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Dreame R20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful 190AW suction easily removes dirt and pet hair from floors and carpets. With a 90-minute runtime, you can tackle tough cleaning jobs effortlessly.
  • Enhanced LED dust detection illuminates hard-to-see areas, leaving no spot untouched.
  • Advanced dual brush head picks up dirt and debris from every angle, perfect for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors.
  • Intelligent dirt detection automatically adjusts suction power for optimal cleaning performance.

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Dreame R20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
with Dual Brush Head, Smart Stick Handheld Vacuum, Powerful Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner, 90 Mins Max Runtime, Perfect for Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair

Powerful Suction for Deep Cleaning: With 190 AW suction power, this cordless vacuum cleaner easily removes dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. Plus, with a maximum runtime of 90 minutes, you can tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

Enhanced Blue Bright LED Dust Detection Technology: Bright LED lights illuminate dirt and debris in hard-to-see areas, ensuring that you don’t miss a spot.

Advanced Dual Brush Head for Versatile Cleaning: The V-shaped brush head and soft roller brush pick up dirt and debris from all angles, making it perfect for cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, and more.

Intelligent Cleaning for Optimal Performance: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with intelligent dirt detection, which automatically adjusts suction power based on the amount of dirt and debris present, ensuring that your home is always clean.

Complete Cleaning for Your Home: With multiple accessories, including a bendable brush for flexible cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the five-layer filtration system captures even the smallest particles, leaving your home clean and nice.

Includes: 1*Multi-Surface Brush, 1*Soft Roller Brush, 1*Wide Combination Tool, 1*Motorized Mini-Brush, 1*Charger, 1*2-in-1 Charging&Storage Mount, 1*Flexible Combination Tool, 1*Flexible Adapter, User Manual


Dreame specializes in the R&D of smart home appliances to make intelligent and healthy lifestyles easily accessible to global consumers. It has pioneered a series of innovative advancements including high-speed motors and multi-cone cyclone separation technology.

With user-focused service, Dreame responds rapidly and make decisions based on the needs of user. It does the utmost to ensure every product is reliable and trustworthy.


Product information

Technical Details

Brand ‎Dreametech

Model Number ‎VTV97A

Color ‎Grey

Package Dimensions ‎84.8 x 34.6 x 14.6 cm; 7.04 kg

Power / Wattage ‎450 watts

Voltage ‎25.2 Volts

Noise Level ‎68 dB

Runtime ‎1 hour and 30 minutes

Special Features ‎Lightweight, Bagless, HEPA

Item Weight ‎7.04 Kilograms













Model Number




Package Dimensions

‎84.8 x 34.6 x 14.6 cm; 7.04 kg

Power / Wattage

‎450 watts


‎25.2 Volts

Noise Level

‎68 dB


‎1 hour and 30 minutes

Special Features

‎Lightweight, Bagless, HEPA

Item Weight

‎7.04 Kilograms



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4.0 out of 5 stars

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#7,556 in Kitchen (See Top 100 in Kitchen) #139 in Handheld Vacuums

Date First Available

17 July 2023

60 reviews for Dreame R20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. billy

    Fell Apart update

    Owned this vacuum for a little less than a year. Did some research and this product was supposed to be one of the best cordless vacuums on the market. The first one I ordered came all packaged up but was used. Had dirt and hair in the collector. We returned that one and ordered another. That one started out fine then fell apart. Started with the wheels. They would not stay on. No matter what we did they kept falling off one by one. We even tried to have them pressed back on. Next a piece of plastic broke at the head where the wand handle meets it.Reported this to company and they sent a new head. Very good customer service. My faith is renewed.

  2. Cody

    Decent vacuum – frustrating customer service

    I loved my vacuum, I have hardwood floors and dogs and this is great for that. Struggles on long carpet but not terrible. Also great for vacuuming out small spaces and books and crannies.RE: Customer ServiceThere’s a manufacture issue with the handle cracking (pictured), they offered to fix it for free, once they received the vacuum they sent me a bill for the repair so I had to spend a day going back and forth with their service center to get this corrected. Then, once the vacuum was returned to me after the handle replacement the rest of the body was scratched, dinged, and had random blue marks that stained the white. Overall they’ve offered to replace the tank which has a lot of new scratches on it which is nice but it’s overall been frustrating.

