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Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

Dreametech L10s Ultra
Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Auto Mop Cleaning and Drying
Self-refilling and Self-Emptying Base
60 Days of Cleaning
5300Pa Suction and AI Navigation
Compatible with Alexa

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Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Auto Mop Cleaning and Drying, Self-refilling and Self-Emptying Base for 60 Days of Cleaning, 5300Pa Suction and AI Navigation, Compatible with Alexa

  • Brand ‎Dreametech
  • Color ‎White
  • Package Dimensions ‎64.01 x 49.53 x 40.89 cm; 17.51 Kilograms
  • Noise Level ‎20 dB
  • Compatible Models ‎Amazon Echo

Special Features ‎● Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding● Advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light● 5300Pa strong suction, dual rotary mops ● Automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush ● App control, voice assistsant and remote video control

Item Weight ‎17.5 Kilograms


Date First Available 26 September 2022

Fully Automated Cleaning: Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning all combine to make fully automated home cleaning a reality.

The convenient auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive DualBoost 2.0 system to blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag, giving you up to 60 days of automatic, hands-off cleaning Advanced AI Navigation: The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room Robust Vacuuming and Carpet Cleaning: Powerful 5,300Pa suction, automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush coordinate to pull household debris, hair, and dust from floors and carpets.

Set cleaning behavior to have carpet identification avoid carpets while mopping or simply raise the mop pads while vacuuming Makes Floors Shine: Dual rotary mops spin at 180RPM under firm pressure to thoroughly scrub floors, covering up to 2,152ft² (200sqm) with a large 2.5L water tank, to make your wood, tile, vinyl, or other hard floors refreshingly clean Cleans and Dries Its Mops: The mops are lifted automatically when returning to the base station to ensure your floors stay pristine.

Automatic mop cleaning immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed anst grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt. After cleaning is complete, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours to help prevent odor.

Alexa-compatible Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, with Automatic Mop Cleaning and Drying, Water and Solution Adding, and Auto-Empty Base for 60 Days. Dust collection, mop washing and drying, water and detergent addition, powerful AI powered navigation, and other cutting-edge technologies are combined by L10s Ultra to fully automate daily home cleaning. Instead of cleaning your house, start to enjoy it.

Mops Made Automatically Clean and Dry: Cleaning a mop automatically rotates the mop heads rapidly against grooves in the detachable base plate while submerged in water to remove dirt. Based on a calculation made using data from environment testing done in Dreametech’s lab, 60 days. Depending on the usage and circumstances in the real world, actual performance may differ.

  • Fully Automated Cleaning: Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning all combine to make fully automated home cleaning a reality. The convenient auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive DualBoost 2.0 system to blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag, giving you up to 60 days of automatic, hands-off cleaning.
  • Advanced AI Navigation: The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room.
  • Robust Vacuuming and Carpet Cleaning: Powerful 5,300Pa suction, automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush coordinate to pull household debris, hair, and dust from floors and carpets. Set cleaning behavior to have carpet identification avoid carpets while mopping or simply raise the mop pads while vacuuming.
  • Makes Floors Shine: Dual rotary mops spin at 180RPM under firm pressure to thoroughly scrub floors, covering up to 2,152ft² (200sqm) with a large 2.5L water tank, to make your wood, tile, vinyl, or other hard floors refreshingly clean.
  • Cleans and Dries Its Mops: The mops are lifted automatically when returning to the base station to ensure your floors stay pristine. Automatic mop cleaning immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed against grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt. After cleaning is complete, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours to help prevent odor.
  • Customize Your Cleaning from Anywhere: Create multiple maps for multi-floor houses, segment rooms, create virtual walls, set no-go zones, and create cleaning schedules and routines. Start, pause, or stop cleaning with voice commands or supervise your home using the video control in the app. The power is at the tip of your tongue and the ends of your fingers


Brand Dreametech
Model Name L10sUltra
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor, Tile, Marble, Stone, Carpet, Wood
Special Feature ● Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding● Advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light● 5300Pa strong suction, dual rotary mops ● Automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush ● App control, voice assistsant and remote video control
Color White
Controller Type App Control
Included Components Side Brush x1; Cleaning Brush x1, Base Station x1; Robot ×1, Dust Collection Bag x1 (replacement); User Manual x1, Power Cord x1; Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner x1, Mop Pad x2 (pre-installed); Mop Pad Holder x2
Filter Type Foam
Battery Life 210 minutes
Battery Cell Composition Lithium
Are Batteries Included Yes
Control Method App, Remote, Voice
Compatible Devices Amazon Echo
Package Dimensions 25.2 x 19.5 x 16.1 inches (64 x 49.5 x 40.9 cm)
Item Weight 38.5 pounds (17.33 kg)
Manufacturer Dreametech
Item model number RLS6LADC
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)














Package Dimensions

‎64.01 x 49.53 x 40.89 cm; 17.51 Kilograms

Noise Level

‎20 dB

Compatible Models

‎Amazon Echo

Special Features

‎● Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding● Advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light● 5300Pa strong suction, dual rotary mops ● Automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush ● App control, voice assistsant and remote video control

Item Weight

‎17.5 Kilograms



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4.2 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#54,006 in Kitchen (See Top 100 in Kitchen) #203 in Robotic Vacuums

Date First Available

26 September 2022

60 reviews for Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

  1. R. Ward

    Best vacuum I’ve owned

    Our floors have never looked so good. My wife and I have three cats and a dog (all of which shed). Throw a twelve year old boy who leaves a mess wherever he goes and our home’s floors looked horrible. I have the robot vacuum three times a week at the 2X setting and a vacuum and mop on Saturdays. Our floors have never looked better. The area rugs look like new and the hardwood/vinyl appear pristine.I will say if you use the default settings there’s not much cleaning done. However, the higher level settings do an amazing job.

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  2. Tony

    So a little disappointed

    So I have a bunch of these robots and none of them ever last longer than 5 or so years however this one is already showing signs of old age in less than 6 months. First the good this is a tippy top notch navigator better than shark, Roomba, neato or Samsung . It’s honestly not even fair for the others.The camera is great, I use it to talk to my cat. I also would use it if my ring ever were to go off ( should be linked to Alexa and ring tbh could be the ring drone we never got)Maps Amazing again there is no one near as good out there.Mopping system best in class again no one close to as good as this.Now the badThe main brissle for the vac is made of silicone and is getting destroyed before my eyes. I get the idea, have something that’s capable of doing both hard and carpet floors but it’s not even been 6 months and I need to order a new one.Suction is a little lacking for the price point, and this might be a bristle issue as well but I get the same results I would get with a shark and they are way less (mopping can’t be a $500 feature it’s good but not that good).All and all I would recommend this highly if you have kids because of the navi and if you have hard wood floors. Hopefully they up grade the main brissle to a regular vacuum bristle brush.

    One person found this helpful

  3. czaky

    Best vac to root ever. Makes lots of pictures of your GF.

