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RODE Wireless PRO Compact Wireless Microphone System

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RODE Wireless PRO Compact Wireless Microphone System
with Timecode, 32-bit Float On-board Recording, 2 Lavalier Microphones and Smart Charge Case for Filmmaking and Content Creation

The Wireless PRO is the ultimate wireless microphone, packed full of powerful features that offer incredible flexibility for recording pristine audio for your content. Never lose a take with 32-bit float on-board recording, keep all your video and audio flawlessly synchronised with timecode, and capture incredible-sounding content effortlessly with intelligent GainAssist technology. The Wireless PRO delivers everything you could possibly want from a compact wireless microphone system, and much more.

  • RODE’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for crystal-clear, incredibly stable audio with best-in-class range.
  • Universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones (iOS and Android) and computers (Mac and Windows).
  • Over 40 hours of 32-bit float on-board recording allows you to recover clipped or quiet audio files.
  • Advanced timecode capability for quick-and-easy audio sync in post-production.
  • Complete accessory kit, including smart charging case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clips and accessory case

State of the Art Wireless Audio

After inventing the ultra-compact wireless microphone category with the Wireless GO, RØDE has now perfected it with the Wireless PRO. It uses a new iteration of our Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission, which boasts enhanced stability, signal security and range.

Bristling With Professional Features

The Wireless PRO is packed full of professional features that ensure you can capture pristine audio with absolute ease. It is the first wireless microphone to include 32-bit float on-board recording for flawless sound in any situation. You no longer have to worry about your audio being too quiet or too loud – you can simply adjust it in post with no loss of quality and no chance of clipping or distortion.

The Wireless PRO also features timecode, allowing you to capture audio clips that are flawlessly synchronised with your video footage right down to the individual frame, perfect for setups with multiple cameras and audio sources.


Connect To All Your Devices

Not only can you use the Wireless PRO with your DSLR, mirrorless or cinema camera, but thanks to its USB-C output, you can record flawless wireless audio to your Apple or Android smartphone, or your Windows or Mac computer. What’s more, with the included smart charging case and SuperSpeed USB-C cable, you can connect all three of your Wireless PRO units to your computer at once for blazing fast data transfer of your on-board recordings.

The Ultimate Pro Recording Kit

The Wireless PRO is packed full of professional features that ensure you can capture pristine audio with absolute ease. It is the first wireless microphone to include 32-bit float on-board recording for flawless sound in any situation. You no longer have to worry about your audio being too quiet or too loud – you can simply adjust it in post with no loss of quality and no chance of clipping or distortion.

The Wireless PRO also features timecode, allowing you to capture audio clips that are flawlessly synchronised with your video footage right down to the individual frame, perfect for setups with multiple cameras and audio sources.

Product information

Technical Details

Item Weight ‎458 g

Product Dimensions ‎4.6 x 4.4 x 2 cm; 458 Grams

Batteries ‎3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number ‎WIPRO

Compatible Devices ‎Camera, Smartphone

Material Type ‎Crystal

Hardware Platform ‎Camera, Smartphone

Power Source ‎Battery Powered


Date First Available 26 September 2023

RODE’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for crystal-clear, incredibly stable audio with best-in-class range. Universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones (iOS and Android) and computers (Mac and Windows).

Over 40 hours of 32-bit float on-board recording allows you to recover clipped or quiet audio files. Advanced timecode capability for quick-and-easy audio sync in post-production. Complete accessory kit, including smart charging case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clips and accessory case.
























































Item Weight

‎458 g

Product Dimensions

‎4.6 x 4.4 x 2 cm; 458 Grams


‎3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Compatible Devices

‎Camera, Smartphone

Material Type


Hardware Platform

‎Camera, Smartphone

Power Source

‎Battery Powered



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4.6 out of 5 stars

Date First Available

26 September 2023

49 reviews for RODE Wireless PRO Compact Wireless Microphone System

  1. ROCHDI 😇


    Le top du topJ’avais les DJI que J’ai Vendu, en toute franchise, je ne regrette vraiment pas cette achat. Le 32 bites flottant, c’est juste magnifique. Je le conseille à tous ceux que je cherche une prise sonore sans prendre de risques, la plage dynamique est juste incroyable

  2. Jose Miguel Albesa

    Simplemente perfectos

    Rode poco más que decir, calidad sonora a raudales, funciones profesionales, los accesorios y los estuches que lleva son de muy buena calidad, no he probado las otras gamas más económicas, pero estos son perfectos, los recomiendo.

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  3. OSTO

    Great option with a reasonable price

    The sound quality is excellent and very easy to set up and use.The only drawback is that the microphone clips are weak (the clip that surrounds the mic is plastic) and mine broke on the first use, which was bad for my task. I have to say that Rode’s response was positive and they sent me a couple of spare parts.But it took him two weeks or more to get the new clips and I’m afraid they might break again at any moment.I recommend the product, but it would be nice to buy the Rode metal clips. This shouldn’t have to happen with a $400 device.

