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Xiaomi H500 Hair Dryer

Smart Temperature Control and Hot/Cold Air Alternating Mode

Double Water Ion Therapy

20m/s* Ultra-high Airflow

Dual-layer Magnetic Nozzle

Metal Body with Removable Air Intake Filter

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Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Double Water ion Hair Dryer H500
White With Magnetic Suction Nozzle Diffuser Portable
Xiomi Smart Home Hairdryer





Basic Parameters

  1. Rated Voltage:220v ~
  2. Rated Power: 1800W
  3. Product Net Weight : 595g( (including Nozzle)
  4. Product Model:CMJ03LX
  5. Product Size:144×79×237mm( (including Nozzle)
  6. Rated Frequency : 50Hz
  7. Power Cord Length: 1.7m

Brand Name: Xiaomi
Portability:  Short metal body
power:  1800W
Plug standard: Euro
Function:  Water ion
Voltage: 220V
Heating element: Double magnetic suction nozzle
type: Air collecting&scattering
Model Number: H500
Size:  220V/50Hz
Type of motor: DC
Item Type: Hair Dryer
Power Source: electric
Size: 144*79*237mm(With blowing nozzle)
Use: Household
Water ion hair care: Yes
Hot and cold circulation wind mode: Yes
Weight: 595g
Cable length: 1.7m





MIJIA Water Ion Hair Dryer H500

  • Double water ion hair care
  • Short metal body
  • Double magnetic suction nozzle
  • Intelligent temperature control of cooling and heating cycle
  • Water ion
  • With blowing nozzle



Mijia Water Ion Hair Conditioner H500

Deep Water Supplement , Blow Out the Water And Shine

Double Water Ion Hair Care 20m/s Super High Wind Speed

Intelligent Temperature Control of Short Metal Fuselage

Double Water Ion Hair Care

20m/s* Super High Wind Speed’

Short Metal Fuselage

Intelligent Temperature Control of Cooling And Heating Cycle

Double Layer Magnetic Suction Nozzle

Detachable Air Inlet Net


Innovation And Upgrading 2 Substituted Water Ion * Hair Is More Moist

Built in Condensing Sheet Condenses Moisture in the Air , Through Two Needle Motors,

Tiny Negatively Charged Water Ions Are Atomized Instantaneously ,

Independent Cold Wind Channel Transport Direct to Hair And Scalp Hair Root , Not Subject to High Temperature Loss , Essence of Hair.

a Hair Dryer with More Water Supply

Dihydrate Ion * Deep Hair Care , Make Your Hair Smoother And Smoother , Moist And Bright . Junction

Tens of Millions of Negative Ions * Improve the Closure of Hair Scales , Reduce Bifurcation ,

a Farewell Fried Wool , Effectively Improve Hair Quality , Build Strong Hair.

Water Quality ,Promote 26.47%

Gloss,Promote 9.12%

Neutralize Static Electricity,Reduce Rough Hair

20m/s* Super High Wind Speed

Fast Drying Without High Temperature

Learn From the Principle of Aircraft Engine , Carrying 2 Ten Thousand Rpm Dc High Speed Motor And Its Application 7 Wing Turbine Blade ,

Through the Conical Pressurized Air Duct Extrusion Air , Generate Super Strong Wind ,

Wind Speed Up to 20m/s, Let the Strong Air Flow to the Hair Root , Fast Drying Without Damaging Hair.

Short Metal Fuselage

i Can Put It in My Wash Bag

Innovative Structure of Ultra Short Duct , Just the Width of One Palm * Travel on Business, Carry-on .

Small And Easy to Design , It’s Not Tiring to Blow for a Long Time .

the Fuselage Is Made of Aluminum Alloy Anodizing Process , Let the Hair Dryer Feel Better.

Intelligent Temperature Control Cooling And Heating Cycle , Prevent Hair From Overheating

Using Glass Bead Thermal Sensor , Per Second 60 Second * Accurate Detection of Air Outlet Temperature ,

Real Time Adjustment of Air Temperature , Prevent Hair And Scalp From Overheating.

Innovation of Cold And Hot Air Circulation Mode , Hot Air Quick Drying , Lengfengding ,

Prevent Overheating of Hair Surface , It Can Moisten the Hair More , Take Care of Your Delicate Scalp.

Intelligent Cooling And Heating Cycle Mode*

Ambient Temperature <22℃, 7 Second Hot Air 5 Second Cold Wind , Circulation Blow Out

Ambient Temperature ≥22℃,5 Second Hot Air 7 Second Cold Wind , Circulation Blow Out


NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

Ntc Intelligent Temperature Control ,

by Detecting the Ambient Temperature,

Automatically Adjust the Time of Alternating Cold And Hot Air Blowing Out Comfortable Head Feel ,

Maintain Scalp And Hair.