    It is a really good hardware Dreame sells, with enough RAM and flash.The robot was able to quickly navigate through my space and clean months of dust and stains.It would navigate under the chairs and ram across thresholds with bravery – forth and back like if it was some kind of exercise. I am now replacing all the thresholds for lower profile ones.It will mop your floors and clean the little mop-pads in-between.You only need to replace the water after each use, and remove all the hairs that get stuck in the various moving parts.The functions are simple and the robot does not disappoint.It will not do magic like putting your chairs up and tidying the room after you before cleaning.It is very careful not to damage your furniture, although it had a really tough fight with one of my 3 legged stands.The default voice is a little “bitchy” and may get you an argument with your GF.You can replace the voice with something better like a portal/GLaDOS voice pack.I have seen some pretty good voice repositories out there that replace the dry, mechanical, 3rd personreporting language with something more enthusiastic and personal. It so rewarding when the robot says: “Thank you…” back.From stock firmware, it will connect to the Xiaomi and Dreame developer servers, which are not very well protected as some DEFCON talks reveal.It definitely has a preference for girls when making photos (and uploading to the developer servers).It made several bottom-up pictures of my GF, and no picture of myself, despite me being around it for most part.The Allwinner M813 processor has a small NPU (neuronal processing unit), but I have not seen much of that AI being used. It would recognize some “dark places” and avoid those. Not sure if it is working. It is a cheap Allwiner SoC after all.I have never connected it to the cloud, nor provisioned it with the Xiaomi/Dreame apps.Instead, I just got it rooted and run valetudo.cloud (local) on it, which gives me tons ofoptions and fits into my home automation ecosystem. There is no public root, but there is a helpful community. If you plan to root it, please, DO NOT update the bot using the Xiaomi/Dreame apps.So I don’t worry about a spy-cam bot running around my home …but you should.

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  4. Melissa

    Floors have never need cleaner

    This is my third smart vacuum. I keep trading up because I see things that my current device doesn’t have. My first one didn’t mop or have a dock with auto emptying. so I had to get one with those features but then that one had a mop pad that had to be changed all the time and started smelling like sour milk and I had to add water to the tank after ever use. I wanted it to be on a regular schedule but I kept forgetting to fill the water and it would run when I was at work. NOW this one fixes all those problems. It has an automatic vacuum emptying system and a large clean and great water take so I don’t have to fill it as often. Biggest selling point would be that the mop pads are cleaned and DRIED after every use. Only thing I didn’t see coming would be that the reservoir area gets dirty and have to be wiped out every month. But that’s the only maintenance other than fishing hair from the wheels and propellor. It’s a little pricy but I love it.

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  5. Lisa K.

    Finally, a robot vacuum and mop with everything!

    As a full-time working mom I have been reading reviews for years and disappointed with the cleaning robot options. After reading a few reviews about the L10s Ultra I decided to splurge and get it. I am so glad I did.PROS: The AI is awesome. The robot is very smart and I have had no issues with it being dumb and running into anything. It really does avoid cords as promised. The app is easy to use and set up. I am not tech savvy at all and was really worried about this. You literally just scan and download. It is easy to select cleaning modes and customize how you want it to clean. It accurately mapped my house, can do multiple floors. I did turn off the camera feature as I did not feel safe with it being on, but I think it could have value if we are away. The suction power is awesome, the best out there! I wanted a robot with mopping pads that actually turn to clean the floor and this one does a great job. The battery life is very impressive. It can almost do 1500 sq on TURBO suction in one charge. Customer service was great – I could not get the water for mopping to start and they had a quick fix that worked and responded right away! The BEST is the tower!! It hold clean water/dirty water/cleaning solution. The tanks are large so I have yet to change them out after a few weeks. It is also self-cleaning and drying mop pads. It does a decent job but every other time I do manually take them off and wash them by hand. The vacuum dirt is also automatically sucked into a bag housed in the tower. It is large and likely will not need to be changed for 4-6 months. It does come with an extra bag as well.CONS: The mopping pads are in the rear of the machine and do not clean to the edge of the floor. The robot is great at going around the edge of baseboards but does not go under my lower cabinets so I need to manually clean that area.Overall I have had it now for 6 weeks and if you are a busy and sick of the constant crumbs and mess you need this to help keep your sanity!! It is expensive but it is a great investment that has ALL the features and I feel like I did not compromise on anything. I definitely would recommend this to all my family and friends.

    14 people found this helpful

  6. Dobb

    Nice but was hoping for more

    Navigation is amazing. AI is very accurate. Mopping is really good. Vacuuming is mediocre at best. It left a lot of dirt on the floor and the self empty almost always got clogged. Once clogged, it couldn’t pick anything up at all.

  7. Westsky

    Great value but has some issues that you wouldn’t expect from such a premier cost

    This product has the potential to become one of the most premium robot vacuums. Navigation is not as best as the roborock S7 Max V but it makes up for it with a better value. Compared to the roborock S7 MaxV, this one already has a built-in dryer for the mopping pad. However, I have noticed that it would often leak water out of the machine after a self-cleaning session. So I would normally end up with a pool of water in front of my unit that I would have to wipe. I think its mopping feature is definitely better than than the RoboRock but vacuuming is better on the roborock.

  8. Ghassan Jankeel

    Changed from 1 to 5 stars after buying a unit that is not faulty

    [update 01/09/2023]It turned out I had a faulty unit, I returned it and ordered a second one, and this one is working as expected.The robot is able to identify obstacles correctly, find the shortest paths to get to the zone that needs cleaning.Unlike the most other robots in the market, this one doesn’t require taking the mops off when doing carpets or creating a map, it raises the mops when going over carpet or when traveling to the cleaning zone. I wish if it would raise them a bit higher though.I use it with dreamehome app instead of Xiaomi app, because Xiaomi lacks some features that this cleaner has like Cam live view.Overall I’m happy now with this purchase, its a lot faster than the previous model (W10) and the water tank even though a bit smaller, it lasts longer than the one on W10. customer support followed up with me and suggested I give it a second try, and I’m glad I did.[previous review with the faulty unit]I own an older model of vacuum/mop robot from the same company (W10), while that one has its own problems, its still able to find the path to the area to be cleaned.This one has all the sensors that the previous model had, and added to them the camera.It seems that this model depends more on the camera than the ultra sound sensor on the top, and it keeps avoiding area thinking there obstacles, while there is nothing on the floor.its not able to find the path to get to where it needs to be, and if it gets there, it cleans in random moves instead of the straight lines that the previous model, and thats because again, it think there are obstacles that they are not there.There is a good chance that I got a lemon, and they have some other units that work properly, but for this price, I would expect a better QA

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  9. Courtney Harless

    From Disappointed and Frustrated to Happy

    *UPDATE* Replacement has been received and ran perfectly.This is my second DreameTech bot and I am disappointed and beyond frustrated. This one was deemed defective by DreameTech’s customer service because the dirty washbin would fill and it leaked dirty water everywhere. Also the mop pad kept falling off. DreameTech said to either send it to them for repair or contact Amazon for a replacement. Amazon is saying because they are not the seller they will not issue a replacement. Mind you the listing says return eligible and replacement eligible if within 30 days! I let DreameTech know Amazon will not replace and asked for them to send me a replacement, at which time I will send the defective one back, and they responded it is being escalated. If I hadn’t loved my first bot so much I would say screw it and get my money back. I will update this review once I get a resolution.

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  10. Brandon C.

    Great value!

