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Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

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Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

A better fit for the best immersion. This pack comes with two light blockers and alternate facial interfaces with corresponding silicone cover, for users with low nose bridges and wider or narrower cheekbones. All easily interchangeable and made with the same materials as the standard fit

  • Find the right fit for your face with alternate-sized interfaces to accommodate wider fittings and narrower fittings
  • Use the wide facial interface that has less padding if your headset sits tight around your cheekbones and forehead
  • Use the narrow facial interface with more padding to prevent your headset slipping down your face, or if you want more support around your cheekbones and forehead
  • Increase your immersion and create a clearer, more vibrant visual experience with easy-to-install light blockers
  • Snap in and go. Easy-to-install interfaces, light blockers and silicone covers mean it’s quick and simple to find your favourite setup.Improve headset cleanliness and comfort with easy-to-clean, medical grade silicone interface covers.Enjoy effortless compatibility with official Meta Quest hardware and accessories (sold separately).Premium Meta Quest materials, colours and finish throughout.

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 17.8 x 16 x 10.4 cm; 86.18 Grams

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09BC2W75B

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 301-00427-02

Find the right fit for your face with alternate-sized interfaces to accommodate wider fittings and narrower fittings Use the wide facial interface that has less padding if your headset sits tight around your cheekbones and forehead Use the narrow facial interface with more padding to prevent your headset slipping down your face, or if you want more support around your cheekbones and forehead Increase your immersion and create a clearer, more vibrant visual experience with easy-to-install light blockers Snap in and go.

Easy-to-install interfaces, light blockers and silicone covers mean it’s quick and simple to find your favourite setup.Improve headset cleanliness and comfort with easy-to-clean, medical grade silicone interface covers.Enjoy effortless compatibility with official Meta Quest hardware and accessories (sold separately).Premium Meta Quest materials, colours and finish throughout.

Improve your fit and increase immersion. The Fit Pack includes two light blockers and two alternate-sized facial interfaces with corresponding silicone covers for cleanliness and comfort.

The wide interface uses less foam to allow for a more accommodating fit for wider cheekbones. The narrow interface features thicker foam padding to provide additional structure and support to prevent the headset from slipping down smaller faces.

The snap-in light blockers close gaps around the nose and cheekbones for complete darkness for more vibrant VR visuals. Materials and construction match the quality and comfort of your original Quest 2 interface. Meta Quest packaging will continue to carry the Oculus name and logo during the transition to our new branding.







Language ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

17.8 x 16 x 10.4 cm; 86.18 Grams

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


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20,835 ratings

60 reviews for Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

  1. Luth

    Super confort. Jouer est bien plus facile

    Incomparable. On oublie qu on porte un casque

  2. Jeremy Fuller

    Perfect add-on for extended battery life and comfort.

    I made this purchase because the standard battery life for the Oculus Quest 2 is subpar. I felt like I couldn’t have any extended gaming session without having to plug my headset in and stand near the charger – a completely unintuitive way to play.Installation was very simple. You just unsnap the old head strap from the sides of the Oculus and remove the strap from the loop on top.Additionally, the Elite head strap fits much better on my head and is easier to adjust, thanks to the dial on the rear that you can twist to make it fit perfectly.The extended battery life is great. I wish this was included with the Oculus straight out of the box, but since it isn’t, this is the best purchase for those seeking added battery life and comfort.

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  3. PChe

    Tres bien

    Joli produit, Très pratique . Bonne qualité.

  4. Moi

    La compatibilité du casque versus le choix de la boîte de protection.

    Robuste et pratique.C’est parfait pour le Oculus.Vraiment pas déçu.

  5. Amazon Customer


    Great product

  6. ClumsyHands

    Decided to remove it, but it’s a good strap

    I’ve had this for about 9 months now. I’ve decided to remove this strap. The extra weight makes it really difficult for me to have this on for more than 30 minutes. I originally purchased this so I could stay in gameplay longer as a few times I ran out of battery in the past. But I’ve used my Quest 2 a lot less since attaching this strap and it comes down to the fact the extra weight is too much for me.While I’ve decided this won’t work for me, the strap is great. I love how easy it is to tighten and loosen, lots of extra battery, easy install and seems to be holding up well.

