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70mai Rear Cam RC09 for A400 DashCam

70mai Rear Cam RC09 for A400 dashcam
(only can work for A400 dashcam)

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(only can work for A400 dash cam)

This is Rear camera for A400 Dash cam


Xiaomi 70mai RC09, car rear camera compatible with Dash Cam 70mai A400
1080p FHD resolution – 140º viewing angle – Night vision – IP67 waterproofing

Increase your safety behind the wheel with the 70mai RC09 rear camera from the Xiaomi ecosystem. Pair it with your 70mai A400 dashcam to get dual-channel recordings and provide full coverage of your vehicle.

Read on to discover it! We tell you all about it here, at PowerPlanetOnline.

FHD Camera with 140º FOV and Night Vision
As we have already mentioned, the Xiaomi 70mai RC09 is a camera to be placed on the rear of the vehicle, giving you another range of vision with a wider angle (140º to be exact) to eliminate dead zones that are not covered by ordinary rearview mirrors. This camera is capable of recording in 1080P FHD resolution, and features Night Vision to catch the light so that all images are perfectly illuminated, clear and sharp – even at night! Plus, so you can use it in all places and weather conditions, the Xiaomi 70mai RC06 has an IP67* certification level, which protects it from water and prevents rain from stopping you in your tracks.

*The IP67 standard is established based on tests conducted in a laboratory and in a controlled environment, with immersion in fresh water at room temperature for a specified time. We recommend not immersing the device in saltwater, chlorinated water, hot water and/or other liquids that may be corrosive or affect its water tightness. For proper maintenance, if the device comes into contact with these products, clean it immediately with fresh water.

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RC09 rear camera


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