    I was looking into purchasing a robot vacuum and was considering this and the Roborock s7 ultra. I opted for this one as it is cheaper and includes the drying of the mop pad. I like that its mop is two spinning disks and that the base station has a separate slot to dispense cleaning solution. This has made cleaning the house so much easier and has allowed us to accomplish other tasks without having to worry about the floors as much.

  11. Dro Esco

    Not sure if it’s mopping sometimes.

    Update: I contacted the company and they’re costumer support is A+ fast to respond and help, my issues have been resolved and the vac is working as it should.The design is nice it’s not bulky and easy on the eyes. Couple of issues if you have a bigger home with pets.#1: I have noticed that sometimes no matter what my settings are the vac mops start out wet and that’s only because the vac washes them before starting to clean, as it continues the mops dry out and doesn’t seem like the unit is wetting the mops not sure why I only use water and they’re solution so it’s not clogged because it’s not all the time that this happens.#2: For the bigger messier jobs. I have also noticed that regardless of selecting when the vac auto cleans it self by zone, rooms or all the vac does clean it’s mop heads but why would it also not empty it’s dust bin??? to me this makes no sense I have 2 dogs and a cat if the bin gets full half way through the cleaning then what? Is there a sensor so that it knows the dust bin is full?Is there a sensor so it knows that there’s an issue and the mop heads are not being hydrated?? I have asked the company but do to language barriers I got no clear answer. At least add an option when to clean the dust bin just like there’s an option of when to auto clean the mop heads. At the end it’s a nice unit but wouldn’t pay full price of you catch it on sale buy it and use the saved portion for an extended warranty.

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  12. B mills

    good idea but with flaws

    The unit came fast and it is a nice looking robot but it has flaws. first of all, it is too high to get under some furnitures – if you had a normal vacuum robot before the height difference is at least an inch because of the knop on the top. The vacuum suction is good but the auto-empty is not for households with pets. We have a dog with longer hair and there are dog hairs left in the unit that are not sucked out. The app needs massive improvement and make sure you have no cables somewhere because obstacle avoidance is not good if it comes to this. It is a decent robot but I was awaiting more for that price point

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  13. Naeem

    Great robot vacuum for carpets and hard wood floor

    Awesome little robot vacuum. Performs exactly as described. Bough a robot vacuum a few years ago from a different mfg. and it kept crashing into furniture and kept vacuuming the same area, not this one. It maps your house and cleans it in a structured way. Comes back to the base to empty the dirt, refill mop water or charge itself and continues where it left off. Would definitely recommend.

  14. Mario Perez Murillo

    Superó mi expectativa

    Tenía dudas sobre este tipo de aparatos pero es genial!, aspira y friega al mismo tiempo, una gran autonomía por su estación de carga/ descarga. Muy recomendable!!

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Verify that the cleaning solution is available

    The manufacturer has reached out to me and notified me that the supplies are now available.This machine takes a small flat bottle of cleaning solution.

  16. Martín L.


    No es magica a la hora de limpiar, el fregado de pisos puede mejorar

  17. Tiffany Hoffman

    Updated review: love this robot.

    Update:customer service sent me a new robot! However, they sent me a chord for European outlet. So I had to purchase a new chord because they would not send the chord even after asking. They said they will refund me the cost of the chord. But, the inconvenience of having to buy a box and padding to return and then go find the proper chord did take up a lot of time out of my busy schedule. Make sure to save your box until you know all functions are working. All of that hassle was actually worth it though because this robot works great. I use it in the evenings at my salon. It helps get up all of the hair we may have missed, and any mud from clients walking through on rainy days. It’s nice to have the extra help because keeping our salon clean is a major task.First review:Does not mop at all. Water will not come out at all. Customer service has not replaced and I’ve had the issue for over two weeks. Hoping they will send me one that actually works! They sent me troubleshooting instructions and I followed them all and told them its still not working. Waiting for them to respond for over a week.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Chris R.

    Replacement unit good, first 2 units bad

    Edit: was sent a replacement after returning the first two. So far so goodGone through 2 of these. The first one we received was used/refurbished and sold as new from dreametech directly. 2nd unit gets stuck 4-5 times a day. The unit is too stupid to auto empty after the bin is full and will keep sucking up dog hair until it gets so full the hair causes it to not be able to move anymore.If it weren’t for the unit being too stupid to auto empty itself it might be decent. Also it gets stuck trying to dock itself roughly half the time. Major avoid

    2 people found this helpful

  19. JLE

    Problems Encountered during Initial Usage.

    Major problem: During the first vacuum use, the onboard bot debris container became compacted and the auto removal system failed to remove any debris inside the bot. I had to manually remove debris. The dust got all over me and into my lungs. Making a big deal about filters makes no sense if you have to stick your hands into the machine container to clear the onboard debris tank.Conclusion? The onboard debris container needs a debris capacity sensor and the vacuum needs to return to empty the debris tank before it becomes compacted. There needs to be a application notification of any debris issues in the machine.And the toll free help line is totally unacceptable. They’re phone bot put me on hold for over 10 minutes and then came on the line with the following recording: There is no one available to assist you. Please call back…click.I sent a help request via the Dreame application and have not received any response. Off to a great start.

  20. Max

    The machine is a dream!

    Awesome machine! App is a little wonky and still trying to figure it out.

  21. Davises

    Absolutely awesome

    This robot is awesome! It vacuums, mops, lifts the mop pads, and cleans and dries the mop pad! The dirty water bin does a great job keeping smell out (you will smell it when you open it though!). Great to be able to add a cleaning solution inside the stand. The mapping is fast and does a great job avoiding obstacles. I used the Xiaomi app instead of the Dreambot app. Just personally thought it looked nicer and was easy syncing the robot. Overall the unit is nice and modern looking. Only time will tell how long this robot will last. I put my older iRobot on the top floor and is going on three years.

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  22. Sandra

    It did not work properly

    It did not work properly. It would not dock every time to recharge. Instead most of the time – it “parked” in front of the base without redocking. When I realized it hadn’t docked, the battery would already be dead, and the mop heads had dried dirty. I also had problems with their app not working properly.I contacted customer service promptly to discuss these problems but they told me they would not be able to assist me. I asked if they would replace the defective product but they would not replace it. Instead they said I had to return it, (wait for the refund to be processed), then completely re-purchase another one. I had purchased all the additional accessories and insurance also.Upon their recommendation I returned this product, all of the additional accessories, and cancel the insurance plan. It took allot of time and was allot of trouble.I chose to purchase a different brand from another company because of their terrible customer support.

  23. honest reviewer

    Amazing customer service!

    Great device. I worked with Dreame to correct the issue. The company response was amazing in correcting the issue. I recommend it 100%!!!

  24. Indy

    Poor Docking procedure

    After just less than a month, I returned the robot. It did a decent job of vacuuming and an ok job of mopping but it just would not dock itsself on a regular basis. I’d say 75% of the time if would not dock properly forcing me to manually dock the robot for cleaning and charging. My 2nd major complaint is it is a PIA to clean the docking station and it needs it big time. It gets MESSY after just one cleaning cycle and goes downhill from there. I did not pay $1000 to baby sit and clean up after a robot. So it is a fail imho.After posting this review, I was contacted by their customer service. They seem to be very interested in how to improve their product. I appreciate this interest and willingness to listen. I will be watching closely for improvments in the future. Until then, I stand by my comments.

