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UREVO Workout Bike Training Bike

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UREVO Indoor Cycling Bike like a real road in your home, using smart technology that allows data and motion control training, become more comfortable. UREVO Indoor Cycling Bike is mature in design, a new generation platform, double beams, increase stability. It features easy micro-adjustments for a great fit, a water bottle holder on the handlebars that also accommodates a phone or tablet, and cycling shoe clips for more efficient pedal strokes.

UREVO Indoor Exercise Bike is your fitness partner. UREVO is an excellent indoor stationary bike for the fitness enthusiast. It has all the crucial features which are required for fitness and health along with a sturdy frame. Additionally, UREVO indoor exercise bike supports a maximum user weight of 118kg or 260lbs.

The indoor stationary bike comes with a belt system, which makes it incredibly quiet. In other words, you can continue your fitness routine at any time without any irritating loud noise disturbing you and the people around you. Furthermore, the indoor bike comes with an inseam height of  Minimum: 32.7″ and Max 39.4″. It has non-slip and adjustable handlebars and a 22lbs or 10kg flywheel.

UREVO indoor exercise bike comes with an LCD monitor display, which allows the users to monitor the real-time progress and the details of the exercise routine or lap. Additionally, Xiaomi UREVO is a smart indoor stationary bike. Furthermore, It can track the calories burnt, total distance, and speed; all these features can be monitored via its incredible integrated LCD monitor.

The indoor exercise bike is excellently comfortable to ride; it has an adjustable seat. The cushion is comfortable for sitting and exercising for an extended period. Furthermore, the indoor stationary bike comes with aluminum alloy cage pedals. It allows more safety and comfort for the users.

The X-Motion II indoor bicycle is controlled by an electronic watch, and frictionless resistance is directly applied to the flywheel. This breakthrough innovation realizes a wealth of functions, a single button screen. UREVO Indoor Cycling Bike can prolong life and prolong the year because indoor bicycle exercises every day can help us exercise. This can naturally help prevent diseases and help everyone’s health. Oversized commercial-scale racetrack frame tubes mean more durability. Pedals accommodate both athletic shoes or cycling shoes for increased pedaling efficiency. Front-end wheels allow for easy portability while stabilizer feet eliminate shaking.

The Screen track your time how much was your speed, duration, distance, calories. This data is then used in the console chip to calculate data, such as calorie consumption and energy consumption (in watts). the console provides 32 resistance section 12 Species pre-set program, a wireless heart rate measurement. a user-defined program and constant power scheme. Furthermore, the final targeted training, comprising A heart rate control program is included.

In addition, the indoor bike has an ergonomic racing seat cushion and a flexible sheet-like base. A stable frame, precise adjustability, and off-road vehicle-style seat cushions. It can be used for a long time indoors with excellent riding comfort bicycle. In addition, the double-sided pedal SPD is compatible with professional cycling sports to replace traditional straps for easy use.


The WATT control program is specially designed for cyclists. It uses intelligent technology to control pedal resistance and input information, and constantly adjusts the resistance every 15 to 30 seconds to keep the user at a certain level of training required. Available goals The range is 10 watts to a very challenging 500 watts!

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