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70mai A800S 4K Dashcam + Rear Camera

70mai A800S 4K DashCam
3840X2160 Resolution
4K Dash Camera Support GPS
Rear Camera Dual Vision, WiFi
A800 upgrade version

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SKU:70mai A800S 4K Dash Cam

70mai A800S 4K Dash Cam
3840X2160 Resolution 4K Dash Camera Support GPS
Rear Camera Dual Vision, WiFi, A800 upgrade version

70mai A800S dashcam

A800S is a new version for A800, also supports the RC06 rear camera. What’s more, can support the Polish and 5G wifi.

About SD card

The memory card may become damaged or deteriorated after repeated cycles of overwriting, and this may affect its ability to save video and image files.

lf this occurs, immediately replace it with a new memory card.

*HIGH-ENDURANCE UHS-I (U3) 64GB SD Card, max up to 100MB/s read, 45MB/s write.

About the built-in Battery

A800s Dash cam has a built-in battery. It is only used to supply power for final video storage when the device is turned off. Please do not use the Dash Cam without an external power supply or disassemble the built-in battery by yourself.

Dual-Vision of Front & Rear Camera

Equipped with RC06 rear camera, the A800S can achieve dual-vision recording which allows you to capture both the road ahead of you and behind, adding another pair of eyes on the road so you can drive without fear. Install the rear camera easily without connecting cables or plugging in ports.

Note:Front Cam cable length:3.5M,Rear Cam HDMI cable length: 5.5M

Up to 4K Resolution with 140°FOV

Built around a powerful Sony IMX 415 CMOS image sensor, the A800S dash cam records 4K UHD videos with a wide-angle 140° FOV. Combined the optional rear cam*, every important detail in the front or rear of the vehicle can be recorded clearly to provide irrefutable video evidence or capture the landscape along your journey with cinema-quality video.


*In front-vision recording mode, the max resolution is 3840*2160. In dual-vision recording mode, the max resolution for front and rear view will be 3840*2160 and 1920*1080 respectively.(please update firmware for best performance)

Outstanding Image Quality

The A800S uses 7 pieces of high quality glasses with F1.8 Aperture and Sony IMX415 Sensor that process frames faster to deliver a more clear and vivid image.

Super Night Vision with 3D DNR

The A800S achieves stunning video and vivid, clear images even in low-light conditions using a 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) tech, F/1.8 aperture lens and a smart algorithm that significantly reduces image noise and automatically adjusts the exposure balance. The result is enhanced night vision with greater details.

The Advanced Driving-Assistance System (ADAS)

The Advanced Driving-Assistance System (ADAS) detects your surroundings and has real-time voice alerts to warn you of safety problems. The Lane-departure Warning System will alert you when the car starts drifting from your own lane by monitoring lane marks on the road. The Forward-Collision Warning system can recognize and monitor vehicles ahead of you, calculating their speed and the space between your cars to prevent forward collisions during driving.

GPS Built-In

A GPS built-in dash cam processes the data more efficient and faster. It acts as an accurate trip computer and can be viewed in 70mai app. The data includes: mileage, range, average speed, max speed, duration, etc. It’s great for long trips to track the exact location of an accident if one should occur.

24-Hour Parking Surveillance

Keep monitoring when you are away. The built-in G-sensor can automatically detect sudden shakes or collisions and will start recording so that you can capture any incident while parked. You will get a notification to check your event recordings in 70mai app if an incident happens.(No motion sensor)

*Since firmware v1.0.6 you need to install 70mai hardware kit.

In-app Control & Footage Sharing

Connect the 70mai APP with the dash cam’s own WiFi, you can set and control the camera within the app as well as manage, download and share your footage.


Sharing is not a problem anymore with 70mai A800S. Share the footage to your insurance provider right after having an incident. Share your photos or videos to social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, VK, etc. Save your memories of anywhere you go and anything you see in the trip.

Loop Recording

The A800S uses loop recording to continuously overwrite older footage so you don’t need a new card once the card fills to capacity. You can check and download recorded videos in the 70mai APP.


Common Questions:


Question 1:70mai Hardware Kit: Where can I find English User manual and how to install the hardware kit?

We have a 70mai hardware kit installation video to help all 70mai users to install the 70mai hardware kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/bj1pymYvLuw

You can check the English Hardware Kit User Manual with this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUhTNvdcAGvTInwL6d6hU3SkjVyZjhs5/view?usp=sharing

APP Questions:

Question 1: How to receive the verification code?

1. Some emails can not receive the verification code immediately because of the server delay. The verification code should be received in 30 minutes.

2. You can use another email or use Facebook to log in directly if the sign-up verification code takes too long to receive.

Hardware Questions:

Question 1: How to solve the automatically restart problem

The majority of the automatically restart problem is caused by the power supply or Micro SD card, please try the solution step by step:

1. Move your A800S to your house and use another charging cable to connect the power resource.

2. Please use another Micro SD card if step 1 doesn’t work

3. Please take a short video and share the link to us if the step1&2 don’t work. So as we can help you solve this problem.

Question 2: How to choose a good Micro SD card for the 70mai Dash Cam A800S?

The 4K resolution needs a high standard Micro SD card, which needs a U1&Class 10 standard memory card. Please make sure that your Micro SD card has U1 and Class 10 logo.

Question 3: Can I activate parking surveillance mode without 70mai Hardware Kit?

No, the Parking Surveillance Mode can only be activated by installing the 70mai Hardware Kit.


Firmware Questions:

Question 1: How to upgrade the firmware?

Here is the upgrading path in 70mai APP: Download 70mai APP—Enable A800S hotpot and connect your cellphone the device—— Tap the app top-left icon—- Choose My device——Download the latest firmware—-Reconnect your cellphone and push the firmware to the A800S—-Connect the power resource and wait until the update succeeded

Question 2: Does the A800S support voice control?

No, the Dash Cam A800S doesn’t support voice control.

Question 3: How do I switch it from km/h to MPH?

The Dash Cam A800S doesn’t have this option yet, but we will add this option to the setting list in the next firmware version, you can upgrade your firmware to the latest version to use MPH at that time.

Question 4: How to activate parking surveillance mode?

The parking surveillance mode can only be activated by installing the 70mai hardware kit. You will be able to enable the parking surveillance mode in video settings list after installing the hardware kit.

About after-service and warranty

All 70mai products are Original from 70mai.

No reason to return goods within 15 days.

And we supply 1-year warranty.

Any problem, please contact our service for help firstly, if you like our products, just share our store and leave 5-star good feedback.

Color Name

BLACK, Red, Green, Blue

Imaging Sensor


Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

Battery Life




Ships From

China, Poland, Russian Federation

Original Package


Item Type


Number Of Lenses


Camera Resolution


GPS logger


View angle



Built-in rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion Battery

OSD Language


Video Format


Sd Card Memory

8G, 16G

Brand Name




Chipset Manufacturer


Frames Per Second


Assembly Mode

Portable Recorder



Special Features

Wifi Function

product name 2

70mai a800S 4k dash cam

Touch Screen



F1.8, FOV 140 Degree Wide Angle, 7 Glasses

Video Resolution

3840X2160 (front cam)

Product Size


Screen Ratio


GPS Module

GPS Built-in

working temperature


LCD display size


LCD display Resolution


A800S power cable length


New languages

Polish and Thailand need to update firmware

Product name

a800s 4k camera

motion sensor

No. The collision is recognized by G-sensor

Front Cam cable length


Display Size


Rear Camera



Micro SD/TF



Max External Memory


Video Code


Image Sensor


Rear Cam cable length



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