Wow, I’m totally blown away by the Google Pixel Buds! These earbuds are a game-changer, especially with the noise cancellation feature. They easily block out all the hustle and bustle of the outside world, whether I’m on the subway or working in a coffee shop. It’s like having my own little serene oasis wherever I go. And the sound quality is just amazing – the bass is punchy, the mids are crisp, and the highs are super vibrant. I love listening to music, taking calls, and catching up on podcasts with these earbuds. Plus, the battery life is really impressive. I can use them all day long and still have some juice left for my evening workout. And the charging case is so compact and convenient, I can easily slip it into my pocket and take it with me wherever I go. Google really nailed it with the Pixel Buds A-Series – they’re the perfect combination of noise cancellation, clear sound quality, and long-lasting battery life. 10/10 would buy again!

    4 people found this helpful

  32. Clara

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound and call quality, but difficult to pair

    I bought these because I tried some cheaper versions of Bluetooth earbuds that were not adequate. I’ve really enjoyed using these. I have unusually small ears and they hurt after a while if I haven’t had them in. If I wear them a lot, my ears get used to them. I love that they have the little wing to keep them in place so I don’t have to worry about them falling out! My only complaint is that they can be difficult to pair. There is a really specific process you have to follow and the earbuds have to be placed a certain way so they are connecting with the case the right way in order to pair. Make sure to get familiar with the instructions! You also can’t control the volume if you are connected to a PC which I found really strange.

    6 people found this helpful

  33. Incredible kluH

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I was skeptical because of the price but I love them! I got the pro a few months ago and wanted to have one pair for work and one for the gym but didn’t want to spend the price for the pro twice. Wish I’d gotten these first as they definitely suffice! Good overall sound, good bass as well without being too much. And I listen to everything from Rap, to metal, symphony, R&B etc. Hey… I said “everything” right? Lol

    One person found this helpful

  34. dolphin1

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    They’re good. Kinda big for my ears. They are loud. But tbh you could get the same quality cheaper.

  35. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quite literally lasted through three runs through the washing machine

    I love these earbuds. As it said in the title, I have washed these things three separate times (obviously not intentionally) and they still work with zero effect on the sound quality. Simple, intuitive, pretty affordable. I’ve used a lot of different kinds and these are by far and above the most durable for the price. Could not recommend more. Only thing I’ve ever had a problem with is they can get uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. But still definitely my favorites.

    5 people found this helpful

  36. Croce

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Functional, expensive


  37. Josie Peters

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good quality, didn’t fit right

    The sounds quality was great, and I like the several functions the buds have, like pausing the music when you take an earbud out. However, I have pretty small ears and these didn’t stay in for more than 10 minutes 🙁 the little silicone stabilizer bit did help, but it didn’t sit right with my ear anatomy and I can’t adjust the placement or take out that piece. Really bummed.

    2 people found this helpful

  38. Eric J Gagen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    CRAZY Bass in a CRAZY Price

    Having used Sony wf xm4s, airpods pros and various other apple earbuds and beats earbuds; I have to say these have the absolute best bass out of all of these. Sony comes close with the EQ in their app but this still wins. I absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for wireless earbuds. Theyre also quite comfy in the ear and aren’t goin anywhere so good for working out.

  39. Zach M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality earbuds

    Good quality.

  40. Lydia Seiders

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love me some Google | Poor charge

    Love me some Google, especially Pixel! However, these buds were sort of a let down when it comes to the buds holding a charge. I can’t get through a workday of meetings without my buds dying. Total sad face. But otherwise, the sound is smooth with the bass hitting just right for a broad selection of genres (although I don’t listen to country), the fit is nice, and the setup is super easy once you get the hang of it. I can easily switch from my phone to laptop with ease. The case doubles as a sensory tool during meetings or while out walking. Charging the case takes a minute but it holds a charge well once it’s fully charged. I think I’ve been able to charge my buds 2 or 3 times before needing to charge the case again.Buds seem to last longer during phones calls than meetings (thinks zoom) or listening to music (think YouTube).Noise cancellation is good! Especially if listening to something. If using as earplugs, the sound is more muffled than cancelled though.If you don’t mind recharging your buds often, I highly recommend. I still highly recommend because the sound is worth every penny and the setup is so easy across multiple devices.