    3 people found this helpful

  4. Jonas Ertle

    Einfach geil

    Ich hatte davor die Wireless GO II viel im Einsatz und da hat mir genau das gefehlt was hier jetzt verbessert wurde.Ich kann dir Lav. Mics festschrauben, das case ist ein ladecase und 32Bit Floatet Audio. Absolute Empfehlung 😍

    2 people found this helpful

  5. Steve @ Aberdeen


    I already have one of the original Rode Wireless Go mics and it does all it’s promised. I now need two and this set, whilst expensive, does it all. Having the three units in a charging case takes away all the doubt on whether they’ll have enough battery life, or need topping up before use. I especially like the 32bit recording on the TX units – even allows them to double up as recorders. The ability to set them up on my laptop is handy.They’re not perfect, but I’ve not yet found any problems!

  6. Sandra Briones

    As expected

    There are tons of reviews online and it does everything the reviews claim. Very satisfied with it

  7. R. Santos

    Top tier!

    This is the product I’ve been wanting for over a decade now and it’s finally been invented! I wished there was a third magnetic clip for the receiver, but it’s fine as it is. Though, they are extremely hard to slide back off the plastic clip. I love that my shotgun microphone can now go extra portable just plugging into a transmitter.

  8. Casey

    The future of audio

    I’ve been using these professionally at my 9-5 as a videographer, and they’re top of the game.Being able to see and control when a mic is rolling and monitor it on the go is something I didn’t realise I needed in my life.I work in a fast paced sport retailer and we often shoot with various football players on the same day. This has become something that me and my team absolutely love.The 32bit audio is always fantastic to have. Along with the wireless receiver that can input the mic audio straight into the camera to save the hassle of syncing audio in post.Honestly, 10/10 from me and my team!

    One person found this helpful

  9. Spela Jaksa, PETI ELEMENT

    Best money that could buy in that price range

    Perfect quality and a lot of functions.

  10. Lukas

    Funktioniert alles wie es soll.

    Bin sehr zufrieden. Akkus halten sehr lange und aufnehmen funktioniert auch problemlos.

    One person found this helpful

  11. Baby Sloth

    Nice set

    This is a great, easy to use wireless lavalier microphone set. The charging case for the mic packs and receiver is nice as well, though I wish the charging case also held the accessories instead of requiring a second case for all of the extras.The set pairs effortlessly with the Rodecaster Pro II mixer for great sound quality and sensitivity. You have the option to use the on pack mic or use an included lav mic for additional flexibility. The receiver is small and clips into a cold shoe on camera for easy on the go video. It connects via 3.5 mm plug to the camera audio in. Overall it’s a great product.

  12. Nebti19

    Pro level recording…

    Rode has been adding components to its podcasting lineup. I’ve owned several and now add this compact wireless mic system to the mix.The caliber of this dual mic system equal to the other components of Rode’s lineup: well-thought-out, well-built, impeccable quality. I’m adding it to my PodMic. The sound quality is a bit less dynamic, but the usage scenario is also dramatically different.In no particular order, these are the things I’m impressed by:1) Case is able to recharge all components twice2) Near-seven-hour power3) Can be powered and charged by USB-C4) 32-bit float recording eases clipping issues5) Timecode recording for ease of synching with video6) On-board memory in mics for recording without attachment to receiver7) Control of most features is possible not only from receiver but also from RODE’s app8) Truly great wireless range9) MIcs can transmit directly to RODE’s StreamCaster, RODEcaster Pro and Duo without requiring the receiver10 Receiver can connect via 3.5mm or USB-CThis is a worthy addition to the industry standard for podcasting.Finally, using stand-alone mode the mics can record 32GB of data, about forty hours. But if you run past the capacity the earliest data in memory gets overwritten without warning.

  13. Glass Avenue

    This lav stands so far above the rest. It’s not even close.

    Hats of the KING of lav mics.The roads wireless Pro Lavalier microphone performs so much better than everything else that I own. The audio quality is superb. The microphone quality is top-tier, and the lapel mic it comes with are thin, but made with the highest quality materials.The companion applications, work flawlessly, and are the only ones that I have found that update the microphone over a mobile device. I am absolutely blown away with the quality of craftsmanship, and the thought put into the operation of even the supporting characteristics of the app.The audio quality on these microphones are better. The user experience is better. Everything is easily laid out and convenient.If I had to find a fault, the only thing I would say is I wish the accessories, and the microphones came together in the same case.

    One person found this helpful

  14. Calbee Q

    The overall product works fantastic!!

    I have had zero problems with this setup so far. These mics are so amazing. RODE uses the most advanced IV series 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for clear, stable audio and universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones (iOS and Android), Mac Windows.This Microphone System Includes smart charging case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clip and accessory case!

