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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap
For Enhanced Support And Comfort In VR

  • Premium rigid hard strap enhances stability and ergonomics while playing
  • Flexible brace supports your head for longer, more comfortable playtime
  • The rear fit wheel easily adjusts tightness with a quick twist
  • Made for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, sold separately
  1. Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
  2. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1.6 x 64 x 19.3 cm; 176.9 Grams
  3. Release date ‏ : ‎ 16 September 2020
  4. ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08F5TZW2J
  5. Item model number ‏ : ‎ 301-00375-01
  6. Country of origin ‏ : ‎ China

Premium rigid hard strap enhances stability and ergonomics while playing Flexible brace supports your head for longer, more comfortable playtime The rear fit wheel easily adjusts tightness with a quick twist Made for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, sold separately

Upgrade your comfort and secure your headset in the perfect position. Custom designed for the Quest 2, the Elite Strap’s rigid support straps keep your headset firmly in the sweet spot for the clearest visuals, however much you move.

A flexible comfort brace cradles the back of the wearer’s head and works with the straps to create a coordinated support system for a lighter headset feel and reduced wearer fatigue. With an easy snap in connection and simple adjustable fit wheel to find the perfect size, the Elite Strap integrates seamlessly with your Quest 2 headset.

Meta Quest packaging will continue to carry the Oculus name and logo during the transition to our new branding.







Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

1.6 x 64 x 19.3 cm; 176.9 Grams

Release date ‏ : ‎

16 September 2020

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Country of origin ‏ : ‎


Customer reviews:

16,543 ratings

60 reviews for Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

  1. Salahuddin S.

    Really comfortable

    Fits Oculus quest 2 very wellSo much more comfortable than the original head strapMust have product upon purchase of oculus quest 2 by default!Its just been a day of usage with this, let me now see how long this thing lasts!

  2. Abdullah Alhashmi

    Super comfortable

    Very comfortable strap, a must have oculus quest 2 accessory, I highly recommend it.

  3. Ufuk Durukan

    It’s a must if you need comfort

    Definitely needed…

  4. Valentin

    Sangle Élite Meta Quest 2

    Le Sangle Élite Meta Quest 2 est le dernier ajout à la gamme de produits de sangle élite. Ce produit offre une qualité et une performance supérieures à celles des autres sangles sur le marché. La sangle est faite de matériaux de qualité supérieure et est dotée d’une technologie de sangle avancée qui offre une prise en main et une résistance optimales. La sangle est également très facile à installer et à utiliser.En ce qui concerne la qualité, le Sangle Élite Meta Quest 2 est très solide et durable. La sangle est faite d’un matériau robuste qui résiste à l’usure et à la déchirure. La technologie de sangle avancée offre une prise en main et une résistance optimales. Le produit est également très facile à installer et à utiliser.En conclusion, le Sangle Élite Meta Quest 2 est un produit de qualité supérieure qui offre une grande résistance et une prise en main optimale. Il est très facile à installer et à utiliser et est fait de matériaux robustes et durables. Je recommande vivement ce produit à tous ceux qui recherchent une sangle de qualité supérieure.

  5. Erik-Silver Toomere

    No more worries

    The default strap that comes with Quest 2 felt too flimsy so I instantly replaced it with this.The trick is to leave some give otherwise you’ll squeeze your head too much, it really is very strong.

  6. Filip

    Quest 2 elite strap

    It’s amazing for the quest 2 good ergonomics,will help with neck pain, but the price tho is a lot I got it for free with the quest so I’m satisfied

  7. Matt H

    Expensive, but worth it

    This is definitely an improvement over the strap that comes with the headset. It’s easy to put on and is way more comfortable. The only issue is that because the elite strap is rigid unlike the original strap, it makes it difficult to store the headset without constantly taking it on and off

  8. tibérius

    Très résistant pour jouer longtemps

    Alors je vous rassure ça ne casse pas sur les cotes à moins de le faire tomber et encore, c’est assez solide contrairement au dire de certains, je valide

  9. Alice Louve

    Un sangle qui fait mal à longue durée

    J’ai acheter cette fameuse sangle elite depuis déjà 1 mois je la porte 6h par jours minimum, elle est confortable et facile d’utilisation, mais à longue durée je trouve qu’elle a tendance à faire mal derrière la tête.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Jo

    Un indispensable pour l’Oculus

    La sangle de base n’est ni confortable ni pratique, je l’ai vite remplacée par celle ci. Un must have pour moi, par contre le prix est excessif pour une simple sangle.

