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Tineco ONE S5 Combo Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Tineco Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Floor Cleaner Mop 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum for Multi-Surface, Lightweight and Handheld, Floor ONE S5 Combo

Product information

Technical Details

Brand ‎Tineco

Model Number ‎AirPet

Color ‎Multicolor

Product Dimensions ‎25.6 x 28.6 x 110.01 cm; 8.1 kg

Capacity ‎0.5 Liters

Power / Wattage ‎350 watts

Voltage ‎120 Volts

Noise Level ‎78 dB

Special Features ‎cordless, pet_hair, brush_roll, self-propelled, lightweight

Item Weight ‎8.1 Kilograms


Date First Available 15 October 2021

SMART FLOOR WASHER & HANDVAC IN ONE: The Floor Washer cleans wet or dry messes and tackles tough and sticky messes on hard floors with ease. The easy onboard Handvac quickly removes dry messes from multiple surfaces in your home. The proprietary iLoop ring around the LED screen changes from red to blue to tell you when the floor is clean.

ENHANCED EDGE & CORNER CLEANING: The exclusive brush head design on the floor washer provides optimized, streak-free cleaning along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners. Your floors become completely dry and streak-free in minutes.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND ULTRA-QUIET DESIGN: Weighing less than 9 lbs, the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo is easy to maneuver across your floors. A brushless motor, noise-optimized air channel design, smart power adjustment, and a soft brush roll combine to create a new cleaning experience with low noise. It also features swivel steering, self-propelled wheels, and an easy-to-grip handle for easy maneuverability and maximum comfort.

EASY MAINTENANCE, RECOMMENDED FOR FAMILIES WITH PETS – Never touch a dirty roller again – the hands-free, self-cleaning function automatically flushes the inner tubing and brush roller, for fast, mess-free maintenance. The pet hair strainer within the dirty water tank makes pet hair removal quick and easy for homes with pets. As a result, the machine is always clean for next-time use.

CONVERTS TO A HANDVAC IN A BREEZE: This innovative floor washer easily converts to a handheld vacuum with attachments to reach corners, stairs, crevices, car interiors, and more. Hand vac accessories include dustbin, storage tray, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush.

Tineco Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Cleaner Mop 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum for Multi-Surface, Lightweight and Handheld, FLOOR ONE S5 Combo













Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎25.6 x 28.6 x 110.01 cm; 8.1 kg


‎0.5 Liters

Power / Wattage

‎350 watts


‎120 Volts

Noise Level

‎78 dB

Special Features

‎cordless, pet_hair, brush_roll, self-propelled, lightweight

Item Weight

‎8.1 Kilograms



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4.3 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#19,123 in Kitchen (See Top 100 in Kitchen) #50 in Stick Vacuums & Electric Brooms

Date First Available

15 October 2021

60 reviews for Tineco ONE S5 Combo Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  1. David ABBASI, MD

    Best cleaning tool I’ve ever owned

    I was on the fence about buying yet another cleaning gadget, especially one that’s a on the pricey side. SOOOOOOO glad I did. This thing literally cuts cleaning time in half and there is no need to lug out the mop and bucket anymore! It’s so satisfying to see my clean floors now.


    Game Changer!

    With 2 cats, a dog, and two men living in the house, the Tineco S5 is a game changer. Makes quick work of muddy paw/footprints and my floors have never been cleaner. Who wants to sweep and then mop? Do it all at once!

  3. Mila Jacobs

    Definitely a Time Saver!!

    The Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuum is a game-changer for anyone looking for a reliable cleaning companion. From tackling spills to deep-cleaning carpets, this vacuum does it all with exceptional performance and convenience. Say goodbye to multiple cleaning tools! It was worth every penny.

  4. Britt


    Tineco has the best wet vac sweepers. I had the S3 model and loved it and recently upgraded to this one and it’s even better and I loved my S3. The cleaning water tank on this one is a lot bigger and dirty water tank is bigger as well which is a huge plus. This one if voice activated and wifi which I love my s3 was not. To me this one does clean better than my S3. Definitely worth the money!

  5. Angelica Bortoluzzi

    Great customer service!

    Product is great, now I’m obsessed cleaning my house with this product, you can see all the nasty water that cleaned your house. I had a problem with one part of the product and I contacted Amazon but they could only refund, I contacted the company and they replaced the part with no cost or hard time. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. lu


    This machine is definitely a life saver. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago. My young kids leave some much crap all over the floor, its nice to pick it all up and mop at one time. The s5 DOES get the edges, you have to of course have the edge on the right side of the mop. When you have it on powerful suction , yes the dirty water tank will get full fast or the clean water tank will empty faster but it is still more convenient than pushing around a mop and bucket. A mop and bucket is throwing around dirty water whereas this vacuum mop separates the two. I see previous reviews complaining about cleaning out the tank or mold etc etc, YES!!, you have to clean the tank. This machine is not a robot and will not walk itself to dump itself .It will clean the roller and thats it. In my opinion, it is still less labor pushing this mop around and cleaning the water tank than a mop and bucket or even a swiffer. I’ve noticed my labor time cut by more than half and I’m not sweaty and hot after mopping and having to decompress. I of course bought the protection plan , in case it craps out. If you cleaning this vacuum mop is too much for you, a maid would be a better option. 🙂

  7. Tamara Dixon

    Absolutely perfect

    Went back and forth for well over a year to buy this or not, finally pulled the trigger, and OMG why did I wait so long?!? It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon! I have LVP and tile in my house and it cleaned both so well. It was virtually dry minutes after cleaning, I loved how it separated the dirty water from the hair/dog fur and the self cleaning mode afterwards was freaking awesome! 💯 BUY THIS!

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  8. Lane

    Works great for regular cleaning

    It picks up a lot of stuff without getting clogged very often, and the luxury vinyl plank floor looks nice after. It’s not as good as a real mop when you really need to scrub, but it’s easier for normal use. Cleaning it isn’t bad once you know what you’re doing. It didn’t do as well on my slick bathroom tile floor.

    One person found this helpful

  9. Compulsive buyer94


    Love this machine! It works very well! I do take it apart to wash it off since I have a lot of cat hair on my house but it picks it up very well.

  10. EZstreet

    Cleans well, but small clean and dirty water tanks

    This vacmop works very well to clean my floors and when in use, it’s super easy. The hassle is that the clean and dirty water tanks are small and need to be changed multiple times for my small house. I use it to clean my downstairs kitchen and living space which is only about 1000 sq ft. I have to change the dirty and clean water tanks at least twice and then again for the self cleaning. For some reason, the dirty tank water always leaks on my newly clean floor as I’m bringing it to empty. I empty it in the toilet and then rinse in my sink, but by the third time, it’s clogged my drain. Larger tanks would make this thing a dream machine.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Game changer

    Biggest regret: not purchasing it sooner. Cleans great, and is so easy to use! I prefer this method of mopping floors over a dirty mop bucket any day. I have pets and a toddler running around and it gets the job done. I prefer using my stick vacuum first then going over it with the floor washer and it still takes less time and effort to get clean floors. I opted for this model because of the larger water tanks and I’m glad I choose this one. It’s large enough to clean my entire downstairs area without stopping to refill. I also chose this model because of the edge precision and that makes a huge difference. Overall LOVE it!

