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Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Lydsto R1
Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner
5200 MAh Battery
Smart Station Innovation
Intelligence Robot Auto
Vacuum Cleaner 200ml Dust Tank

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Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
with Smart Station Innovation & Intelligence Robot Auto
5200 MAh Vacuum Cleaner 200ml Dust Tank


Intelligent sweep & mop integrated robot

Super convenience / Totally-Enclosed Dust Collection

Independent Lydsto R1 sweep & mop integrated robot of automatic emptying With AD2.5 dust collection technology,it has completely enclosed dust collection and keeps hands clean without dust emission,which cares about your hand cleanliness and respiratory health

Automatic and dust-free seal Dust auto alarm

Intelligent Monthly Disposable Zero Contact With Dirt Monthly disposable dust bag of 3L capacity

Overall Planning Of Arched Path

Dual-core Quanzhi processor MR112 of powerful computing ability can quickly take and process sensor information, cooperate with advanced Lysmart V5 autonomous positioning and navigation integration algorithm, map in milliseconds, with a mapping speed of more than 20% higher than that of mainstream products, and build maps in real time and plan a reasonable arch-shaped cleaning path to achieve efficient cleaning.

LDS All-Round Obstacle Crossing

LDS2.0 high-precision radar laser sensor, accurate mapping navigation, an omnidirectional survey of obstacles and steps, and timely adjustment of direction.

Sweep At The Breakpoint Without Getting Lost

Lysmart V5 algorithm: when the robot has any abnormality such as external force, it can continue to find the breakpoint position and continue to sweep, so as to ensure the integrity of cleaning, without bumping or omission

Great cleanliness / Witness The Cleaning Storm, 2,700Pa Surging Suction

To make the floor and carpet as clean as the new The unit body is equipped with a highly intelligent digital brushless motor at the speed of up to 17,000 rpm/min, high performance and strong power; Four suction options are available, with air duct dust collection design, so that fine dust, debris, hair and dust accumulated in floor gaps are all collected in the dust box.

250ml Electric Control Water Tank

The Water Output Can Be Adjusted At Will Intelligent electric control water tank starts alarm prompt when there is no water, and it provides three grades of water output options, and is equipped with disposable mop cloth, so as to clean different stains.

Carpet Identification Pressurized Shut-Off Tank

No Disturbance With Low-Noise Operation

R1 adopts high-quality silencing cotton for noise reduction of whole machine, and 100% polyester fiber is hot pressed by high technology and made of cocoon cotton shape. The noise absorption coefficient reaches 0.94 in the noise range of 125-4.000HZ. Under the surging suction of 2,700Pa, you don’t need to worry about more noise.

Customized Cleaning In The Area, Freedom From Worry

Support regional customization cleaning function, divide different rooms and name them, and customize working sequence, suction, water volume and cleaning times. Partition editing Merge or split area Division & global cleaning Specify times as needed Sweep wherever you want Deep cleaning Draw a virtual wall Set a restricted area Inteligent timing Sweep at 10 o’clock every day Edge-following cleaning iminate comer dirt

Intelligent Multi-Map Memory

R1 robot can memorize multiple maps at the same time,which means that mufti-floor maps can be saved on this application without re-mapping. This is very friendly for the house more than one floor, so you don’t need to worry that the robot will delete the map cxi the first floor when it deans the second floor.

On-Demand Charging , Improve Cleaning Efficiency

In case of insufficient power during cleaning, R1 will calculate the required power consumption to clean the remaining area and automatic recharge, and then return to the breakpoint to continue cleaning after replenishment.

Sliding dust bag / Automatic seal 20mm-height obstacle crossing / Easy to cross obstacles Intelligent anti-falling / 8 cm-length anti-falling retreat Haipa filter / PETE filter of high efficiency and no dust

Sweeping and mopping robot *1 Dust collection charging pile *1 Dust bag *7 Manual *1 Disposable mop cloth *30 Getting started Mop cloth Mop cloth support


White, Black

Battery Life

1 hour and 30 minutes

Brand Name






Power (W)


Voltage (V)



Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Dust Storage Type

Fabric Dust Bag



Bag Or Bagless

With Bag

Timing Reservation




Remote Control


Special Suction Nozzle

Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush

Filter Type


Turbo Brush


Cord Length (m)


Cleaning Route

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