  15. USA Unboxed

    32-bit float still has its limits, not foolproof like some other recorders

    I haven’t found anyone on the Internet talking about these issues with the Wireless Pro, so I wanted to share them with you here exclusively.While testing the RODE wireless pro I learned that not all 32-bit float recorders are created equal. I own a Sound Devices MixPre-10 II portable recorder, which features 32-bit float recording as well. But the difference is that the MixPre has 142 dB of dynamic range in the A/D converters, while the Wireless Pro seems to have much less dynamic range. Let me clear that 142 dB of dynamic range is huge—basically equal to the full dynamic range that can be represented by a 24-bit recording. This difference means that on the MixPre, I can plug in a low output dynamic mic like the Shure SM7B and set the mic pre to the lowest gain setting of 6 dB instead of the usual 70 dB of gain and then boost the gain of the recorded 32-bit file using software by 64 dB without any major difference in the noise floor. But on the Wireless Pro when I plug in the same mic and try to boost the gain by about 36 dB in post to a usable level, the noise is very loud at about -20 dBFS. What this means is that you can’t recover recordings that are too quiet or loud as well as they can be recovered on a device that has an analog to digital converter design with a larger dynamic range. In other words, even though 32-bit float recordings have a theoretical dynamic range of more than 1500 dB, you are limited by the dynamic range of the analog to digital converter design, which is much smaller on the Wireless Pro.Another scenario where I tested the promise of 32-bit float recordings is by connecting the line level output of a DJ mixer at a party I was filming to the input of the Wireless Pro transmitter (TX) using a XLR to TS 3.5mm connector. I adjusted the gain and levels so that I was seeing a strong signal on the receiver but not clipping. I also enabled recording on the TX. During the sound check the levels were fine. But of course during the actual party the DJ played music at a higher and higher volume level, which did affect my mix even though I was using a separate bus out of his mixer. I figured that even though it started to sound clipped a little bit it shouldn’t matter because it’s 32-bit float and can be fixed in post. Well, it turned out that the 32-bit float recordings also clipped probably because we exceeded the maximum input level for the TX. The clipping wasn’t terrible and could probably be repaired with some restoration software, but it was still clipped and didn’t live up to the promise of using 32-bit float—again due to the limited dynamic range of the A/D converters.The lesson is that you still need to be in the ballpark with the Wireless Pro to get a good recording. 32-bit float here means that you still do need to have proper gain set or matched to the input. Otherwise noise and clipping will result. This is not the same on other 32-bit float recorders like the MixPre that I mentioned earlier.Another thing to note is that the Wireless Pro 3.5mm input is NOT balanced. I learned this when I tried to connect a balanced XLR mic to the input using an XLR to TRS 3.5mm cable. The resulting sound and recording was very quiet and had a lot of noise because it seems like the Wireless Pro is summing the normal and inverted polarity signals from the balanced mic. When I switched to an unbalanced XLR to TS cable, the signal was much stronger compared to the noise floor. That result led me to conclude that the input is not balanced.Another issue I encountered on one of my TX units is that it unexpectedly powered off during the party twice. Fortunately the other TX unit remained on and recording the whole time. I tried to test and record on the TX units continuously again after a firmware upgrade, and I wasn’t able to replicate the problem on the TX unit. But that was rather concerning to have one of the units power off during a recording.Overall the Wireless Pro is a big improvement over the Wireless Go II in these areas:1. Increased dynamic range with 32-bit float recordings provide additional but not unlimited safety margin2. Increased internal recording time on TX units3. Automatic and dynamic gain settings provide good results vs. manual gain4. Headphone output on RX unit5. Screw on threads for 3.5mm connectors on TX units provides secure connection and prevents accidental disconnects6. Charging case with internal battery provides a convenient way to charge and connect all three units to a computer for configuring and transferring recording files7. Units automatically power on when removed from charging case8. Time code output function to synchronize camera with Wireless Pro time code9. Included lavalier mics provide a nice option instead of clipping TX units directly on collars and lapels where they can be seen on cameraAreas that could still be improved:1. Charging case cannot fit all accessories and a separate case is required to store additional cables, lav mics, and wind shields2. Listening through headphones prevents using analog audio output or time code output to your camera, which shares the same output connector3. Increase the dynamic range of input signals and A/D converters to realize the potential of 32-bit float recordingsYou may think I’m crazy for trying to connect a dynamic mic like the Shure SM7B or a DJ mixer to the input on the TX, but the RODE user guide does say that you can connect any mic and recover any recording no matter how quiet or loud. These are also things I have done on other 32-bit float recorders and pro audio gear with success. The point of these tests is to show that the Wireless Pro does have some limits around its input signal range, and I’ve found them above fairly easily. Don’t think you can get away with the same thing you can do on a MixPre. It’s not a comparable implementation of the A/D converters.Limits aside, the Wireless Pro is still a significant upgrade over the Wireless Go II, and I would highly recommend anyone considering this price range and class of microphone to consider the Wireless Pro. If used as a clip on mic or with the included lavalier mics, it works fine. If you shout into the mic you can still overload the mic and get distortion, so it’s not foolproof. But under reasonable circumstances it is a great compact wireless mic system.

    5 people found this helpful

  16. Mark Gilden

    Move over Senn Body packs, these are taking over!

