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Huawei Watch D SmartWatch

Huawei Watch D SmartWatch
ECG Blood Pressure Recorder
Intelligent Blood Pressure Measurement
Health Monitoring Sports Bracelet

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Huawei Watch D SmartWatch
ECG Blood Pressure Recorder Intelligent Blood Pressure Measurement Health Monitoring Sports Bracelet

Specification Description

1. Matching system: HarmonyOS 2 and above, Android 6.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

2. Screen: 1.64 inches AMOLED touch color screen, resolution 280×456

3. Battery capacity: 451mAh wireless charging dock

4. Theoretical charging time: about 2.5 hours

5. Theoretical working time: typical usage scenarios can last up to 7 days

6. Body material: aluminum alloy middle frame, plastic + sapphire bottom case

7. Strap material: Viton

8. Strap adaptation circumference: M size 130-160mm L size 161-200mm

9. Bl frequency band: 2.4G

10. Bl protocol: 5.1

11. Sensors: acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, optical heart rate sensor, temperature sensor, ALS sensor, differential

pressure sensor, Hall sensor, ECG acquisition sensor

12. Operating system: HarmonyOS

13. Support message reminder, voice assistant, alarm clock, timer, OTA software upgrade

14. Waterproof and dustproof: IP68

15. Size: 51x38x13.6mm

16. Weight: about 40.9g (without strap)

17. Functions: blood pressure measurement, ECG acquisition, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring,

breathing training, pressure monitoring, body temperature research, 70+ exercise modes

18. Language support: Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, etc.

19. Packing list:

– Smart Watch (including L size watchband and L size airbag) x 1

– M size airbag (including airbag cover) x 1

– M size watchband x 1

– Independent cover x 1

– L size airbag cover (spare) x 1

– M size airbag cover (spare) x 1

– Charging base x 1

– Quick start x 1

– Wearing guide x 1

Huawei WATCH D

Huawei wrist ECG blood pressure recorder

Blood pressure measurement ECG collection

Wrist Bloos Pressure Specialist

Lightweight and comfortable,blood pressure measurement on the wrist

HUAWEI WATCH D ingeniously superimposes micro-pumps,air bags and other structures to interate blood pressure measurement technology into the watch;the use of 2.5D three-dimensional curved glass mirror,the smart and beautiful sense of the wrist;double button design,simple and orderly;cabin-type high-hardness aluminum alloy medium frame for a soft and delicate silhouette.

Innovative hardware design,accurate and worry-free measurement

HUAWEI WATCH D integrates a high-precision pressure sensor,a pressure feedback control circuit,and a low-flow resistance gas path to realize a pressure measurement system with anerror with in± 3 mmHg.Built-in polymer tensile material strap,ergonomic curved airbag,with butterfly buckle,the pressunzition process is more stable,and the accuracy of blood pressure measurement is improved.

Every measured value contains great wisdom

Huawei TruBP blood pressure measurement algorithm is based on the blood pressure sensitive characteristics of different propulations,adopts cascade model technology,and combines intelligent measurement assisthance to automatically identify abnormal measurement postures and guide correct use.

Huawei Hybrid blood pressure measurement technology,measure your blood pressure rhythm

Based on the high-performance micropump and PPG sensor of HAUWEI WATCH D,initiate blood preesure health research,adopt innovative Hybrid blood pressure measurement technology,realize functions such as non-sensing blood pressure trend and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring,and help you actively manage blood pressure health.

Intelligent reminder,Grasp the timing of measurement

Measure blood pressure every morning and evening to better manage blood pressure health.When you wake up in the morning,HUAWEI WATCH D can automatically remind you to measure blood pressure;you can also customize the measurement reminder plan,measure regularly every day,and continuously observe blood pressure changes.

Daily health check-in,maintain vitality and good state

Based on the “China Hypertension Health Management Regulations”, from the multi-dimensional data of blood pressure, exercise, weight, diet, etc., we will formulate a life management plan for you to help control blood pressure.

heart health consultant

ECG collection, caring for heart health

HUAWEI WATCH D has a built-in ECG high-performance sensor module, which supports ECG signal acquisition and generates ECG reports in real time.

