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Xiaomi Solove F5 Desktop Fan 4000mAh Battery Capacity USB Charging

Xiaomi Solove F5 Desktop Fan Left And Right 60° Shaking Head
4000mAh Battery Capacity USB Charging 3 Modes Wind Speed Portable

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Xiaomi Solove F5 Desktop Fan Left And Right 60° Shaking Head 4000mAh Battery Capacity USB Charging 3 Modes Wind Speed Portable

Product characteristics:

^ Simple design, no space. ^ Small body and big energy, whether indoor or outdoor, enjoy the cool. ^ Small volume and long battery life. ^ 12 hours of continuous air supply, from morning to night, comfortable and cool. ^ With a weight of only 522g and a battery capacity of 4000mAh, the continuous air supply time has also doubled. ^ USB charging; TYPE-C Interface. ^ Brushless copper core motor, light tone operation.

Solove desktop shaking head fan

Wide-angle air supply | 12 hours continuous air supply | 3 speeds available | Light tone operation

Compressive and fall resistant, beautiful and durable

With the BABY SKIN spraying process, it also has a beautiful touch and aesthetics. Selected ABS+PC material, resisting pressure and falling, giving you longer companionship

Available in three colors, cool in color, cool in summer

A slightly cold rock sand black/sweet white/falling cherry powder, jumping out of colorful and colorful, blowing a unique breeze this summer

Easy to clean front net removable

It can be easily disassembled by rotating the counterclockwise arrow along the edge of the front net (the blade is not removable), and it can be rotated clockwise when assembling. Easy to clean the fan regularly, can be restored immediately (the body can not be directly washed, please wipe carefully with a wet tissue or a dry rag)

Light tone operation, making the environment quieter

Brushless copper core motor, the performance is far better than ordinary motor, low speed and gentle, smooth speed, really only wind without sound

USB fast charging, enjoy all-weather natural cool

Built-in high-capacity battery for fans to use anywhere. USB charging mode, you can connect to the desktop / notebook / charging treasure through the TYPE-C interface to charge, enjoy the all-weather natural wind

Exclusive or shared to meet your cool requirements

60 ° automatic shaking head, up and down 27 ° manual adjustment, large angle air supply, far and near high and low are refreshing, you can enjoy cool alone, you can also share intimate refreshing time with friends and relatives

Product F&Q

●How big is the battery of the F5 fan? Is it divided into several files? How long is the battery life? The battery of the F5 fan is 4000 mAh, the first wind is about 12H, the second wind is about 6H, and the third gear is about 3H.

● How do I know if the fan is charging? How do I see if the fan is fully charged? When the fan is charging, the first red light on the left flashes and the red light is always on when fully charged.

● What should I pay attention to during use? When charging, please put it on a stable desktop and use the appropriate charger.

● Where can the F5 fan be placed in the right place, can you shake your head? Our F5 fan has a high value and is easy to carry. It is very suitable for office use or home use. The fan can adjust the left and right automatic shaking head.

● How to clean the F5 fan for a long time? The front net of the fan is detachable for easy cleaning, but the fan blade is not removable, and the body can not be directly washed with water. Please wipe it clean with a wet tissue or a thousand rags. The fan blade can be cleaned with a cotton swab.

● How to use the F5 fan? In the case of a fan with power, a light tap is the minimum wind force. Press 2 to get the second wind. Press 3 to get the maximum wind. Press the 4th to turn off the fan. When the fan is blowing, press 1.5S to turn the head mode. It can also be used for air blowing while charging.

● How to charge the F5 fan? How long does it take to fully charge? The fan is charged by the TYPE-C data cable and can be connected to the charging head interface of the mobile phone, or the USB plug-in board, the USB interface of the computer is charged, the fan is fully charged, about 6H is needed, and the TYPE-C data line is given with the product–. ■ Is there any color difference in the product color? Pictures are taken in kind, but due to the difference between the shooting light and the resolution of the computer monitor, there may be subtle chromatic aberration between the picture and the actual object, which is subject to the actual color.


White, Black, Pink

Ships From


Model Number


State of Assembly


Input interface


Output Power


Input charging current

DC 5V / 0.8A

Working temperature

37-50 degrees

Product net weight

about 522 grams

Product Size




operating hours

about 3-12 hours

Charging time

about 6 hours

Battery capacity



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