  25. Otter

    much better than separate vacuum and mop

    I came from several Roomba vacuums and one M6 mop. The vacuum was fine but didn’t share its map with mop and the mop never worked well enough to recommend it. The L10s was better from day one. It generated a more accurate map in one pass that took the the Roomba multiple passes. The spinning mop heads clean much better than the M6. And the combination vacuum+mop and smart mapping cleans the same rooms in half the time with less noise and much less getting stuck. It was a great upgrade from what I had.

    2 people found this helpful

  26. Fed

    Best Robot Vacuum

    After researching Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot and Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum, I chose Dreametech L10s. Absolutely love it. It met my expectations. Easy setup. Great mapping features and map control. Cleaning ability is wonderful. Extremely low maintenance. The vacuum did such a good job it was hard to tell just by looking at the floor but when you look at the dirty water tank in the dock it is evident the mop is working, and the floors do have that freshly mopped feel.

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  27. eReviewer

    A game changer for your floors. The best of all worlds.

    It combines features of the best robot mop with a self cleaning AI robot vacuum. Cleans as well as my old Samsung robot mop which was hardly ever used due to the maintenance of having to clean so many parts after every use. Spinning pads clean so much better than dragging a wet rag across your floors. Auto self clean and dry the pads? Expensive but worth it. AI equipped so it can avoid gettung stuck on an object or cord like my roborock s7 did on each and every session. Rxpensive but worth it. The first automated floor cleaning product with so little to comprise. A game changer.

    10 people found this helpful

  28. CHIA-HSUN Chang

    Don’t buy. The company won’t replace or refund after 30 days. The robot stopped working in a month.

    After less than a month use, the robot showed error msg, and we contacted the company’s support for help. We tried everything they said and on google, and the problems remained. Eventually the company support told us to ask a replacement from Amazon customer service. When I contacted Amazon customer service, the amazon customer service asked me to ask a replacement from the seller instead since it’s under the warranty. The seller replied and asked me to ask Amazon customer service. It was very frustrating. I replied to the seller that the return window at Amazon has been closed, and the next reply from the seller was the same instructions given to us before.The last msg was “ According to our after-sales policy, since your order has exceeded the 30-day period for **refund or replacement**, deeply sorry that your **refund/replacement** request cannot be met.” The company refused to refund or replace after 30 days period. To be fair, we contacted them about the problem within 30 days, and they provided only instructions to repair instead of offering replacement. Stay away from the Company.I contacted Amazon customer service again and told them that we tried to fix the problem by contacting the company and missed the return window. Amazon customer service understood my frustration and made an exception for me to return the robot. In addition, Amazon customer service helped set up a UPS pick up to make the return easier.My husband asked me if I want to buy it again. The answer is “NO”. The product was good while it’s working, but the Company doesn’t honor its warranty. What if the robot lasts longer than 30 days, and Amazon won’t be able to help. I don’t want to take another risk again especially when the robot is so pricey.

    11 people found this helpful

  29. Amazon Customer

    Beyond pleased. Keeps up with 2 shedding dogs.

    We’ve had multiple smart vacs and none of them have been able to keep up with our 2 shepherds. Not only does this vacuum keep up with the shedding, it picks up all the leaves, twigs, and dirt these pups bring in. We also have our vacuum set to mop the high traffic areas daily and it’s something we had know idea we needed. I don’t know that I’ve been more satisfied with an Amazon purchase.

  30. Ian

    Love it!

    I decided to finally try a vacuum/mop robot and ordered this one on Black Friday. I have ran it every day and can say it definitely does the job. In a house with a dog and two cats, the floor is cleaner than it’s ever been. With a daily routine, it keeps pet hair to a minimum and keeps the floors sanitary for longer. I absolutely recommend this product!

  31. Lisha Amin

    First one didn’t work, but the feee replacement is ✨AWESOME✨

    [the first portion of this review is my new edited opinion. I’m leaving my original post below just to show the difference of how vastly my opinion changed.]——-NEW OPINION——This thing is truly awesome and its cherry on top of a fantastic product is the customer service team who made things right!I REALLY research my products, especially ones that cost this much. I researched for a week, narrowing items down to comparing the newer Roombas, the Omni Ultra, Roborock, and Dreametech. I watched every review video on YouTube when I noticed there weren’t thousands of Amazon reviews like I typically look for. I didn’t know what a pascal unit of measurement was before…and now, I could tell you every feature.After arduous research, I chose the Dreametech L10S Ultra over Roborock’s S7 Max V Ultra.Then it delivered after Black Friday and the water component didn’t work [detailed in old post below]. From the moment of realizing it didn’t work, customer service was on top of it—emailing responses so quickly, sometimes within the hour to make it right. I even purchased my second option in the meantime—the Roborock S7 MAX V Ultra—and used that before my Dreametechrepalcmeent showed up a week later. RR was definitely great, but upon receiving the replacement Dreametech, this thing kicks Roborock’s BUTT. The Roborock literally wouldn’t go over my medium pile carpet, and this thing does. Not to mention getting stuck in my carpet three times daily, to a point where I though I might have to cut my carpet to get Roborock out. This has never happened with Dreametech and I’ve used it longer.I’ll just break it down in a pros and cons list belowPROS:* Aesthetic is on-point. Matches my decor and it has a clean, approachable appearance.* The mapping is quick and gets smarter and faster each time it cleans. It avoids cords amazingly!! One of the mops almost tangled but it literally did a wheely and avoided it—so impressive.* Customer service has obviously been exemplary.* The mopping feature is as terrific as I expected—it actually cleans. Like CLEANS the floor like I would. And if you actually mop really the first time, then set this, it’ll maintain that level of clean and potentially put your mop out of a job.* The vacuum is strong—gets all the loose cat litter, able to get onto my medium-pile rug, and it really gets things clean, as evidenced when I checked the bag. Like, I walk through my house and the carpets and hardwood FEEL clean, and I can clearly see vacuum lines.* The app is user-friendly for the most part.* It’s customizable clean—you can sweep, mop, sweep and mop, or sweep THEN mop. And you can also have 4 different edits for vacuum settings, including quiet. And 4 different mopping settings* The remote control feature is nice to have* The heating function works well!* I love that it automatically dispenses floor cleaner to the appropriate amount only when pulling water from the reservoir. And it’s evidenced how great it mops when I poor my nasty mop water out. And I walk around and my floors are noticeably clean.CON (opportunities for improvement with simple firmware updates)* I wish I could rename rooms with my own names instead of the pre-set list. I don’t have a “study” but I do have “litter box area”.* The camera sometimes identifies my carpet as a barrier. Although it does eventually get on it and gets it clean.* Some parts of the app don’t make sense and so I don’t use them, for example: 3-D map, or “add this device to your Home Screen”* It doesn’t guide or prompt you to set up the vacuum with Alexa or Siri, and so I haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet. Although I know it’s compatible.* Update the app to easily use voice and video through the vacuum* Quality control, although I had a wonderful experience with my replacement, I shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place with such an expensive item.Even considering all of this—I would 100% buy it again and have even recommended it to my mom who is in the market for a new vacuum.———————-OLD OPINION————————I’m so disappointed. Like SO disappointed. I did a weeks worth of research to land on this product feeling like it was a solid choice, only to be let down by the functionality.1. The water doesn’t come out from the base. I even tried the straw trick to suck through the get water flow to the bottom. But the fact is that I shouldn’t have to literally suck this thing off in order to get it to work. This is a $1000 vacuum, and that’s the Black Friday sale price! I really really just want the base replaced and I’d be happy with everything.2. The vacuum on this is top tier (although it struggled to get onto my medium pile carpet. It eventually gets there, but not always.)It’s sleek, beautiful, matches my aesthetic, and provides fantastic vacuuming, navigation, and mapping. But no matter what I did with the water tanks, resetting the system—nothing made a difference.By the way, if you’d like instructions for how to do a system repair go to Settings—> more setting—> and then tap the firmware 10 times and it’ll pop up a blue box that asks if you want to repair the system.I did that option 5 times to no avail. But it might work for you?

