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Xiaomi AX6000 AIoT Router 6000Mbs WiFi 6

2021 Xiaomi AX6000 AIoT Router
6000Mbs WiFi6 VPN
512MB Qualcomm CPU
Mesh Repeater
External Signal Network Amplifier
Mi Home

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Xiaomi AX6000 AIoT Router 6000MBPS
WiFi 6 VPN 512MB Qualcomm CPU Mesh Repeater
External Signal Network Amplifier Mi Home

Item Description

Processor: Qualcomm IPQ5018 Network acceleration engine: 1.0GHz NPU

RAM: 512MB 2.4G Wi-Fi2×2 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, the theoretical maximum rate can reach 574Mbps) 5G Wi-Fi4×4 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, the theoretical maximum rate can reach 4804Mbps)

Product antenna: 6 external high gain antennas + 1 external AIoT antenna Product heat dissipation: natural heat dissipation Whole machine interface; 1 10/100/1000/2500M adaptive WAN/LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX) 1 10/100/1000M adaptive WAN/LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX) 2 10/100/1000M adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI/MDIX)

7 LED indicators (SYSTEM indicator × 1, INTERNET indicator × 1, network port indicator × 4, AIoT status indicator × 1)

System reset/Mesh networking button: 1 Power input interface: 1 Protocol standard: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab Certification standards: GB/T9254-2008; GB4943.1-2011 Warranty Information: The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year

Please Note: * 6000M is the wireless rate specification level of the router, including 2.4G frequency band rate of 574Mbps, 5G frequency band rate of 4804Mbps, and AIoT antenna rate of 583Mbps.

AX6000 AloT RouterMain Features

* 6000Mbps Fast Upgrade * 160MHz High Bandwidth * 4K QAM High-Speed Transmission * Independent AIoT Antenna * MU-MIMO + OFDMA + Mesh Networking * 6 Independent High-Performance Signal Amplifiers * Hardware-level Network Acceleration Engine, Super Stable Operation All-Weather * 248 Devices Online At The Same Time * Innovative Three-Sided Heat Dissipation Design

Xiaomi Router AX6000

The new standard for high-end routers in 2021 WiFi6 enhanced version, 6000 megabit speed upgrade

6000Mbps fast upgrade

6000M is the wireless rate specification level of the router, including 2.4G frequency band rate of 574Mbps, 5G frequency band rate of 4804Mbps, and AIoT antenna rate of 583Mbps.

160MHz high bandwidth

Doubled the bandwidth and doubled the speed The bandwidth is like a highway. Congestion is inevitable when the conventional 4-lane lane encounters high traffic. The AX6000 doubles all lanes and doubles the speed directly. Even if multiple devices are connected, you can enjoy the ultimate experience of smooth traffic.

4K QAM high-speed transmission

More advanced transmission technology, speed up by 20% 4K QAM technology can further compress data density and increase the amount of data transmitted at the same time by 20%. With a device that supports 4K QAM, the WiFi speed can be accelerated by another level.

2500Mb full speed network port

New cross-generation network port to meet the network speed demand in the next 5 years When the home bandwidth exceeds Gigabit, the Gigabit Ethernet port of the traditional router will become a bottleneck, and the 2500M Ethernet port can easily meet the needs of future broadband upgrades. At the same time, it supports WAN/LAN switching. When used as a LAN port, it can be used with NAS (Network Attached Storage) to form a high-speed family private cloud disk.


Simultaneous transmission of multiple devices, no interference between playing games and watching movies The combination of MU-MIMO and OFDMA enables up to 16 devices to be sent in one transmission. Makes multiple devices faster and lower latency when used at the same time.

6 independent high-performance signal amplifiers

Every room also has a good signal The independent signal amplifier can effectively enhance the signal transmission power and improve the signal receiving sensitivity. Make the signal of the router pass through the wall better, and cover a wider area. A single router can easily cover a large three-bedroom apartment.

Xiaomi Mesh Networking

The multi-storey apartment is not afraid, the whole house WiFi signal has no dead angle coverage Mesh technology enables multiple AX6000s to form a Mesh network, which can cover the entire house with super strong signals, whether it is a large apartment or multiple floors. The device can automatically roam between multiple routers seamlessly, and play without lag while walking.

Hardware-level network acceleration engine, super stable operation all-weather

Using a new generation of Qualcomm router chips, the NPU core (network acceleration engine), which is particularly important for routers, is added. The CPU core is used to handle complex calculations, and the NPU concentrates on data forwarding. Such a combination can solve data congestion and packet loss when multiple devices are connected, and reduce the network delay of the game.

248 devices online at the same time

Stable connection at all times There are more and more connected devices at home, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, game consoles… and smart devices throughout the house. 512MB large memory is specially prepared for multi-device networking, stable connection and response at any time.

