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Xiaomi Mijia Thermos Kettle Vacuum

2023 NEW
XIAOMI Mijia Thermos Kettle
Vacuum Insulated Bottle
for Hot/Cold Drinks
1.8L 60oz Coffee Carafe
Hot Water Tea Dispenser

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2023 NEW XIAOMI Mijia Thermos Kettle
Vacuum Insulated Bottle for Hot/Cold Drinks

1.8L 60oz Coffee Carafe Hot Water Tea Dispenser

Main features of the XIAOMI MIJIA New Thermal Kettle:

– Won the 2023 German iF Product Design Award

– Anti-backflow leak-proof spout for convenient use

– Multiple layers Vacuum Insulation technology keeps your drinks hot and cold as you want

– 1.8L large capacity beverage dispenser great for cafes, sports games, meetings, etc

– Perfect for hot and cold drinks, long-term heat preservation and cold locking

– Large diameter opening, easy to fill beverage and ice and easy to clean

– 316L stainless steel liner safe food grade

– Double pressure relief design keep your safe use

1.8L 60oz large capacity

The practical 1.8L large-capacity inner tank design allows you to enjoy healthy drinks, nourish your body and mind all day long, and refill your cup. Great for meetings, cafes, sports games, etc.

Long-term thermal insulation and cold locking

The temperature can still reach 75℃ after 6 hours of insulation.

After 6 hours of keeping cold, the temperature can still reach as low as 9℃.

Powerful thermal insulation and cold locking.

Multi-layer temperature lock design by the lab-tested vacuum insulation technology, effectively reduces heat loss.

Just pinch and lift to open and close easily

The grooved design of the cap allows you to open the cover with two fingers, making it easy and convenient to prevent accidental touches, adding a flexible sense of ritual to your fresh drinking life.

316L stainless steel inner tank protects the health of your family.

The inner tank is made of 316L stainless steel, which is high temperature resistant and more stable. Drinking with peace of mind. The inner wall is electrolytically processed, making it as smooth as new and easier to clean.

Turn on with one click

The humanized lever-type water outlet structure allows water to flow out smoothly with one press of one hand, making it easy and labor-saving. Excellent sealing performance, no water leakage when turned upside down, protecting the safety of your family

Anti-splash spout keeps the desktop clean.

The beak-shaped streamlined spout design cuts off the water after it comes out, making it even and neat, effectively preventing splashing, hanging on the wall, backflow, etc. Keep the pot body and tabletop fresh and clean

Double pressure relief design, double guarantee the safety of water outlet and lid opening.

Opening the lid and pouring water will open the pressure relief valve to quickly eliminate the negative pressure in the pot and prevent hot water from splashing. Make every effort to protect the safety of the water discharge and lid opening processes.

The large diameter opening makes it easy to fill with water and clean.

It adopts a 71mm large-diameter spout design for smooth water filling and easy cleaning.

Basic Parameters

Product name: Mijia thermos kettle

Product model: MJBWHO1PL

Material: polypropylene (propylene homopolymer) PP

Silicone Rubber

S30408 austenitic stainless steel (shell)

S31603 austenitic stainless steel (inner tank)

Product size: 117x171x265mm

Insulation efficiency: above 75C (6 hours)

Cooling efficiency: below 9C (6 hours)

Capacity: 1.8L

Product net weight: about 920g


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6 reviews for Xiaomi Mijia Thermos Kettle Vacuum

  1. Samirah Hood

    Excellent durability in manufacturing and quality has been tested with hot Mai continued to maintain heat 24 hours

  2. Takako Ream

    Everything works fine.
    It’s a good seller who keeps his promises well.

  3. Diedra Spath

    No-fault product that preserves heat for more than 12 hours

  4. Lisabeth Brennen

    Heavy Shui

  5. Shante Dezern

    Beautiful new and beautiful.

  6. Rudolf Kirsch

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