  12. Kelly Moose

    Hands down the best

    Convenient, lightweight, self propelled, self cleaning. This wet dry vacuum mop is hands down the best investment I’ve made when.it comes to my cleaning routine. I hated pulling out my corded bissell just to have to stop every seconds and scrape out pieces that were missed. This is so easy to grab and do the whole floor or just spot clean. It hugs the floor so tight it does an awesome job. No soaking wet floor and no streaks. It so gets extremely tight to the baseboards, cabinets, etc. Highly recommend.

  13. Anne H

    Love this machine!

    Someone I know has one of these, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy one because my floors are perpetually dirty thanks to my two dogs. Our entire downstairs is hard floor, so vacuuming and mopping takes forever. This makes it so easy! And I swear, we used to have a steam cleaner for carpet in our old house, and the dirty water was gross, but this gets the floor even cleaner based on what the dirty water looks like. The solution has a very light scent and I feel like it gets my floors very clean. It’s so easy to use that it makes me want to clean the floors more frequently. I just wish the charge lasted longer because I can’t do my whole downstairs on one charge. But other than that, A++++!!

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  14. CAJo

    overall happy I bought it and use it often

    Back problems made me look for a solution to keep my floors clean without pain. This was it. I watched reviews of several products and bought this because it was promised to be quiet and easy to use and clean. it is both those things. Love, love that I can vacuum and mop at the same time. What a time and pain saver for me and I find that I clean my floors way more often now because it is almost fun (really!). Quieter than my vacuums. I wasn’t sure I’d like the voice telling me what to do, but I do. It is much easier for me than if I turned it off (there is an option to do that) because otherwise you would need to memorize the error codes and what the lights on the top are telling you is going on. I like the voice doing it. Not annoying voice and only speaks when necessary. I like the self cleaning function and find that the tray the device sits on to charge and self clean just needs to be cleaned before and after with a quick wipe of a damp paper towel. Like that I store all the extra parts and accessories on the charging station too. it’s too easy to lose track of those things so nice they are in one compact place. Roller easy to remove and clean, same with dirty water tank. The cleaning brush it comes with is easy to use and you do need to clean out the tube under the dirty water tank periodically, especially if you have pet hair issues or long hair yourself that may get caught in it. Like many suction cleaner moving slower will get you more cleaning power so patience is key, but still, it makes quick work of all the tile in my smallish house (mostly tile) and still with charge to go. Will usually need a refill of the water and cleaning solution and an emptying of the dirty water tank, but both those are easy to do and easy to replace once you get the hang of it. I found just taking a bit more time and paying attention to how things go on and off made it easy and not frustrating to learn to manage use of this. Not the best maneuverability as far as turning tight corners, but it is small enough to fit between the toilets and in other smaller areas. Not likely to fit under sofas or other lower to the ground furniture though. Also will not suck much up against the wall and not anything under counters–just not enough suction for that, so I do vacuum. Be sure to clean the roller–I hold it under hot water tap and rinse it off after use to keep it from getting stinky and to get hair and strings off it. Keeps it working better too. Self cleaning doesn’t take long so be sure to make time for that when you are finished with the floors because it may force you to do it by keeping talking to you anyway. But this is a fabulous function so worth the bit of extra effort to empty the dirty water tank before and after cleaning and ensure there is water and cleaning solution in the clean water tank before (machine will tell you if needed anyway). If you have limited floor space and few options for a place to store it and charge it that may be a negative. I have a smaller home and ended up keeping it behind a chair in my living area. I don’t mind at all because it makes my life so much easier and the trade off is my floors are cleaned very often compared to before having this, and my back is very happy about it (BTW it is not very heavy either so that is also helpful).Overall, I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

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  15. Laura

    Impressed Love it!

    Impressed & not much impresses me anymore. Pay good money for so many things nowadays and most of the time it doesn’t do what it promises. Tineco Floor One S5 does what it says it does. I have about 2000sq ft of tile in a 3100 sq ft house. This machine left the tile spotless. I used a Bono mop in my old house it was useless just smeared dirt around. This Tineco leaves nothing but a super clean fresh floor. Highly recommend I love it.

  16. Cara

    Can’t live without

    I officially can’t live without this. It makes cleaning my tile floors SO much easier. The reason I took off 1 star is because I often get error codes that the dirty water tank isn’t installed. I’ve had to send it off twice now to have it fixed, but Tineco was easy to work with and stood behind their warranty. Honestly I’d buy it again and again even despite the faulty error code. It’s a game changer for mom’s with messy kids.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

    This is my second Tineco. I had an older model before this one that I used for about a year and a half before it died. I struggled with ordering another one because I do think it’s a lot of money and I’m worried about the life of this one but I bought it anyway. I have hardwood floors throughout my home and use it weekly. I have trouble with my grip so this is much easier for me to use rather than a regular mop. I do have dogs that shed so I vacuum or sweep first because it will clog if there is too much hair. It does a great job picking up dirt and cleaning high traffic areas. The cleaner is a bit expensive.

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  18. nehifamily

    I love the mop

    The mop works great but also doesn’t scrub up dried on spills quickly. I wish the brush SCRUBBED instead of lightly buffing. I also wish the battery life was longer. My whole house is hard floors and I absolutely cannot do it all at once. I have to stop and charge after about a third of the house.The pros are that it doesn’t leave the floor soaking wet and the self clean function runs well.The handheld vacuum addition does almost nothing. Very little suction and then you’re also using up your precious battery time. Those pieces are “throw away” pieces to me. I’ll continue to use my DustBuster for those jobs.

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  19. E. Blackburn

    This Works

    This is our second Tineco purchase. It is an upgrade from our previous unit and we are so glad we went with it. We have 2 elderly dogs that pee on our wooden floor. I am disabled and unable to use a standard mop or carry a bucket of water. I can easily use this and IT WORKS. We actually call it Miss Pissy after using it to clean up after the pups. We also live on a dirt road so you can imagine the filth. When I clean our wooden floor I end up dumping out mud.The company’s Customer Service is also quite responsive. Give it a try.

