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ECOVACS WINBOT W2 PRO Window Cleaning Robot

Window Cleaning Robot
Fully Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Household Window Cleaning Machine

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ECOVACS WINBOT W2 PRO Window Cleaning Robot

Unique, cutting-edge window cleaning station, a multi-functional dock to free your hands

WINBOT W2 OMNI introduced the cutting-edge window cleaning station – an all-in-one multi-purpose dock that can serve as a control panel, changer, stabler and the portable storage room for your window cleaning task.

Integrated large capacity battery

The internal, large-capacity lithium battery provides continuous power for the WINBOT W2 OMNI, allowing window cleaning in areas without access to power outlets. Suitable for all kinds of cleaning scenarios from indoor windows to an exterior glass surface. One single charge allows for 110 minutes of usage, which is equivalent to an area of 55 square meters.

Two-in-one compound cable with both safety and power cords

The composite safety rope and power cord combines both cables into one, connecting everything into one tidy unit which eliminates tangled cables and wires. The station is equipped with an automatic cable management function to wind cables and simplifies the stowaway process.

Automatic wire take-off

The Station is equipped with an automatic wire coiler that can keep the wire collection neat and tidy. The operation has never been so easier.

Anti-dropping protection mechanism

The station’s 5.2KG weight is backed by over 800N in suction force to avoid WINBOT W2 OMNI from falling in any extreme circumestances. The safety rope is made from a three-layer, durable composite material with a strong tensile strength of up to 100KG (an increase of 20KG compared to the previous version). The station is also equipped with a 1m safety rope at the bottom of the station for added protection.

Muti-function station panel

The muti-function station panel is set with 6 functions, including Automatic Take-up; Power on/Off; Start/Pause; Cleaning Mode Selection; Back to Start Point; Unlock Suction Cup – allowing everyone to stay in control with just one press.

Portable storage

The station offers an extra storage compartment for the WINBOT W2 and its cleaning accessories. It also comes with a handle for easy carrying.

Fully upgraded Three-nozzle Wide-angle Spray Atomization Technology with wet mop for window cleaning

A fully upgraded Three-nozzle Wide-angle Spray Atomization Technology works with the wet mop to ensure efficient and effective cleaning. The water pressure is increased by 100% with time coverage increased by 90%, all the dirt disolve and wiped clean with one single stroke.


Intelligent climbing system to avoid slipping

The intelligent climbing system is powered by an upgraded synchronous belt which is highly water and friction resistant, ensuring stable movement without slipage. Even during wet wiping, the external drive wheel reduces water contact and provides higher stablity when climbing upwards. Together, this ensures the WINBOT W2 OMNI can move smoothly and steadily at all times.


Increase 30% efficiency through the brand new WIN-SLAM 4.0 intelligent planning

The WINBOT W2 OMNI has a brand new upgraded brushless motor and when combined with WIN-SLAM 4.0 intelligent planning, can achieve an increased cleaning efficiency of 30%. Through intelligent planning, the cleaning pattern is optimised to enable efficient turning and enhanced edge detection.

12-stage protection for added peace-of-mind

With the 12-stage protection system from both hardware and software support, WINBOT W2 OMNI offers the highest level of window cleaning safety along with cleanliness.

8-hardware-based fall protection measures

8 hardware-based fall protection features, ranging from Auto air pressure compensation, optimized 5,500 Pa suction power, floating cleaning cloth plate and design. Even if the power level is low, the WINBOT will remain attached to the window for over 30 minutes. With mutiple Anti-drop protection mechanisms and features, this is the safest and firmest robotic window cleaner you will own.


3-stage intelligent protection

The WINBOT W2 OMNI is eqipped with 2 types of sensors – a gravity acceleration senor to keep the machine stable at all times, and an optocoupler sensor to detect edges with a superfast 0.2 second response time, ensuring cleaning safety at all time. What’s more, WINBOT can navigate around low obstacles above 4mm and easily escape.





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    same product i ordered, took 14 days delivery which is good, working as expected

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