    I’ve been using the traditional AA powered body packs for decades on my freelance video work. I’ve used Rode mics for all kinds of things, but this is my first time trying their wireless system and I have to admit- I’m impressed!I love that it has very professional sounding built in mics so you can skip the lav wire and use the transmitter as a lavalier mic itself (if you choose to- of course you can still use a real lav which are included), and I love the options the receiver gives to mix output audio. Supports phones or professional cameras, I honestly can’t believe this sounds as good as it does even without an external mic attached. Best wireless mic system I’ve seen, hands down.

    6 people found this helpful

  17. Mea Sententia

    Outstanding, true professional performance.

    This is one great kit.It’s been awhile since I was so impressed by a product as I am by this Rode Wireless Pro system.For those who may have interest in this type of wireless system I urge you to go to the Rode website and review the user guide. It is very well laid out and explains the NUMEROUS abilities of the system. I can only scratch the surface and would be writing an essay here if I tried.Suffice to say this is one of the few self proclaimed PRO products that lives up to the title.I have used many microphone and wireless products over the years and know what constitutes those of a professional caliber. This system has it from start to finish with one glaring exception. The face of the transmitters and receiver are too slick and shiny. RODE, MAKE THE COMPONENTS MATTE AND NOT SLIPPERY! I almost took a star away when I first opened the box and started to handle the pieces. I found using the clips and trying the attach a transmitter to a shirt difficult as it kept slipping from my fingers. Also if one is using the transmitter without an external mic the surface reflects light and can produce distracting glare in a video.That said, every other test so far has met or exceeded my expectations. A bit of a disclaimer here, I have many Rode mics and generally love their products (Made in Australia!) but I am objective as I can be with every review including this one.Where to start.After fully charging the system I first tried using the USB C cable to attach the receiver to my cell phone and did a short video. The two mics were very sensitive and right out of the box I had as good or better 2 channel audio recorded as if using a single directly connected mic.So far the list of usage options I’ve tried:Using a DSLR device powered mic. The transmitter will power a mic of this type. I used a Rode VideoMicro and the pickup was great.Used a Deity mini shotgun with TRRS cable drawing power from the transmitter which also worked great.Connected a transmitter to a mix board via a 3.5mm TRS to 1/4″ TRS cable which had several mics connected providing a sum output.Used a transmitter as a stand alone recorder. In this mode one can record 32 bit float files which can be offloaded directly to a computer (USB C) or when plugged into the storage/charging case connected to the computer with the included high speed data cable. When connected to a computer the 32 bit files can be opened with one of a number of programs. I used Audacity and was able to adjust the source file and then export as a 24 bit WAV file. There are many options as how one can edit and use the 32 bit float files but so far my experience has been positive with clear, very low noise dynamic audio recordings.When using a transmitter as a standalone recorder with an attached microphone one now has an excellent ENG setup for reporting or interviews with a single mic. If the receiver is also used, a headphone can be plugged in to monitor while the transmitter records the 32 bit float. This setup can also serve as a direct connection to a camcorder by using the USB C out to that device or setting the 3.5mm jack to line out then plugging into the camera’s headphone jack. I did not notice ANY latency when recording while using headphones. The transmitter records the 32 bit float while the camcorder records the standard audio stream. In post the 32 bit can be edited and because of the time code signal everything can be synced in final video post edits.Most every aspect of this system is thoughtfully designed (minus the glare) even the mic clips are sized to slip into cold shoes for attachment.Again, way too much to touch on here, read the product guide.The bottom line here is: in my honest opinion Rode has scored big with this upgraded wireless mic system and should be considered as a productive tool in any professional setting involving audio. ENG newscasting, Video production, Cinematography etc.

    3 people found this helpful

  18. Jeremy and Kayleigh Barker

    RODE Wireless PRO Compact Wireless Microphone System with Timecode

    This microphone set is truly a staple and nice piece to have in your recording setup! It works as described and is easy to use as well. The sound quality is also terrific. This is a great thing to have. 🙂

  19. Pawsable

    Not working for me

    So I couldn’t find ANY instructions on how to use these at all with the item despite being sealed. So I ran to Youtube to watch videos on it and it sort of helped me. I got it to work for the breifest of moments before it just didn’t want to play nice with me again. Only reason I’m not giving 1 star is because of all the things it came with, the charging case is nice and worked (they showed charged and only the device that showed the audio levels worked, yes the mics said they were picking up audio but it never recorded OR played back for me) I’m still hanging onto them for when I can talk to someone to see if they have any thoughts or have used them before in person as at this point someone guiding me with words won’t help unless they include a video and/or pictures with step by step. I was really excited to use them for vlogging videos but still using the phones mic.