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  3. Dan Bassett

    Love it but wish it stayed charged longer

    I waited a while to review this so I could really see how it worked. I had done a lot of research before I purchased it. It is fantastic to not have a cord to deal with. I mounted the charger/holder in my closet and it is out of the way and stays on the wall no issues. The attachments are great. The suction is good but not as good as my old bagless (corded) Bissell upright. It has a hard time with cat hair on a rug. I have to go over and over with high suction (there are 3 settings for suction) and then often still have to bend down and pick it off the rug. It’s almost a fair trade though that I don’t have to keep unplugging and moving to a new outlet to plug back in though. My house is small, and I use medium suction on the floors and high on the area rugs, of which there are only a couple. It usually runs out of power (very suddenly) before I finish unless I speed vacuum. I would give this 5 stars if it had a longer running time, even though the suction isn’t as strong as I had hoped. I know that you can buy a second battery for it but it is not something that you could switch out quickly (need a screw driver) and it has to be installed in the vacuum to charge so it isn’t a feasible option for day to day use. If the battery eventually starts to not hold a charge its nice I can buy a new one and not have to buy a new vacuum though. If they could make this with a better battery life or a quick change battery option and just a little more suction power it would be the perfect vacuum.

  4. Ann M. Schrader

    Bad battery

    I have had this vacuum for a couple of years. I’ve had to replace the battery a couple of times. The cup that the dirt goes into gets plugged and you need to use a small tool to unplug the vacuum. It could be much better if these problems were resolved. I will try another cordless vacuum next time.

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  5. rick boone

    I was sent a used vacumn that had been used on some liquid and was dirty- I had ordered a new item.

    This is the 3rd dreamtech t10 I have an purchased. (Two were gifts) , the first two were excellent- work well , very happy with them. The 3rd, was sent in new packaging , but had been used – trying to return it was a terrible experience. Started with dreamtech hotline- sent them pictures- they told me to call Amazon. Went thru Amazon online and started return procedure- they said they would have ups pick up next day – got email with some info- but no tracking number- tried calling ups to determine when they were picking up- said they could find nothing without tracking number- tried to get a tracking number from Amazon online only had a barcode that they said to put inside box when shipped back. Decided to ship back myself. Took item to cvs Amazon drop off, they said they couldn’t use barcode to generate shipping order- that I had to go to ups store to read it. Found a ups store- they said the barcode was only for a pickup and they couldn’t read it. That I would need a qr code sent to me that they could use to return box. Tried to change return online to a ups drop off- but there was no option but a return by ups pickup. Went online with computer and asked for a call back- got a digital voice that after numerous questions got me to a person. They finally got me a QR code and sent it to my email. I gave that to the ups store and they said – sorry the qr code was only for kohls drop off and the Amazon phone person said they couldn’t generate a QR code for a ups store. I then had to go find a kohls and sent back the item. As a final note 8 hours later a ups truck showed up to pick up the box- after they told me they couldn’t tell me pickup status with no tracking number

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  6. Amanda M Woodside

    Stopped Functioning

    We used this for a year and it just died. The lithium battery works for maybe 1-2 minutes now

  7. Doc Royal

    Still going strong

    Love this vacuum cleaner! It is lightweight, easy to empty and does a fine job. Fair warning, it is not strong enough to vacuum out a car nor does it do rugs well (must be on lowest setting for rugs). Nevertheless, I like it for my hardwood floor and my couches for getting up all the cat and dog hair. And because it is so so easy to maneuver and there is no cord to plug, unplug, replug, etc, I am much more willing to vacuum every day! Even my kids are willing to vacuum now and choose it over sweeping (because sweeping was always easier to them then having to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner). We get a lot of spiders and to be honest, I try to capture them and put them outside. But the daddy long legs that get away from me too high to reach, I vacuum them and their webs right up. I will say this though, I did misunderstand that the battery wasn’t charged due to a faulty outlet and complained to DreamTech about the battery going bad after two months (erroneously, I admit) but they ignored my complaint. So if it does die out earlier than it should, in my opinion, I don’t feel that the company really cares at all. THIS does concern me and I worry that the battery won’t last. The battery is EXPENSIVE to replace, so it better last several years!!! I will post when and if it does die out.

    8 people found this helpful

  8. Cathy

    Easy to carry, light and suction power is good

    I purchased this vacuum to replace my Dyson V8. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this vacuum has good suction power and is much lighter to carry than the Dyson. I like the button that you press to keep it on rather than having to hold the button. The dustbin is easy to empty as well.

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  9. Regan Simmons

    Battery doesn’t last long

    Purchased so I had something light weight to vacuum the cars and furniture. Lasts about 30-40 min, if that, on high setting. I haven’t timed the recharge. For the price I’m not to happy with the battery life but get dont what I need.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Fois

    Light Vacuum

    In my small, “one dog at a time” grooming shop, this is proving to be an outstanding smallish vacuum. It is surprisingly easy to manage and has decent suction. Each of the attachments are also useful and the collection cup is extremely easy to empty.Mostly I do attempt to keep fallen hair on the table scooped into a garbage can beside me but otherwise, if there is not too much remaining, this vacuum has enough jam to take care of it.For big jobs with lots & lots of hair on the floor, of course, out comes the large vacuum. But for the majority of days, this vacuum is everything I need for quick clean-ups.In this setting … it is the use of the garbage pail that is key!Great little machine!

