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Xiaomi HIMO K1/K1M Cool Breeze Bicycle Helmet

HIMO KI/K1M Cool Breeze Riding Helmet
Bicycle Helmets for Men Women
Mountain Road Scooter Integrally Molded Electrombile


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Xiaomi HIMO K1/K1M Cool Breeze Riding Helmet Bicycle
Helmets for Men Women Mountain Road Scooter Integrally Molded Electromobile

9/12 vents for ultimate temperature regulation with unyielding ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior.
Adjustable dial to customize the fit.
K1M Goggle clip to keep eyewear attached.
Smooth Ventilation System & Dual Safety Certifications helps to protect and enjoy SKATING, CYCLING, BMX, MTB and etc.

Ride safely and escort on the road Safety is the first priority for every trip. The K1 Qingfeng cycling helmet is firm and reliable and is always accompanied by a safety on the road.

Quality standards, use peace of mind to ride comfortably The H|MOK1 Breeze Helmet meets the GB24429-2009 standard. The outer layer of the helmet is made of ABS hard shell material + the inner liner is made of imported EPS cushioning material + the inner lining is made of thickened stamped split sponge, ensuring high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Buffer external force, exquisite craftsmanship, always guard your riding safety

It is better to choose the right dual version The K1 standard version helmet is simple but not simple. K1M keeps the K1 version simple while adding high-definition wear-resistant PC reinforced lenses to ensure a clearer view of the ride. Double version selection, the one that suits you is better.

Breathable design quickly releases heat The helmet is designed with ventilation holes, which can evacuate the heat and moisture from the head while improving the wearing comfort.

360°rotating adjustment knob to fit more comfortably around the head The helmet uses a 360°rotating adjustable head lock fixing device, which can be adjusted in depth according to the size of the head, so that the helmet and the head fit better, adjust flexibly, and fit more comfortably.

Head circumference measurement method

Use a measuring tape to start from the root of the front forehead, pass 2cm below the starting point of the back of the head, make a circle around the head, add 1-2cm to measure the horizontal dimension above the two ears, including the hair *Tighten the measuring tape when measuring, but don’t feel pressure


Army Green, Black, Blue, Brown, White, Grey



Age Group

(Adults) Men



Weight (g)

about 0.5kg

Air Vents

8 – 15




Ultralight Helmet

Model Number

KI/K1M Cool Breeze Riding Helmet


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