  20. DesertDweller

    Amazing for the Price, Possibly Best Sub-$400 Wireless Mic System for Creators

    This is the successor to the RODE Wireless Go II, and probably should have been called the RODE Wireless Go III to keep things less confusing. It seems to use the exact same transmitter as the Go II, but it does have some other worthy upgrades, such as locking 3.5mm connectors and a better system for level adjustment. The only major downside to this kit is that the batteries do not seem to be removable/replaceable. Not having batteries that can be swapped out is a dealbreaker for many professionals, and when the batteries eventually go out in these, you’ll need to just buy a new system.This system can also record to the transmitters at the same time, as a backup in case the wireless connection drops. This is huge because all 2.4 GHz systems are prone to dropped connections. Sound quality is pretty great from the included lav mics. The fact you get usable mics at this price shows this market segment has come a long way.Despite the shortcomings, at roughly $200 per channel, this system is a steal. It’s only 2.4 GHz and not UHF, but a good UHF system would cost twice as much or more. This is probably the best wireless mic system available for the price, but naming it a “Pro” system is still a bit of a stretch. It’s more of a prosumer system, perfect for content creators wanting to step up from onboard phone or camera mics. True “professional” systems such as Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, and Sound Devices A20 are much more expensive and cater to a different market.If you are looking for a wireless mic system and don’t have a budget of $1k or more, there’s not much else to consider. Just get this one, you will be very happy with it.RODE, please consider making the next version with removable batteries.

  21. Usami

    Perfect wireless mic ever! I simply love every inch of this RODE Wireless PRO… 32bit is a beast!

    Perfect wireless mic ever! I simply love every inch of this RODE Wireless PRO… 32bit is a beast!I’m a newbie on the content creation world and I was always wanted to have a RODE mic since I starttaking this seriously, but I wasn’t ready to spend a lots of money yet… So, when I had a chance to get this item thru VINE, I was so happy and honored.So, let me start from the best part of this Rode wireless Pro :)- 32bit recording systemit is like a recording on RAW mode on sound. You can have loud noise, or very low volume, all of those sound can be customize and edit to make it a good sound. so, no more worry to adjust the Gains on site, just record everything and edit later. This was my main reason I wanted to have this product.- Recording back-up on the wireless transmitter sideThis is a backup recording saved on the transmitter side. So, even you signal drop and the receiver couldn’t catch the sound, your transmitter (the mic on your side) will record as a backup.This will save in case you’re on the bad signal area. I love this feature too- It comes with expensive ($90~$100 value) Rode Lavalier mic with locking connector screwThis is a great addition to the set. The Rode lavs comes with the set is a generous gift, since just by lavs mic itself cost around $100. Also, it comes with Lock connector that you can secure the lav to the wireless transmitter.This way you don’t have to worry for the lav connection falling off.- The charging case!The charging case comes with USB-C port that you can connect to your laptop to grab the file while charging the mics and receiver! so you don’t have to take the receiver to get the audio file anymore.Also, the case is well design that you can have the windshield attached to the transmitter, it fits without taking those off everytime… such a good design….Well, I have more good things to write about this RODE Wireless Pro, but I’ll stop here.Please enjoy yours too.

    One person found this helpful

  22. robochick

    Lot of accessories crammed in the second bin

    The wireless mic’s are of great quality a fully featured. The charging pack is nice, plug them all into the pack and charge them all up. The accessory pack is just jammed packed with tones of items, some very very small. The only thing I did not like what the accessory pack, you pretty much have to dump it all out to pick what you want, kind of tedious.

  23. Angela :)


    I have been wanting to get a pro wireless microphone system and have waited as each system had cons that stressed me out and made me wait. This system blew my needs out of the water and gave me a system I feel solid using for my filmmaking (and have even loved using for my zoom calls!).The amount of accessories you get with this system is wild. I didn’t even think I would use a lavalier but have actually found myself using them, especially now since the cable locks into the transmitter. I have a hard time telling a difference between the audio out of the lavalier versus using wireless and getting excellent results with both. I really appreciate having the options available depending on what my needs are. The wind muff attaching and locking into the the transmitters was a must for me but I do wish there was a way to do the same with the lavalier wind muffs :/The charging case is life and doubles as a USB hub where all I have to do is plug the case directly into my computer and now I have access to all my files from both transmitters.I know many say they don’t see using the 32 bit float on board recording, but I am all for a fool proof plan, especially while I am still learning. From the central app, I can select to have the mics always recording, which again, another fool proof way to ensure I don’t miss audio.For me, this system fit the bill and even more, especially for the price. I can’t comment on time code as it is just too complicated for me and I don’t need it.

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  24. Jeff

    Friggin Love These

    Right when you open the box you know you have a quality product. The cases for the attachments and mics are both amazing quality, the mic case has a sync button on it that auto pairs the two mics to the receiver and I love that. The receiver can be connected to anything from a PC to a camera, and even your cell phone and no issues occur. The audio quality is amazing and I haven’t even begun to play with all of the settings available yet. The range is great from mic to receiver and the audio stays clear and crisp. Honestly there is just so much to say and talk about with these but I promise you if you are looking for wireless mics for any reason at all, these will not disappoint. They are impeccable. Probably the best wirless mics I own. Worth every single cent.