    3 people found this helpful

  41. AshtonAshton

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic sound/features, hard on small ears.

    So I like these things. I want to love them so much! But I have these tiny baby ears (people have commented before on how surprised they are at my small ears.)While I am trying to get used to it, these things make my ears start to ache after awhile. The stabilizer arc leaves these painful, mean red marks and I’m so sore that I really can’t keep wearing them for longer than a bit.I get the excitement of “wow, look at these little buds that just stay in your ear, so cool and futuristic!” But honestly, nothing beats just a simple hook over your ear. I really wish these companies would offer more shapes for different folks. I still find myself going back to my little cheapo headphones (picture attached of the style) through the day because they’re just so much more comfortable. The stabilizer arc is honestly what’s screwing me up the most.As for the sound and features with my pixel phone? Great! Love it! Reading notifications to me is very cool. Also adjusting the bass? Thank you.

    16 people found this helpful

  42. Abiud Venancio Castañeda Bernabe

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exelentes audífonos

    Bueno sonido, se adaptan a tu oreja, son un poco incómodos al inicio pero te acostumbras, le sacarás todo el provecho si tienes un teléfono pixel, los recomiendo.

  43. kmclean

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones, Not Good for Small Ears

    I loved these headphones but they killed my ears after just 30 minutes of use. I tried to break them in, but after 2 weeks they hurt my ears so badly when I’d take them out. I am a petite 5’2 female and feel like I have an average ear size, but these were way too big to be comfortable.I gave them to my husband and he loves them. If you have small ears, look elsewhere, otherwise they are a good buy!

    2 people found this helpful

  44. BTC

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    By far the best pair of earbuds/phones I’ve ever owned

    The Pixel Buds are unquestionably the best set of ear-anything I’ve ever owned. Combined with my Pixel 6 XL, the buds are picked up instantaneously upon being removed from the case. The battery life is excellent and the case holds several additional charges. Thus far I’ve never run out of a charge. Not even sure I’ve gone below 75%, honestly.The best part about these, which can’t be said for many other buds, is that you don’t have to pair them to use them. You can use one of them and then switch over to the other if you want to maximize battery life (or simply don’t want to or can’t use both at the same time). This feature is often reserved for buds that are much more expensive than these.My final comment – and perhaps the most important – is the fit. Absolutely perfect. I have avoided buds over the years at all costs because I can just never get them to sit right in my ear. They fall out, they hurt, whatever. I do a lot of work around the house and get sweaty (I live in Florida, tough not to be sweaty…) and have had buds just drop out of my ear because of that. Never has that happened yet with these buds. They’re so comfortable you can forget they’re even in there.Do yourself a favor and pick these up. Top notch all around.

    19 people found this helpful

  45. the weathered man

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but they don’t last long enough and charging can be an issue

    I’ve had my Pixel Buds A series for a couple months shy of a year. I’ve really enjoyed them and use them every day when I’m cooking breakfast. They might get up to 1 hour a day use from me. The sound quality is very good, they are comfortable in the ears, and I like how well they work with my Pixel phone. I like the appearance, charging case and fit/finish of these more than AirPods.Recently the left earbud lost at least 50% of its volume, and is fading more every day. It’s the same thing that happens with cheaper wired earbuds after a few months… volume loss, then eventually it stops working all together. So I was disappointed that the same thing seems to be happening with these Pixel buds, which are not cheap earbuds. I take care of my earbuds and keep them clean and free of debris, so that’s not the issue. Apparently these aren’t built to last. I had expected these to last as long as AirPods, but that’s not been my experience.One other issue I’ve had with them is that often when you place them back in the charging case, they don’t charge. Next time you go to put them on, they don’t work because they will completely discharge on their own. Apparently there’s an issue with the earbud’s charging pin making contact with the one in the charging case — it doesn’t always make contact. Thankfully, the case’s LED blinks to let you know when it’s detected the earbud and is charging it, but you just have to make sure you watch it. It often takes me a few tries before I can get it to work. This has been an issue as long as I’ve had these. It’s only a minor annoyance and I suspect it’s a minor design flaw that they’ll eventually remedy in manufacturing.

