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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric KickScooter

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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric KickScooter
Power by 1000W Motor, Up to 43 Miles Range and 22MPH
w/t 10-inch Tires, Dual Brakes & Suspension
Work with Apple Find

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2

Unlock Your New Max

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2 is the perfect transportation solution for modern urban living. The Max G2 takes the modern KickScooter to the next level with a 1000W powerful rear-wheel drive and a theoretical range of up to 43 miles. It also features a front and rear suspension system and traction control system, ensuring the comfort of long rides and stability on slippery roads.  In addition, Apple Find My now makes it easy to track your Max G2, ensuring the safety of your KickScooter.

  1. 22 mphMax Speed
  2. 1000 wMax. Output
  3. 43 miles Theoretical Range 25 Miles at Max. Speed
  4. 22 %Max. Slope

Achieve extended range effortlessly with a robust 551Wh battery capacity. Cruise up to 43 miles on Eco mode, maintaining a steady 10 mph pace, and cover an impressive 25 miles while reaching a maximum speed of 22 mph. Unleash the full potential with a commanding 1000W MAX Power Output, guaranteeing an exhilarating and high-performance ride.

Experience an even greater range thanks to our revolutionary RideyLONG technology, an innovative blend of a brushless motor, long-range formula tires, and a finely-tuned algorithm controller. Navigate uneven terrain with grace, courtesy of the comprehensive Full-on Suspension System, featuring a hydraulic damper at the front and a dual spring suspension at the rear.

Prioritize safety with confidence. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by Reliable Braking, encompassing a front drum brake and a rear electronic brake. This dual-brake system ensures double layers of protection during your rides.

Assert your control over any type of terrain. The Anti-skid TCS technology guarantees exceptional traction on both gravel and slippery surfaces, contributing to enhanced stability and overall safety.

mAX g2




Turn light

Smart BMS




Light Up

Be Heard

Steady Riding in All Weather



Brushless Motor Improved

Customizable Sport Mode

Customizable Sport Mode


10-inch Self-Healing Tubeless Tires

Double Suspension System

Double Suspension

Anti-Skid TCS



Applt find my




‎Ninebot (Changzhou) Tech Co., Ltd

Package Weight

‎29.85 Kilograms

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎1 year manufacturer


‎Stainless Steel

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number



‎43 Miles

Model Year




Included Components

‎‎‎scooter, charger, accessory box



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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#15,711 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #95 in Sport Scooters

Date First Available

May 24, 2023

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎49 x 25.5 x 9.75 inches

Product Dimensions

‎47.6"L x 22.4"W x 49.8"H



Item Weight

53.5 Pounds

Age Range (Description)


Special Feature

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})); 10-inch self-healing tubeless tires, Cruise Control, Newly Developed RideyLONG™ technology, Traction Control System (TCS)* technology, Work with Apple Find My10-inch self-healing tubeless tires, Cruise Control, Newly Developed RideyLONG™ technology, Traction Control System (TCS)* technology, Work… See more

Weight Limit

265 Pounds

Number of Wheels


Model Name

Ninebot KickScooter Max G2

Wheel Material


Handlebar Type


Charging Time

‎6 Hours

Handle Height

‎49.8 Inches

Wheel Size

‎10 Inches

Wheel Type

‎Tubeless Self-sealing Tire

Suspension Type

‎Dual Suspension

Grip Type


Brake Style

‎Drum brake and a rear electronic brake

Warranty Type


Item Dimensions LxWxH

47.6 x 22.4 x 49.8 inches

60 reviews for Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric KickScooter

  1. ErinEErinE

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comparison: Really great… with some minor details overlooked