  25. M Pennyworth

    Next level

    I’m an audio novice, however, I’ve created tons of videos over decades.Basic Info=2 transmitters, one receiver=This is an upgrade to a previous version=2 magnetic cilps for microphones=2 screw-in microphones=5 deaddats / wind protectors for microphones (fits on either)Pros=2 nice zippered cases=You can use the magnet on the inside of your shirt to clip it on the outside=great collection of accessories and cables=use on a phone, camera, or standalone with 32-bit recording=great for content creators=case actually lets you charge while they’re in the case (locks in really nicely into the case). 21 hourstotal with the charging cases.=magnets hold REALLY well=easy to set up=don’t have to hold a mic in your hand=32-bit float – Does not clip. If it doesn’t get too loud/quiet it doesn’t lose any of the signal. Audio in raw. Otherwise, without it, you have to adjust the gain if things are too loud or quiet. You cannot fix that afterward. Cameras cannot recod 32-bit float.=gain assist options. You can set it to manual, auto, and dynamic. This allows you to not worry aboutit as much.=The transmitters have 7 hours of battery life!!!!=780 feet of wireless transmission. It’s insane, even 200-300 feet is far.=It come with (2) Lavailier which are $200 in itself and they have locking connectors. This keeps the cord in. This is the industry standard.=windmuffs (deadcats) fit nicely in the case=The case lets you actually charge AND transfer data when you’re plugged into it.=best value overallCons=a bit more expensive for some people unless your content pays for it heh

    2 people found this helpful

  26. Avid Shopper

    Quality wireless microphone system!

    Compared to what I’ve been using over the last few years for a podcast production, this is in a another league all together! Not only I upgraded our setup, but also future-proofed it for a good while. Right out of the box, the mics provided crystal clear recordings after they were fully charged in the case. The USB-C connectivity is welcomed both for the mics, as well as the case. I love the ability of charging the mics in the case! Such an awesome idea and design! The range is also amazing; I purposefully moved away from the recording area just to test its limits and was blown away by its range! For some reason I wasn’t expecting the accompanying app to be very functional other than firmware updates, etc., but it has a great design with a ton of features. For a novice moving up from a simple system to a semi-professional one like this, the learning curve is a bit steep, but I’m enjoying every bit of it. Highly recommended!

  27. Mil

    Quality of mic is very high and come with nice case

    It comes enclosed in a protective case, sufficiently thick to safeguard the microphone. The microphone itself boasts good quality and a commendable range of motion. It includes a microphone cover, facilitating clear voice recording and protecting against dust. The size is acceptable, and the battery life is sufficiently long for a few hours, depending on the distance from the device. The packaging is well-presented and functions effectively, though slight improvements to the shape could enhance its appeal. Additionally, it features a battery indicator and wireless indicator, aiding in understanding the range. Overall, it’s a nice product, albeit a bit pricey.

  28. Mo

    I’m very happy with the performance and versatility of these mics!

    The sound quality of these wireless lavs is quite a bit better than that of my previous pair from a few years ago (different brands, similar price). What I’m most excited about is that they work well in a variety of settings, thanks to the versatility of this set. If you’re in the field and hoping from person to person, you can simply use the transmitter as a stand alone mic with very good quality. If you have more time or need the mic to be less obvious in the video, you can use the provided lavs. The various wind screens allow you to prepare for different weather conditions. Overall, there’s a lot of options in a small package, so it’s an easy addition to any equipment case.

  29. Jonathan W

    Do I Even Have to Tell You That RODE is TOP of the Line for Products Like This?

    As a budding filmmaker, the RODE Wireless PRO has elevated my projects. The sound quality is crisp, and the 32-bit float recording captures every nuance. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and the smart charge case is convenient for on-the-go shoots. The dual lavalier mics are a bonus, making interviews look and sound professional. It’s a bit too much for me as im just an amateur but the quality cannot be argued.

  30. Michael J.

    99% there, 1% of a crucial feature isn’t

    Purchases these to film a variety of organizational commentary. The quality and the included peripherals, from lav mics to charging case, etc., Rode provides the biggest value for the investment. Very well done!What’s missing? Depending on your need, the time-code function, which is already a headache to use, does not work when you shoot video at 120 fps. At least not that I have found a way to configure. Why would you need that? You don’t…until you film with the intention to edit for slow-mo(tion) post edits. Is this a major limitation? Not really, but it means that you have a little more work in post. Not the biggest of annoyances, BUT, it would have been nice for Rode to state the limitations. For me, as someone who films fast sports while “talking about it”, this is a bit of a downer and has me considering whether I should return the set. Difficult decision, because the rest is darn good!Why 5-stars instead of 4?Because the limitation is so minor, that it really is mostly a nit-picky annoyance with Rode’s inability/unwillingness to clearly state what can and cannot be accomplished with your $400+ investment. Sure, sales spin and omissions are strategic, yet, I’d expect better from Rode.

    5 people found this helpful

  31. Mehrdad A.

    Absolutely a Pro wireless mic

    Amazing wireless mic, provides a great sound quality and very user friendly. The Rode wireless pro gives you everything from2 Lav mic, charging case and necessary cables for both android and iOS devices plus the 32 bit float recording.By far the best wireless mic that I’ve ever used. Much better than Dji mic.