    One person found this helpful

  11. stephen g.


    Ive used my elite strap for a decent amount of time, i personally had no experience with it breaking or cracking however… before i got this strap, i was using the stock strap with an amvr round thingy i forget what its called for the back of the strap and i paired that with a 20000mah anker battery and i honestly think that set up is much more comfortable then using this elite strap unfortunately:/ i got this for 40 dollars but i dont really think its worth that at all… i still give it 4 stars because it uses a wheel to adjust the strap which is suuuper duuuper convenient and its comfortable for short play sessions but ive noticed with longer play sessions lasting over an hour the elite strap puts much more pressure on my face and head:( over all i think its still worth checking out if youre not liking the stock strap. I believe many many other people prefer this over the stock strap which i can totally understand why but i also believe you could probably get a perfectly good alternative for around half the price. 4 stars for quality and short term play sessions!

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  12. Cecilia P

    Great way to keep your Oculus on

    It feels like this product has become the standard for the Oculus or Meta 2 to be ensure a good fit given the weight on the front end. It is comfortable and gives you a feeling that your oculus will not fall.

    2 people found this helpful

  13. Louis Cousineau


    Venait avec le casque, très confortable.

  14. S.R.C

    Better than the supplied one, but…

    The box it came in is amazing, well made and sturdy. The actual head strap is just a piece of plastic. Don’t know how they can charge $60 for it, defiantly works better but should be the supplied original strap, but intentionally they find a way to ‘upgrade’ you for the extra $$$.Like the games and experience of using the VR it’s all about getting money out of you.I returned it.

  15. Jean Marc Seiler

    produit standard

    possibilité de règlages un peu limitées

  16. カインズ



  17. APW

    Very comfortable, easy to apply, incredibly easy to adjust to make the wearer comfortable.

    I love the fact that its so easy to adjust for any person. Instead of a million straps, theres one and a knob. Its simple and effective. Its easy to put on, and theres a set of instructions inside. I use it for my Quest because my straps broke. My only issue with this is that, without the box, it is very difficult to pack comfortably in a travel bag.

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  18. Carlos


    experiencia 100% inmersiva, visitar el metaverso es posible

  19. Ezra Minerva

    Ottima qualità!

    Di sicuro non troverete cinturino piu adatto se non questo, i materiali sono ottimi e la stabilità quando la indossi è ottima!Facile da montare e anche regolabile per ogni misura, ma aime ha un costo non indifferente che da piu peso al costo che gia hai con quest 2.Resta comunque il migliore in circolazione!

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  20. Kate

    Good product

    Very sturdy. Bought for a friend who was attaching a weight to the back of their headset. They are happy with this product. I also use this. Love it when playing beatsaber.

  21. David Berger

    Changed the VR experience for me

    Prior to purchasing this, comfort was an issue for me using the Quest 2. The straps and eye covers didn’t sit on my head right, and it would result in headaches and motion sickness, no matter how much I tried to tweak it.I got the Quest 2 Elite Strap and it completely changed the dynamic. The back end cradles the low back of my head, and the headset can rest very comfortably where I want on my face now. No more headaches, no more motion sickness.The Quest 2 VR headset as a whole is also much easier to take on and off than before. The wheel in the back makes a big difference for that.This is a must, in my opinion. So much so that I really think it should be standard with the main purchase.

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  22. Henry S Vriesema Jr

    Very comfortable.

    Adds support and comfort.

    One person found this helpful

  23. Liam

    Incredible delivery service, incredible product.

    The driver was incredible. He told my mum he needed the delivery code but she didng have it and since I’m usually in lunch at this time my mum tried calling me but it had changed and was now a 3,2 split. She got the school to give me a message and I called her in-between lessons, she said she needed the code and the driver had said he would come back later. He came back again and she still didn’t have it. So he said he would come back at the end of his round. I looked I my email, screenshotted the code and sent it to me mum. Then, later at 4 o’clock the parcel was delivered and my mum gave him the code. Also the vr headset itself is incredible I am already a huge vr fan after only days. I put it on and instantly am taken into a brand new world and it often feels strange to go back to reality after being so immersed in a game. It has incredible service. It is an incredible product. Overall, its just a really good buy. Definitely worth the money.

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  24. Redpmac

    Best strap I’ve tried.

