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Xiaomi Youpin Showsee Electric Shaver F305

Xiaomi Youpin Showsee Electric Shaver
Men F305 Barber Razor Beard Trimmer
Portable Rechargeable
Washable Shaving Machine Dry

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Xiaomi Youpin Showsee Electric Shaver
Men F305 Barber Razor Beard Trimmer Portable Rechargeable
Washable Shaving Machine Dry


Youpin ShowSee F305 Electric Razor IPX7 Waterproof Men’s Shaver LED Beard Trimmer for Barber Hair Clipper Machine in Long Endurance

Warm Tips:

This product is xiaomi ecological chain brand Named ShowSee, shipping without Xiaomi package and there is no Xiaomi logo on the product. Thanks for your understanding.

Feature & Specification

  1. Product Name: ShowSee Electric Shaver
  2. Product Model: F305-GY
  3. Product Color: Grey
  4. Net Weight: 162g
  5. Product Size: 166*55*34.2mm
  6. Charging Voltage: 5V
  7. Charging Current: 1A
  8. Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  9. Waterproof Grade: IPX7 (Full Body Waterproof)
  10. Executive Standards : GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.9-2008

Packing List:

  • Electric Shaver*1
  • Charge Line*1
  • Cleaning Brush*1
  • Protection Cover*1
  • User Manual*1




Model F303 F1 F305
Type Rotary Type shaver Rotary Type shaver Rotary Type shaver
Material of cutter net Plane double-ring imported from Kawasaki, Japan Plane double-ring imported German steel Curved surface double ring imported German steel
Number of cutter heads 3 3 3
Grade Level 1 gear 2900 rpm 1 gear 3000 rpm 1stgear 2700 rpm 2ndgear 3000 rpm
Cleaning method Full body waterproof Full body waterproof Full body waterproof
Material of Shaver body ABS fully injection-molded matte/Button injection ABS frosted particle sense UV/Matte paint /Button CD pattern ABS vacuum plating process/Button CD pattern
Waterproof grade IPX7 (Wet and dry shave)
Endurance time ≥60 min ≥90 min ≥80 min
Charging Time 60 min 90min 90min
Display Light-transmitting micropores Light-transmitting micropores LED smart digital display
Charging way Type-C Port (support Support fast charge and 3 minutes flash charge)
Placement method Lyingdown Standingup
Packing Normal Package Exquisite package High-end gift box package



1,Knight nature,Decent without residue.

German Seiko Steel/Omnidirectional floating treble blade/

Double gear Turbo quick shaving/LED Visual digital display


2,Shaving revolution,Clean as before.


360° floating blade/Arc double loop cutter net/Double gear Turbo accelerate

IPX7 whole body waterproof/LED smart digital display/Vacuum electroplated body



3,In the name of knights,explore clean face shaving culture.

Hidden in the refined charm of the elite, men’s self-examination and self dialogue.

Showsee mirage knight, clean shaver, electric shaver, refuse to polish too much,one button turbo self speed system, strong performance guarantee,refreshing pleasure, elegant nature.



4,Triple deduction.Comfortable and smooth shaving experience

Manner,Super running performance, give you enough comfort.



5,Round, light and comfortable grip,Vacuum plating, transparent fuselage.

Sports car vacuum plating process, 17 processes forging, curved body, light and durable, extraordinary style.

Super curve fashion appearance,Vacuum electroplating of body blade.



6,Power adaptive, constant every shaving / Surging power, bass noise reduction motor.


120 times per second, real-time perception of whisker state and power state,

timely adjustment of motor speed, with noise reduction and shock absorption structure and high-speed motor,without too much restraint, always maintain the appropriate cutting force, neat without pulling.


Power shortage, constant anti pinch / Bass noise reduction motor, 5W powerful power /

Power adaptive, constant shaving system.



7,Adapt to more people’s skin type and “need”,Dual power, one button turo speed up mode.

According to the density of beard and skin condition at different positions,long press one key to enter turbo mode to speed up shaving intensity adjustment.

Gear memory, record the user’s every use habits.

Sparse beard, low speed 2700rpm / Thick beard, speed up 3000rpm

Close to the people,Smooth veneer for more people.



8,Don’t pick face shape, sweep more dead corners, and float 3 cutter heads independently in all directions.

The full floating air bag structure design of the whole cutter head can automatically

adjust the angle in the face of various facial contours,and quickly capture the shaving dead corners of the mouth, jaw, neck and so on.



9,Skin friendly shaving, efficiency blessing / Curved double ring, floating cutter net .

Upgrade the curved blade net, take care of the skin,reduce the friction and irritation; Independent cutter net floating,more contact and veneer double ring design + thin and tough blade group, thick hair can also be shaved.