  32. DanD


  33. Cyril

    Les meilleurs du marché

    C’est le meilleur, kit de micro qui existe aujourd’hui, bien meilleur que la marque concurrente en 3 lettre. Vous avez un vrai kit très complet avec micro Laval, qui est indispensable pour des interviews ou simplement être discret lorsque vous faites un face cam. La qualité de l’audio est chaleureux et profond.

  34. María

    Lo mejor que me he podido comprar.

    Es impresionante este pack. Tenía en casa la petaca con uno de los receptores y un micro de corbata de otra marca y esto ha superado mis espectativas. Obviamente el resultado de la calidad de sonido es impresionante, pero el cómo han hecho que el material esté guardado y cuidado es inmejorable.Otra de las cosas que desconocia de este micro, esq puedes grabar también todo en la misma petaca, sin tener que estar conectado a la cámara o móvil, algo que me ha parecido maravilloso.ADemás de eso, tienes la posibilidad con las aplicaciones de poder ajustar los balances de audio para conseguir un mejor rendimiento de este, e incluso CREO (porque no se si lo leí bien) puedes usar ambas para grabar en modo Stereo y usar un canal para cada oído ( pero en esto último puede que me esté equivocando ya que era muy tarde y no se si lo estaba leyendo bien.Tiene de todo, cables para adaptar los micros al iphone, el cable para conectarlo a la cámara, imanes para poder colgarlo de cualquier sitio.. el pelillo, que nunca está de más… en fin, es un artilugio caro, si, merecela pena, mucho más que solo comprar una petaca desde mi punto de vista.Espero hacer muchas grabaciones este año y sacarles todo el partido que pueda ^^

  35. M. Diebold Gerard

    Satisfait mon usage

    La qualité de l’enregistrement est au RENDEZ-VOUS, juste un peu cher et assez facile d’utilisation, bien lire les parametrages audio !Pas trouvé comment activé le verrouillage des micros lavalier, notice très insuffisante

  36. Ariel

    Audio superior de 32 bits y un combo increíble por el precio

    La calidad de sonido es mejor que el de la competencia. Rode siempre trae productos increíbles. El sonido de 32 bits y la grabación interna permiten tener copias de seguridad con un rango dinámico muy alto y en caso de clip, siempre tendremos el back up para reemplazar el audio mal grabado. Sin duda salva rodajes.

  37. Manglar Producciones S.L.

    Prácticos y de calidad


  38. Mickael

    Micro HF haut de gamme

    Alors, le Rode Wireless Pro, c’est vraiment le top pour les micros sans fil. Il a un enregistrement de ouf en 32 bits, donc même dans le bazar le plus complet, ton son reste nickel. La portée est super, tu peux t’éloigner pas mal sans perdre la connexion. Il vient avec deux émetteurs, des micros intégrés, et des micros cravate, mais par contre, les bonnettes anti-vent, c’est pas le top elle ne tienne pas trop sur le micro cravate. En gros, si tu cherches un micro sans fil qui assure, le Rode Wireless Pro, c’est une valeur sûre !​ Il reste toute fois un produit pour les pros

  39. Fran S


    Los acabo de comprar y me perecen una pasada. De momento solo lo he probado en casa, pero tienen un calidad de sonido brutal y son súper versátiles.

  40. SJ

    Such a great Mic set and easy to use

    I’m a complete novice but create a lot of content including vox pops, podcast and pct – the clip on lapel mics are great and it’s super easy to connect to your phone or computer

  41. divino

    Used item

    One of the mics had a static sound and I’m guessing the previous owner ether messed it up or it was already missed up but atleast I get to return it

  42. Definitely Not a Guru


    Really pleased so far, fantastic sound quality and the charging case is a triumph. Feels like a decent upgrade from the base models (which are also very good).

  43. Info-Rezzi

    Leider mit Schwächen!

    Ich bin vom Rode Wireless Go 2 auf das Pro umgestiegen. Leider hat das Set jedoch seine Schwächen. In der mitgelieferten Ladeschale war bei einem Sender der interne Speicher nicht auslesbar.Die mitgelieferten Lavalier 2 bieten einen guten Ton, jedoch verliert man das Zubehör relativ leicht. So lässt sich der Schraubring leicht lösen und bleibt nicht am Stecker hängen, sondern man verliert diesen leicht. Das gleiche gilt für die Befestigung vom Lavalier Mikrofon was nur eine offene Klammer ist und nicht wie in der Vergangenheit ein Ring. Problem ist, dass das Mikrofon sich jetzt immer leicht aus der Befestigung löst. Das gleiche gilt für die beiden mitgelieferten Windschutz.Mein Tipp an Rode. Befestigungen wie beim Lavalier GO und feste Schraubringe die sich nicht vom Stecker lösen.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Rick

    Fantastic kit

    Professional. End of.

