Roborock S5 Max Accessories & Replacement Parts

Roborock S5 Max Accessories & Replacement Parts in Dubai


• Compatibility: These replacement parts are compatible with Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 robots and include two pieces of main nozzles, three side brushes, three filter screens, two pieces of wipes, six pieces of filter cores and two pieces of cleaning tools.

• Main Brush and Side Brush: The V-shaped main brush rotates at a high speed of 1350 rpm and effectively pushes the dust into the dust box in the gap of the floor tiles and edges of the carpet. And the side brushes keep the wall edge and wall corner clean. The body of them is made of ABS and the thermoplastic East. The bristles are made of wear-resistant nylon bundle, which does not strain the ground and produces excessive noise.

• Wipers and Filter Core: These replacement parts for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 are equipped with 2 microfiber mops and 6 filter cores. With those, you can replace the dirty wipes and filter cores for mop under robotic vacuum cleaner.

• Dustbox filter screen: The filter uses Class E11 filter material to efficiently filter dust and prevent dust from entering the machine and blocking the machine. The filter screens could not be washed to extend service life. The dust box can be removed and cleaned.

• Easily replaceable: Due to the wide compatibility, these spare parts are easily removable and you can quickly replace and install this accessory for vacuum cleaner robots. In addition, there are two small cleaning aids, with which you can easily remove the dust or hair from the brush.

 * Fit Model: For Xiaomi Roborock s50 s51 s52 s55 roborock 2 Vacuum Cleaner 2.
* Color: picture color
* Material: plastic

HEPA filters mop cloths water tank filter side brushes main brush caster wheel  for Xiaomi vacuum parts Roborock s50 s51

*The HEPA filter is washable  The side brush is nylon bristle material, not silicone material. The main brush is not terminals removable design, not like S6 series.  ​
Compatibility: S50 S51 S55 S5  S6 S60 S65 Mijia Robot 1S  Xiaowa E20 E25 E35 ( For S5 S55 E25 E35 series we suggest you purchase our bundle No.5 which includes black version side brush ) 

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