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HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle

HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle
250W DC Motor Ebike
25km/h 80KM Mileage
Outdoor Urban E-Bike
20 Inch Tire For Xiaomi

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Xiaomi HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle
250W DC Motor E-Bike 25km/h 80KM Mileage
Outdoor Urban e-bike 20-inch Tire For Xiaomi


Basic parameters

The main technical parameters of the vehicle Dimensions: 1470 (length) x610 (width) × 1060 height) mm front and rear wheel center distance: 965mm Vehicle mass: 21.1KG Maximum design speed: 25km/h Power-assisted cruising range: ≈80km Electric cruising range: ≈55km Power consumption per hundred kilometers: 0.654kW.h/00km Load capacity ≤100KG

Exquisite craftsmanship with patent structure New national standard models easily hit the road Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, reasonable man-machine structure, passed the new national standard test, obtained 3C certification, and can be easily on the road at any time. In addition, the distinctive C20 has an exclusive structural patent, an excellent integrated design of the rear flat fork support tube and the bottom bracket connection, and the 20-inch lightweight frame is more suitable for the public body. The frame is welded and difficult NC processing technology, which presents a sense of quality and value much higher than that of traditional models.

Commuter fitness with dual-use Switch riding mode as you like The high-definition instrument interface meticulously adjusted by the engineer and the real-time monitoring of the riding data makes it easy to control every step of the journey. Electricity and human power support, three riding modes can be switched at will, it is a bicycle or an electric vehicle. In the morning rush hour, the purely electric mode satisfies the daily commuting and feels the passionate sprint of leaving the congested traffic behind. During the holidays, switch between manpower or assisted riding to experience the brisk riding fun at leisure

Shimano transmission high efficiency motor Easily cope with changing road sections The 6-speed Shimano shifting system is easy to operate. It can change the riding speed by adjusting the size of the front and rear chainrings to ensure faster shifting. With the powerful power of a high-efficiency brushless DC motor, the speed is as high as 380 rpm, providing you with a strong power transmission, bringing you agile and efficient control experience, and riding easily and effortlessly. Every acceleration, every long journey, is a unique travel enjoyment. *The above data is obtained by testing by Shanghai Ximo Electric Technology Laboratory.

New tires for car pump Comfortable long-distance riding without burden Standard high-quality wear-resistant Zhengxin tires, with excellent grip and good drainage performance, can easily pass through bumpy muddy roads. Inflatable tires have low tire noise and low resistance, making it easy and comfortable to ride long distances. The portable pump is perfectly hidden in the saddle tube, and you can take it all the way with you, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free journey.

Strong power 80 kilometers long lasting battery life Experience a new journey to enjoy 18650 power lithium battery, 10Ah abundant power brings long-lasting and powerful energy output, electric assist battery life up to 80km, only 2.5kg battery is perfectly hidden in the main beam of the frame, and the pull-out design is flexible for charging. Shuttle freely between the city and the countryside, travel freely, just walk.

Battery steward takes care of battery safety and health The BMS battery management system not only undertakes the accurate calculation of power, but also comprehensively monitors and protects a number of important functions such as current, voltage, and temperature. It automatically distributes the load when the power is low, and provides you with stable power for long-lasting progress regardless of the severe winter and heat.

Double brake system makes every step of the trip safe and stable Sensitive and durable front and rear dual brakes, stable braking, outstanding performance, freely retractable on the road ahead, your safety is our top priority.

Easy to fold classic two-color Outstanding appearance makes your heart beat Exclusive appearance patent, the whole vehicle adopts an innovative built-in battery box design, which is perfectly hidden in the beam and closely connected with the body. Folding handlebars, inner routing design, simple design style and classic continuation, gray and white high-grade two-color will never go out of style. It is convenient to park and show the static mechanical art. Galloping freely, showing the beauty of sporty shapes. Fashionable appearance, it looks good no matter what.

Main technical parameters of the motor

Motor type: DC brushless motor Nominal power: 250W Rated speed: 260r/min Rated voltage: 36V Main technical parameters of the controller Undervoltage protection: 31V±2V Overcurrent protection: 5A±2A

Main parameters of the storage battery

Battery type: lithium electronic battery Capacity: 10Ah Nominal voltage: 36V


White, Grey






351 – 500w



Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Wheel Size


Max Speed






Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Rated Passenger Capacity

One Seat


Standard Type

Model Number



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