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  32. CT

    It’s Great but the app is pretty horrible.

    Ive been using this robot vacuum for 5 months now and i believe i can reliably review this unit. I really hope you find my review helpful!Overall, this robot vacuum works very well, but in my opinion, it does not justify its price tag of $1,300 at the time of purchase (October 2022). However, Its new price tag of between $899-$999 is well worth it and competitive. The robot does what its advertised to do. It has very good vacuuming power and the mops work great for daily cleaning tasks. it’s technological suite of sensors and LiDAR work great and its pretty good at recognizing hazards but do not expect perfection as i have seen it become stuck with a cord three times in the time ive owned it.PET OWNERS: We have two huskies who shed a lot, so sometimes it can become clogged with hair even after it auto empties. This is a problem because it doesn’t notify you that it’s clogged because it has no sensors to tell you this. You can audibly hear a loss of suction when its clogged but its too late at that point if you dont pay attention to it and expect it to be completely autonomous. Auto empty can be a problem too; You can set it to clean the mops while it’s cleaning to keep its mop pads clean, it will return to the base station and clean its pads during the task then continue the task where it left off, but there is no way to change the frequency of the auto emptying during cleaning tasks unless you give it multiple jobs to do in which cases it will auto empty ONLY AFTER the job is done multiple times which kinda defeats the point in the first place. This is inconvenient because you’ll need to set each section in your house separately so that it will auto empty more than once and then manually start it again from the app. This needs work and i hope they fix it because people with pets will need to auto empty quite often if their pets shed a lot.The App is the worst part of this product which is a real bummer. It only works with the Mi Home app. I CANNOT get it to work with the dreametech app no matter what i do. This is a Chinese company and the app is definitely in its infancy in the American market (broken English in some spots) but i hope they improve it because i do love the robot vacuum.Overall, i would give this vacuum a 7/10 and i would recommend it to a friend.

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  33. Michael Chamberlain

    Makes your iRobot look like an r/c car!

    We have an 850 sq.ft apartment. We work separate schedules on opposite times of the clock. On top of that I’m a student and rarely have much time to clean. We’ve had an iRobot ecosystem for a while and thought their robots were the only solution to our cat-astrophic amount of hair everywhere. When buying the L10s we were completely blown away. The app is less than desirable, but on every other aspect it dominates over iRobot. The navigation is more effective at routing the bot. I’ve never had it get stuck in a chair or not be able to find it’s base, unlike the iRobot. You can also access the video feed on the robot live! It’s like the Astro but actually useful! The mop pads on this don’t entirely lift up, so if you have medium-pile carpet this robot is going to drag the wet pads and make a damp line. It does use a good amount of solution. So I would recommend buying their three pack of solution for $40 a month in. We haven’t had it for more than a week, but already I am willing to throw away any loyalty I had towards iRobot. For a sale price of $800, it’s cheaper than buying their least expensive model and mop combined while getting the best clean possible. If you’re hesitant because it is not iRobot, please take off the blindfold iRobot has put on your eyes and get ready to see how dirty your space really is.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Update – Rated low due to warranty issue

    Updated: customer service took care of us really well and helped to get us a vacuum sent quickly…once again, I love this vacuum so much and I’m happy to have found something that helps our day to day activity. Customer service was prompt and really seemed to want to resolve the issue. 2nd update: this is so frustrating as I love this vacuum so much. It does all the cleaning for you and does a pretty decent job. Just today (4/21/23), it started not lifting the mop pad on carpet, and when I went to check the carpet settings a notification popped up (attached in review), showing that there was an ultrasonic sensor error. The suggestion on the pop-up does not work or fix the problem. I have factory reset twice and it has still not solve the issue. I have sent an email to customer service and will update the review accordingly once this is resolved. I would like the new replacement sent to me prior to me shipping back to the old unit. That way, I will not be without a vacuum at least while they are sending the replacement.Update: Finally received the replacement on 2/10/23 and am happy to have it back. Still have a similar issue (it is slightly better) but seems that it is just the way the unit is made. Provided the feedback to their customer service team and it seems that they are eager to have feedback which is definitely good for future tweaks. Overall, I love the vacuum/mop…makes my life easier and my house cleaner.First of all, the vacuum and mop combo are amazing. Part of the reason this review is so low is that I am dealing with a frustrating warranty issue. Something that costs $1000 should have a better/more efficient process.Warranty Issue:Due to a malfunction of one mop pad not pulling all the way up, as it was going back to wash the mop pad and then start cleaning again, it was dragging the dirty mop pads across the carpet. I noticed right away that it was happening, and contacted warranty within 2 days of receiving.I did the troubleshooting requirements and was able to ship back with a prepaid label. They assured me that once received, they would send out a new replacement. That was 15 days ago (on January 20) that the item was sent. I have contacted them multiple times and they blame the delay on a warehouse change. While a valid excuse, they have offered no solutions other than ” Thanks for your patience and cooperation. We will update you with information soon”. It is really quite frustrating as once you use something like this in your home and daily life, you don’t want to be without it longer than necessary (and as promised).Sincerely disappointed in the handling of this issue. Just hoping to have the replacement sent ASAP.

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  35. katie

    I love this robot – especially for construction sites

    So we moved into a new home but I redid the bathroom, added backsplash, all new lights and fans, new mirrors. So we immediately were living in a construction site for a few weeks while my contractor finished.This vacuum robot ROCKS- I thought it was a splurge for the price but anyone doing construction on your home and living in it at the same time just add this to your budget and move on. Everyday “turbo” would run and sometimes it would take her 3 times charging to get the house clean. But we did not have dust everywhere because she got it, so made living here extremely bearable.I truly talked myself into this model. I didn’t think I would like the mopping and did not think it would be worth it. I will not be with out this model or higher.The reason I ended up getting a new vacuum- My 3 yr old is addicted to vacuums and my husband promised a new robot model when we moved (mine was one of the first roomba’s) My husband does not know how much this vacuum is, he asked me what I wanted for valentines and I just said the vacuum was for my son and I. I would now not have a problem telling him.Just an fyi- I do not have any animals but getting a lab soon. I think this robot will fo fine with the hair.Get it- totally worth it

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  36. Edwin

    Funciona mejor de lo esperado, falla a las 3 semanas, ya solucionada, buen soporte

    El robot funciona muy bien, el aspirado y trapeado es muy bueno. Donde noto una mayor mejora comparado con un robot anterior es en la navegación y detección de obstáculos con IA, el posicionamiento para ir a zonas alejadas de su base es muy preciso y sin dar tantas vueltas para llegar a destino, los obstáculos son reconocidos y evitados exitosamente, no se enreda con cables ni tropieza con ellos.No calificó con 5 estrellas porque a las 3 semanas de uso falló el sensor de alfombras, contacte a soporte a través de la app y fueron my rápidos en responder, ofrecieron revisión y reparación sin costo por estar en garantía, pero desafortunadamente no tenían cobertura donde vivo, por sugerencia de ellos utilice la garantía de compra de Amazon y devolví el producto con un reintegro de la compra.Volví a comprar el mismo robot, ya lo recibí y funciona perfecto, llevo utilizándolo un par de semanas espero este no vaya a a fallar.