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  20. jallove7

    Awesome after knowing it’s limits

    I wasn’t sure at first, but now I love it. This is NOT a deep clean mop. if you are expecting to be able to clean up week-old hardened food stains off the floor, you will be disappointed. You cannot use any elbow grease with this.However, for large surface areas that need a quick vacuum and surface mop in a short amount of time with ease of use, I can’t see how anything would beat this. We have a lot of LVT and tile floor, and we can do all of it in one charge on auto mode. It gets it 90% clean and shiney in a short amount of time.Occasionally will need to get a more typical mop or rag out with some elbow grease on the hard spots.

  21. Alan

    Vale cada peso pagada por ella

    Fácil de usar y muy eficiente, en especial para quienes tenemos mascotas y se vuelve complicado recoger sus pelos del suelo. Te puedes olvidar de la escoba y el recogedor casi por completo

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  22. Tania

    Laaa más TOP !

    Excelente para las personas flojillas como yo que les cuesta trabajo mantener limpio diario , con esta chulada te van a dar ganas de limpiar diario !

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  23. Adonay Cruz Echeverria

    Buena tecnología

    Buen producto. Limpia bien, peso liviano. Moderno y Buen diseño

  24. Amazon User

    Better than the S3

    I bought this at a discounted price during Amazon prime day. I have the S3, which I love, but was excited over new and improved features the latest edition flaunted.Let me tell you what I appreciated:-Closer cleaning to the edges: Okay, so though there is a smidge of an improvement here- the new edition still isn’t as good as advertised. You will see about a cm (give or take 2 mm) of uncleared debris from the edge, but it still is an improvement!-Better suction: there is a lot more suction on this newer edition and it joyfully surprised me, definitely an improvement I love. I don’t have to revisit areas I already cleaned as much as I did with the S3.-Design improvements to the cover on top of the roller and the container holding the dirty water. With the s3, I found that at times water sputtered out of the dirty water tank and the cover over the roller, despite both being properly installed. I would have to reinstall them several times to get the perfect fit where water wouldn’t go spraying out. It was annoying. This new design seems to have a better fit, and improved cover that stops this problem. Definitely a relief to know it’s fixed!Stuff that is a con but not so much to outweigh the pros:-Battery Power: battery drains faster, this is the biggest issue I have, but all in all I assume it is because it’s operating at a more powerful rate. It still covers most of my bottom floor so not a huge issue, just something that isn’t always convenient if I have bigger jobs downstairs.-the dirty water tank needs cleaning faster and the cleaning solution also needs refilling faster, and this is for the same reason I think I listed above. I operate normally only on auto mode, so it is likely that the more powerful suction requires more water than the S3 did.The hand held vacuum is decent, it does the job. Easy to use. For the price of the add on, it’s worth the purchase.I put my old S3 upstairs and now have the latest edition downstairs. I am pretty happy with my purchase and have bought several of them for family and friends.Helpful tip for any tineco: I use a deodorizing solution in the dirty water tank to keep it from smelling. I noticed that it was getting very putrid smell in my S3, even when clean, and this seemed to stop the issue. I use the self cleaning feature after every use, Hand wash the components at least once a week, change out the filter and roller every three weeks, and take good care of the machine, but the smell was still happening. I really recommend this to everyone.

    264 people found this helpful

  25. Monce

    Me encanta

    La Tineco es una maravilla, si tiene sus detalles a tomar en cuenta como ya lo habia leído en muchos comentarios pero aún así decidí comprarla y definitivamente no me arrepiento.1. debes de utilizar el líquido que esta diseñado para la máquina el cual es bastante caro, supuestamente viene uno dentro de la caja pero en mi caso no lo traía, envié un mensaje para que me lo enviaran pero me rembolsaron el monto del líquido y así poder comprarlo por separado pero eso obviamente tardo más tiempo en que pudiera comenzar a usar el aparato. Es importante contemplar el tiempo de llegada del liquido.2. La bateria tarda unas 4 horas en cargar completa y dura como media hora en uso continuo, para mi casa es suficiente pero si es un espacio más grande se quedarían a medias con la limpieza3. No le he podido cambiar el idioma de voz pero tampoco ha sido problema4. Se debe limpiar y poner a secar el rodillo mojado para evitar que malos olores, pero trae un repuesto y no es problema el cambiarlos cuando terminas de usarlaAhorra bastante agua y detergente y el piso queda bastante limpio.En general estoy muy feliz con mi máquina realmente aspira y friega a profundidad y los detalles que se comentan para mi no han representado mayor problema

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  26. Erika Ramirez

    La amo ♥️

    Cumple su función de limpiar el piso al 100 ✅️El único pero que le pongo es que la pila dura muy poco, ojalá que mejoren lo de la pila.

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  27. Carolina García Álvarez


    Hoy en día estoy tan acostumbrada a mi Tineco que si algo le pasara enseguida buscaría la forma de volver. A comprarla, con 3 mascotas en un depa me facilito la vida, amo demasiado este producto, aunque hay cosas que hasta la fecha no son de mi agrado por ejemplo:jamás pude conectarla a la aplicación ni cambiarle el lenguaje.. y es necesario estar limpiando continuamente todo, por cada trapeada y aspirada hasta 3 veces se limpiaOtra cosa es que me hice adicta al producto que viene, lo amo muchísimo pero es carísimo. Y si es un rollo pensar en no usarlo ya que no puedes usar productos con espuma o jabón por qué se puede descomponer la Tineco..Y siempre tendrás que estar comprando repuestos para siempre.. (los rodillos y los filtros)Si llegaste leyendo hasta aquí encontré una solución que es similar al Líquido de Tineco y es económico $100 pesos se llama sanytol y está en cualquier walmart evitarás que se descomponga tu Tineco..Otra cosa más si sientes que no está funcionando oQue te pide que limpie la parte en donde cae la suciedad y por más que lo limpias sigue pidiéndolo, el secreto es quitar la pieza de la base y limpiarla en tu lavadero .. )me hubiera encantado que me dijeran eso)Si quieres bajar la carga de limpieza diaria regálatela😉 .. <3 es un súper auto regalo <3

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  28. Claudia Avila Leal

    Feliz con mi aspiradora

    Estoy muy satisfecha con mi aspiradora, tiene buena potencia, limpia muy bien y es muy fácil de usar. Estoy feliz de haberla adquirido.

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  29. guy

    It’s not a deep clean, but it definitely helps keep the floor clean on a regular basis.