    I’m not going to lie and say I’ve tried loads of straps, I haven’t. I’ve tried the standard strap obviously and an add on that integrates with that strap to make it more comfortable at the back. I’ve also tried the Bobomvr (or whatever it’s called) halo strap. This Elite strap is by far the best one so far.I went for the Bobo halo strap as the first total new strap as I’d heard it takes the pressure off your face. That was not the case for me at all. I found the cushioned pad at the back kept sliding up the back of my head and left the full weight of the VR unit on my cheeks.The Elite strap is really easy to get on and adjust, takes about 5 seconds to get it right. It does not take the pressure totally off your face but it is significantly better than the others in terms of comfort. I have seen stuff about it cracking and breaking but, touch wood, it’s been fine so far. I’ve been very careful though about loosening the top head strap before untightening the main strap to ensure I’m not putting pressure on it.It’s expensive for what it is but I’m very happy with it so far.

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  25. Jack A.

    I recommend to friends

    I didn’t really know if this made a difference, but the adjuster (in the back spins to loosen or tighten the head wear and) keeps it nice and snug so the VR headset feels a part of your head instead of ON your head. Especially if you turn fast.Sometimes I’d over tighten and my head would hurt so I would simply just loosen it with a minor turn of the knobBut without it with the regular strapId have to take the headset off thenI’d have to adjust it to fit my headThen put it inAnd if I had a guest or my brotherId have to make constant adjustmentsFor me it saves time quick to use.

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  26. Kiki

    Quest 2 Head Strap

    Easy to attach on the Quest 2 and fits comfortable

  27. Cole Latham

    Useful and comfortable, but known for breaking.

    The strap sits comfortably on the head and can be adjusted with relative ease! Love it and used it for about a year. However, the edges of the strap are known for breaking over time and have slowly gotten worse over time. Yet unexpected to me they were not the first part to break. The rubber cusp at the back of the strap broke off completely from the strap, with no prior signs of stress or issue. I will try support for a replacement, and will let you know how it goes.

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  28. John

    Recommended accessory

    Added another level of comfort, I can’t imagine how the headset feels without it but am sure it isn’t the same.

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  29. Marie McQueen

    Great buy

    This is okay. Way better than the one that came with the gaming system

  30. Alejandro Galue

    It works great, but treat it carefully.

    I love the design of the strap, compared with the one that comes with the Quest 2. It worked great for a while.Unfortunately, after a bit over three months and treating it carefully, avoiding adding too much pressure on it broke. I was not even using it when it happened. I just grabbed the headset to use it (always from the middle band), and it broke in my hand.Was this a bad batch? A design flaw? A poor choice of material? Not enough testing in QA? A combination of all?Maybe it was bad luck; who knows.The idea behind the design is great, and I truly like it. I mean, if it wasn’t for that, it feels comfortable using. I never pushed it because I heard lots of stories like mine after I ordered.I’ve been using the fabric strap that came with the Oculus, and I have to say it is surprisingly good, and even if it looks more durable than the “elite” version, although it doesn’t fit as well as the “elite”.UPDATE:I contacted Oculus Support, and they offered either a refund or a replacement. As I bought it through Amazon, the refund must be handled by Amazon; but as I like the strap design, I requested a replacement. They emailed me a UPS tag to return the broken strap (so make sure to keep it if you one to go this route and its original box). A few days after, I received confirmation that a new elite strap was sent at no cost, so I want to express thanks to Oculus Support for taking care of this problem.

  31. Richard Dietrich

    Most easy to adjust.

  32. Thomas

    Bien mieux que la sangle originale

    Améliore grandement le confort d’utilisation du casque. C’est même un indispensable comparé au confort inexistant de la sangle fournie de base.Il m’a tout de même fallut un certain temps avant de trouver le bon réglage avant d’utiliser le casque plusieurs heures d’affilées.