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     So I have this Segway G30LP scooter, and an Aovopro ESMax that has very similar specs and actually looks nearly identical in many ways. They both have almost the exact same control screen with the one button functions, and headlight in the same spot (Segway light is MUCH brighter though). They both do super slow eco mode, a middle gear, and the sport “fast” mode and cruise control options. The Aovopro will start without kicking off (zero start) a feature lacking on the Segway that I really like and wish they would add. The deck is slightly shorter as it the steering column on the Segway too (it’s about 4 inches shorter). Also the Segway rides a little lower to the ground- like an inch lower maybe) so clearance on speed bumps is less… but I try to avoid all speed bumps anyway.The AovoPro has a 500w motor, larger capacity battery, and maxes out at 22mph. I also can cruise around between 16-18mph and get well over 40 miles on a charge with the Aovopro. The Segway gets fewer miles at that speed due to the smaller battery capacity. Really to get the 40 miles out of the Segway you need to go kinda slow and really take advantage of the regenerative braking (and being light weight helps too).One difference I think is important is The Aovopro also allows me in the app to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator and the brake which I like and actually find somewhat necessary for my mom to safely ride a scooter. As another review mentioned the Segway accelerates really quickly… almost to the point that it’s too much for my 70yo mother. She hasn’t mastered pushing the tiny thumb button gently- honestly it’s difficult to do with finesse, and just adjusting the sensitivity in the app has proven to work very well on the Aovopro scooter… this is something Segway should add instead of all the useless social media type stuff on their app. I actually did find that as I push off (and only have one foot firmly on the scooter) and accelerate the Segway has so much power it will pop the front wheel off the ground and do a wheelie- not cool in my opinion, this doesn’t seem safe, and would certainly be the kind of thing that would lead to an injury if my mom did that on this scooter. Though I’m sure some people will think that’s cool and fun. I do not.The Segway does have a lot of aftermarket accessories as this and the other G30 can share accessories, and both have been on the market long enough for good aftermarket options. I absolutely recommend the fast 5A charger, it’s the best thing since sliced bread lol. It charges the scooter completely in about 2.5-3hours, not the 6-7 the Segway charger takes. I haven’t been able to find a fast charger for the Aovopro as they have different shape/size charging ports. I’m weary to attempt an adapter as I do worry about the lithium batteries catching fire if I “rig” anything to fast charge the Aovopro.As far as other accessories: since both scooters have nearly identical handlebar/steering column shape they both can have the same aftermarket hook installed (the one that wraps halfway around and screws in on the sides in the same screw holes that assemble the handlebars onto the steering column). There’s also just enough space to add a phone mount (you will want one that extends out a bit though-like the ones with the double ball point extension), or a cup holder- but it’s not like a bicycle- you cant have a drink in one hand and ride it safely- you really should have both hands on the grips at all times. But there’s a little room to clamp those on if you want.Interestingly my Segway G30LP has additional reflectors screwed onto the steering column that aren’t shown in the stock images, which i was at first kind of indifferent to… but then it occurred to me: if you remove the front white reflector below the headlight you now have 2 perfectly placed screw holes to add a small basket a little lower so the headlight isn’t blocked… in my pic I’ve already removed the reflector and am waiting for my basket to be delivered). The one I put on my other scooter kinda blocks the light beam… So this added reflector is a big win for me because of the extra screw holes slightly lower down.This seemingly updated version lacks the locking ring on the steering column hinge too, and instead has a little button you pull up to “unlock” the folding hinge lever… I find this really difficult and annoying to use. I’m not the strongest, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to operate. I wish it still had the old style.Both scooters weigh about the same (heavy!!! The segway might be a pound or two lighter but not enough to matter they are both a struggle to carry upstairs). They ride similarly, but the Aovopro has front and rear shocks that the Segway does not have… however the added shocks don’t actually make much difference in the ride, I think the pneumatic tires do the majority of the shock absorbing on both scooters. The Segway does seem to have a shorter air valve on the back tire that makes it far more difficult to add air. Also you really need a fast clip on locking Schrader valve adapter for scooters in general- too much air escapes trying to unscrew the included adapter that its pointless to use… so order one of those when you order your scooter. Having one that clips on can be removed fast without much air escaping-you will appreciate it later I promise (plus they are like $5-7 -worth the investment).Now If Segway just made that little air valve in the tire like 2mm longer this issue wouldn’t be an issue. There’s plenty of clearance space so I Don’t know why they can’t fix that. There’s actually enough clearance that you can add air pressure monitoring valve caps on the back wheel of the Segway too (there’s not enough clearance to add one to the Aovopro tire). I believe the manual says like 35-37psi so just make sure to buy the right pressure caps. The tires themselves say up to 55psi but I’m going by the Segway user manual, and 37 seems great for shock absorption/speed/mileage. Both scooters I have also use the exact same tires interestingly enough.They also were about the same price on prime day (within a $50 difference between the two) so price wasn’t a deciding factor between them. I’ll probably end up riding the segway more myself, while my mother or any friends that visit will drive the Aovopro due to the acceleration adjustability that I feel is very useful for beginners. I might take the Aovopro out for long distance though… I mean over 40 miles is awesome-no need to carry a charger to be able to get home!)Also the Aovopro is rated for super obese people, like over 300lb, while the segway is rated up to 220- I mean if your that heavy though you have bigger issues than finding a scooter. 🤣 I’m only 102lb myself so weight capacity wasn’t really a concern, as every scooter that has a decent max speed would have worked for me.As far as aesthetics, my 2 scooters look similar but I do appreciate the gray color of the Segway over black so it will be less likely to overheat (I live in South Florida so half the year it’s over 90 degrees and overheating was something I was concerned about.)I have yet to try to take the Segway over the bridge by me (the biggest “hill” around) however the Aovopro pro handled it no prob so I hope the Segway will be the same.The Segway will get up to 19mph for me- i noticed some people have mentioned they can only get up to 17 or 18… I’m guessing it’s a weight or tire inflation problem for them though. When the scooter arrived the tires only had about 7psi. So you have to check that.It would be nice to have the option to remove the speed limitation on the Segway because it feels like there’s plenty of power to get me well over that 19mph. And despite having a lower wattage motor the Segway does actually feel more powerful. But honestly 19 is pretty fast without feeling too dangerous, or requiring me to get full motorcycle protective gear anyway…. And the laws change here if your scooter goes over 20 (between state, county and city laws it’s excessively confusing in Florida to figure out what laws apply to you).In general I wish I could rotate the accelerator a bit on the handlebar to get a better angle so my thumb doesn’t get fatigued…this goes for both scooters. I use the cruise sometimes but in a city I personally feel safer not using it. It’s there to use (on both) if you want though.Both scooters are a good buy, with very little noticeable differences (to me anyway), and the stability and construction seem identical, but some of those minor differences might be deciding factors for some people. I feel the folding latch issue on the Segway is the thing I’ll notice every time I take it out though. But I’ll also enjoy beating my friends when we race due to the zippy acceleration on the Segway. Obviously Segway is also a trusted brand that’s been around a long time too, but both scooters have good warranties that are comparable. I think Aovopro might be a bigger brand in Europe than it is here in the US though so that was a bit comforting knowing it’s not some unknown knockoff brand either, even if there isn’t the same reputation for longevity in the US that Segway has. Now, Weather warranty work is handled the same I do not know (and hope I Don’t have to find out) for either scooter.

