2020 Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi’s subsidiaries Roidmi, Dreame and Jimmy are among the biggest competitors of the British top dog Dyson. The reason: The models offer good performance for comparatively little money. The workmanship and design are also competitive in most cases. Now Xiaomi’s subsidiary Dreame is launching its new top model: We’ll tell you what distinguishes the Dreame V10 from its predecessor.

XIAOMI Dreame V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dreame V8 Household Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 18000Pa Strong Suction 2000mAh Capacity from Xiaomi Youpin – White

The Dreame V9 comes in a typical Xiaomi House style. Using the white/grey color-tones but added a little bit of red to give it an extra dimension. The Battery-powered Cordless Vacuum got a premium look & touch.

Dreame V8 Vacuum Cleaner
Dreame V8 Vacuum Cleaner


– 100AW Suction Power
– 80000 rpm Brushless Motor
– Within 0.3 Seconds; Quickly Start
– 18000Pa Strong Suction
– 45 Minutes Of House Cleaning
– HEPA Filter; Exhaust clean air
– High Density Sponge; Protect the HEPA
– Multiple Cone Cyclone Separation; Pour the dust particles into the dust cup
– Imported Power Lithium Battery Pack, providing 45 minutes of long battery life under standard files, cleaning area of about 285 square meters. Provides 8 minutes of super suction in a powerful position for easy cleaning tasks.

Packaging Includes:

1 x Long Metal Rod1 x Host1 x Rolling Brush1 x Two-in-one Flat Brush1 x Two-in-one Brush1 x Adapter1 x Charging and Storage Two-in-one1 x Electric Anti-mite Brush1 x Manual

  • 18Kpa Strong Suction Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Super Strong Brushless Motor: Ultra-quiet and up to 18Kpa powerful suction. It could easily pick up ground-in dirt, fine dust, and large debris from floors such as hardwood floor or tile floor and short hair carpets. It also performs well on all kinds of stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, etc.
  • Flexible 4-in-1 Cordless Vacuum: Quick transform between multi cleaning tools, can pick up ground-in dirt and fine dust from daily home and car cleaning. Accessories allowing you to clean other narrow places and meet all demands.
  • Five-stages HEPA Filtration: Five-stages HEPA Filtration, traps dust as small as 0.3 microns and 99.99% of allergens. Suction these in the bin without entering the vacuum cleaner motor can also avoid secondary pollution during the next user. The filter is washable and reusable.
  • 45 MINS SUPER LONG RUN TIME: V8 cordless vacuum adopted 2000mAh Detachable Lithium battery, will provide that Up to 45 min’s run time (in normal mode) or 8 min’s run time (in max mode). Two adjustable modes adapt to different environments and ensure thorough cleaning all around.

XIAOMI Dreame V9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Dreame V9 is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner that looks minimally attractive, delivers powerful suction power with long-lasting battery. Tools are versatile enough for cleaning any part of most surfaces, while the total package is lightweight to manoeuvre. Did I mention it sounds incredible, whirring like a sports car with incredible torque? Best of all, it’s considerably more affordable than alternatives for the kind of performance you’ll find here. Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a hassle anymore.

Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner
Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner
  • 🔥20Kpa Super Strong Suction: Dreame V9 cordless vacuum cleaner’s space3.0 digital motor spins up to 100,000rpm per minute. It generates 120AW and 20,000 Pa suction to capture the deep-down dirt or hair thoroughly. Three gears on the back of the vacuum cleaner to choose, I II MAX.
  • 🔥 2500mAh Samsung Battery Pack: 25.2V battery last 60 minutes on energy-saving mode, 28 minutes on standard mode and 9 minutes on the max mode, clean 380 square meters. To charge your vacuum cleaner, just put it on the wall-mounted charging dock and it takes only 3.5 hours once.V9 is equipped with the unique smart 3.0 air cooling system to ensure the battery is durable and strong.
  • 🔥 Multi Applications: 4-in-1 stick vacuum and handheld vacuum, can easily clean all kinds of dirt on various floors, carpet, furniture, stairs, sofa, bedding, window, curtain, cars, etc.
  • 🔥 4 Stages Cyclone Filtration System: Four stages of complete sealing filtration system-metal pre-filter, cyclone separation, high-density sponge, High-efficiency HEPA, filter, and capture 99% of the microscopic dust. Suction these in the bin without entering the vacuum cleaner motor can also avoid secondary pollution during next using time.