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  33. Headlesscentaur

    Further Impressions

    SECOND REVIEWTLDR: Many reports of straps cracking or breaking off. Be wary of spending $50 as this may happen to you. Not a great step up so unless you plan on using your headset often, reconsider.After a week of usage, my opinion has not changed too much. In terms of fulfilling it’s purpose, the Elite Strap does a better job distributing weight than the cloth strap. The twisting mechanism to tighten the strap is also easier to do compared to the cloth strap. However, there is still the issue of the headset being too front heavy. Even with the Elite Strap, it’s definitely noticeable. After an hour or so of usage, your neck will get pretty sore from carrying the weight of the headset. It would work a lot better if the back of the Elite Strap was heavier to offset the weight.Even with this, I was considering changing my review from a 3/5 star to a 4/5 star, however, an issue came up.Quality (2/5)One of my main worries when using the strap was how thin the side plastic was. Sure, it was solid, but for certain VR games that require a lot of movement, the strap may not hold up. While this hasn’t happened to me (yet) many other people have reported the side straps cracking or snapping off entirely. Apparently only after a few days of use while playing moderately intense games like Beat Saber. Others have also claimed that simply adjusting the straps lead to them cracking. While I’m unsure if this is universal or just certain product malfunctions, the fact that this has occurred to certain people is concerning.—-FIRST REVIEWTDLR: Feels better than the cloth strap but painfully difficult to install. May not be worth the $50 unless you’re planning on using your headset often.If you’re someone like me who did a lot of research into the Occulus Quest 2 before buying it, you probably know the gripes reviewers have about the quality of the cloth strap. This product serves as a replacement and in some ways solves the issue but has its downsides.Installation (2/5):There is no nice way to say it. The installation was frustrating at best and potentially dangerous at worse. The Quest 2 comes with some removable parts that are necessary when installing the elite strap. First, you must remove the cloth strap. For some unknown reason, there is no sliding mechanism or a way to lock it in place that doesn’t require pulling it out. Doing so is difficult as it requires quite a bit of force and its hard to tell which part is part of the strap and which part is part of the headset. I spent a couple minutes prying and seeing where it was supposed to come off before I resolved to just force it off and hope for best. It came off fine but its not unlikely that you may accidentally damage your headset as its just that confusing.For installing the strap itself, this part was even worse. The instructions are pretty vague so it takes a bit of interpreting to find the best way to approach it. It works similar to the way the cloth strap came off where there is no sliding/locking mechanism. You just have to force the strap onto the headset and hope it locks. Trying to gently attach it isn’t an option as the arms of the headset are pretty thick and requires a lot of strength to get them to go over it. Like with the cloth strap, I spent a couple minutes trying to attach it before resolving to just roughly pushing it onto the arms. This took a couple tries before it finally clicked. Once again, it worked, but its not unlikely that you may damage your headset in the process.First Impressions (4/5):Works as advertised. It distributes the weight far better than the cloth strap though the headset is still very front heavy. The size adjusting is a dial which is far more convenient than the cloth strap.—-I’ll be updating this review as I get a better feel of it.

    191 people found this helpful

  34. Brenda Evans

    Good support

    This works well as far as being more support and stability. It does make my forehead hurt after awhile but so does the original strap. I do like the fact it lifts the weight off your cheekbones and easy to adjust with the knob. I think it’s way overpriced, there are similar ones cheaper but I don’t know how well they work. I have it now so will keep it. Very easy to install once I watched the video.

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  35. Amazon Customer



  36. 上田 一騎



  37. mgimmel

    Ein must have für die Metaquest 2

    Einfach zu wechseln und dann viel besserer Sitz der Metaquest, kein lästiges Nachstellen.

  38. Jose M Tamez

    Perfect Fit!

    This is exactly what I expected and what I needed. I had bought the Vive custom audio strap and it was big and bulky and would not fit in any of my cases. I had bought it for the head phones that come with it but now that I have my gaming chair, I don’t need the head phones. If I need to be quite and not make any noise I can always use my Bluetooth headset, which fits comfortably around my VR headset. I prefer the chair because of the extra entertainment value and the way it sounds that also includes vibration.The Elite strap now fits perfectly in my case and I was able to secure the VR Power battery onto it with no issues. The battery actually sits much better on this strap because of the way it sits on the strap. I can push it down into the case in the center of the strap as opposed to the Vive custom audio strap that was stationary and was not possible to move down into the case and thereby making it positioned to high for the case to close. All in all, this is what you want for a perfect fit into the case, a more comfortable fit, because it’s lighter and just fits around my head much more ergonomically. Last but not least, it has the adjustment knob indented into the back part of the strap. This is important for it to fit just right into the case. Don’t cheap out and buy any of the Frankenstien versions of this strap. The knob on the back sticks out making it more of a challenge to fit into a case. I hope this helps. Rock on!Update: Wow! This keeps getting better and better. I’ve found that while using my stand for the Oculus, it’s much easier to take on and off the stand. As I continue to use it I find other advantages. I’ve discovered that the control wheel on the back that’s used to adjust the fit around your head works much faster. I can adjust the fit in a matter of seconds as opposed to the Vive, which was harder to turn the knob, took more turns to adjust the right fit. The adapter that’s required for the Vive kept sliding off if you tightened it to much. I had to wrap velcro around it to keep in place but even then, it would slide off just not as easy. I just thought I would add this information to help you make a better buying decision. This is really a no-brainer. I know I’m siting but for those that are standing, I would seriously consider buying a good set of headphones, or hooking it up to your home theater receiver thru Bluetooth.