  11. Monica


    This is so much better than my shark and my Dyson vacuums.It’s quieter and love the wallmount a lot more handy than the dyson one. Wish I had found this before wasting money on my Dyson. Just wish it also had a soft head roller for hard flooring.It is so easy to empty and clean.10/10 I would recommend over a dyson.

  12. GeorgiaGirl

    Dream Machine

    This vacuum is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. No more hassles with cords and bulky, heavy vacuums. Does extremely well on hardwood and tile floors. I feel it does an average job on carpets. It had great suction and love that you don’t need vacuum clean bags. I also love that it has a wall hanger that comes with it. I am very satisfied with this and would recommend it. It definitely does better than my Dyson on hardwood and tile, and is half the price. I took away a star because I feel that it is average on carpet but still does a good job. I have high standards so it is probably great for most people. I don’t have a lot of carpet so this is perfect for me.

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  13. T and S

    Great vacuum but how long will it last?

    We were very pleased with this vacuum. It is easy to use and battery holds well. We have used it daily for about 6 months now. It was doing great, powerful suction, and easy to dump. However, I am seeing a crack in the handle and I wonder if it is going to hold up as long as our previous cordless did.Update: although I was disappointed with the broken cover, I did get in touch with the seller and they repaired the vacuum. Thank you!

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  14. Verna from Manitoba

    So easy to use after years with a canister vacuum.

    Love everything about it!! So nice to use after years with my heavy canister vacuum with a cord that’s always in the way along with a cumbersome hose.

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  15. Carla S.

    I’m obsessed with this vacuum!

    From the moment I opened the box, I was in love. Then I turned it on and fell even deeper in love. We have LVP and tile throughout the house and this vacuum suits our needs perfectly. It’s not great on rugs, but in no way is that a deal-breaker for me. This vacuum was purchased to keep our LVP and tile clean with 2 kitties and an overall dusty home… and it works BEAUTIFULLY!! Easy to maneuver, easy to switch out the attachments, and the wall-mount charging feature keeps it out of the way yet accessible. Functions decently on our Ruggable rug in the living room but sometimes the suction is a bit too strong and the rug gets little wrinkles in it (which are easy to fix by lifting the rug and resetting it on its pad), but the bright side is this vacuum picks up dirt and even footprints off the rug with ease. I’m SO happy we got this vacuum! We were considering a Dyson, and I’m really happy we got this instead. Saved ourselves a hunk of cash for an overall excellent vacuum!

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  16. Kindle Customer

    Quiet, longer charge. and easy to use.

    I am very happy with the vacuum. I like that it is much quieter than the previous hand held vacuum I had. It is easier to empty the dust cup and the rim helps keep the dust away from the filters. It is a bit heavier but that does not deter from the ease of use. It cleans the wood floors and carpets well. I have a regular vacuum which I do not use as it is so heavy to push around and the hand held vacuum has been just perfect for me. I am elderly and not as strong as I once was so this is ideal for me.I like the lock feature of the on off switch. I do not have to hold the trigger on all the time when it is operating and it switches off easily. I also like the three speed feature so one can have extra power when necessary and the average or low do a good job on regular cleaning. It also runs longer and I am able to give the whole house a fast clean on one charge. Not having to drag a cord is a plus also.The attachments are nice for when one needs to do a deeper clean. As you can tell I am a happy camper with this cleaner.

    17 people found this helpful

  17. Alisa

    Best Vaccum I Ever Purchased!

    When I make a purchase, especially one that I hope to use for a long time, I do a lot of research. I compare the item to others and what makes them different and how easy it is to use, how heavy, and what comes with it, if any. This vaccum had it all. I read the reviews, and it fit all my needs. Im disabled so I cant have anything too heavy for both levels of my home. It was simple to put together out of the box, and shipping and delivery was on time and quick. My 12 year old loves to do his chore and I have to sneak in some cleaning when hes in school. Lol This vaccum has great attachments and all work good. I had to have a family member put up the wall mount because I couldnt, but this is an awesome vaccum, worth the price. We have a sibarian husky and the vaccum gets all his fluffy hair, even off the couch.

  18. Ashleigh Gunnell

    Doesn’t suck which makes it suck

    So I’m not sure if I would buy this vacuum again. It’s sucks great, battery last a good while and the canister holds a decent amount of stuff. And what I love most of all about it is that it looks sexy as hell. And that was a big reason I bought it. Because it looks so sexy, I am able to hang it up in a convenient place to use it whenever on a whim and that is sooooo nice. BUT it doesn’t suck anything big. Not even a Cheerio! Unless I’m doing something wrong or there is a setting I can’t change. (I’ve looked. I don’t see one) It only picks up like dust and hair. Nothing bigger than that. No cheerio, corn kernel, nothing. And that’s super annoying and kinda a big deal.So I guess no, I wouldn’t get it again. I’d look for another sexy vacuum that DOES pick up bigger stuff.