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  7. Brian Boyle

    Just what I wanted

    Just what I needed

  8. Maggie Kaczmarczyk

    amazing product!

    overall 10/10 i would 100% recommend! headset actually fits my head because of how small my head is. came in perfect condition and still working in perfect condition. i love this headstrap!

  9. Mr. William Vegvari

    Great Gear

    I previously purchased the New Zealand version with the tilt head but it was a bit heavy. Purchased this Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap and with the built in battery the weight is now evenly distributed which makes it very comfortable to wear. Plus the additional power makes it great

  10. chad

    A must have

    Works great as intended. I was worried bc people said it’s way to heavy…. Y’all got some weak pencil necks the strap actually balanced the system out perfect. Feels great.

    20 people found this helpful

  11. jorge rodriguez



  12. André Pamplona da Silva

    Almost perfect!

    This case fits the charger, headset, and controllers perfectly! I was pleasantly surprised that this is a hard-shell case! The only thing I don’t like is that the outside material tends to pick up fibers from things which can be annoying, especially if the fibers it picks up are dark.

  13. anas

    ممتازة جدا والصراحة فرق في استعمال الكيلوس بدونها

    ممتازة جدا والصراحة فرق في استعمال الكيلوس بدونها واهم من انها افضل في الثبات واريح انها ببطارية تديني تجربة اطول وما اخاف من الشحن او اي شي

  14. Enrico

    Indispensabile !

    Il prezzo non è il suo forte ma , a mio avviso , è un oggetto indispensabile se si vuole utilizzare il visore per un discreto periodo di tempo , magari in più persone a turno .Non inficia eccessivamente sulla comodità , anzi , probabilmente aumenta il comfort bilanciando il peso del visore , ma questa è solo una mia impressione.

  15. Ann-Catrin

    Nimmt den Druck vom Kopf

    Der Bügel ist super um das Gewicht der Brille besser zu verteilen. Kein Kopfweh und kein Druck mehr im Gesicht. Die Batterie erhöht und verlängert den Spielspaß. Eindeutige Empfehlung!

  16. Michael Crim Elder

    Good case, too pricy though.

    This is a good light weight case, my issue is the price, I can either find one just alike but it can charge the headset for 20 bucks more or find one similar for a cheaper price.

  17. Samurai

    Nice light case fits Quest 2 set well

    I like this carrying case a lot. Only downside is that I replaced my controller batteries with rechargeable batteries as those original batteries were only lasting a few days. so I need to be able to transport the charging station now as well. But I still use the case to transport the head gear and keep it well protected.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Greg Harding

    Great carry case to protect your Quest Gear!

    Spent enough on the Meta quest, thought it would be good to get a case to.protect the gear. This was a great choice everything fits in perfectly, the case is very sturdy and stylish. My 10 yr old has taken it places and returned unharmed when he normally wouldn’t thanks to this case.

  19. HC repairs

    Great for the player in the go

    Is great for all ages easily opens and holds up great to even a 10 year old that takes it everywhere they go

  20. Andrés Mendez

    Buena calidad

    Es de buena calidad y fácil de cargar. Compre todos los accesorios de oculus por separado y no caben fácil. Pero valió la pena la compra

  21. とよ



  22. michelle


    It’s great he kids said it’s so comfortable

  23. Allison H

    Returned due to zipper and size

    If you purchase an off brand elite strap, this case will not work for you. I liked the sleek look and the case itself did look very durable. The zipper however was already sticking after opening and closing just a few times. I believe the zipper was installed to go with the sleek look, but ultimately if we had kept it, I believe the zipper would have been broken quickly. Because of how sleek and almost invisible the zipper is, if the toggle falls off, you would not be able to unzip. It didn’t work for us, but may work for someone else.

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    It was just what we wanted.

    It is the perfect present 🎁 for my son he was happy with it.

