Xiaomi HIMO Z16 Folding E-Bike, Everything You Need To Know About features, Price

HIMO Z16 Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike xmartify dubai

HIMO Z16 Folding Electric E-Bike launched by Xiaomi which is several models of low-cost electric bikes on its Youpin crowdfunding platform. This marketing strategy brings good results – each new product attracts the attention of customers. At first glance, it is not much different from competitors, but a more thorough analysis reveals interesting details.

Himo Z16 has an aluminum alloy frame with integrated lights and a rear suspension. Its weight is 22.5 kg, the weight of the cyclist is limited to 100 kg.

The HIMO brand belonging to the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem seems to be one of the most active (also in this period) as regards the mobility sector. In recent months the brand has in fact presented three very interesting electric and folding bikes. Well, to what these were not enough, so here we also welcome the new HIMO Z16.

The HIMO Z16 is a folding electric bike with pedal assistance that adopts an aluminum alloy frame, which according to the brand is very ergonomic and brings a comfortable driving experience. This is also thanks to the updated rear shock absorber that helps us improve stability on the road surface in various situations and at the same time effectively reduces vibrations. While the front and rear dual disc brakes allow you to quickly stop the bike in case of need.

New Himo Z16 Foldable Electric Bicycle features 

Built-In Removable Lithium Battery Design

The hidden lithium battery box adopts a new generation of waterproof and flame-retardant design, which is completely hidden in the main beam of the frame. It can be directly connected to the power supply for charging, or the lithium battery can be taken down and charged separately. Two flexible and convenient charging methods are equipped with lithium battery anti-theft. The lock solves the trouble of battery loss, let you ride worry-free

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Three-Stage Folding Portable Storage

The handlebar,body and pedals can be folded in three places,and the folded volume is about 0.26m³.It can be easily put into the trunk,enter and exit the elevator,the office and enter and exit every scene in life.It is very convenient.

HIMO Z16 Folding Electric bike

Rear Shock Effective Shock Absorption and Long Riding

The newly upgraded safety rear shock absorber is suitable for a variety of roads, effectively reducing vibration, calmly facing the bumps, and more comfortable to ride for a long time.

Maximum Electric Power Assisted Riding 80KM:

HIMO Z16 uses 18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery,the range of pure electric cruising range is up to 55km, and the range of electric power assisting range is up to 80km. The vehicle has pure electric, electric power assist, and three riding modes of manpower in one, even without electricity.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame:

The whole vehicle adopts high-strength and light-weight aluminum alloy frame.After strict frame vibration test,it is safe to bear.The inner wiring design highlights the simple appearance and minimalist design concept.

The Xiaomi Himo Z16 folding electric bike offers a stylish and simple design for those looking to commute by e-bike on fairly flat or slightly undulating terrain. The 360Wh battery will provide a real-world range of between 20-30 miles and the single-speed arrangement adds to the simplicity.

Folding Design

The folded volume is exquisite and compact, so it can be easily put into the trunk, enter and exit the elevator, bring it into the office, and enter and exit various scenes in life.

Xiaomi Himo Z16 Foldable Electric Bicycle Folding Design

IPX7 Waterproof HD LCD Instrument

The smart display clearly shows the remaining power. Riding mileage, real-time speed and fault error information, easy to master every step of riding.

Equipped with high wear-resistant and super-grip tires, it can improve the handling ability of wet and slippery roads on rainy days, and effectively ensure smooth driving and safe braking.

3 Modes

Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode can be chosen to be adjusted for different road conditions.

If you’re looking for a ‘no frills’ single speed electric bike to use in an urban environment, then the new HIMO Z16 Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike takes some beating when it comes to value for money. 

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