HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle 250W DC Motor Ebike with Amazing Features And Price In UAE


Himo C20 Electric new e-bike launched by tech giant Xiaomi. HIMO C20 is the latest e-bike produced by the company and falls into the ultra-budget e-bike category.
The HIMO C20 is powered by a 250 W rear hub motor and reaches a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). That should keep it street legal nearly everywhere in the world. 

HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle 250W DC Motor Ebike

HIMO C20 has a patented structural with an integrated design. It has passed the high-level NC processing technology and 3C certification. With a 20 Inch lightweight frame, high quality and stability.

Three Switchable Riding Mode

HIMO C20 has both electric power and human power support, three riding modes. The pure electric mode meets daily commuting, and manpower or electric assist riding can make you enjoy a pleasant ride.

Variable Speed Drive

HIMO C20 features a 6-speed shifting system that adjusts the riding speed by adjusting the size of the front and rear sprocket wheels. With a 250W DC brushless motor, you can get a powerful power output for cycling.

Hidden Inflator Pump

Inflatable tires have low resistance and strong grip, which can easily pass through bumpy roads. The portable pump is hidden in the tube of the saddle and can be used for easy air pumping.

80KM Electric Moped Mileage

HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle

The height of the handlebars and saddle can be adjusted to suit people of different heights

Engine battery and high performance system: lithium battery is equipped with a smart charger 36 V / 10ah which is loaded for 5 hours, the bicycle is full of vitality.The high speed motor 250 W has a low power consumption.

Tires and durable LED quadrants: pneumatically resistant abrasion resistance vacuum, abrasion resistance and slip, the additional layer within the tire, the rubber is arranged accurately and hard as steel and strong

HIMO C20 Ebike

Braking system and transmission: foldable electric bicycle with disc brakes front and rear mechanical, perfect climbing ability and performance impact absorption.LED headlights and horn high brightness are perfect for driving at night and protect their safety

Comfort and excellent experience: the folding frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which can be folded quickly and easily.You can use less storage space for storage, or can easily save any vehicle.

HIMO eBikes C20 Compact Folding Electric Bicycle with Wheel – Portable Electric Bicycle Tire Bike Motor 250W 36V 10Ah adult proposal for transportation, which stands out above all for its range of 80 km and an average speed of 25 km/h

Order online HIMO C20 Electric Bicycle 250W DC Motor Ebike 25km/h 80KM Mileage Outdoor Urban E-Bike 20 Inch Tire from Xiaomi Dubai today.

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