  25. FullmoonCat

    Really well made

    This thing is freaking adorable and classy looking. I love the felt texture, the hidden zipper, and the whole look of it. It gives off kind of a futuristic vibe, while still looking classy enough to not be out of place in high end homes.The interior is a bit problematic, however, in that it is specifically designed for the official Oculus accessories, and even then just barely. You’ll find after having an Oculus for only a short period that you will be buying all sorts of accessories for it. New head straps, face padding, chargers, etc. None of that stuff will fit in this case. The case is just large enough for your headset with its original fabric headstrap, the controllers, and the charging cables. Anything more than that, and you have to start getting really creative. I have managed to get it to fit the Elite headstrap and an additional silicone face cover as well as a couple of extra cables for other accessories, but it’s tight.Basically, this looks nice and would be a good travel case for minimal setup, but if you hope to use it as a 100% home storage solution, it’s probably not going to cut it unless you are just a minimalist by nature and also happy with the standard Oculus equipment. I prefer the Kiwi headstrap, which absolutely will not fit in this case. So I really won’t be using it unless I travel with my Oculus, and that is not likely to happen much. I probably would have just saved my money and not gotten this case had I known at the time of purchase which accessories Id want versus which will fit in this case. But I can hardly blame the case for that.

  26. Gregorio Wheeler de Vazquez

    Get it if you keep running out of juice.

    This beautifully designed head strap adds an extra hour or more to your VR time, plus is very nicely balanced and comfortable. I prefer it to any of the several head straps I’ve used, seeking a stable and comfortable fit. Worth the extra bucks and ends the power cord tangling at your feet when use use the wifi link.

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  27. Inquisitive P

    Perfect size for Quest 2 as accessories all in one

    Great quality and looks stylish. Easy to carry the Quest 2 everywhere you go, which is exactly want we wanted.

  28. kimberly lunsman



  29. Mrs. Leeanne K. Mason

    semi useful

    will probably find this useful if I ever travel with my VR but unsure how to fit it all in currently

  30. Charlie

    A must have

    A must have. Even with the battery the strap is a must have. Absolute game changer compared to the original poxy strap the quest comes with.

  31. nyedin

    Oculus Quest 2 carrying hard case

    Awesome case!!!

  32. Boboi

    An improvement with some caveats.

    The headset now clamps the front and back of your head. The top strap has a lesser role, but do try and distribute some weight its way by tightening it to the point where it just starts to exert a light force on the top of your head. The back rest is tiltable so if you feel it isn’t quite cupping your head as it should then play around.All this is adding to the weight, but for most heads it’s bearable. And it balances out the front-heavy Quest 2 so that’s all fine.If you carry the headset around then you will need a bigger case, as this thing ain’t foldable.

  33. Faisal

    Great quality

    Super beautiful quality and design. Love it and it fits all perfectly

  34. Monphen Toungsetwut

    Damage packaging, resell returned item, good case for oculus 2.

    The case is good fit perfectly with oculus 2 but it seems like I got an item that returned by someone. The wrapping packages was ripped. So far I haven’t see any damage, so I will keep it. I don’t want to wait one more week to get my replacement.

  35. Raphael L.

    Buy this one over any other brand.

    Great product the best carrying case.

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  36. marouane

    As described a little bit small

    Its sturdy and elegant with good finishing fits the head set but for kiwi head set you have to disassemble the back pad

    One person found this helpful

  37. Soroush

    Good quality

    Good quality and design.

  38. Salman Tahir

    Very comfortable!

    My VR experience has become that much more enjoyable with this strap. Fits really nice around the back of the head, light on the head, alot of adjustability, sets you up well for an immersive experience