    Shipping was fast and Amazon even credited me now with $5 for the difference in taxes. Of course everything was paid in advance and arrived within two weeks to the my house door! As always there is nothing like Amazon’s service!!Regarding the Tineco Ons S5 It is easy to notice that this is a quality product from the quality of the materials to the quality of the application. Really like it!The suction is great and the washing is also of high quality, although you have to go over sticky stains several times.It’s not a deep clean, but it definitely helps keep the floor clean on a regular basis.Please note that only the company’s washing liquid should be used! It does a good job and its smell is gentle and pleasant, but it is not a cheap liquid, at least in Israel. Regarding spare parts for the device these can be found and purchased cheaply from Aliexpress.The only thing that is a bit problematic in my eyes is the small size of the clean water tank and the dirt tank. During a complete cleaning of the house (4 rooms), I filled the clean water tank at least 3 times and emptied the dirty water tank at least 4 times. It’s not very bad, but it’s a bit annoying.In addition, at the end of the cleaning (beyond the self-cleaning action of the vacuum cleaner), you must wash the dirty water tank, clean the roller and filter well and the unit to which it is connected, and let it dry 24 hours, otherwise the device will smell bad. It’s a 5 minute process, it’s really not that bad.Beyond the above, the battery lasts for exactly one full cleaning of the house (110 square meters, 4 rooms) and then the device must be charged.All in all, this is a good product (the best I’ve had so far), just keep in mind that this is not a deep wash with lots of soap and water, but an accurate wash measured by the device’s smart sensor. In addition, there is no option only for vacuum (yes, you can not fill the clean water tank) and this way only to vacuuming the dirt.The voltage of the device is global 110-240v. I only need an adapter from US Plug to EU Plug. A matter of $1.I really like this Vacuum Mopping Cleaner and recommend it!Wait for the price go a little bit under 500$ and go for it! it’s a great deal for a great Vacuum washing cleaner!!

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  30. Cynthia


    YES, worth the hype. At baseline, I already have a clean house. Two adults, a Belgian shepherd, no shoes allowed inside, dog’s paws get wiped every time she comes in from outside. My normal routine was to vacuum daily and steam mop at least once or twice a week. I have a lightweight steam mop but HATED the physical labor of pushing it all over the house.Enter the S5. When this came, I had just steam mopped the night before. Ran it once and holyyyyyy nasty water!!! This thing is 10000% worth it. I’ve used it daily since it arrived and no matter how often I use it, the dirty water tank always ends up with brown nasty dirty water. Which tells you how quickly dust / dirt make their way into our homes.Some thoughts and tips for success:1) Vacuum first with a dedicated vacuum. Don’t expect the S5 to do everything. Use it like a power mop, to wash the floors after you’ve vacuumed / picked up large debris. The filter will require you to use your hands to clean it and empty it out, so if you don’t want to touch disgusting chunks of who knows what, do your due diligence and clean messes properly first (on your hands and knees) before running this over to do a wash on your floors.2) I need about 1.5 tanks of clean water to wash1800 sq ft of LVP floors. Remember, I clean my floors daily so this is just a maintenance wash of my floors but it will require patience + refill.3) You can use whatever soap you want as long as it’s not very foaming. I used Tide laundry detergent (VERY LITTLE goes a long way!) and it caused minor issues with the sensor thinking the dirty water tank was full when it wasn’t, but that’s probably because I put too much Tide and it foamed a lot.4) Clean after EACH use. It’s SO easy to do and takes 5 seconds to pop out all the pieces and rinse them with water. And yes, that includes the roller brush and the cover. I wash these every single time (yes, it’s that easy!)5) Stairs – since the S5 won’t function if it’s upright (unlike a Dyson), you can only cover so much of each step before it stops running (it shuts off when placed upright). My solution is to wash half a step on the way up, then do the other half of the step on the way down. Problem solved.MINOR MINOR complaints:1) Very faint streaking on the backroll – i.e. if you pull the vacuum backwards too quickly, it can leave some stripes on the floor. Solve by always moving the vac forwards and overlapping the backwards strokes.2) The water tank requires somewhat frequent refilling. A bit inconvenient but really not bad at all.3) Self-clean cycle requires 10% battery and that your clean water tank is about half full. Again, pretty minor and easy to address.4) Yes, you need to touch the gunk in your filter to clean it properly. If that grosses you out, just throw it in the sink and run water over it to rinse it out.5) Doesn’t lie flat to go way under furniture (would be wonderful if it did!) but most people aren’t crazy and need their entire under-bed area washed.I got this on sale when it was the same price as the S3, and based on comparisons between the two, the S5 seemed a better deal (easier to clean components, larger water tank, less distance between roller brush edge and wall).My only regret is not purchasing this sooner!

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  31. Isabel

    Excelente producto

    Cumple con todo lo que promete amo mi aspiradora

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  32. Amy Medina


    Todo venía bien empaquetado pero no traía la solución limpiadora sin embargo me hicieron el reembolso de la misma y la pude adquirir a parte. Es increíble los pisos quedan brillantes y con menor esfuerzo y tiempo. La amo 🥰

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  33. Kathy M

    First cleaning and I’m impressed!