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  39. Vincenzo Di Massa

    Ok ma il prezzo è troppo elevato

    il cinturino è di un materiale plastico molto solido, al tatto non risulta per nulla cheap, il prezzo però è decisamente troppo elevato per un semplice pezzo di plastica.

  40. Capt Larry

    Exactly What I wanted!

    The strap on the Quest2 is a pain to adjust, as my wife and I both use it. This is very easy to use and is really comfortable. Highly recommend!

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  41. Enrico Schönemann


    Top Artikel, ein Muss für die Quest 2

  42. JH

    Highly recommend strap upgrade

    Got this strap for my son to upgrade the strap that comes up with oculus. They original strap hurt my sons head, so we decided to purchase this head strap and it was worth it. My son can now comfortably play without worrying about pain or being uncomfortable. Highly suggested item.

  43. りょ~



  44. Jorge

    Buen producto

    Buen producto si lo compras en oferta. Mucho mejor usar las gafas con el k como vienen de serie.

  45. Mm


    تقييمي للمنتج وصلني جديد وحالته ممتازه وجودته كويسه طلبته من البائع Amazon US لان في اكثر من بائعوالصراحه مهم استخدام هذا الحزام اكثر من الي يجي مع نظاره vr مريح اكثر لراس

  46. Egghead

    Great Item

    Fast Shipping And Great Price . Was New And Worked Great .

  47. Mom of Preemies

    An absolute essential for the Occulus Quest VR Headset

    My daughter and son both have the Occulus Quest headsets. At college, my daughter began working for a student research team creating VR games and tools. They supplied her with another unit for this project. Her team leader recommended the Elite strap for comfort and better fit so it was the perfect Christmas gift. Both kids have one now and love them. My son is a bit small and this allows him to play his VR games with the perfect fit. Highly recommend this accessory for anyone with the Occulus Quest.

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  48. H

    Very comfortable

    Very comfortable, a lot more comfortable than the normal oculus strap which you get given.

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  49. ゆうき



  50. tomcorsan

    Utile, caro, all’apparenza delicato

    Come da titolo: in effetti bilancia molto meglio il Quest2. Però anche lo appesantisce. Troppo cari tutti gli accessori di queste cose. La sensazione è che sia delicato, considerando che una volta installato si tende a sollevare il visore usando le fasce che collegano gli occhiali al contrappeso.

  51. James

    Could be better

    It does exactly what I should do but a bit of padding on it would improve the experience

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  52. françoise s

    Nécessaire à l’utilisation du Quest 2 mais fragile.

    Les sangles de maintien d’origine ne stabilisent pas suffisamment le casque sur la tête. La sangle Elite est donc à mon avis nécessaire surtout si on envisage un usage dynamique de type danse, sport etc. Cependant, la construction et le système d’accroche de cette sangle peut s’avérer fragile et susceptible de se déboiter de manière intempestive. C’est particulièrement le cas lors de la manipulation du casque, son déplacement ou son positionnement. Bref, peut mieux faire.

  53. Tim Wilson

    Definitely need to order for quest 2

    Great product – Definitely need for quest 2

  54. Andrés Mendez

    Vale la pena

    El soporte original no es de buena calidad, este si funciona muy bien, es ajustable y fácil de instalar

  55. Patricia Sánchez Iglesias


    Muy jornada! Sobretodo para que se las ponga el niño va genial xk se lo adaptará el solo y sin éste aparato se las teníamos que poner nosotros xk el solo no podía. Buena inversión…

  56. Ankit

    Must buy for quest 2

    If u have quest u must have it

  57. J Fenn

    Very comfortable headgear

    Got this as a package deal and from my lad states it does make it more comfortable.

    One person found this helpful

  58. Jaden

    very comfortable

    it is a comfortable replacement

    One person found this helpful

  59. burgmann

    Comfortable and Easy to quickly put on or takeoff

    I liked the quick twist knob which sits at the back of your head.It allows rapid adjustment for a firm fit.More comfortable than the default elastic straps.

  60. Robert

    Not Big Head friendly

    I understand that my head is larger than normal use, but just for a buyer beware, my 7 7/8 hat size head… BARELY … fits in this with the strap extended out all the way, plus wearing glasses doesn’t help as this strap causes the headset to be pulled in close enough to knock them off everytime. Just food for consumer thought.

    6 people found this helpful

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