XIAOMI Dreame V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi is one of the most versatile companies at the moment. We all know about various Xiaomi products, but what you may not have known is that the brand’s vacuum cleaners are of exceptional quality. If you’ve already been fascinated by the V9 Dreame vacuum cleaner, then you’re going to love the new V10 Xiaomi Dreame. It is designed to give the best performance everywhere and on every surface, adapting perfectly to any nook and cranny, achieving a great capacity to absorb dust and leaving your home much cleaner. Dare to learn about the new features of the Xiaomi Dreame V10 at PowerPlanetOnline!

Dreame V10 Vacuum Cleaner

Super suction power

Of course, one of the features that makes this new Xiaomi Dreame V10 vacuum cleaner stand out is its suction power. It can reach 100,000 revolutions per minute and a wind pressure of 22000Pa, to leave everything clean with very little effort. This is also thanks to the fact that the Dreame V10 includes a new generation engine with turbo, capable of optimizing both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the device.

2500mAh high capacity battery

One of the most important aspects when choosing our new vacuum cleaner is its autonomy. That’s why the Xiaomi Dreame V10 comes with a high-capacity 2500 mAh battery that can give you up to 60 minutes of standard power*, 28 minutes of medium power* and 10 minutes of high power*. Plus, you can conveniently charge it in its 2-in-1 wall mount, saving time and space.

*Running times are subject to certain parameters, such as the amount of dirt or the type of surface.

Cooling system, noise reduction and ergonomic design

While all of the above is fine, Xiaomi knows that what really makes the difference is the small details. For this reason, the Xiaomi Dreame V10 has an autonomous cooling system, called “SmartCool”, which performs its function along with an exhaustive channel, achieving real-time heat dissipation and ensuring the perfect state of operation of both the engine and the battery. In addition, the Xiaomi V10 vacuum cleaner includes a 6-layer cotton composition to reduce noise emissions, as well as a 5-layer filtering mechanism. Finally, I dare say that the perfect ergonomic design of the Dreame V10 will be the key to your decision to buy it, as it will be comfortable to hold with one hand while you do your cleaning tasks.

Adaptable to all homes 

It is also important to note that at Xiaomi they are prepared for anything and adapt their vacuum cleaner to any type of home and surface. Something quite important if it is a cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner since, in general, we will want it to clean also little accessible areas, with curves or very narrow. The Xiaomi Dreame V10 is specially designed so that you can use it in all possible situations, so it has a reduced weight and size, as well as various heads, which allow you to use it on softer or harder surfaces, the top of the wall rollers, the holes of the sofa, etc.

Keep your house clean easily thanks to the new Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V10 at PowerPlanetOnline!

Technical characteristics Xiaomi Dreame V10 – Cordless vacuum cleaner / Bagless:

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: Dreame 10
  • For all types of areas: carpets, wood, ceramics, marble, tiles, textiles, etc.
  • With different heads
  • Motor:
    • Maximum RPM: 100,000 RPM
    • Wind pressure: 22000 Pa
    • Suction power: 140 AW
  • Material: ABS plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • Dust tank capacity: 0.5 L
  • Noise: 73 dB
  • Power: 450 W
  • Nominal voltage: 25.2 V
  • Battery
    • Capacity: 2500 mAh
    • Autonomy time: approximately 1 hour
    • Charging Time: 3.5 hours
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Measures: 60 x 22 x 23 cm.
    • Product weight: 1.5 kg
  • White color
  • Package content
    • 1 x Xiaomi Dreame V10 – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner / Without Bag
    • 1 x head tube
    • 1 x Soft Roller Cleaning Loop
    • 1 x Mite Cleaning Head
    • 1 x 2-in-1 powder brush
    • 1 x 2 in 1 flat head
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Wall Charging Station
    • 1 x user manual (included)

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