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  19. catlady

    Best cordless vacuum purchase ever!

    We have purchased a variety of cordless vacuums, large, small and handheld, over the years in an effort to keep up with the daily shedding of cat hair and litter tracking. This is by far the best we have ever had.Suction power – low / med / high – use whichever one suits your particular job. It even has a ‘hold’ button so you do not have to constantly push the switch to keep it running.Battery power – the lower the suction power, the less battery power is used. Even on high, it is enough to touch up our 1300 sq ft main level.Lightweight – outstanding, even lays flat and gets under furniture that larger vacuums cannot, and held helds require stooping and crawling on the floor.Easy to empty too, and very surprised how much it picks up daily.Works on regular carpet pile, hardwod, tile, and furniture (with attachment). Makes transition easily rom tile/wood to carpet EXCEPT on high power if you’re vacuuming throw rugs – it might suck up the ends. Reduce power and you’re good to go.I am thrilled with the wall hanging charger. It’s in the garage and out of site but easy to grab and go for quick touch up.I would highly recommend this product. We have had it for about 2 months and have had no issues.

    38 people found this helpful

  20. Annette Buchan

    Dreamtech Cordless T10 vacuum

    This vacuum works great. Very pleased with it.

  21. David

    Great at first

    This was amazing at first but under two years of light work and this has to go in trash. I would have expected much more useful life from this product.

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  22. Toronto

    I love vacuums – and this one is GREAT!

    I love vacuums and I’m picky. And this vacuum has utterly impressed me. I did my research on it and I have had 2 Dysons and a couple of other brands (some I still have). This Dreametech so surpassed my expectations. The only quirk is that (like older Dyson’s) it’s hard to empty if there’s pet fur in the cannister – I had to use a chopstick to reach in and pull the fur out. I have had the same problems with my bigger Dyson Animal. It’s so quiet compared to other vacuums, the battery lasts, I rarely have to take it above the lowest power and the small power-bar attachment works better on my couch/upholstery that anything my Dysons had to offer. And the mobility on the power head is equal to my Dyson (the way it swivels) but it gets under furniture far better than my Dyson (it isn’t a cordless though) The materials have a nicer feel than Dyson and I hope will not be as brittle as I’ve found my two Dyson’s to be over time. And the aesthetic is nicer than any other vacuum I’ve seen – an excellent bonus.

    3 people found this helpful

  23. Anna

    Vacuum is good, short battery life and wheels feel off after 1 year.

    Vacuum is good, short battery life and wheels feel off after 1 year. Overpriced product

  24. Amazon Customer

    Flawed floor tool.

    The most used tool is the powered multi brush for floors is subject to failure. If it stops rotating ( and it will) it’s performance is severely compromised. It appears that the brush drive mechanism can weaken and fail to rotate on any surface but wood or other smooth surfaces. Unfortunately if you use it for rugs or carpet you will out of luck. All other features are very good but this problem spoils what otherwise is a good product.

  25. SiSi Señorita🌞

    Love my vacuum however now it’s cheaper

    It came very well packaged & it did come in 2 days.I really love my vacuum, it’s well worth the buy!!It’s now a bit cheaper than whenI first bought it about a month ago, I would love to get the difference.Thank you!P.S. I never received an email/ nothing from the company to discuss the $100 difference…not impress

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  26. Benjamin Kenausis

    Good customer service

    Update: they sent a replacement vacuum that is working much better!Bought this vacuum and have had it not even 6 months and barely has been used because the battery does not stay charged, I only get about 5 minutes out of it before it shuts off. Once the vacuum turns off all the dirt that has been sucked up just falls right back out onto the floor. Very disappointed with the quality of this item for the amount of money spent!

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  27. RAH

    Great power

    Easy to use, great battery life with lots of power

  28. LeeAnne Moses


    Got this on sale it works pretty good the battery lasts longer if you use the lower setting which makes sense more power more battery drain. I like that it comes with a back up battery and I also like that you clean the filter that works wellOver all this is a great option

    One person found this helpful

  29. Melissa

    Great product for the money

    I research every product that I will be buying. I am very pleased with my purchase. Very light weight, I have Muliple sclerosis, shoulder and back issues, so carrying anything over the 10lbs is very hard. The suction was surprisingly good. Don’t purchase if you think you’re doing a home with wall to wall carpets. The battery life has been longer than expected. I get approximately 2-3 days of vacuuming my entire home with hardwood floors. Be sure to empty the canister for good air flow. I also make sure that I drain my battery ALL the way each time to ensure I’m not creating a battery memory. This can happen with some nickel-metal, nickel-cadium batteries. I would suggest not to charge it at all until the battery is discharged or completely dead. This helps with that concern. Happy cleaning I guess 🙂