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  2. ARAR

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    3 or 4 Stars

    I have been debating giving this a 3 or 4 star rating for a while now, but I’m feeling generous tonight so 4 stars it is. First the big question, would I buy it again…Yes, so what is up with the 3 or 4 star rating. It is all about the details.Background: I purchased this to ride to work. I take a 10 mile paved river path to work and it has been enjoyable staying out of traffic and zipping along. Despite my picture, I wouldn’t recommend riding this on dirt. While it can do a little dirt, it is mainly for paved paths/roads. I have ridden it about 150 miles as of this review.Pros: There aren’t many scooters that claim to have a range of 40 miles. The ride is pretty smooth, especially for not having shocks. I like the folding mechanism of the handlebars. It feels solid and has a safety pin that prevents the handle bars from folding up while you ride which is an irrational fear of mine :).So what isn’t to like…as mentioned above, it is in the details. If this was a cheap off-brand electric scooter, I wouldn’t hold it to such as high standard but you are buying from a name brand company (Segway) and you are buying a higher priced scooter. I would like to see more attention to details since this should be a higher end scooter. Here are some of my complaints….again nothing huge but I feel like these should worked out on a higher end scooter.1- Battery Life: No idea where the 40 miles comes from. I weigh 195 pounds so I am not maxing out the weight limit of the scooter. I also ride on a mostly flat surface….I am not climbing up large hills or anything unusual. When I ride the 10 miles to work, the battery life is at 51%, so I would estimate a realistic range of 20 miles. This range works for me but I am disappointed that the company is exaggerating the range this much.2- Accelerator: The thumb controlled accelerator feels very cheap. Most of the scooter has a high quality build feel except the part that controls the acceleration and speed. This is made of cheap plastic and just isn’t very smooth. I would like to see a lot more time and effort put into the part that you are frankly going to be using the most.3- “Cruise Control”- If you are going long distances, you will want to enable cruise control so you aren’t constantly pressing down on the accelerator with your thumb for 50 minutes like me going to work. Unfortunately, the only way to enable cruise control is with the phone app. If you enable it on the phone, then when you hold down the accelerator for 5 seconds, it will stay at that speed until you press the accelerator again or press the breaks. While this works, it is super basic and since it is on the phone there is no way to enable or disable it when riding. Say you are scooting a long on cruise control and coming up to a crowded area, you press the brake to slow down which ends cruise control. You then press the accelerator 30% while you start navigating around people, well if you keep it pressed as 30%, the scooter beeps and engages cruise control. It is like you have to constantly fight to keep it out of cruise control. There needs to be a way to enable/disable cruise control from the scooter itself.4- One Button to Rule Them All: The ninebot is trying to one button for all the functions which just doesn’t work that well. Hold it for 1 second to turn the light on, hold it for 2 seconds to switch from eco mode/drive mode/sport mode, hold it for 3 seconds and it turns off. The scooter needs more dedicated buttons for these features…including a button for cruise control. Imagine trying to control your car with 1 button. It is strange to be attempting to turn on the lights and have the whole scooter turn off.5- Display: The display shows your speed and battery life. No other options…no distance gone, no estimated miles left in the charge, no clock, no elapsed time. These are all things included in your most basic biking computers. Since this is being sold as a commuter scooter, it should really have a time display in the corner of the screen. I have been serious thinking about getting a small wrist watch and attaching it to the hand bars. You can of course get a cell phone holder and attach it to the handlebars but this adds a lot of junk to the handlebars.6- Modes: Eco mode maxes out at 9 miles per hour, good to learn but way too slow to be really used. Drive mode maxes out at 15 miles per hour which is pretty good. Sport mode maxes out at 18-19 miles per hour. My issue is that there needs to be a way to independently control max speed and acceleration. I like cruising at the 18 miles per hour since the path I take is not very populated, but the sport mode also ramps up the acceleration. It can feel like you are riding a horse as you slow down then press the accelerator. It just isn’t a nice smooth acceleration, it accelerates too fast. Just wait until you start going over speed bumps…slows nicely then jerks you are you accelerator back up to cruising speed. Would be nice to have the top speed without really fast acceleration.Again, if this was an off-brand cheap scooter, I would give it 5 stars but given this is a name-brand expensive scooter, it needs to be held to a higher standard. While I would buy it again, I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend without a few of these disclaimers, especially the cheap feel of the accelerator.