  37. Samantha

    Almost perfect

    It would be perfect if it didn’t avoid dog hair. I have 2 huskies and even running this every day there are occasional “bits” of fur. When there is visible fur the robot will go around it. I have pet avoidance turned off because they are fully house trained in an effort to fix the issue but it doesn’t help.

  38. Dana Jansen

    Fantastic combination robot

    I borrowed my dad’s roomba, the most basic model because I was still skeptical about this technology even though my daughter, who has a roomba vacuum and a roomba mop, raves about hers.It did the job, but I wanted more. I did a ton of research because I wanted one machine to vac and mop and was deciding between the Dreamtech and the Narwal brand. I decided to go with the Dreamtech since it was much cheaper than the compatible Narwal.My floors are vinyl, hardwood and tile.It has been awesome. It is very quiet while it cleans. I would have given it 5 stars, but the small airplane take off noise when it sucks the debris it REALLY loud, and scares the cat.The app takes a little bit of playing around to get to all the features, but has been great once I found everything.Setup was extremely easy.I setup a schedule but it seems to have issues leaving the dock, and yet when I hit the button to start cleaning from the app it has no issues. I can select a specific room or multiple rooms or zones to clean via tge app on a schedule or an adhoc cleaning cycle.I wish the mops pads were a bit thicker. I have it set for deep cleaning.I love that I can set how often it goes home to clean the mop pads during a cleaning cycle and it goes right back out and resumes cleaning.I wish it had cable avoidance, it’s gotten caught up in the cables behind my TV stand.My husband, who has programmed a roomba, was extremely impressed by the mapping and learning it does when it started out and as it’s cleaning.Overall I would definitely recommend this product.

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  39. Jason J

    Overall good vacuum!

    It’s a good vacuum! I have two cats and it gets most of there cat hair. I do have to say the mopping feature could improve. I live in a 400 sq apartment and I had the robot vacuum the floor twice. Then I ran it again to have to vacuum and mop the floor three times. After running the robot, I ran a sweeper over the floors and it still showed up dirty. This isn’t a miracle robot at all! But it definitely makes the place cleaner when it’s ran!

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  40. Elias P.

    Edited Rating due to Great Customer Service – Original Issue with Water Pump

    New Review:After my subpar experience with this device, customer service did reach out to me to make things right. I got the sense that, as a customer, this company does care about our experiences with their products. Now, it does not excuse the similar issues I and several other people had with the prior purchase of this robot vacuum, but the fact that they reached out to me first to try to earn back the trust of a customer I think speaks volume on the company as a whole. So I revised my rating to reflect that.—————————————————————————————————————————–Original Review:After much research, I decided to purchase this rather than the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra mainly due to some of the distinguishing functions of this versus the S7MVU – has a mop drying function built in (without having to pay $100 extra), is slightly cheaper during Cyber Monday, and comes in white (I have white baseboards). This is literally the only system readily available in the States as of this review that checks all of the above criteria.As some had recalled for this product, the base station has PUMP ISSUES in delivering water either to the base reservoir or to the robot vacuum itself. I had thought it was possibly an air bubble preventing the water being sucked up from the clean water tank. So I tried (many times) holding the home button (for 3 seconds to draw water into the mop cleaning reservoir) on the base station itself to try to prime the lines with water. No luck.I also tried other troubleshooting as some had mentioned in forums and in the reviews section here:1. Tried the Base Station Self-Repair function in the Dreame app several times – no luck.2. Tried the straw sucking method at the water port (albeit a bit ridiculous to have to do for a MSRP $1299 machine) – no luck.I tried a combination of the above (sucking with a straw while the pump was “running” after holding the home button for 3 seconds) – nothing. No water being drawn from the clean water tank no matter what I did.Considering this exact thing happened to several people already and the fact that it is occurring on a brand new machine, I have vast doubts on the reliability/longevity of the water pump if it isn’t non-functional right out of the box. I am very disappointed a $1000+ machine has a such a common faulty system that renders a key function of the vacuum useless.

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  41. KLBN

    This is almost perfect if your product doesn’t have one critical defect.

    12. 15. 2022>Update: Upgraded my review from 1 star to 4 stars from the service follow up. They replaced the defective one out of box with a new one. I might upgrade again if the machine continues to perform excellent. This machine is one of the first all-in-one machines that can do everything without your intervention. The only competitor would be S7 Max V Ultra. Each of them has minor pros and cons, but both of them are the top notch ones in the market for now. Just hope you’re getting the ones without the critical known defect(not priming water). Then it is kinda excellent. (If you received a bad one, contact service center. They are good.)12. 4. 2022>Clean water wouldn’t prime down to machine, leaving mops completely dry while mopping. I tried the self recovery mode and the straw trick. All failed. Without this issue, it could have become the king of Robot cleaners in late 2022 (even slightly better than S7Max Ultra due to drying feature without extra cost) but that one flaw crushed the reason to buy this.I am very frustrated for wasting my time researching to look for something better than S7MU. If this issue does not get resolved soon, I am going to return this and will purchase an another S7MU. Definitely will avoid buying any product from this company in the future.

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  42. Swede Brian

    Product needs mandatory service but works great

    I am updating this review to 4 stars:This robot is worthless out of the box because the design of the dock is fundamentally bad. The robot cannot dock itself without a ramp that is not included with the robot.Support through the app was terrible, if I had to do it again I would be a mean Karen sooner and demand my case be escalated.Once I got support by email it was a night and day difference and they immediately shipped the piece needed to make my robot able to dock.The robot itself is the best on the market by a HUGE margin. It’s the best mopping robot out there and it navigates rugs and carpet with ease.Dreametech needs to recall all robots and provide the dock ramp with every purchase until that happens everyone who purchased will be stuck helping their robot dock until they go through support and get a ramp or build one out of duck tape like I did.I really hope dreametech puts more effort into R&D of their next dock, it’s the only thing holding them back from a 5 star product and having a better robot than roborock

  43. Jordan Lynn


    So many features for such a great price. You get auto empty and fill, AI avoidance, mopping, all for <$1k. No other bot is doing it for as cheap.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Very smart and deep cleans the floor. Great value