    5 people found this helpful

  30. Dr. Amazon

    Great purchase

    I am in love. One of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. The suction is adjustable, ranging from low- med- high. It sucks up lots of pet hair on the highest setting, even on a low pile carpet. It is so convenient to use vs dragging out the central vacuum. My kids even enjoy using it. I plan on putting it in our trailer for the summer since it is so easy to use.The only issue is that the top of the vaccuum is on the heavy side. I imagine someone on the weaker side may have some issues with the weight of it. But overall a good purchase.

  31. Jessica Leduc

    Worked great – for 3 weeks

    Update:After a very long and frustrating back and forth I was sent a new battery. It still doesn’t last long enough on the strongest setting to take care of my small living room, but at least it runs. What I will say is that the suction power of this thing is terrible, it can’t even suck up a dime. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone.Original Post:I did a lot of research before buying this vacuum. I was all set to get a Dyson, but all the reviews said that this brand was on par for a better price, so I got it.I live in a very small apartment with two very sheddy dogs. On day one out of the box, my floors were amazing, but the highest suction taxed the battery so much that the charge barely lasted the time to vacuum about 100 sq feet.After a few weeks, I noticed the charge lasting less time, so I decreased the power and it was okay. But then it stopped working all together. There is one light that blinks when I plug it in, so I know it’s not all the way dead, but that’s all it does.I contacted the after sales people, and I’ve had nothing back other than a couple of emails to reiterate information.This is super frustrating for such an expensive purchase.

    26 people found this helpful

  32. Lifes_Btchn

    It’s a dream machine!

    Can you imagine being excited about buying yourself a vacuum for Christmas? I honestly couldn’t wait for it’s arrival. Not a moment of regret here. Long story short, I live in an RV that has a central vacuum, but the wand is suction only, no beater brush. I have purchased several rotating brush heads, all a HUGE disappointment. Not a single one lasted more than a month or two even in this small area.So I read reviews on every rechargeable vacuum out here and decided on this one. It’s amazing! I’m so glad I choose this machine, it does a fantastic job and yet so simple to use. It’s not heavy at all (I worried about that) and the control for the amount of suction from hardwood to area rugs was just the thing I needed.I really like that it is simple to change the amount of suction and the machine doesn’t decide for me. I saw their newer model will do the censoring, I like that the control is in my hands. I’m very very pleased and highly recommend. I’ve had it since just before Christmas 2021 and with a dog and Grand-baby frequent visits, I use it 1-2 times a day.I should add, I’ve never run out of battery power but I usually only run it 5-10 minutes at a time so I can’t say how long it will last in your home.

    4 people found this helpful

  33. Treasure

    Lasts Exactly 2 Years!

    This was a great cordless sweeper but sadly it stopped holding a charge even though I cleaned it thoroughly as was recommended. I was excited because their customer service was very responsive but sadly only to find out that I would have to pay $65 to get it repaired. No thank yiu. I just ordered a different brand and hope that my new one will last more than 2 years!UPDATE:Dreametech fixed my sweeper at no additional charge and mailed it back to me. Their customer service is superb and the vacuum itself is stronger than the replacement that I bought but I will keep the other for downstairs. Also I will add that the wall holder for the Dreametech is much more sturdy than the holder that came with the other brand.

  34. Happy Shopper

    Very quiet to run.

    I had a Dyson stick vac which I was disappointed in. I listened to all the hype about how good they are and they stand by their products. That was not my experience with them. The battery went exactly at the 2 year birthday however we are away for 3 months and have hardwood floors which I explained to them. After fighting with them they finally agreed to send me one which I never ever received. Bought a battery on amazon and the battery is still going strong after 3 years. I love this Dreametech it does everything the Dyson does at half the price. A GREAT buy!

    One person found this helpful

  35. Samantha Gerken

    Buy Something Else

    It works great, but if you need any replacement parts – for example if your kids cuts the charging cable- you have to go through Ali Express, pay an ungodly amount for a sepcific cable that meets the batteries odd specifications. Shipping was expensive, and took forever. Just pass. Too much extra work if something bad happens.ETA: Afer they saw my review they were very helpful in getting me a new charging cable. Not after reaching out to them directly through the 3rd party site they wanted me to use. They gave me the run around theough email when I first reached out, but after my review the emails became more helpful and a new charging cable was sent to me. Then I received emails daily asking me to change my review. Ah-ha. That’s when I realized why they became so helpful.3 stars because the vaccum itself is pretty nice. But decent customer service and maintence parts will be tricky to come by. Pass on this one.