    19 people found this helpful

  46. Quentin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    They’re FINE.

    Ok, so I really only bought these because I was curious about the difference between the $10-20 earbuds I was used to using (with no real functional complaints) versus a more expensive, near-premium experience. I had also just bought a Pixel phone, so I figured, what the heck, let’s get the ecosystem since I’d never fully done that before (I also bought the Pixel watch). And honestly, while they’re fine and the audio is great and the easy connection to a Google phone is convenient, I’m not sure it’s $60-80 better than the cheap stuff we buy and replace all the time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have Google assistant on call, handsfree, especially after I’ve gotten so used to using it at home that I sometimes call out to Google in public places only to catch myself mid ”Hey Goo-.” But honestly, most earbuds at least allow you to press and call Google or Alexa, so again, my quibble isn’t we with the buds being good. They are. But if you’re a practical spender like me and also have a tight budget (or just don’t want to spend more than you have to), I’d put it like this: these earbuds are more than worth the money if calling Google assistant anywhere, at anytime with just a whisper is super important to you. Otherwise, save a few bucks and get something in the $40-60 range and you’ll still get 95% of what comes with these. But if you have the money to spend and don’t care too much, yeah, these are fine. They fit fine, they last for a decent amount of time, and the charging case feels premium. But I was a bit underwhelmed after using em for a bit because I guess I expected something that would fundamentally raise my expectations for earbuds moving forward and I don’t think these did that. I’ll probably still switch between these and my $10 buds from time to time, probably keeping these in the car since the house wired with Google inside.

    40 people found this helpful

  47. Mitch R

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Pods, Better Than Many!

    I went through AirPods, Skullcandy Pods, and Galaxy Pods over the course of a few years and wanted some with good audio quality that weren’t too overpriced. These Pixel Pods are perfect; they fit great, have awesome listening quality, and charge super quickly. My only complaint is that there is NO app for iPhones, so I’m not able to regularly update them or fine-tune them like I’d be able to on an Android. But, they pair just fine via Bluetooth and I have had no problems with them (or the need for an app). Definitely recommend 🙂

    4 people found this helpful

  48. José Vicente PiñerosJosé Vicente Piñeros

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excelente producto de google

    Llego a tiempo bien empacado sellado nuevo..excelente funcionamiento..se empareja automáticamente con el Pixel 7a y suenan muy muy bien. Bien por Google

  49. Rodolfo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I decided to try them

    At first I dont have a idea about them, But after so much to think I decided to try them and the result surprised me. The sound quality and the bass is amazing. I didn’t like to use in-ear earbud because They caused headache, but This google pixel are very comfortable. The app comes with more settings to setup their functions. The noise cancellation is good, the people hear me very well.Moreover, When I say : “hey google” and I am using my android phone, The google assistant responds fast and then I dont need to use my hands to use my phone because The voice recognizion works well and I can do calls to my contacts only saying theirs names. This function works well when The app have been intalled in your Phone.I recomend this product.

    3 people found this helpful

  50. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Right bud stopped working…

    Loved these but wouldn’t buy again… On the plus side- Sound quality is really good and these buds actually fit my ears… However I am very disappointed. The right bud stopped working after 7 months.

    4 people found this helpful

  51. Amir

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than Pro

    I’ve been using the Google Pixel Buds A-Series and find them superior to the Pro version. They offer a snug fit, making them comfortable for long-term wear. The case is not only lightweight. Overall, the A-Series offers excellent value and better functionality than the Pro, making them a standout choice for anyone in the market for reliable earbuds.