    First, I’d like to say that I am replacing a Bissell Crosswave (1785A) and most of my review of the Tineco S5 is in comparison to the Bissell. I wasn’t happy with the edge cleaning or room transitions of the Bissell. And if I went too quickly, it would spit water out when the mop was extended and I pulled it back. I wasn’t always happy with the cleaning of the Bissell in general as it seemed to leave dirty tracks quite often even after going over it repeatedly. Full disclosure, I don’t clean the floor as often as I should, so the Bissell has quite a job to do. I also probably should have replaced the roller over time, but I cleaned it by hand each use and fully dried it, and it still looks like new. And I am a vinegar solution user, which is said to be a no-no, but after years of vinegar with the Bissell, I noticed no issues with the vinegar solution on the Bissell.I was just about to order a new filter and new rollers for the Bissell and got a wild hair to try something else. I opted for the Tineco S5. I really wanted the corded Steam version, but it didn’t edge clean, so opted for this one.With the first use of the Tineco S5, I did vacuum first because it’s spring and it’s been raining and there are muddy dog prints, which were still there after vacuuming. I used the Bissell 3 days ago and cleaned the whole machine (roller, dirty water and innards of the vacuum) and went over the floor a second time and it appears that the dirt just got redistributed around the floor and it looked terrible. So the Tineco had a pretty dirty floor to clean.What I like!:Noise: The Tineco is much quieter than the Bissell. In fact most people complain that the audio prompts are too loud, but I found it hard to understand what it was telling me, so will likely up the volume in the future if I think that’s useful.General cleaning: I think the Tineco S5 did a great job! I feel like it’s fully clean and with less effort than I’ve been using with the Bissell. There were no residual tracks left by the machine, the floor dried quickly and I didn’t need to go over each spot nearly as often to get it clean. I did use the included Tineco cleaner and I don’t notice any residue, but I will go back to a vinegar solution if I find the Tineco soap begins to leave a residue like the Bona cleaner did.Edge cleaning: I am very happy with the edge cleaning. Yes, it only cleans on one edge, and that’s disappointing, but it worked well for me with just the one side and I only had to approach an edge from the other direction a couple of times in order for the right side of the machine to be at the edge.Transitions: It still wasn’t perfect at room transitions (raised strips in doorways), but I was able to push the vacuum up to the transition and get it clean without leaving a bunch of water and clumps of wet dog hair like the Bissell.Ease of use: I seemed to clean the areas much faster than with my old Bissell because it’s constantly outputting water. I didn’t find I had to go over a spot nearly as often to pick up the dirt and it left the floor drier with each pass than the Bissell would – maybe go over a muddy footprint 2-3 times total with the Tineco rather than 5-6 and then again 3-4 times to dry it with the Bissell.Roller: I think the Tineco roller does a much better job at cleaning the floor and not leaving an uneven layer of water behind. I always thought my laminate plank floors were warped the way the Bissell left water on the floor, but I didn’t get that at all with the Tineco and the water was evenly damp and left no residual marks from the wheels or the roller anywhere on my floors!Battery life: Yes, the battery does take a long time to charge, but within an hour of unboxing, it was at 75% and I took it for a spin. I did my large kitchen, a hallway and small bathroom all in about 20 minutes and was down to 38% after cleaning the floor and going through the self cleaning mode, so I should be able to do all of the floors I already cleaned, plus the mud room, master bedroom and large bathroom and run the self-cleaning mode all in a single charge. If not, I can certainly break up the cleaning and won’t be that disappointed in having to wait for a recharge.Clean up: While the self cleaning mode is just ok, I still hand clean the roller, tanks and base of the machine, which it states clearly to do on the box. Why anyone would leave the dirty tank on the machine and be surprised at the smell that develops is beyond me. But the design of the Tineco makes cleaning easier and faster as there are fewer places behind the roller where hair and other debris gets hung up. I think the self-cleaning mode helps to remove hair and debris from the roller and the machine, making clean up less of a chore. And the included brush helps a bit with cleaning the filter, the dirty tank, and the port to the dirty tank. I always replace the roller after cleaning out everything and run the vacuum to suck as much water from the roller as possible, then remove the roller again to let it air dry; and still did this with the Tineco. I didn’t replace the clean water tank during this process because I didn’t want water flowing to the roller when I was trying to spin it dry. It seemed to work to remove excess water from the roller as there was more water in the dirty tank, so that worked fine. But the label on the machine says that the “brush” (roller?) shouldn’t be submerged or rinsed, yet the instruction manual says to rinse the brush roller. I rinsed it, soaped it, rinsed it thoroughly and spun it dry on the machine so it will dry faster. Voila.What I didn’t like (but aren’t deal breakers)!:Tank capacity: When I was going through the self-cleaning mode, I ran out of clean water and then the dirty tank was full, so I had to stop twice during the self-cleaning mode to fill the clean tank and empty the dirty tank. I rarely had to refill the clean tank and never had to empty the dirty tank on the Bissell midway through my cleaning of the same area, so it’s a little disappointing to have the smaller tank capacities.Cleaning sensor(?): As another reviewer commented, the readout never showed that the floor was dirty, so I had to manually turn on the Max cleaning mode in the dirty paw print traffic area. I noticed where I didn’t have the Max cleaning on in that dirtier area, I had to go over it a second time to get the footprints up, so the Max mode was definitely needed in that area, but it didn’t go into Max on its own. But I don’t need a machine to do my thinking for me about where the extra dirty areas are, so I’m fine with pushing the button for the Max cleaning when I need it.Suction only mode: Apparently this model may not have a suction only mode, which is helpful if you happen to leak water on the floor while cleaning or when spinning the roller dry. It wasn’t clear to me (and still isn’t by the manual) whether the S5 has a Suction-only mode, so that is disappointing if it doesn’t. It may be that you have to shell out more $$ on the Pro or Smart (Blue) model to get the Suction only version. I didn’t feel like putting everything back together before it’s dry to see if there is a Suction Only mode, but if there isn’t, I will continue to remove the clean water tank to get suction only. So there.Summary: I think this is a fine machine and the Tineco S5 did a better job of cleaning my floors with less effort than before! I could get it directly from Tineco for cheaper than I bought it on Amazon, but in case I hated it right out of the box, I opted for Amazon – even though I believe I would have to work with Tineco directly if I had used it and wanted to return it, so that’s food for thought. I would say that I was very happy with the performance of the Tineco and have no regrets with this purchase. If I find any other issues with the machine down the road, I will update my review.

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  34. MIMI


    Cumple con lo que promete pero la duración de la batería para efectuar el trabajo es muy poca y el tiempo de recarga de la mismas es demasiado.La duración de la pila es de aprox 20 minutos y se debe recargar entre 3 y 4 horas.Si limpia bien los pisos y te ahorra tiempo en las labores de barrido y trapeado.

  35. Omar Sosa


    El producto hace un excelente trabajo de aspirado y trapeado dejando los pisos perfectamente limpios y muy fácil

  36. Letthy

    Barrer y trapear está en el pasado

    RECOMENDABLE: Es la mejor aspiradora del momento! Es muy fácil de usar, tiene muchos accesorios para aspirar espacios estrechos y es muy potente. Lo único malo es que la batería dura 25 minutos pero aspirar un departamento pequeño nos toma 20 minutos, así que no es gran problema.

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  37. jose edgar

    No sirve

    Barre y trapear muy bien, pero falla el sensor del agua sucia, ni siquiera tiene basura y dice que el depósito está lleno entonces tienes que estarlo quitando y poniendo a cada rato y eso es muy molesto

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  38. Brenda Quintanar

    Un consejo:

    La aspiradora es buena, sin embargo me llevé una decepción cuando al abrirla no tenía el líquido desinfectante que es ESCENCIAL para funcionar, además de que en la caja dice que se incluye. Tuve que comprar uno ese mismo día y en México no lo venden en ningún lado, solo en línea. Así que tuve que esperar 1 semana más para poder usar la aspiradora. Contacté al vendedor y ofrecieron reembolsar el costo del líquido desinfectante, aún no lo han hecho, pero ya iniciaron el proceso.Mi opinión es que la compres, es buena! Muy buena! Pero para que no te decepciones compra también un líquido al mismo tiempo, por si no llega con la aspiradora. Sobre todo si piensas usarla para una ocasión especial. Yo tendría una fiesta en casa, quería limpiar con ella todo el desastre y NO PUDE porque solo funciona con su propio líquido.

  39. elena

    Lo mejor

    Fácil de usar, lo maneja mi hija de 8 años.

  40. Alan García

    Pedido incompleto

    No recibí el liquido de limpieza. Anuncia que viene incluido, pero no venía en el empaque.