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  36. Nick

    Life changed

    My girlfriend and I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. Both of us are very clean people. For 1 year we had been cleaning the apartment floors with brooms and mops. We decided to get a vaccum and started researching. We came across this vaccum and read the reviews from which we gathered that it’s similar quality a (much pricey-er) Dyson.The reviews held up. It is made of quality material, it has ample suction, it comes with all the attachments you might need, installation of the wall-mounted charger was quick and easy.The battery life is great for a small apartment unless you’re using the maximum suction setting which only lasts a few minutes (10min or less).I would recommend this to anyone without a large house.OrIf you have a large house, consider buying this and getting yourself a couple extra batteries. That way, you’ll still spend less than buying a Dyson and you’ll have just as much cleaning done.In my opinion; Dyson is like Sony… Yes, you’re getting a very high quality product, but, you’re also paying some extra on top for a brand name.

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  37. Maureen Gamarel

    Great gadget

    I’ve been using this since 2021. I love it. Looks like new. Very easy to clean.

  38. Audrey

    Poor battery and stuff gets stuck in the suction head

    I bought this on referral from my brother to have as a vacuum between my house cleaner visits. It worked great the first few times I used it and then eventually the highest setting would only work for about one minute after which I had to lower the power setting to get it to function. And then the lower setting would not pull the dog hair off the carpet. When it did pull the dog hair off the carpet it would get stuck in the suction head and prevent anything from going into the vacuum. I knew this was an issue but with work, travel, and life I finally decided to contact customer support past the one-year deadline. The customer support line is challenging as the helper does not speak good English and she said I could ship it back to get repaired on my dime. I do not recommend purchasing this item.Updated review Feb 7, 2024: After posting here, I received a message from Dreametech that they would replace my current vacuum, cleaner. They made good on their offer and I received a new vacuum that works much better and so far holds the charge well. The jury is still out if this will hold up over the longevity of the product. Thank you Dreametech for making good on your offer.

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  39. Ericka Solis

    Great vacuum, lame battery

    I love this vacuum, it does everything great. Super easy to clean and came with the attachments you actually use. Even on low, it really picks up. The biggest downer is the battery. I have to strategically plan out the vacuuming in my house to make sure I can get high traffic areas on High as long as the 8min battery can do. That way I can start recharging and mopping that area before I can vacuum other areas later. It wasn’t like that in the beginning, the battery definitely lastest longer while on High but now it can get around 8min of battery. If they can upgrade that, this vacuum would definitely be 5 stars. While it’s not Dyson quality suction, it’s really good for being off brand therefore I think it’s worth the money.Just fix the caca dookie battery!

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  40. Nina P.

    Pretty Good Cordless Vacuum

    First the Pros. Its very maneuverable and light weight, considering the motor to the vacuum is attached to the handle you are holding. Its also pretty quiet for a vacuum. I have a small area rug with a short pile that I can use this vacuum on with no trouble. The trick is to keep it on low, not the high setting. It cleans the rug very well. It also has a pretty big container for the dirt but you cant let it get full because the suction will start to suffer. We have laminate floors throughout the house and I am very happy with how it cleans the floors. And like most cordless vacuum’s, the motor detaches from the “stick” portion of the unit so you can use it on the stairs, a chair, or even your car. The attachments are useful as well and they all fit on the wall organizer that is included in the box.The Cons. The battery doesnt last long enough. I dont think any cordless vacuum’s battery lasts long enough! But you can order a backup battery and switch out when the first one dies. I just ordered it today so I cant include a review about that yet. POPCORN! Popcorn gets stuck in the dirt container. Its tough to get it out. I have been using a plastic knife to get it out. Also, when you empty the dirt bin, most of the dirt will just fall out into your garbage can but some is always left behind. Again, I use a plastic knife to get it out.Overall this is a great vacuum. Its not cheap and its not expensive. For me, its just right.

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  41. kathy Campagnaro

    Vacuums the whole house on one charge!

    I bought this vacuum for my hardwood floors, stair carpets and small area rugs.I had originally bought a Dyson but I didn’t like that you needed to hold the trigger to have the vacuum on; I found that my finger got sore and I couldn’t get a solid grip on the vacuum. Also I really didn’t feel like it performed for the price! I purchased the Dream Tech because of the reviews and it has performed accordingly! I only need to put it on full power for the area rugs and the stairs and I use the lowest power for the hardwood floors. I am able to do all three floors on one charge! I also like that wall mount for the vacuum. I looks great in our laundry room!

