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Xiaomi PETKIT Automatic Dispenser Smart Feeder

Xiaomi Mi Petkit Smart Feeder
Bowl Cat Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Machine
Pet Supplies App Control Remote For Cats Dogs

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Xiaomi Mi Petkit Smart Feeder
Bowl Cat Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Machine
Pet Supplies App Control Remote For Cats Dogs

Note: This product is from Xiaomi eco-system brand-Petkit, there is no Xiaomi Logo on the products, please note it.

  1. Name — Petkit intelligent planetary feeder
  2. material — 304 stainless steel, ABS
  3. size — 3L–337*223*286 mm
  4. Weight — 3L-2.8 kg
  5. Wireless connection — Wi-Fi connection rated
  6. voltage — 6VDC
  7. battery capacity — 2600mAh
  8. scope of application — cat, small and medium-sized dogs









I. Does the device have any response after connecting the power supply?

The device has a built-in lithium battery. When the lithium battery runs out of power, the device will charge the lithium battery first and wait patiently for more than ten minutes to return to normal.

II. How to shut down when not in use for a long time?

The device has built-in lithium battery. When you do not need to use the device for a long time, you need to actively shut down. Press and hold the bowl reset button and the manual feeding button for 5 seconds at the same time, and release your hands after hearing the voice prompt. When you use the device again, the device will automatically turn on as long as you plug in the power adapter.

III. How to maintain the built-in lithium battery?

It is not recommended to use lithium battery for power supply alone; When the lithium battery is about to run out of power, please charge it as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the service life of the lithium battery; If the machine is idle for half a year, make sure to charge the battery once.

IV. How to use the bowl reset key?

Click the bowl reset key to clear the weight of the bowl. Generally, the cleaning Bowl needs to be operated after being put back.

V. Reset key:

Use SIM card needle to click the Reset key and press it for about 10 seconds to restart.

VI. Problems of steel bowls:

1. Color mottle appears in the product (explanation: the product is coated with agalite powder for protection before leaving the factory. If it is not properly cleaned before use, Black substances and yellowing may occur in subsequent use.Solution: Use warm water, detergent, white vinegar and soft cleaning cloth or scouring pad for internal and external cleaning);

2. Embroidery stitch of the product appears (if the surface of the product is not properly cleaned, or there is food residue, under the condition of long-term water contact, the surface is easy to form embroidery stitch phenomenon. Solution: Before and after use, please clean it. If it is not used for a long time, it should be dried and stored in a cool and dry place)

3. Magnetic problem (Explanation: 304# stainless steel, itself without magnetism, however, in the manufacturing process, due to technological needs, physical magnetism [weak magnetism] will be generated in the stretching stage, especially in the position with high tensile strength, which is a normal phenomenon)





Item Type









3L, 5L

Time to market

November 2020


Dog and cat

Is it detachable





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