  52. Cesar Cavazos

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Buen sonido

    Cumple con todas las espectativas y especificaciones descritas

  53. dereice

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to fall out after a while

    They were excellent until they were stolen 4mos after I bought them. They haven’t been the price I purchased them for since😭

  54. Gene M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for me – running/gym – going great after 20 day/month for 14 months- great for the price

    My first earbuds so can’t compare them to anything. Used exclusively for gym, elliptical (watching videos on tablet) and running (mostly sprint intervals), with MP3 player, not phone.. I am not listening to violin concertos, just trance/rock music, generally with a fair amount of background noise, so sound quality doesn’t need to be concert hall quality. Isolation could be better, but lots of runners don’t like isolation for safety reasons. Wing keeps them firmly in place without being uncomfortable to me. Easy to load music, easy to connect to mp3 player and tablet, easy to make Bluetooth connection, no interruptions even when in shorts pocket and running hard. Only thing it lacks from my standpoint is volume control link to mp3 player, find myself sometimes have to grab player and adjust volume (volume variation likely attributable to download variations). I have had such a satisfactory experience with these I have considered upgrading to the Pixel Buds Pros which have touch volume controls, but I worry about them falling out during runs, and also price at 50-100% more, not sure they would be worth it.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Donnie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Google wireless buds are the best

    Only Google 🙂 best product on the market for crisp clear sound

  56. Snacky

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So good I bought them twice!

    I bought a pair of these initially for my girlfriend as a gift, she wanted some wireless headphones, these were on a good sale, and we own Pixel phones, so I figured why not?And then I tried them out. And I just had to get myself a pair.The Good:- battery life is solid- sound quality punches well above the class of anything else you could pick up for the price I got them at ($40 on sale)- pairing is dead easy (on Pixel phones)- USB-C charging, unlike many other budget wireless buds- I’ve never lost the connection of one earbud and then had to reset and pair again like I have with other buds- touch controls are good, sensitive but not too sensitive, and work wellThe Meh:- removing one earbud pauses whatever you’re watching or listening to. I wish I could switch that off sometimes. Sometimes, I just want a single earbud in! And having to find a place to put the other earbud that triggers the proximity sensor to let things keep playing can be a bit of a hassleThe Bad: if you order them in different colors, say, for yourself and another person, the cases will look very similar. That’s all!

    7 people found this helpful

  57. Sharon Rosser

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Over ear buds

    I can’t seem to wear earbuds that fit in my ears, can’t seem to find a set that fits. When I saw these on Amazon, I ordered two sets! The case is small, earbuds magnetically sit inside, fast charging, super comfortable fit, and easy to wear. Good noise cancelling and sound.

  58. Beau Sala

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless earbuds ever!

    I have bought dozens of other brands and they always never work or the audio goes in and out. I had no issues with these earbuds at all. And the range of how far you can walk away from your phone was incredible! Definitely worth buying.

    One person found this helpful

  59. daemoncycler

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound great & easy to use.

    So glad that I decided to go ahead & get the Pixel Buds to pair with my Pixel phone. They just work perfectly. I can use “Hey Google” to control features like volume & I even dictated an email using the Google Assistant. After reading reviews for less expensive ear buds, I was concerned about the bass. Not a problem with the Pixel Buds, they sound great! The Bluetooth distance is amazing. I did have a less expensive pair once & the Bluetooth would cut out walking across the room. It seems I can walk all around the house without my phone & the Pixel Buds never cut out. OK, well maybe not all the way around the house, but still very impressive.

    One person found this helpful

  60. MEE

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Value for Pixel Owners

    These buds a re a good value purchase if you have a pixel. I tried the more expensive pro version and while the noice cancelling was nice, they don’t stay in your ear as well and they often stay connected despite being returned to the container. I would stick to the cheaper A series pixel buds.

    One person found this helpful

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