  41. DebuDebu

    Life Changer! Couldn’t be Happier

    Another Review from DebuDebuBuckle Up, Lets Go!I like a clean home and was using a swiffer for long time and used it often. My swiffer died and I thought it is a good time to search for what is new. Now the price difference between the Tineco and a swiffer are completely different and different price points. So this isn’t a like for like replacement. But I hope you read this and understand why this cleans just so much better.Cleaning:Separate tanks for clean and dirty water. Huge plus. Gets to the edges well. Vacuums dust and other little debris as it cleans the floors and that is nice too. Less work. You can’t use it on carpet so the dyson is still used for my area rugs.Drying Time:It really pulls the water it uses back and you don’t have puddles and it feel it doesn’t leave you floors as wet as a swiffer does. Also a swiffer pad gets saturated and you need to change them often to do a more than one room.Cleaning Time:I cleaned 3 bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living room, dining room and two bedrooms as well as hallways between them all and got to about 9% battery left. It was a lot of cleaning.Self Cleaning:You need at least 10% for the self cleaning function to work. Learned that when I hit 9% but I just waited a bit and when it had charge, I kicked it off. No biggie had plenty of stuff to do anyway and it was only a few minutes before it hit 10 anyway. It does clean well and the rollers stay clean as well as all the chambers.Dirty Water:Well, You think your house is clean, you swiffer, dust, vacuum. Nope. This guy tells you that a spot is red (the led meter tells you how clean things are) and by the time you are done you have this gray dirty water and wonder just how clean things have been in the past. I’ve used this probably weekly or bi-weekly depending on how busy we are and it always shows dirty water.Floor Feel:After I’m done, I can feel the floor is much cleaner, one thing I noticed is if I dropped something on the kitchen floor and wiped it up with a wipe or wet paper towel the towel would always be dirty from the floor. This doesn’t happen anymore. The floors are much cleaner now.Cleaning Modes:There is auto and like a turbo mode. I use auto as that lets the battery last longer and seems to do a good job. When it does find dirt and the blue ring turns red, it will automatically go into turbo for you.App:Yup, everything has an app now. It even had a firmware upgrade when I got it. But the app shows you dates and times you used your Tineco. It also tells you the charge percentage as well as how much longer it will take to charge to 100%. Firmware as of 2/4/2023 is Thoughts:Huge magnitude to difference in price to a swiffer. However this is a get what you pay for kind of thing. It cleans well. Vacuums and mops all in one and does a great job at both. App tells you when it’s charged. Probably one of the best purchases we made since the dyson vacuum. Very happy with it. If you have hardwood floors, want cordless cleaning, this is the way to go.

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  42. CH

    Wow. It will take a robot doing chores to beat this!

    If you have hard floors, this is the way to go. Even with regular moping, Tineco was able to remove a layer of dirt not visible to the naked eye. Left one side of the room dirty to compare. Unbelievable. The Tineco side shines. Stays clean longer. You might need to push this around a little longer on the first and second use, and you’ll be glad you did. Our lives got a lot easier, today. If it comes with longevity, I’ll say, one of the best home appliance machines ever made.

  43. LawyerMom

    Not the Holy Grail

    So I had high hopes for this thing, but it’s not the end-all-be-all (particularlyfor nuerodivergent cleaners). It does not get up stuck on dirt, and I don’t think it has a ton of cleaning power. After running, even on the extra wash mode, some dirt spots aren’t lifted. So is this going to replace boiling hot water and a mop/hands and knees? No. But, it is good for every day cleaning and it largely removes the need for sweeping. Emptying the dirty water tank is absolutely disgusting–there is no separation of solids and liquids so it’s all one gross vomit of…stuff. You can dump it in the toilet but you still need to rinse it out somewhere, which still puts filth in your sink or tub. It says not to add boiling hot water, and to me, mildly hot water isn’t really cleaning. The fact that the dirty water/clean are never in sync is annoying, so you’re constantly dumping one or filling the other. Overall I have mixed feelings because it is great for daily maintenance, but I can’t bring myself to say it’s worth the price tag given how poorly it actually mops and how gross the process is. If it steamed, I’d be fine with it.

  44. matthew

    Amazing but poor battery life

    Amazing vacuum however the battery life is so short. I have to literally race through my 1600 square foot house to do every room before it dies, I would absolutely still purchase it again though

  45. Dana L Allen

    Work Horse!

    This guy has worked so hard in the time I’ve been using it! I run a daycare and this WORKS! We have sticky floors after meals from food hitting the floor and this guy takes care of it! It’s easy to use too! The dirty water tank fills rather quickly, but it’s still worth it! I use it almost daily to keep our floors clean for the crawling babies!


    So far so good

    I just received this yesterday and used it for the first time this morning. Although I room a’d the floor yesterday and mopped it on Sat it got an surprising amount of dirt off the floor ( I have a lab) . The floors are streak free and feel really clean. Wasn’t going to use the cleaner that comes with it because I was afraid it might leave residue but it didn’t . All in all I am very happy with the way it works.

  47. Jubes

    Cleans Well

    This machine does a great job on kitchen floors. Unlike conventional mopping that just moves the dirt around, this guy actually removes the dirt. The results are amazing. Have not tried it on big messes like cereal or chocolate syrup. The self cleaning feature is also nice to have though, I usually clean the roller in the sink after heavy usage.

  48. G

    Who needs a maid if you got Tineco

    2 Bathrooms vacuumed and mobbed in 5 min! Even cleaned dried up toothpaste on my carpet floor, and it came right off.High tech in a tiny dry wet cleaner.Best purchase ever! My friend recommended it and I highly recommend to others, if you want an high efficient cleaner.

  49. Scott Benson

    Must have!

    This not only vacuums your floor, but also cleans it! My teenage daughter used it clean to her floors and well that’s a rare moment but she was impressed with how easy it was to use! Everyone especially those with kids/ pets needs this!

  50. W

    Obsessed. Amazing. How did I live without it?!

    I am so impressed With this thing. I use it everyday!!!I pride myself on having clean floors. I hate feeling nasty floors beneath my feet. I thought my floors were clean before I got this vacuum… I was SO WRONG. The amount of dirt this thing picked up on day one blew my mind. Now that I use it everyday the dirty water is cleaner but still…. The amount it continues to pick up even tho I use this EVERY DAY blows my mind. I have a dog so she brings in dirt but I had no idea how MUCH dirt until I bought this. The noticeable clean you can see and feel on my floors is night and day. I’m never going back!

  51. Beatriz

    Definitivamente es una buena compra

    Es un excelente aparato, sólo hay que tomar en cuenta que es pesado, subirlo a otro piso puede ser complicado. Es una maravilla para la cocina, que es una de las áreas de la casa que requieren barrer y trapear con mucha frecuencia, con este aparato la mantienes limpia con más facilidad.