Innovative three-sided heat dissipation design

7×24 hours to calmly respond to bid farewell to frequency reduction and disconnection The top, sides, and bottom of the fuselage are equipped with heat dissipation holes to form a fast circulating heat dissipation channel. Keep the router that works 7×24 hours in an ideal state at all times, and avoid routing downtime and device disconnection due to overheating.

Whole house smart, one-key open

Independent AIoT antenna Smart device discovery, one-click network configuration, open the Mijia App, click on the “+” in the upper right corner to automatically discover the Xiaomi smart devices that are not equipped with a network, no need to enter a password, no cumbersome settings, one-click configuration of the network, simple The elderly and children at home can easily operate it.

WiFi password change synchronization

Xiaomi smart device reconnects, only 0 operation After the router changes the WiFi password, it will synchronize the new password to all Xiaomi smart devices, and the devices will use the new password to automatically connect to the router without resetting the network configuration one by one.

Speed up the game and play freely

Exclusive acceleration for Xiaomi devices, ultra-low latency When multiple devices are connected to WiFi, the router can intelligently identify your Xiaomi/Redmi mobile phone, and open the exclusive acceleration channel in the game scene, which significantly reduces the delay and lag of the game.

Game acceleration

Support Tencent online game accelerator, NetEase UU accelerator, comprehensive coverage of multi-terminal games. The exclusive e-sports mode of t national server mobile game, enjoy the ultra-low latency of e-sports. The global node coverage of foreign service, the stable acceleration of the proprietary IDC computer room, and the faster PK battle.


White, Green, Purple, Orange

Brand Name


XiaoMi Model




With Modem Function






Wired Transfer Rate


WAN Ports

1 x10/100/1000Mbps

Number of USB Interfaces


Wi-Fi Supported Frequency

2.4G & 5G

5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate




Supports WDS


Max. LAN Data Rate


Model Number

Xiaomi Router AX6000

Standards And Protocols

Wi-Fi 802.11g

Wi-Fi Transmission Standard


2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate


LAN Ports


Supports WPS






20 reviews for Xiaomi AX6000 AIoT Router 6000Mbs WiFi 6

  1. Durante Sciara

    Excellent Product, arrived faster than expected

  2. Dieter Krist

    Very good router

  3. Rosalie Robertson

    Awesome Router and great seller,best router signal I ever had,and I had at least 20 different routers ,covers all apartment without signal degradation,in the kitchen thru 3 walls gives same signal speed as I stay next to router ,highly recommend seller and product,everything in Chinese but I didn’t have any problems to install,just watch how to set up on YouTube,Good shipping and packing,thank you

  4. Aasiyah Haney

    Very fast delivery EMS Courier, 10 days in Hmao, router healthy bitch)) configured quickly through Google

  5. Rudolf Kirsch

    must have router.. don’t send your money on cheap one.. you will get tired.. your investment is safe .. my internet connection is too complex.. I always get interrupted and signal reaches the furthest than expected..

  6. Sarina Santos

    Great router. The only thing is its in Chinese and take some time to do the setup.

  7. Xose Mendez

    Produto chegou muito rápido (7d aqui em SP), a caixa do produto veio um pouco amassado, mas o que importa é o produto ficar sem problemas, roteador muito bom, sinal agora está pegando o apt inteiro (110m²), velocidade muito rápida, super recomendo!

  8. Armaan Ellison

    Very good, fast delivery from the seller!

  9. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Very quickly! Packed well, but the box is crushed-inside still perfectly preserved! Seller recommend! Sending and transporting at altitude! Version for Chinese market. I do not yet know what differences from the global version. I hope that it will not be cut into opportunities and will work worse.

  10. Samirah Hood

    Product well packaged and arrived super fast!

  11. Maariya Kramer

    The device was received with the same description
    I haven’t tried the router yet.
    I’ll try it today and come back and write my mind on the device.

  12. Wendelin Jonas

    Remarkably FAST shipping

  13. Sigmund Bruckmann

    I arrive very fast to Mexico, no customs payment in 10 days! It served to make a mesh network with my previous ax 3800, I am very happy!

  14. Moriya Masanobu

  15. Shante Dezern

  16. Alisa Watts

    1 Playing games: Although the maximum network speed cannot be changed, it can keep the network speed within the most stable pin value range, which is stable.
    2. Scope: The coverage area is 100 steps out of the house, and the signal can still be felt, which is wide.
    3.Unfortunately, I just bought the AX6000 and immediately released the AX9000. This is the only regret, but after all, the new product is not stable yet. Give myself an excuse to smile.

  17. Yuvraj Wolf

    Very good

  18. Coleen Dragon

    Why no user manual in English. Please get me link to download user manual

  19. Franchesca Schwebach

  20. Susann Masson

    Super very good!

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