Can’t understand ECG? Experts interpret it for you

After completing the ECG measurement, you can send the ECG measurement results to a third-party doctor for online interpretation, analyze the measurement results and provide you with health management advice. This function can be used for unlimited free within one year. At the same time, you can also obtain more detailed interpretation reports through the paid ECG interpretation service provided by the National Telemedicine and Internet Medicine Center.

TruSeen 5.0+ Monitoring Technology

TruSeen5.0+ monitoring technology, using eight photoelectric sensors in a ring layout and two sets of light sources, can detect more channels of signals, and has stronger anti-interference ability; with ergonomically designed curved sapphire glass lens, it can be worn well Comfortable, can more effectively reduce external light interference; thanks to the upgrade of AI algorithm and the use of high-fidelity signal processing technology, it can extract more effective signals, filter out interference, and monitor heart rate more accurately. The PVD-coated ECG electrodes on the curved sapphire lens can better fit the skin, thereby improving the ECG signal quality.

Vascular Health Research, Arteriosclerosis Risk Screening

Based on HUAWEI WATCH D’s high-performance ECG and PPG sensors, it integrates the detection of pulse wave conduction velocity, accurately screens the risk of arteriosclerosis, provides professional health advice, and realizes active vascular health management at home.

Heart Health Research, Arrhythmia Risk Screening

Heart health research has been upgraded again. Based on high-performance ECG and PPG sensors, high-heart rate atrial fibrillation screening has been added, which can refine the identification of atrial fibrillation, ventricular prematureness, and atrial premature death. At the same time, it supports atrial fibrillation risk prediction research, helps predict the risk of atrial fibrillation in advance, and manages heart health independently.

Intimate health butler

Sleep Apnea Risk Screening

Sleep apnea is a common condition, often manifested by snoring, daytime sleepiness, etc., but many people are not aware of it. HUAWEI WATCH D can intelligently identify sleep, HRV, blood oxygen, heart rate and other information, make multi-parameter fusion judgments, screen the risk of sleep apnea, and provide hierarchical improvement suggestions.

sleep well tonight

Equipped with HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring algorithm, it can monitor whether it is deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), awakening, or sporadic naps, deeply evaluate sleep quality, and help you develop good work and rest habits.

70+ Sports Modes

It supports 70+ sports modes such as running, cycling, rope skipping, elliptical machine, rowing machine, etc. It also supports intelligent recognition of 6 daily sports. With high-precision GNSS positioning chip, it can accurately record the movement trajectory and witness every drop of your sweat.

Strong battery life

When fully charged, HUAWEI WATCH D lasts up to 7 days; supports wireless charging, bid farewell to cumbersome, and charge immediately. Strong battery life, long-lasting escort for your health.

Your life assistant

Built-in multi-function NFC module, HUAWEI WATCH D can be turned into your access control card, transportation card, you can easily travel by raising your wrist; support voice assistant, listen to your commands at any time, blood pressure measurement, ECG collection, alarm clock setting, weather Inquiries are not a problem.

measure posture

The measurement posture refers to the posture that is maintained from the start of the measurement until the device displays the measurement result. Actions that do not conform to the standard measurement posture may affect the measurement result. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, it is recommended to sit still for at least 5 minutes before the measurement. The standard measurement posture is as shown in the figure:





black, green, Red

Band Detachable


Bluetooth-compatible Version


Metrics measured

Blood Oxygen Monitor,Sleep Monitor,Blood Pressure Monitor

Activity Tracked

Steps Tracker,Calorie Tracker,Activity Tracker

Touch Screen



Smart Watches

Screen Material


Screen Shape


APP Download Available


Battery Detachable




Display Size

1.39 inch

Movement Type




Application Age Group


Voice assistant built-in


SIM Card Available






Multiple Dials




Network Mode


Battery Capacity


Rear Camera




Waterproof Grade

Life Waterproof




On Wrist


All Compatible




Passometer,fitness tracker,sleep tracker,Message Reminder,Call Reminder,Heart Rate Tracker,Calendar,Calculators

Brand Name



Mainland China

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    I arrived in very good condition. It’s re cute and it works well. I loved it!!

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