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  52. D. S. Craig

    Fantastic cleaner and amazing customer service

    I waited a little over six months to write this review. First let me say I absolutely love this machine. Easy to use, easy to clean, and does an amazing job cleaning my concrete floors. Initially, I got about 40 minutes of cleaning time in a single charge. Cleaning time will very based on how dirty your floors are.After several months, I noticed a marked decrease in cleaning time. After six months, machine would immediately discharge once in use. This disappointed me because the machine was so expensive. I reached out to Tineco customer support. Initial contact was by phone, and all future interaction was via email. I was given a list of diagnostics. Machine failed all tests. I provided my serial number and order number, Tineco sent me a shipping label to ship the machine for service. Repairs were quick and machine was shipped back. BUT…FedEx delivered it to the wrong house. I reported this to FedEx and got no resolution. After several days, I contacted Tineco to inform them I had not received my machine. They sent me another machine. Interestingly enough, FedEx found my original machine and delivered it after Tineco sent me another machine. I asked Tineco what to do about this and they told me to test my repaired machine and report back before they decided what I should do next. Tested my repaired machine. Cleaned great and I got about 40 minutes of cleaning time, so it’s as good as new!All these words to say that not only do I love this machine, but they have amazing customer service.

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  53. Arturo Macossay



  54. NYCbroadcaster

    I love this machine! BUT …

    I’ve had this machine nearly a year, so here’s my experience.First, I live in a large house with what feels like about an acre of floor tile. I have an average-sized foyer with a hallway leading into a large kitchen with attached dinette area, going back through another hallway into a powder room. Plus – a first-floor laundry room and an oversized bathroom in the first-floor master suite. Upstairs, I have two more average-sized bathrooms.Having to first vacuum all that square footage and then using a bucket and mop for all that tile used to take me around 2 hours – if I was quick. It was hot and sweaty work, and I never really felt the floors were clean using a mop dipped into dirty water.After watching video after video on YouTube – and with Prime day sweetening the deal with a deep discount – I took the plunge and bought the 2-in-1 cordless model.It’s described as the “BMW” of vacuum mops by reviewers on YouTube, and they’re not kidding. Opening the box feels like unpacking a giant iPhone; even the packaging material is top-notch. Every piece of this unit is made with high-quality plastic with rubber seals, ingeniously designed and very well-made. (PRO TIP: take pictures or video with your phone as you unpack – you may need to have to repack it later – I’ll explain below.)I now have every square inch of my tile floors vacuumed and cleaned in less than 1/2 hour without breaking a sweat. Every inch is washed with fresh water/cleaning solution, and my floors have never looked or felt cleaner.However, there are some things to know about this machine before you buy it. I won’t even call them “cons”, just some pointers:1. I wish this came in a corded model. I’d much rather work around a long cord than always having to hustle through the job before it loses its charge. (PRO TIP: move all of your furniture and area rugs off the floor before you start so you can move through the rooms quickly without wasting precious seconds on the battery charge.)2. A full charge lasts me about 24 minutes. BUT – it’s important you finish the job before you drop below 20% charge; once you’re below 20%, it will not let you do the self-cleaning cycle.3. The self-cleaning cycle. Do not think you’re done after the self-cleaning cycle. Like a BMW, this machine is very sensitive with compact parts, and it needs to be THOROUGHLY cleaned by disassembling the wastewater tank, removing the cover and the brush, and washing each part meticulously and wiping down the machine. If it’s not squeaky-clean after each use, crap will gunk up REAL fast and start growing mold and mildew.4. Because of the necessary post-cleanup, all the videos and photos showing people standing on a pristine floor using this machine to sweep up spilled cereal or an entire plate of spilled spaghetti are completely insane. Yes, I understand they’re just trying to illustrate what the machine can do, but honestly, WHY would you gunk up your machine with spaghetti and sauce when in literally less than one minute you can scoop it all up with a paper towel and spray and wipe the whole area down with Fantastic? Otherwise you’d be spending at least a half-hour cleaning spaghetti out of your machine. DO NOT DO THIS.5. Be aware that it’ll take around 4 hours for a full recharge.********SERVICE ALERT**********After not even 12 uses, the machine started to seriously malfunction; while cleaning the floors, it kept slipping into “self-cleaning” mode, shooting cleaning solution everywhere. I had to carefully re-pack the unit and send it back for servicing. They paid the shipping and the cost of the repair, and it was fixed and returned within about 10 days. Knock on wood, it’s been working well ever since.FINAL THOUGHTS:I’ll be honest, even if this thing lasted only 1 year and I had to keep buying a new one every year, for me it would still be worth it. Cleaning the floors with this machine is a joy, my floors have never been cleaner, and the cleanup afterward, once you get the hang of it, really takes only about 5 minutes or so.This is a definite BUY!

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  55. Chris

    Get this!

    I will never look back at my cleaning mops with disposable pads ever again. This product is an investment no doubt the price tag doesn’t come cheap, but so far I can confirm it’s worth the price. Out of the box my kid had a spill of milk which normally I’d be cleaning with paper towels then busting out the mop and scrubbing away to clean the rest…NOT ANYMORE. Out comes the vacuum mop and mess goes bye bye. This thing tackles most anything spilled bigger spilled items should be cleaned separately though as it clogs the vacuum due to narrow passage to ensure water is pulled as much as possible. I have bamboo flooring which it unsealed so I can’t have any water left behind. This does the trick and so much more. replaceable pads do nothing but move dirt around the floor and for whole house cleaning i could go through 4 or 5 pads with the number of people. Now it’s a container or 2 of emptying water. floors have honestly never looked so good and I’m no longer breaking my back and arms scrubbing away feeling like i got no where. automatic indicators sense excess dirt letting you know a spot requires extra attention. fast charging and the holder prevents unwanted dirt and water from leaking to your floor. Makes sense right don’t want to clean just to have another mess. User warning, don’t forget to put all parts back in the vacuum post cleaning. i forgot the filter one time and the vacuum loses the suction power it was putting down water but not getting it back up. problem solved dont forget the filer. Also take the roller out every other couple cleans and make sure no hair is obstructing the suction if you notice more water is being left on the floor its due to a simple blockage. Use the cleaning brush and remove the roller to clear blockage. Pieces come out very easy and just need a wipe down ( usually hair from my cat and women in the house). I love this product and thankful every dah i made the investment. I hope you will feel the same. Finally a cleaning product that works harder than you have to!

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  56. Prime Addict

    It’s a good product

    I have 3 little boys ages 7, 3 and 2, as well as a Labrador retriever. We do not wear our shoes in the house and are quite tidy. I really enjoy a clean home, so time saving and easy to use cleaning products are important to me.I wish there was a sanitizing solution option that could be used with this machine. Otherwise I enjoy using it. It cuts down my daily cleaning time. I don’t consider it a fix all, as a full deep clean with my spin mop and a bleach/tide combo is still required (I do my deep clean every other week now where I used to do it at least once a week). After running the self clean, it’s important to remove the hepa filter as well as the brush roll. My first hepa filter got mold in a few days. Now I leave it out to dry after dumping the dirty water and have had no problems. The brush roll washes up well with dish soap and warm water.I’m impressed with the suction and ability to pick up dog hair. It’s a lightweight machine so it’s surprising how strong it is. I do find that dried on food and greasy messes require pre cleaning but general daily drips and things are easily cleaned.The charging doc is easy to use and hold the brush roll and filter while they dry. Very convenient!