10, Automatic grinding technology, outstanding cutting edge

German Seiko, imported steel

The raw materials are fine steel imported from Germany,which is wear-resistant and durable. Mild touch knife net, skin care,EMC electrochemical technology, self grinding technology, quick shaving.



11,Smart—-Take care of users every time they use it.

The electricity is clear at a glance, and the memory is used every time

UV high definition mirror, visual intelligent digital display

Abandon the traditional indicator, more direct visualization of digital display

The power display calculates to minutes and records your remaining available time



12,Surging power, bass noise reduction motor

Turbo acceleration mode—One button speed up gear display /

Power indicator–Reminder of remaining power and charging progress /

Intelligent travel lock–Long press for 3 seconds to lock to avoid misboot /

Reminders for cleaning up the dregs–Beard accumulation, clear fault light flashing/



13,Care Sensitive Muscles ,Dry shaving and Wet shaving.

Ipx7 full body washable

In the face of humid environment, one flush and clean, reduce the disturbance of sensitive people.

Taking into account the different shaving frequency and habits of users,the traditional wet shaving culture is reflected, and bathing and foam shaving are also available.



14,Dry shaving, emergency travel, fast and comfortable

Wet shaving, collocation, foaming, refreshing and refreshing.



15,Detachable, easy to maintain

Open the cover with one key and wash it with one hand



16,One quick charge, more than 80 days.



17,Support the dual-purpose of filling and plugging, and the scene is not affected by the wire system

Flash charge for 3 minutes and shave for 3 minutes



18,Small choice, suitable life

Knight declaration, simple and easy





Xiaomi Youpin ShowSee Electric Shaver For MenBarberRazor Beard Trimmer Portable Rechargeable Washable Shaving Machinein Dry Wet


Product Name : ShowSee Electric Shaver

Product Model : F1-BK

Product Color : Black

Net Weight : 155g

Product Size : 160*55*34.2mm

Charging Voltage : 5V

Charging Current : 1A

Battery Capacity : 800mAh

Waterproof Grade : IPX7 (Full Body Waterproof)

Charging Time : About 90min

Endurance : About 90min

Executive Standards : GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.9-2008


















































Feature & Specification:


Product Name : ShowSee Electric Shaver

Product Model : F1-BK

Product Color : Black

Net Weight : 155g

Product Size : 160*55*34.2mm

Charging Voltage : 5V

Charging Current : 1A

Battery Capacity : 800mAh

Waterproof Grade : IPX7 (Full Body Waterproof)

Charging Time : About 90min

Endurance : About 90min

Executive Standards : GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.9-2008


Packing List:

Electric Shaver*1

Data Line*1

Mini Brush*1

Protection Cap*1

Showsee electric shaver,Clean shave, comfortable experience.

Airbag shock absorber three cutter head / Independent floating knife net /

ThyssenKrupp precision steel / 3D floating veneer


1,Three head floating shaving; 2,Plane double loop cutter net;

3,Intelligent anti pinch whisker; 4,IPX7 Full Body Waterproof;

5,3 minutes flash charge; 6,90 minutes long battery life.


Independent floating knife net,Flat double ring large area shave one by one.

Double ring knife net, 360 ° omni-directional independent floating structure, increases the shaving areaand shaving amount, goes deep into the chin, jaw, laryngeal node, etc., and does not let go of every beard.

*The data were measured in ShowSee laboratory environment, but there were some differences due tothe use environment.


135 teeth double ring cutter net * 3/ 15 sets of double ring blades * 3/ The floating cutter net fits the surface better.

Precision tool head German steel.ECM electrochemical processing technology, self grinding more durable.

Selection of German Seiko imported Thyssen Krupp steel, stainless steel smooth knife net, gentle andskin-friendly; sharp-angle blades, with automatic grinding technology, as long as new.

*The data were measured in ShowSee laboratory environment, but there were some differences due tothe use environment


Smooth knife net shaving without red sensitivity/ Sharp blade without pulling whiskers

/ Continuous and smooth grinding

Intelligent shaving, quiet shaving and cleaning.Intelligent power constant system,Low power shaving without shaving.

When the decrease of power and low power are detected, the blade can be adjusted in real time to keep the constant speed of the blade, keep the appropriate cutting force, clean and no pulling.

Details: Anti pinch system/ Cleaning reminder of husk


High speed motor with vibration and noise reduction,Shave different types of beard.

Customized large torque motor, independent research and development of shock absorption and noisereduction cutter head structure, lasting output stable power.

*The data were measured in ShowSee laboratory environment, but there were some differences due tothe use environment.