  45. Julio

    Charging case issue

    Product works as supposed to with the exception that the second transmitter would not slide back into the charing case as easily as it went in. in fact the reason why I sent it back was for this. Otherwise great looking product. they need to fix the carging case so this don’t happen.

  46. Michael Filippi

    Faulty, inconsistent, and terrible quality.

    Bought these because they seemed to good to be true, and they are… They don’t charge half the time, have trouble connecting to the PC, only have internal 32 bit recording (no transmitting it), and there is horrible interference all the time because they are unshielded making the audio completely unusable!Terrible product that has made me lose all faith in Rode’s ability to make good equipment. DJI here I come!

    One person found this helpful

  47. Rich C.

    No instructions

    Yeah thanks for sending me tech gear with literally no instructions.

  48. Spring Newman

    Incredible mic system in every way!

    Wow! This Rode Microphone system is incredible and just what I wanted. It’s the perfect set for making my videos, and had definitely been a major upgrade compared to my last microphones.Pros:• The whole set is amazingly great quality, very well made and solid and cones with two nice cases.• Has everything you need, all the accessories are included.•Simple to use and set up. Had my mics ready to go in no time.• Clips stay in place well and magnets are super strong.• Connected to my Samsung Galaxy 23 with ease, I haven’t used it on any other device yet.• The case is awesome! It holds the mics for storage and also charges them fast. A cool thing it does is transfers data as well while charging, all by plugging it in to the device using the USB cable.• Long battery life for the transmitters• 32 bit float works really good, and can record alone without a device.• Wireless transmission distance is amazing, goes very far away, much further than any other lavelier mic set I’ve ever used. This is one of my favorite things about this system.• The sound quality is superb in every way. It’s loud, clear, full and crisp. I have had no issues with it having a static sound, it being muffled, or any distortion.• Everything functions so well and just as it should. I’m super impressed with the whole Rode Mic system.• It’s pricey, but Rode is an amazing brand that makes high quality products. This is worth every dollar imo. It’s truly top notch, and you won’t be disappointed. It has changed the game on my video making.Overall very satisfied with it and would definitely recommend it. If your looking for a quality set that’s easy to use and works super well, this is the one. It’s all that I wanted and more.

    One person found this helpful

  49. Prime Reviews

    Almost everything I wanted in the upgrade

    32 bit float back up. That is perfect for my needs. I have the DJI system, and I like the features and the form factor, but I still have to set a safety track with lower levels. Not so with the Rode Pro system with the 32 bit float.If you are shopping for pro-sumer wi-fi/bluetooth frequency microphones you may already know this, but they can drop out, messing up your video recording at the worst time. The Rode system has the perfect back up recording *on the transmitter*, in 32 bit float, which means it has such a dynamic range you don’t have to set the gain on the recording to to capture the full dynamic range from extreme lows to extreme highs **at all**. You hit record, and you are done. If the video recording with the audio from the receiver is fine, you are golden, but if you need the back up, for any reason, it has you covered.The charging case is also a way to connect to the Rode Connect desktop and phone apps to firmware update all the devices, as well as adjust their settings individually. Like the DJI, you can dim the indicator lights on the Rode transmitter. You can also transcode and export the 32 bit float this way since it’s not a delivery format and not all editing tools can handle it. However, you can simply copy the 32 bit files from the units without transcoding if you want to edit it directly.The transmitters maintain the Rode square format, now with subtler Rode branding, but a shiny finish which is a terrible idea. They should be matte finished. I prefer the DJI form factor, which is narrower. I also like that the DJI has haptic feedback when you turn on recording and when you turn it off, so you don’t have to look at the lights. Rode, not so much.Like the DJI, the Rode has a built in mic, and can take external lavs. But unlike the DJI, the lavs are included. However, the locking nuts prevent the mic plugs from fitting all the way into the jack. I had to remove the locking nuts to get the pugs into the jacks reliabley to get sound out of them – this is a major defect either in my understanding of how to use them or of the design of the Rode transmitter/lavs. I’m not sure which yet, but it should have been a no brainer to put them in right, and it just didn’t work for me.No instructions of any kind were included in the box, but there were tons of accesories, including foam windscreens, but also woolies for high wind for both the transmitter mics and the lavs – a great thing to include.The receiver is pretty easy to use. I set it to send each mic to its own channel since I know I have a 32 bit back up and don’t need to set a safety channel to avoid over driving. However, the included 1/8 plug has a housing that is too bulky to fit in my camera because of my L-bracket – the DJI cable fits fine, so I would up having to use that. I used the “Dynamic” auto setting – this is strictly for the audio sent to the receiver. The 32 bit float recordings don’t have any gain control because they don’t need it – you’ll have to do that yourself in your editing workstation if you need to use it. Regardless, I found the “dynamic” audio to be pretty seamless for my talking heads.Overall, I’m very happy with having 32 bit float and included lavs. I wish the transmitters had a matte finish and haptic feedback. The receiver power doesn’t last as long as wish, but it can used while charging off of USB C, so it’s not a huge issue.

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