     To be honest, I was hesitant to try this robot when my friends told me about it. With a high price tag, I wasn’t sure if it’s worth it. After using it for a few weeks, I think is well worth the investment.We have a two story house with all hardwood flooring on the first floor and all carpet on the second floor. We have a iRobot for upstairs carpet area. And we have a EcoVacs for downstairs hard floor.The iRobot works ok with carpet, the navigation gets lost occasionally but overall gets the job done. We’ve been using EcoVacs N8 for the downstairs hardwood floor. The mopping isn’t good, requires constant cleaning and refills. However, that’s not the worst part. The app and software is horrible on the N8, and losses saved map constantly.There are several things stand out on dreamehome vs the other ones we’ve used.1. It’s equipped with a lot of sensors, providing detailed mapping and surrounding info.2. Software engineering is pretty good. My friend said they are part of XiaoMi which makes sense why there mapping system is a lot better and their deep learning model on objects identification is impressive. It was able to tell there’s cables in the path and avoid it.3. The app is very well designed and unlike EcoVocs losses map constantly, dreamehome draw the layout on one run and never had any issues so far.4. The mopping is very impressive, it cleans the tile in kitchen very well. It will go back to clean it’s mop after a certain areas covered which is very thoughtful.5. Automatic raising on the mops are awesome, it will detect area rug and raise the mood to just vacuum the rug. Also, if it goes back to clean the mop, it will go back to the spot with mop raised, so no lose of clean water on the way back.6. The cleaning base has a removable plastic brush, we could easier clean and remove any large debris if there’s any.7. We can remote control it like a toy car and have live video from its front camera, we can even talk through it. Not sure why we need it, but it’s fun to show to the kids.

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  45. W.

    AI and Robotics at their best!

    I must admit when my husband ordered this vacuum, I was nervous about the “technology” part of cleaning. I own seven vacuums and clean the “old-fashion” way. When the box arrived, to my surprise there were only three boxes inside the main carton. I opened all three boxes and right away you could tell this was super easy to assemble. Nothing to put together except the cleaning brush and mop pad attachments, inserting the cleaning solution and removing a few pieces of tape. The directions were not overwhelming either. Not being a savvy tech person, everything in the owners manual was simple and easy to understand. It took me two tries to connect to Wi-Fi but that could’ve been user error! Now, it was time to try her (Alice) out. The first two times she mopped and vacuumed. Once I tinkered with the app, I was able to select vacuum only AND choose the level of suction. The best part of this vacuum is that it empties the debris into its dedicated container and empties the dirty water into its dedicated container, while re-filling itself with clean water. Finally, it drys the mops so that they don’t become sour and moldy. It truly is hands-free cleaning! The robot took about 120 minutes to vacuum 1,500 sf. When the battery gets low, she takes herself back to home base to recharge. Once charged enough, she comes back and picks up where she left off. I am getting use to “something” else helping with the vacuuming. I just never thought it would be a robot! I am thrilled with the DreameBot L10s Ultra and highly recommend this for your home or office.

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  46. wtpattpk

    Wouldn’t pump water in robot to run mop

    Update: I couldn’t help myself and purchased a second one, which had the same problem (no water flow to the robot or to clean the base). This time, I thoroughly researched the problem and found a fix. The fix I did included…1. install everything as normal using the Dreame app (not the Mi app)2. Take out the detergent and dirty water tank (leave the clean tank in with plenty of water in it).3. Using a straw placed on the little dispenser at the bottom of the base (where it loads water into the robot), suck until you get water flow (spit it out as it probably contains some detergent)4. Put the robot back on the base and go to the dreame app settings (3 dots in upper right corner), then click More Setting at the bottom, then click the “Plug-In Version Number” 10 times (yes, that’s ridiculous). That should make a blue button appear that says “Base Station Self-repair”. Click that and your base will go through about a 20 minute repair phase.5. Once the repair is complete, you should hear a voice say “repair is complete”. Just before that, you should also hear some water noises and sucking. If the voice says “error, check manual or call tech assistance”, just return the unit. Otherwise, run a base clean or robot mop clean and the water should wet the mops and work correctly.So yes, I finally got it to work, but for $1300 I should not have to do all that to make it work. AND…the base station self repair thing? Why on earth is that not more intuitive? I had to find that from a user on reddit who works on these vacuums (in Russia I think). Therefore, I’m increasing this to 3 stars due to the fiddling around you may have to do to get this expensive vacuum to work. On the other hand, once it does work, it’s kind of amazing. *****I so wanted to love this product, but apparently there’s a big problem with the pump not working. So if no water is able to get to the robot, it can’t mop. This apparently is a common issue, so until they get that fixed, I’ll be either waiting or purchasing something else.

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  47. Laszlo P.

    Working well now

    The Dreametech L10s Ultra would get 5 stars if only it would dock. Mine has a very hard time backing up the base to empty and charge. Since the first day it goes up off center, this throws it off so it won’t dock. It tries twice and then stops. The problem I see it in the mop heads spin as the vacuum is trying to go up. This only makes the ramp wet. I should say without the mop heads installed the vacuum goes up and docks without any problems. Sorry to say will be returning the Dreametech L10s UltraEdit, after a restart and using a new mat Dreametech sent me the vacuum is now docking correctly!

  48. Brandon Martinez

    Great so far!

    Got this on black friday on a nice discount after looking at tons of reviews of all the ultra models. This thing is the only ultra series robot that does everything. The roborock max v and deepbot omni ultra models lack one or more features. For example roborock doesn’t have remote control camera and voice control of the bod, while the deebot does. The deepbot doesn’t lift it’s mopping pads so you have to remove them if you want just vacuum and it won’t do vacuum and mop at the same time. While this dreametech bot does everything, same mopping as the deepbot but lifts the pads to sweep and mop at the same time, so it can go over carpets, has remote control with video and voice with the dreametech app, not sure about the other app though as some reviews said it wasn’t available in the wehome app, use the dreametech app.Performance has been great, mapped about 1300 squarefeet in a few minutes, gets around and under my dining room table perfectly. After looking at reviews of all these bots some people complain about the noise, I don’t find it noisy even when emptying the vacuum port. Remote control and voice with the bot works very nicely and was fun to mess around with. My kid is going to love it.My only request from dreametech would be some different colors, I have a white walls so would love to have been able select a gray or silver option for the base station.Definitely the best model ultra bot available at this point as it has every feature and the blackfriday/cybermonday price was amazing.If you are looking for a bot that does it all, this is your choice.

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  49. Cosmo

    Good mopping with occasional issue of path finding

    When it can find its path, it was good; otherwise, it wandered without doing anything. I placed the robot in my living room and it used to work without issue. Later I placed a sofa and it began to get lost and I have to remotely control it out of the living room.– update –I reset the map and now it kept bumping into walls when it tried to clean a room right next to its base station. If it cannot find the right path, there are no points for those overpriced fancy cleaning features compared to those $200 robots.– update –I reset the whole machine and re-linked it to a new account. Again, it could barely find the path to the room next to it, which was not acceptable for a machine in this price range. Ironically, the app clearly showed where the destination room was and the machine obviously didn’t respect the map.– update –The customer service representative got in touch and suggested doing a thorough cleaning of the entire house in a different order, starting with the troublesome rooms. My partner tried this approach and found it working. Therefore I updated the review to four stars because my partner was satisfied.– update –We decided to keep this robot since it has been working so far so good.

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  50. honestone

    Customer service is awesome!

    I had a problem with mine, and their customer service took care of everything. My item is now working great!