    15 people found this helpful

  42. LeannaEmm

    Great Cordless Vacuum

    This is light weight, the pieces detach and attach easily. Super easy to use and to charge.Battery doesn’t last the longest on the highest setting, but if you put it on the charger every time your done, you shouldn’t have any issues.Good suction. 3 modes based on what your using it for. Easy to maneuver.Does not take up a lot of space, which is nice if you have a smaller place.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Christopher Spence

    Great vacuum but battery runs dead fast

    Great piece. We just wish it would run longer with the battery charge. Our home 1250 sqft home with all hard wood floors takes 45 minutes to vacuum and the battery lasts exactly that amount of time…. Enough time for a quick run through. If deep cleaning is needed the battery needs charged multiple times. The ease of maneuvering is the best attribute bc the couches are our focus due to pet hair. The price is good also because I believe it is worth the money. After we use this vacuum we also turn on our Roomba vacuum which helps make sure we have collected all debris from the animals coming in and out!

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  44. Kathy L

    Love this Vacuum

    We love this vacuum. We have had so many over the years, but never could find just the perfect one. This might be it. It does a great job. I wish it had a light on it, that would be extremely helpful. I have a slight bit of trouble with the swiveling of the vacuum head but nothing major. It is so easy just to unhook from the holder and do a quick vacuum, our pet peeve area is the cat litter box, they always seem to get it all over, and no kind of mat we put down helps. But with this I can just do a quick sweep and go on my way. I bought the extra battery, and it stores right on the holder. However, unless the vacuum is stored there there is no separate way to charge the battery on its own. The vacuum has to be in the holder so the wall outlet is plugged into it. I like the way all of the accessories fit right into the holder so everything is right there and easily accessible. I would recommend this.

    8 people found this helpful

  45. Babyseal

    Connection between battery and motor melted

    The connection between battery and the machine motor melted. I did not discover it until noticing the disgusting smell of the melted plastic when using the vacuum cleaner one day. I have been using and charging it normally according to the user manual and this damage is dangerous and unacceptable. It happened after less than 2 years of purchasing and I did not expect such a short product life. The company would not replace or refund because of the 1-year warranty limit, but this damage is unacceptable. Do not waste money to buy the product.UPDATE: I previously contacted customer service through multiple rounds of emails and a call, but they would only offer paid repair at my own expense. I felt very frustrated because this damage is severe and I would not use their product again anyway due to the potential safety hazard. However, after seeing my comment on Amazon, their customer service eventually agreed to refund. I would say that the customer service is quite responsive and helpful, although the product is extremely disappointing.

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  46. Amazon Customer

    Replacement works…so far.

    Had a problem with the original purchase. They replaced it.

  47. Lucas

    Awful product

    Just terrible in every way. First off it barely works. It by far does NOT have a 60 min runtime. You need the highest power setting for the thing to work close to anything like a real vacuum cleaner and then the battery runs out in 5 minutes or less.The suction is horrendous. Half the time you’re essentially just sweeping whatever bits were too heavy to be sucked up as they just fall out of the front whenever you lift the thing over a threshold or turn it off.Dirt gets easily stuck in the top part of the container stopping anything from collecting in the actual containment area.I regret this decision every time it’s time to clean my home and wish I had gotten myself a regular ugly vacuum or spent the money on something more reputable.

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  48. Amazon Customer

    Keeping my fingers crossed

    I love how long the charge lasts and it is quiet Jury is still out, however, ask me after a few months

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  49. Sarah-Jude

    Light weight and good vacuum

    Good vacuum, powerful suction. And very good and efficient customer service

  50. Kimberly

    Love it!

    More quiet than my sister’s dyson. Love the attachments. My only complaint is I usually have to lift the head in order for it to catch something on the floor. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the wheels lol.

  51. Mohammed

    5.0 out of 5 stars



    One person found this helpful

  52. Natalia Mosina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best vacuum cleaner

    very convenient vacuum cleaner and good price. 3 speeds are comfortable to hold, lightweight and very powerful.

  53. truth teller

    Love this thing!!

    2 years in and still going strong. I actually got worried because it seemed like the battery wasn’t working anymore. I really dug in there and the problem is there was a clog of dust and paper from my shredder around the filter. Once I removed it, everything is working great again. I am glad I played handywoman instead of buying a new vacuum. If you have this and it seems to be on the fritz, I suggest you do the same!!!!

    2 people found this helpful

  54. Kimpossible

    Ample battery, Powerful Suction, Easy to Clean

    The Package came nicely, the battery last long with powerful suction and it’s easy to clean and empty the canister can with one button.I have attached the video for the power of suction on each level and how to open the canister can and take out those parts.Please understand the poor angle on the video where I am taking out the parts.The main part is light and easy to handle, and other components are practical to use in narrow/tight spaces.I usually put the lowest setting in most cases since the suction is strong enough in most cases and use a high setting on a carpet. As other mentioned, if you put it into a strongest suction mode, the battery will probably last 10 minutes or so, but I think it should be fine in most cases, since lowest suction setting is strong as well in most cases I believe.We are satisfied with this product and we are thinking to get a wet-dry vacuum later, cannot wait to try it.

