DEERMA Household Appliances from Malaysia is now available in Dubai, UAE

Deerma is quite a reliable brand when it comes to electrical products such as a humidifier, vacuum cleaners, hanging ironing machine, and a slew of other home furnishing life appliances.

Deerma is an innovative electrical appliance brand that is dedicated to designing, production, and sales of household appliances. Since its establishment in 2011, Deerma has been highly recognized and loved by consumers. Its strong research – production-sales power enables it to win the “iF Product Design Award” and “AWE Award”, and enter the shortlist of China’s “Top 100 Online Brands” and “Popular Online Household Appliances”.

Our featured products, including humidifier and stick vacuum cleaner, have grown to be the benchmark of this industry. Today our product line has expanded to kitchen appliances and beauty appliances, etc. In June 2018, Deerma received USD 70 million investment from CITIC PE.

Available Deerma Products in Dubai

This round of fundraising allowed Deerma to speed up its steps in brand marketing, product R&D and international development, and increase input in product R&D and building. With “good design, high quality and favorable price” in mind, Deerma will always provide customers with high-quality household appliances and contribute its share in improving users’ lives.


The year 2011
Deeram Founded – The year 2014
Business Raising Up – The year 2016
Commercial Expansion – The year 2017
Lead to the World

Provide customers with more innovative household appliances featured by “good design + high quality + favorable price” With“good design, high quality, and favorable price” in mind, Deerma provides customers with elegant, high-performance and high value-added products that are well designed in terms of the appearance, functions, quality, and applications, striving to meet users’ demand for a better life.

Deerma will continue to improve its product landscape and competitiveness by remaining committed to providing customers with compact and intelligent devices in the long future. This year, Deerma intends to build several star products in humidifier, vacuum cleaner, and innovative household appliances area.


  • Right for Your Need
  • Remarkable design precisely combines feature and form
  • Beauty is about the order.
  • Good design must be precise, no more and no less, displaying a perfect combination of feature and form.
  • When designing an item, it’s not just about a nice looking, touch, smell, sound, and users’ behaviors must be included in the consideration.
  • Only a “just right” design can ultimately persuade our users. Excellent product exceeds users’ expectations by living up to the right standard good product is not only a solution to practical problems, but it also embraces users’ emotions, preferences, usage occasions, etc.
  • We create a lifestyle that users expect more than just products. Our user-oriented design concept leaves no room for “close enough” products. We carefully study users’ behaviors to develop new products.
  • Only the right products stand a chance exceeding users’ expectations. High quality fulfills more users’ dreams with reasonable price making design an essential part of people’s life has always been Deerma’s brand idea.
  • Such essentials must be high-quality, indispensable, and reasonably priced. For this reason, Deerma chooses the independent path of research-production-sales and applies strict standards to reduce unnecessary steps before products are delivered to the final users. This lowers the costs incurred by Deerma and provides users with better-controlled and higher cost-effective products.

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