Double Layer Anti Scalding Magnetic Suction Nozzle ,360° Casual Styling

360 Free Rotating Magnetic Suction Nozzle , Directional Output High Air Flow ,

Fast Drying While Meeting the Needs of Local Styling .

Simultaneous Double the Thermal Insulation Layer Can Reduce the Temperature of the Air Nozzle , Effective Heat Insulation.

Aerodynamic Noise Reduction Design

Less Noise , More Comfort

Every Feather Fan Blade Is Adjusted by Professional Rectification Wing Dynamic Balance Try ,

Cut the Wind More Delicate , Combined with the Method of Reducing Airflow Resistance Optimization Design of Air Duct ,

Make the Wind Softer , the Wind Is Strong But Not Noisy the Experience Is More Comfortable.

Three Wind Temperature , Two Block Wind Speed , Suitable for Multi Scene Use

Three Wind Temperature , Switch Between Hot And Cold Air at Will , Two Block Wind Speed ,

Free Regulation of Wind Power , Two-tone Led the Indicator Light Changes with the Wind Temperature at a Glance .

Temperature Gear It Will Automatically Save the Memory , Automatically Open When Next Use ,

Free Switching of Multiple Blowing Modes , Easy to Operate, Better Understand You.

  • Wind Temperature Gear
  • Hot Wind
  • Hot And Cold Circulating Air
  • Cold Wind
  • Wind Speed Gear
  • ⅱ Strong Windshield
  • Soft Windshield
  • Shut Down

Every Time It’s Like Holding Hands

Enjoy the Feel of Baby Skin

Handle Selection Babyskinuv Baby Skin Touch Paint , Every Time Gentle Skin Experience .

Double Coating And Double Baking Spraying Process , Anti Fouling , Scratch Resistant Flower .

It’s As Smooth As Skin on the Hand , Long Term Use, As White As New.

Multiple Overheat Protection

Protect Your Safety Carefully

Ntc Real Time Detection of Air Temperature , Select High Sensitive Temperature Components,

When the Blower Overheats , Overheat Protection Will Be Activated , Automatic Power Off, Fuse Protection in Extreme Cases.

Detachable Air Inlet Net,Easy to Clean , Not Easy to Suck Hair

Close Hanging Hook ,Easy to Hang And Store

1.7m* Bold Power Cord,Heat Insulation And High Temperature Resistance


20m/s Super High Wind Speed :

Test Conditions , Rated Voltage Setting under Strong Windshield And Hot Air Mode ,

Anemometer And Air Outlet 10cm Distance , Keep 1 Second ,

the Measured Wind Speed Is Greater Than 20m/s. Test Report No :202103100001

Dihydrate Ion :

It Refers to the Simultaneous Action of Two Water Ion Generators to Produce Water Ions

Ten Million Negative Ion Concentration Test :

Rated Voltage , Strong Windshield , Operation in Hot Air Mode ,

Distance Between Sample Air Outlet And Negative Ion Concentration Meter 30cm the Average

Test Data Is Greater Than 1000 Ten Thousand . Test Report No :202103100002

20000 High Speed Motor :

under the Rated Voltage And Hot Air Mode, the Stroboscope Is Used to

Measure the Rotating Speed of the Strong Wind Blade When It Is Relatively Stationary ,

Speed Control Deviation 20000(1 ± 10%)rpm.Test Report No :202103100003

101mm One Palm Wide :

What Is the Length of the Blower Air Duct Without Air Nozzle 101m, about Adult Palm Width .

Test Report No :202103100006

550g Lightweight Fuselage :

Place the Body on the Electronic Scale for Weighing ,550±15g( Without Nozzle )

Test Report No :202103100005

Glass Bead Thermal Sensor :

Per Second 60 the Second Test Is the Software Set Value

Intelligent Cooling And Heating Cycle Mode :

Strong Windshield under Rated Voltage , Operation in Hot And Cold Cycle Mode ,

Record the Running Time of Hot Air And Cold Air with Stopwatch .

Test Report No :202104100002

1.7m Power Cord :

Measure Between the Point Where the Power Cord Or

Cord Sheath Enters the Appliance And the Point Where the Cord Enters the Plug ,

Use Before Measuring 10n Pull It All Straight .Test Report No :202103100004


the Data Involved in This Page, Unless Otherwise Specified, Are All From Lexiu Laboratory




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Xaomi Mi Double Water ion Hair Dryer

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Xiomi Mi Double Water ion Hair Dryer

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