  57. ederhaus

    Game Changer

    This vacuum mop is fantastic! It’s sooo easy to use, right out of the box. First, packaging is wonderful. I saw a review stating all the wraps and cardboard are wasted. Not true, that’s what protected it so well in shipping. And the only assembly is pop in the handle. You could try it out right away, it came with a charge of 40%. So cool for it to talk to you, and know how much dirt it’s actually picking up and adjust itself. And it’s light weight. I’m 69 years old so don’t want to push a heavy unit. One more great feature is how dry it leaves the floor. No more waiting over an hour to be able to walk on it. I’ll never get out the bucket and mop ever again. There is just my husband and myself in our home, no pets, so I cannot speak to cleaning heavily soiled floors.

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  58. HD

    Will not replace a steam mop or stick vacuum

    I had high hopes for this and it performs pretty decent but it’s more of a quick clean but not a tool to do a full or deep clean. I would actually give it 3.5 stars mainly because it has several draw backs for the price.UNDER FURNITURE – My biggest complaint is it can’t reach under low furniture or furniture that has a low opening at the bottom that my Dyson stick, Bissell steam mop or a Swifter can easily get to. Under furniture is the area where dust, hair, and dirt tend to collect the most and it’s not getting it.STAIRS – my stairs are the next dirtiest area and this machine is too bulky to do the stairs. I wish the HANDHELD used water but it’s no different than using the handheld on my Dyson. If the handheld used the water tank I would definitely use this more to clean furniture and my stairs.FEELING OF CLEAN VS STEAM MOP – It leaves the areas it mops feeling clean, but not the same as my steam mop that people have commented that my floors look clean enough to eat off of because my steam mop leaves them looking brand new.FLOORING TYPES – I have mostly LVP, engineered wood, and tile in the bathrooms. I have real wood stairs as well as large area rugs in all rooms except the bathrooms and kitchen. I feel the area rugs are the only floor type that the Tineco outperforms the other cleaning tools with the exception of its inability to reach under furniture.PRIMARILY ADULTS AND PET FREE – My house is primarily occupied by adults with nieces and nephews 12+ years old staying in the house on occasion and a well trained 50 lb dog nephew who also stays over. I could see this being a more utilized cleaning tool for households with young children all the time or multiple pets that would need to clean in between vacuuming and steam moping, but for me this is really only is useful when I need a quick but not full clean because something is better than nothing.It did a good job of PICKING UP DIRT that got on the rug from the DOG that didn’t come up with the vacuum.I had been wearing a pair of sweatpants that were pilling and little balls of the fabric were on my floors. I found that this would pick it up at first, but then find where it had spit it out, wet and smashed on the floors. I did go over it a second time and most of the time it did pick it up.SELF CLEANING – not quite, yes it self cleans but there is still some dirt/hair that remains that you have to clean out. The same happens with my vacuum when emptying the canister but my vacuum doesn’t claim to be self cleaning. You also have to rinse the FILTER thoroughly after each use adding time to the cleaning process.WIFI SAFETY – After purchasing this, I saw a nationally known cyber security expert speaking on tv who said that Tineco would have the ability to hack your wifi if they wanted. I never hooked mine up to Wi-Fi to begin with so this is not a concern of mine. I’m not quite sure what advantage there is to hooking up a vacuum to Wi-Fi. I’m not somebody who worries a lot about cyber security, but I am a little cautious and probably will not hook it up to wifi mainly because we don’t need another device sucking up the wifi bandwidth.OVERALL THOUGHTS – probably more useful for homes with small children, multiple pets, and a lot of traffic. This tool does not replace all other tools in my arsenal.

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  59. LuxuryLover

    Deserves 4.5 ⭐️

    I felt compelled to write a review after owning this for nearly a year and seeing so many upset reviews.This is hands down the best floor mopping device I have ever owned and I am a compulsive shopper that is always buying new gadgets. I have real, white marble floors, 2 dogs and I don’t wear shoes in my home. However my dogs are always tracking in dirt and muddy footprints, I cook often and always drip on the floor, and this cleans all of it, easily. I will say that I get the water super hot before filling up the tank so that it can remove anything smudged a lot quicker and it dries without streaks. Sometimes I have to go over an area 2-3 times but that’s if something spilled or my dogs tracked something sticky in the house. But the fact that this vacuums and washes in one shot is perfect for me. I will disclose, I vacuum with a Dyson first, and I also have an iRobot that makes its rounds once per day. If you’re expecting this to vacuum a weeks worth of dirt and mop with perfect results, you’re lying to yourself and will surely be over expecting what this can deliver.Now the cons, if you use this slowly, the battery will not last. If you move it around the speed of a relaxed vacuuming, you’ll be fine. I have about 1800sqft downstairs and I can just about finish the floor on a single charge depending on if there’s any extra dirty spots I have to spend more time on. I also use this on my real hardwood floors upstairs and it’s perfect. No extra water puddles or patches taking forever to dry. Again, I use very hot water. Sometimes it also leaks if I’ve left it off the stand for an extended period of time.This machine also does need to have the dirty water tank emptied while using, I think it depends on if the area is extra dirty, then the machine speed picks up and is using water faster. Is it annoying? Sure. Does the clean water tank need to be refilled while using? Yep. Again, depending how dirty and how much effort the machine is making. Is that annoying? Also yes. Does it say start self cleaning cycle while using? Sure does. Do I do it? No. I finish cleaning then run it after. Is all this frustrating? Sometimes. But not nearly as annoying, frustrating or as much effort as using a Swifter or mop and bucket, or cleaning on my hands and knees.Bottom line, if you’re diligent about keeping your house fairly clean, and you have realistic expectations as in, no, this will not clean as good as your housekeeper or Cinderella on her knees with a bucket and rag. Then you should probably end up enjoying the fruits of your labor with this snazzy little machine.

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  60. D. Johnson

    Great product, BUT

    I really love the idea of a vacuum mop and this does work very well. It is easy to clean my floors. I have about 1600 feet of hard wood flooring on my main floor. I ordered this to replace my corded vac mop from a different company. I am very happy with the way it works, and it is very easy. A few drawbacks for me are the size of the clean and the dirty water tank. I can’t clean the whole space without emptying and refilling both tanks at least once but usually twice. I have been happy with how long the battery lasts and that does not seem to be a problem at all.

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