  39. Brendan T.

    A quantum leap in design and comfort

    Having re-awakened our Oculus-2 from a 2-year slumber, inspired by ClayHunt VR (my wife and I are clay shooters with attentions drawn to this excellent simulator), I realised a need for extended battery life for serious home practice. So, I swallowed the cost and purchased this Elite strap for periods of extended use, in comfort. I am so glad I did, and gratified with my purchase choice.First, given the numerous enquirers, I can confirm that the headset equipped with Elite headband does not fit in the original box. However, happy to confirm successful resolution by simply keeping it in a bigger box.The weight of the rear battery, and head-hugging rubberised cup replacing a taught elastic strap, do wonders for comfort. This is important to eliminate distractions from growing discomfort over extended periods of operation – not to mention unabated enjoyment of TV shows, movies, and games.The one quirk I discovered was that, with the rear battery and headset connected, with Oculus battery reporting 99% charge and strap battery 55% charge, the Oculus charging LED did not respond at-all to the connected charger. Furthermore, no LED on the strap to indicate charging. The only way I found to get the Oculus to show charging operation, with the Oculus fully powered down, was to disconnect and reconnect the battery link cable to the Oculus, which only then proceeded to indicate charging status of the combined batteries.That said, given the exhorbitant price, a disappointing but minor gripe largely offset by the added comfort afforded by the Elite strap and extra battery life, with the added bonus that the 3D image actually appears considerably clearer as the headset rests squarer to the face and eyes.Finally, if even greater battery life were required, I see no reason why the USB-C charging connector on the strap (conveniently at the rear and distanced frim the head) could not be connected to a more conventional 5V power pack offering port charging current in excess of 2A – largely because the charger that’s bundled with the Oculus-2 is nothing more than a 5V/2A mains adapter. I would however expressly avoid any charging source that is PD/QC (“Power Delivery/Quick Charge”) compliant, as such sources are able to negotiate and deliver higher voltages by design, which could destroy the internal Oculus charging regulator should an error/fault occur.In-all a very worthy addition to the Oculus-2/Meta-Quest headset, and (price notwithstanding) a product I can warmly recommend.

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  40. Leander

    Mehr Akku vorhanden als notwendig.

    Das Teil ist überraschend bequem und das zusätzliche Gewicht stört nicht ist eher angenehm, da es jetzt gleichmäßig über dem Kopf verteilt ist.Es ist einfacher zu montieren als ich erwartet habe.Der zusätzliche Akku lässt sich über seperat laden, lädt aber gleichzeitig auch die Brille auf wenn sie noch nicht geladen ist. Der Akku muss aber dann abgesteckt werden damit nur noch der Akku geladen werden kann.Eine für mich durchschnittliche Reise in die VR ist nun mit dem Akku möglich ohne von einem leeren Akku herausgerissen zu werden.Der hohe Preis ist vielleicht bisschen zu hoch, denn man hätte die Quest auch einfach gleich damit liefern können. Empfehle ich dennoch, denn ohne dem ist die Quest eher unbrauchbar.

  41. SHIMA


    良い点本体単体だとどうしてもバッテリーの減りが2時間半程しか持たないので長時間プレーしたい人には必需品です!メーカー純正オプション品なのでゴムバンドから交換したらカッコいいし違和感が全く無い!最初からこのデザインに出来なかったのかと思う!本体単体だと重い分、顔面に圧迫感があったので購入しました!バッテリー付きの分前後バランスが取れてて圧迫感も減少したし眼鏡を使う人には向いてるかと思いました最初に眼鏡を掛けたまま本体に装着分を当ててから後頭部の方を下げてダイヤルをカチカチ回して装着すると楽チンです!後頭部にホールドするためのラバー?ゴム?製の受けが有るので確り固定できて安定しました!本体と一緒に買っておいて良かったと本当に思いました( ̄ー ̄)b初回生産分は製造中の問題で割れるなどの初期不良があったらしいですが後からの生産分は改善されたらしいです!もし壊れた時にはメーカー保証が2年あるので安心です悪い点16000円とチョッと高い気がする!!本体が値上げして(256GB)74400円になったんだから値段そのままセットで販売してほしかった!

  42. Vladimir Daunis

    Produto de ótima qualidade!

    Produto original Meta para Oculus Quest 2.Qualidade de material e acabamento excelentes.Se pudesse daria mais estrelas.

  43. damoon1

    Eigentlich eine Frechheit

    Wollte die Quest schon zurückgeben.Ist am Kopf rumgerutscht, fürchterlich zum aufsetzten mit Brille und immer wieder verschwommen.Dann dachte ich, versuche es mit dem Elite Riemen.Auf einmal, alles Perfekt.Sitzt PerfektVerrutscht nichtIst leicht aufzusetzenDie Frechheit ist , das die Brille nicht von werk aus damit ausgeliefert wird.Man kann ja mit dem Akku noch Geld machen.Also 5 Sterne für den Elite Gurt und 1 Stern für Mark Zuckerberg.

    2 people found this helpful

  44. Masa Shaheen


    AH-MA-ZING! Perfect quality. It actually really protects my quest bcz it’s hard but lightweight. Dunno how.. but highly recommend it

  45. show



  46. Jake

    Great quality but over priced

    Does the job, came with a wide and narrow. Fitting the right size definitely improves your experience wearing the headset. But at nearly £60 it’s quite expensive for something that should really be included with the Meta Quest.Also comes with silicone covers for both which is great! Over all would recommend if your headset isn’t quit fitting right.