Details: High speed 2900 RPM / min/  Noise reduction design 65dB


IPX7 full body wash,Wet and dry shaving is smooth.

Shaving while taking a bath, IPX7 immersion waterproof, can be washed by the whole machine,

and the stubble can be washed immediately, which is convenient and hygienic.

Details: Pop-up cutter head can be removed for cleaning/ Ipx7 machine washing



Quick dry shaving,Comfortable emergency travel without skin injury.

Foam shaving,It can also be used in shower.


Long lasting life support flash charging,One charge for hundred days.

800 Ma high energy density lithium battery, 1.5h fast charge, 90 minutes of service life. There is a 3-minuteflash charging function, which can’t be started up due to insufficient power. It can support shaving for 3 minutesafter charging for 3 minutes.

*The data is measured in the laboratory environment. It can be used for about 3 months according to shavingfor 1 minute every day. The actual use environment is slightly different.

Details: 1.5h fast charging/ 3 min flash charge/ 90 min endurance

More fun while filling and using,Type-C fast charging multi scene unlimited.

Application: On business trip/ Daily office/ Living quarters/ Car travel


The details are comprehensive

1) Desktop vertical design:If you let it go, it will save you time;

2) Intelligent travel lock:Long press for 3 seconds to lock to avoid false startup;

3) Power indicator:Reminder of remaining power and charging progress;

4) Cleaning reminder:Whisker accumulation clearing fault light flashing;

5) Pop up head button:Anti drop design, easy to remove and wash.

Ships From

Russian Federation, China


Silver, Red, white, Blue, Pink, sky blue

Brand Name


Power Type









Triple Blade

With trimming device


Charging Time


Usage Time


Washing Mode

Whole body washing

Item Type

Electric Shaver


Global Universal(100-240V)

Model Number




Product Name

ShowSee Electric Shaver

Battery Capacity


Waterproof Grade

IPX7 (Full Body Waterproof)

20 reviews for Xiaomi Youpin Showsee Electric Shaver F305

  1. Germain Beaumont

    All at the highest level

  2. Rosalie Robertson

    I bought it for my husband, he said it works very well!!

  3. Speranzio Bartolone

    Поверьте в качество бренда, качество изготовления относительно хорошее. Давайте рассмотрим это после некоторого использования

  4. Alfonso Villapol

    Very fast delivery

  5. Takako Ream

    Reliable store. Nice razor. I recommend both the product and the seller.

  6. Alfredo Lamanna

    So far, maker only purchase was set micro to Sim with buyer has the best stuff is made to believe buy placing your requirement

  7. Jannette Wilmes

    It was fully charged when I received it. I just happened to have 3 days growth of whiskers so naturally I had to try it right away. It worked great. I got a very close shave and it’s super quiet. The round handle with indicater lights is very comfortable. (love it) Time will tell but so far I’m very pleased.

  8. Lelah Pelosi

    All as in the description, my husband liked.

  9. Emma Carra

    Good delivery time, great razor, I did my beard with 3
    days and the result was really good, it has a good battery with fast charging, the razor blades has two speeds, I think that it was really good for 27,95 €.
    The only negative point to me is that user manual is only Chinese language.

  10. Savannah Brotherton

    Excellent razor for cheap. It’s a good shave of Caucasian bristles. Cheaper than kxiaomi Mija. In the hand well lies, easy comfortable, logs without irritation. I advise everyone. Thank you seller and AliExpress! A detailed overview of the razor see the YouTube channel Shamballa Gemballa

  11. Franchesca Schwebach

    The exterior design is very beautiful, Good

  12. Samirah Hood

    Top good, shaved very cleanly

  13. Efan Wharton

    Fast shipment !good packing~

  14. Benoît Cortot

    Same as described,top good!

  15. Coleen Dragon

    The electric shaver works perfectly, logs clean, quickly and without irritation even on dry. No need 100 times led by skin. There is a charge indicator and 2 speeds. The parcel arrived very quickly.

  16. Durante Sciara

    The razor is very good, very good, very recommend

  17. Aamir Boyd

    A bit noisy, but very lightweight shaver Type-c – is a must as of today!

  18. Susann Masson

    Delivery is average. While I liked:
    1 Double box packing.
    2 conveniently lies in the hand, and the design is pleasant.
    3 on turns is the same.
    It remains to process the shield and carry out severe tests.

  19. Lakisha Mullenix

    The shaver is very satisfactory, it is very comfortable to use, and it can be rinsed off the whole machine and is convenient.

  20. Chae Jiang

    Боюрился три раза. Бреет не плохо, но хуже чем мой старый Панасоник. Вообще бриться можно и заряд держит хорошо.

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