Dreame F9 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Know Main Specification and Pricing in Dubai UAE

Dreame F9 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dreame F9 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the most powerful model you’ll find right now. With one of the most interesting processors you will find, with a spectacular control, one of the biggest tanks in the world and with all our advantages.

Dreame, the Xiaomi subsidiary, has shone up to now with its cordless vacuum cleaners and is now launching the first suction robot. We present the Dreame F9.

The optical and technical similarity to the Mi Robot 1C can hardly be denied. Here Dreame definitely got help from the parent company. First I thought of a different hardcover with two other buttons on top, but the two robots have some differences. There is no question of construction equality here. Even though the optical sensor (black lens) definitely suggests this.

A suction robot without LDS (laser distance sensor) has the advantage of being able to be built flat. So the Dreame F9 with a low height of only 8.0 cm. This means that it can be placed under considerably more pieces of furniture than LDS models, which are usually around 10 cm high. The disadvantage: Navigation via laser space measurement is much more precise than other navigation methods.

The highest quality of use

This is one of the most spectacular models you’ll find. With its 14-sensor Pioneer sensor, you’ll have the most stable and highest quality model. One of the most interesting models you will find right now, which will allow you to be more sure that the vacuum cleaner will do its job without any problem.

You will be able to calculate the most effective route and cleaning will be safer because this model avoids obstacles without any problem. One of the most spectacular you will find this year.

More powerful and more quality

Thanks to its large quad-core processor, this model is one of the best you’ll find, capable of calculating the most efficient route so you can have all the cleanest rooms without any problems. All this with the lowest possible noise quality, giving you the ability to use everything with the lowest noise lever. You’ll get everything cleaned up easily and you won’t have any problems using it.

Full control

With a 360º vision capacity you will be able to have everything clean without any problem, giving you everything you need to be happy. It offers you the best control capacity thanks to its APP Xiaomi Mi Home, which allows you maximum control. You can define the route, the rooms you want to record, the obstacles you will encounter… Everything is possible with your new Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

Choose the areas to be cleaned

Protect your valuables with virtual no-go areas or virtual walls, all from within the application. These can be as small as 04 m (1.3 ft) and as large as 10 m (33 ft). Use them to protect everything from small vases to entire rooms.

More powerful and with more capacity

One of the most powerful models you’ll find right now is spectacular. It has a suction capacity of 2500 rpm that allows you to have everything clean in the easiest way. In addition, it has one of the largest dust tanks of the moment, with a size of 600 ml. You will have your home cleaner without any problem, one of the best models you will find!

It not only cleans

Give your floor a more intense glow with the Xiaomi Dreame F9’s 200 ml ultra-large water tank. You’ll be able to keep your house cleaner without any problems.

Features Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner – Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • High cleaning capacity. It has one of the largest tanks you will find, with 600 ml capacity.
  • Large scrubbing capacity: A large water tank means much more floor scrubbing, this model has a 200 ml tank.
  • Amazing suction capacity: Finish off even the tiniest dirt on carpets in interior areas
  • Selective cleaning: Allows to clean a room, more than one or the whole house, totally configurable with your APP.
  • Maximum control. With its 14 sensors, you will be more sure that it will clean everything, it is incredible.

Technical specifications Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Brand: Xiaomi Dreame
  • Models: F9 Robot Cleaner
  • Navigation technology: 14 sensors use Pioneer 2.0
  • Dust tank capacity: 600ml
  • Water tank: 200 ml
  • Suction power: 2500 Pa
  • 2.4GHZ WiFi connectivity
  • Features:
  • Mi Home App: Android and iOS
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Smart navigation with mapping: Yes
  • Voice control: yes
  • Carpet Detector: Yes
  • Obstacle Detector: Yes, 20mm
  • Battery:
  • Battery: 2400 mAh / 14.4V
  • Charging time: up to 6 h
  • Usage time: up to 2.5 hours

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