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  55. Perla González

    Muy buena aspiradora

    La compre porque la vi recomendada en Tiktok, y no me decepcionó. No es ruidosa, fácil de usar, se me hace perfecta para tenerla a la mano los que tenemos mascotas.

  56. parm

    Bought in 2021 and Still Working Great in 2024!

    I have used this DreamTech cordless vacuum weekly since July of 2021 and it has been great! We have laminate, tile and carpeted floors. I am amazed at the amount of dirt and hair it picks up from a visibly clean floor! I do baby it, emptying it after each use and being sure there is no hair clogging the metal tubes. It is very easy to do. My husband uses the air condenser to blow it out for me occasionally. I only need to use it on low and still it picks up satisfactorily so the battery lasts. I like the holder they sent for storage and it is plugged into an outlet so it charges as soon as I put it away and is always charged and ready for use. I give it 5 stars! For reference, we have plenty of dirt from a shedding dog, two furry cats and plenty of dust from living on an 11 acre country property with horses.

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  57. Priscilla

    Light to handle, super suction and easy to clean! Amazzzing

    This vacuum really Exceeded my super picky expectations. I have tendinitis and cannot handle a heavy handle for a full house (3,000 sq feet) clean. I purchased the shark and then the Dyson before this…both were heavy to handle and the suction was “meh”. I Amy super picky in my household cleaning items and did not have high hopes for this one not being a “name brand” but I absolutely love it! I am shocked.I do animal rescue but hate having the most minuscule piece of dirt under my feet lol.This vacu can suck up dog food, cat litter, has a continuous “on” button which you can lock and unlock changing the 3 suction levels very easily… the rubberized power head makes for a super easy clean. It is a sleek looking vacuum, lasts a super long time (I always use on mostly high to medium at times) and it is amazing on carpets!!! Yes can easily go from carpets to tile without changing heads and be super effective.I also have to say their customer service is Amazing! So personable and responsive taking care of an issue with the handle by sending a replacement out free of charge right away with zero hesitation and no hassle!

    2 people found this helpful

  58. Meredith S.

    Good but not great.

    I bought this cordless vacuum because of the reviews and it was voted the best for 2021. I do not have another cordless vac to compare, but it’s a pretty nice vacuum. It sucks up more than you realize, even on eco mode. The handle unit can feel a bit heavy when you first start using it but it’s not bad. The maneuverability is great! The canister holds quite a bit, but it does seem to lose suction if you allow it to get too full. The canister is very easy to empty. There are multiple attachments to meet any need. Switching them out is easy. The wall mount has a spot for an extra battery too. The wall mount holds all the attachments neatly and is fairly compact against the wall.Drawbacks:- it does not vacuum up larger items well. We live in the country & get dead beetles by the doors sometimes. The vacuum needs help getting over the top of their slender corpses to be sucked into the canister.- there is also no suction release vent for throw rugs. It just repeatedly gets stuck and shuts off. Even on eco mode, just not as bad.- there is no spot on the vacuum for the attachments. I previously had a Shark professional navigator. Loved it. But wanted something cordless. I guess I got spoiled with the Shark because all the primary attachments were at your fingertips. This vacuum holds nothing extra. You have to carry it in the other hand, shove it in your pocket, or go back & get what you need. Inconvenient for efficiency.- you CANNOT charge any extra battery if the vacuum is in use. The charging connection point is on the vacuum itself. So, if you burned through your first battery and are using the back up, you cannot charge the first one while you continue to work. If you need extra time to work, forget about it. You have to drop everything, plug the vacuum in, and wait. BIGGEST DESIGN FLAW EVER!!My house is 3300 square feet & we have dogs. If I had known you couldn’t charge a battery while you vacuumed, I’d have gone with something different.Those are the big issues for me. Otherwise, the vacuum gets the job done. It just gets annoying having to stop & go for what I need with limited time due to battery life. I guess that is the nature of the beast. BUT…Having the attachments on the unit and being able to charge the back up battery while working would be extremely helpful.I hope this review helps the manufacturer upgrade the product and helps you all make a sound decision.

    24 people found this helpful

  59. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic alternative to the Dyson

    We’ve had this unit for a couple months now! Works fantastic, great suction and quieter then the Dyson. My only complaint is the plastic might not be as durable as I’d hoped! Went to take it off the charger the other day and noticed a crack on the handle. It was never dropped etc. other then that we are very pleased

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  60. Ami

    Dont waste your money!

    I bought it in December and I just started using it and its not worth the price we paid. The battery doesn’t last, mine doesn’t suction well and when I turn it off everything that I was vacuuming falls off (it doesn’t even go where it should). It’s pretty and light but doesn’t get the job done! I really do regret buying it!😖

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