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  51. Hurtslikehell

    Wow, truly the best MACHINE on the market, see pics…

    This is the THIRD machine I’ve tried.FINALLY, a machine that doesn’t just drag it’s tail along creating streaks. It actually spins collection the dust and dirt. It also returns to the base to self-clean its heads every 100Ft. “Setting I chose”. As you can see, the mud is collected instead of push around the floor so you can imagine what the dirty water tank looks like! “Super dark mud water WITH actual mud in the bottom”. It also does an amazing job vacuuming. It’ll vacuum my 4000sf single story “all tile” house in under 1hr 45min. It’ll mop the entire house in 2hrs. The battery life will manage a full house cleaning from 100% to a battery life of around 20%. It does take about 3 to 4 hours to recharge, but once it does it’s thing, I don’t need to run it for 4 to 7 days.I also live on a dirt lot, 1 acre with two Shepards. That being said, you can imagine the amount of dirt and hair collecting in the house daily.One last thing, this is the first time in 3 yrs. that I can actually walk around my house comfortably WITHOUT wearing flip flops. My socks don’t even get dirty. Truly an amazing machine.Certainly hope it lasts!!!…..

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  52. robynology

    Phenomenal Support

    UPDATED:Perfect customer service from DreameTech. Prompt and professional. And exceptionally kind.DreameTech fixed everything. And this Robot is a BEAST! Best you can get at this price point, per random social media reviews.This working unit is well worth the full price.Also I have no problem with the upkeep and maintenance to keep this thing pristine because of its incredible performance.Just like any working device there is always some sort of maintenance if you want to extend the quality and life of the unit.But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.ORIGINAL REVIEW:Returning. Doesn’t mop at all. Ugggg back to searching.

  53. Fengqiang Li

    Works Great! Fast and Efficient Cleaning. Love the auto mop cleaning

    I have Roborock S6 over 3 years but it has no auto mop cleaning which I really want. I have to run the vacuum manually and then wet them up and attach it for Roborock S6. So I bought this luxury Dreametech, the 2nd robot vacuum that I have ever purchased. I am very satisfied with the product.I live in a condo and have both wooden floor and carpet. We have a young kid so the floor sometimes be covered by dust, dirt and sometimes messy. The robot has no problem cleaning both wooden and carpet and works around everything beautifully.Also, it is very easy to set up, it comes pretty much ready to go, with spare parts in the box, which is really nice. Set it into charger and let it just work. The vacuum goes back to it’s docking station after it’s done. When it’s low battery it’ll automatically go back to the docking station to recharge. Super convenient for those who have a busy lifestyle.Noise level is very low compared to most vacuum cleaners out there, and lower that I expected, but definitely you will still hear it coming though.I like the color and how it looks. The self cleaning and drying mop are a huge benefit!Overall the Dreametech L10s performs great to keep my floors clean. I absolutely love this vacuum

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  54. Richard

    Best unit on the Market, 0 regrets!!

    —updated after 3 months0 issues and it runs almost daily. I’ve deep cleaned it once and it keeps my home floors, (100% engineered wood) very clean. The manufacturer keeps adding new features to the app so if you read any cons about the app know that their ”con” may have been addressed already. I freaking love this machine!—updated after 1 month in.I still love it and it’s even better now with the update to allow for multiple schedules with different cleaning modes. I have 1 that is set to vacuum specific rooms with different suction power and another to vacuum and mop and they added a self-adaption cleaning mode. My house is just under 2500/ft and it has plenty of battery power left when it’s done cleaning and has never failed to go home. It isn’t cheap but I can’t speak highly enough about this unit.—-original postThis is by far more advanced, (spinning mops, heated dry, self emptying of the water and dirt etc) than the main stream, well marketed robot vac/mop combos. Does a great job. Time will tell if it lasts but with a 2 year vs others having a 1 year I’m thinking it will.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Anna Pione

    Expensive but has everything

    We have very busy work schedules so we purchased this as a way to delegate floor care.I have to admit, the device did not work properly initially. The base station would not start water flow. I contacted customer support and they were actually super helpful. They were quick to respond and helped me resolve this issue within the same day.After that minor hiccup, I could not be happier with the product. It mapped our apartment within a few minutes. The app is very clever and feature rich. The robot cleans well and the obstacle avoidance works really well. the mop lift feature works well and it auto-boosts on our area rugs. The cleaning solution + the auto dry function keep the mop pads clean and smelling nice.Even with the initial hiccup, I give this 5 stars

  56. damon b

    A true home helper

    Fantastic navigation, great mopping, mostly hands-free and efficient. I’ve had several models of the all-in-one helper bots and none have been as easy to use and fast. Simply put for the money you just can’t beat this thing. The mopping pads actually scrub and with two dogs I need the mop to work well. Very happy with the purchase and the support has been nothing short of stellar. This company responded quickly to my questions and provided relevant, helpful answers. If you’re in the market I’d give this model serious consideration.

  57. Ryan K.

    Customer Service is Non-existent! Beware!

    I feel utterly betrayed by Dreame. I’ve been bragging about their robot vacuums and telling everyone I know you purchase one for years. But after this week I won’t be singing their tune anymore, and if highly suggest you stay away from this vacuum and company as a whole.First, my L10s vacuum suddenly died on me. The three lights on the robot blink constantly but I can’t reset it and Its literally a brick right now. My vacuum is less than six months old and already completely dead.Second I made the mistake of contacting customer support. (They only have email correspondence). At first the rep went through basic things to get the robot to function, none of them worked. “Karen” then took my purchase info and told me I needed to have my vacuum serviced. I said okay and asked what I needed to do from here. Now this is where the service gets terrible. He asks for all my shipping info and tells me he needs to send me a prepaid shipping label for the robot to be repaired. I said fine and sent my info to him and…….nothing. I responded a couple days later saying I never received the label or any further communication. “Karem” responded that he/she never received my shipping info. Again, I responded to the email with my info and again……..nothing. This time I received and email response from “karem” that they never received a response and would be closing the ticket. He sent this in response to my shipping info email. Again, I responded pleading from him/her to not close the ticket and again sent my shipping info. This time I’ve received no reply and I don’t know what to do to get my vacuum working. I’m currently stuck with a 1100 paperweight with no way to fix it.I’m super disappointed with dreame especially after all the years I bought and bragged about their products. If you even remotely care about customer service or warranty service I would stay far away from dreame products.

  58. L L

    Non refillable container yes or no

    This would be the only thing I wouldn’t like. I have purchased so much for my other mop/Vacuum by Dreametech and want to be able to refill the container. Is this possible?

  59. Brand


    This vacuum/ mop is amazing! The set up/directions are very easy to follow and assemble. It only took about 15 mins to set up.I have owed a Roomba for many years and have never been completely satisfied with it. Im so happy with how the Dreametech L10 works! It works so well on the mop feature also, that I do not feel the need to have to “re-clean” anything myself. It has no issues cleaning both the wood floors and the carpet areas. It vacuums better than any robot vacuum that I have had. It vacuums in straight lines, which makes the carpet look way better than zig-zag pattern! It was able to avoid getting stuck / like many of my robot vacuums that I have had in the past. I highly recommend this Dreametech!! It is a dream!

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  60. James

    Pricy but the best all in one robot vacuum w

    After trying out a few major robot vacuum brands on the market. I have concluded this is the best all in one product. It’s great at cleaning the pet hair, dirt and also does a much better mopping job than the competitors.However, it’s a bit sad that the exact same product is listed as low as $560 in China. I understand the market price adjustment but this is almost double, which is not okay.

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