Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro in Dubai

You might have heard about Xiaomi in a different context than electric scooters, but that’s alright. The Chinese giant has been quickly expanding its tentacles to smartphones and fitness gear (especially bracelets and smartwatches), so it goes without saying that the company couldn’t just sit and watch the e-scooter boom without launching its own product.

The Mi electric scooter, which, according to Xiaomi’s marketing talk, was created to work “as simple as it looks.” Well, it does look good, we’ll give you that. In fact, the scooter was awarded the Red Dot Award for design, but as it often happens, coming up with a tempting e-scooter isn’t just about the looks. So let’s dive deeper into what the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter has to offer.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter

From the very off, we must mention that the Xiaomi Mi e-scooter looks great. Sure, it might offer the same matte black, aluminum frame package we’ve seen on some may e-scooters, but there’s something about the design that makes it rather fashionable, we might say, and its shapes just flow nicely from front to rear. Xiaomi also says it fitted the Mi electric scooter with a curved pedalboard for extra comfort, while the frame has been treated with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Moreover, the handlebar is equipped with a 4-LED battery level reader, a power button, a pedestrian bell, as well as a set of 1.1W headlights that offer a lighting range of up to 6 meters (around 18 feet) at night.

In addition, the rear fender hosts a red LED taillight that lets those behind knowing you’re there – this one is particularly useful when you happen to be riding on the street during low visibility conditions.

What other e-scooters don’t offer but you get on the Xiaomi Mi is a dedicated smartphone app that can be paired with the e-scooter via Bluetooth (think of a running app that pairs to your phone the same way). Once connected, the app lets you see a handful of stats, including your current speed, average speed, remaining power, and mileage. The app also lets you enable cruise control and software-lock the e-scooter.

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