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Xiaomi AKKU Hot Melt Glue Gun

New Xiaomi AKKU Glue Gun
Multifunctional Wireless
Lithium Battery Hot Melt Glue Gun
3.6V Battery Repair Tool
Home DIY Tools Hot Glue Gun

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SKU:Xiaomi AKKU Hot Melt Glue Gun

Xiaomi AKKU Multifunctional Glue Gun
Wireless Lithium Battery Hot Melt Glue Gun
3.6V Battery Repair Tool Home DIY Tools Hot Glue Gun


1. Built-in intelligent control chip, the glue gun will automatically turn off the power if it is not used for 3 minutes, and at the same time avoid emptying the battery and damaging the lithium battery

2. Customized copper nozzle is loaded with PTC thermistor parts, and the glue can be quickly discharged in 15 seconds

3. Comfortable handle design accords with ergonomic control

4. Anti-dumping retractable bracket design to increase the balance of the product

5. Built-in anti-glue stick reverse rubber ring, metal head adds a large area of heat-resistant silicone protection

6. Built-in high-capacity 2000mah lithium battery, universal battery pack, can be equipped with a variety of Anku products.


  1. Model: AK602
  2. Power: 10W
  3. Voltage DC: 3.6V
  4. Heating time: 15 seconds
  5. Idle shutdown time: 3 minutes
  6. Charger specification DC: 5V≤2A
  7. Working temperature: 60±10℃
  8. Glue stick specifications: ∅7mm
  9. Battery model: 21700 lithium battery
  10. Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  11. Charging time: 1-2H
  12. Use time: 1-2H


1. Load the glue stick into the glue gun from the entrance of the glue stick, pull the trigger several times to ensure that the glue stick completely enters the inside of the glue gun.

2. Long press the power switch for 2 seconds, turn on the power, and the warm-up time is 15 seconds.

3. After fully preheating, pull the trigger and the liquid glue will flow out of the glue nozzle.

4. As the glue stick is consumed and used, if the first glue stick enters the glue gun completely, you need to add a new glue stick before you can continue to use it. It is recommended to add Ee2e glue to the head of the glue stick before inserting the new glue stick, and then insert the glue gun to bond with the previous glue stick, which can help the glue stick to be used more smoothly.

5. If you take a short break during use, the glue gun can be supported by the front sliding sleeve and placed on a horizontal workbench; or directly rely on the handle tail platform and stand on the horizontal workbench. It is forbidden to lie down.

6. When the glue gun is in the heating state, a small amount of liquid glue will overflow from the glue nozzle, which is a normal phenomenon.

7. If the glue gun is not operated for 3 minutes, it will automatically turn off the power.

8. Please turn off the power switch after use, and place the glue gun in a safe horizontal position to cool down. It can be stored only after it has cooled down completely in about 30 minutes. The glue gun does not need to be cleaned, and do not pull out the glue stick from the glue gun to prevent the glue from flowing back.



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20 reviews for Xiaomi AKKU Hot Melt Glue Gun

  1. Wendi Raver

  2. Bonnie Montes

  3. Germain Beaumont

  4. Liberatore Accordino

  5. Dieter Krist

  6. Isadora Heer

  7. Jaimee Harter

    9.28r/PCs when ordering 100 PCs January 2022, delivery fast 02.01.22-16.01.22, very Looking short (although exactly 10 cm) first time we order. Most of all pink and gold, or accidentally so turned out or the Chinese please us 🙂 all sticks with sequins, girls are happy, and what else do you need? 🙂

  8. Carla Poole

  9. Adella Tarry

  10. Tandy Hoyte

    Quality: Excellent/plastic pleasant to the touch/trigger-weak/Recommend

  11. Yuvraj Wolf

    2.400r January 2022G, delivered to Moscow very quickly in Postamat zeiniao. Unlike the excellent packaging of their same screwdriver, this glucan (glue gun) just rolls in a box, complete with several rods, so you can start using the glue gun. Battery in a separate box. The battery of glucan and shurika are identical, so you can buy a kit. We order the second one, for friends.

  12. Néo Lortie

    Very convenient and good device.

  13. Clarita Pursell

    The product arrived quickly. But it unfortunately only charges using the included usb c to usb a cable

  14. Speranzio Bartolone

    The battery is suitable from Akku shurika! The front part (stand) is retractable. Атакжефикспрайсклеевыестержни 55R for 10 PCs, size 7,2×200! Do not overpay, look for more attentively and use the calculator, do not enrich the sellers-idlers-resellers. In the complete set to glucan (glue gun) 10 rods and a wire TAIP-Si. On the same photo, the rods are fixed. Complete rods 7,2mm, and fixprice cheers, they have 7,2 listed, and in fact 6,6mm, but glucan Akku are also great for gripping. By weight native 150mm 10 PCs 60gr, from The Fix 200mm 10 PCs 67gr (they are longer).

  15. Zoraida Swick

    looks like everything ok , didint test properly yet

  16. Iside Casaletto


  17. Cassey Odle

  18. Durante Sciara

    Delivery to Ukraine in 12 days. All declared by the producer corresponds to the description. After receiving tested. Heats up quickly. Recommend to buy

  19. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Fast and neat delivery.
    Perfect nothing to complain about

  20. Rosalie Robertson

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