  47. アンデュウ



  48. James Simpson

    Gotta have a case

    Fits everything, oculus, controllers, battery pack, and a wire with a plug. I wouldn’t trust an expensive system just laying around so it was a no brainer

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  49. Gabriela Gominho

    Great and sturdy!

    I was worried about bringing my VR overseas with me. We all know how they treat checked luggage. I bought this and was very pleased. It’s super sturdy and actually has space for more accessories in it. I’ve had it for 2 years, looks just the same and still like new.

  50. peter halse

    Protecting what’s important, and look good doing it.

    As a new reviewer I would like to compound my reviews with pros and cons. All reviews are my own and will have additional information if a product stands out. I encourage feedback, personal reviewing for others and word of mouth for products you wish to support.Pros:- Rigidity, probably the most important thing about a protective carry/travel case. Outstanding quality with no obvious compromises. Absolutely a must have to protect your Meta quest 2.- function, is something many people forget to consider when making a purchase, and this absolutely cannot be understated, the product does exactly what it’s meant too, and leaves no worry in my mind that it wouldn’t do exactly what I paid for.- storage, a quick and easy one, every part has a perfect slot designed around space and protection, and seems to aim to have the product be as light weight as possible, not a single issue when trying to store all my accessories with the headset in the same case.- Price, many would probably disagree because there is always going to be cheaper options for a case like this one. There is such a strong argument as to why you should always pay the right price for quality when your trying to protect a very expensive and fragile item that you have invested a lot of money intoCons:- colour variety would be an amazing step forward for this product as so many people take pride in certain cosmetic looks and having that flexibility will bring in more buyers overall in my opinion.- flexibility being able to adjust the inserts in small or specific ways to create space for certain shaped accessories would just be a quality of life con for this item.Overall:Even with a higher price point, you really are getting what you paid for, all the issue you would purchase an item like this to solve, this protective case seems to cover. Quality and utility are how you can sum up a product like this, would recommend to any owners of a Meta quest 2 headset.I want to thank you all for reading over my review, I have only recently began starting detailed and extensive reviews on products so I can continue one day to do reviewing full-time. I wish to always review honestly and accurately as possible to help other. Please let me know if the reviews have been helpful and encourage other towards products you think deserve the word of mouth.

  51. Tim Wilson

    Great product

    Great product! Good quality. Must order if you have a quest 2

  52. lamar wingard

    Worth it

    Added battery life worth the money

  53. Mr W.

    Incompatible avec certaine sangle

    Fonctionne comme il faut (c’est un etui quoi) , seul problème est incompatible avec les sangle des autres marques , j ai une sangle kiwi (c est littéralement la même sangle que chez occulus/meta) et du coups c est trop juste pour l étui un ne peut zipper la tirette de celui-ci que de moities après sa force trop,du coups je le précise car c est un peut embêtant, je ne sais pas si on peut le rangé du coups avec la sangle élite de sa marque a lui, mais sinon le casque est a l abri de tout choque, très bonne coque.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. Moma

    Great strap

    Much better than default strap that comes with meta. Very comfortable fits all sizes. And doesn’t hit thebhead

  55. Roberto CORBA

    Come da aspettative!

    Tutto come in negozio ma risparmiando!

  56. Liltiger


    Worked as expected. Awesome

  57. Lindsay Carter

    Perfect Case! Everything fits well!

    This is a great case and a perfect gift for any oculus user! Would highly recommend.

  58. Eddie

    Good but has flaws

    Good case if you don’t plan to upgrade to knuckle straps (unless you find some that are the exact dimensions of the basic controllers) and/or upgrade to an elite strap (both are basically required). Case is minimal, which means no lid pocket (that’s unfortunate for someone carrying steam cable and other items; the case is basically for the head gear and controllers). This may sound like I don’t like the case, but I do. Only pointing out the negatives.

    5 people found this helpful

  59. Mrs. Leeanne K. Mason

    worth every cent

    this makes the VR so much more comfortable to wear.

  60. Kim S


    Fits nice, battery lasts longer.

    2 people found this helpful

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