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  3. Kendry

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My first scooter and couldn’t be anymore satisfied!

    This is my first scooter. After researching for a while, I decided to go for this one. It was not too big, not too small, and looked durable, and I definitely think I made the right decision. 7 months riding this scooter and I haven’t had no issues whatsoever, rode it in the rain, sun, cold weather, even in rough terrain and it has not disappointed me. Just a few tips for those who are looking to buy this scooter: if you’re looking for a scooter to get you really far away, or climb hills, or a really light scooter, this isn’t for you. Still, I can easily reach 11 miles in one single charge at full throttle. In very steep hills I have to walk up which I don’t mind. And it can be just a bit heavy going up the stairs in the subway which it is not a big issue for me. Sometimes I use the elevator if I’m too lazy to carry. Personally, I already have an electric bike which I use time to time, but i was looking to get something smaller and lighter to get me from point A to point B. For example: from the subway station to my work place. And it does fantastic. I live in NYC and I am more than happy that I am able to rush through traffic and avoid taking the bus saving money and time. Takes about 5 hours to fully charge and the app does a fantastic job too. What I like the most is the quality. This feels like it will last me for years! There’s certainly better, faster or lighter scooters, but honestly, with all the crazy fires happening from the battery, this brand and company has kept my mind at ease. Just do not ever leave any kind of scooter charging overnight. Other than that, you won’t be disappointed with this scooter!

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  4. ShinyChanShinyChan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You and your significant other needs these. JULY 22ND 2020 UPDATE

    Published Sat, June 19th 2020SCROLL FOR THE UPDATEThese scooters are AWESOME! My girlfriend and I needed a reliable way to get around a 10 mile radius and these things DELIVER!WE weigh120 lbs, and 145 lbs depending on the time of day and we have gone 40 miles so far on them.Initially we out them together and CONNECTED the wire that I read to do and everything went smooth. When she turned hers on everything was great just a beep to connect the phone. Done.Mine was a different story that I didn’t think too much about. When I turned it on I got “Error code 14” and I didn’t know what it was so I just flicked the throttle a little and it went away and I thought “hey, it’s a safety to check the throttle everytime you start, no big deal.” I was WRONG.We took them out around 3 p.m. after they fully charged and we started off in EVO for about an hour to get a feel for them. They are GREAT! The little torque in ECO put a smile on my face. If you want the 40 miles? This is THAT mode. But at 10mph max speed in this mode it’ll take a lomg time to get where you going. The otherside is you will be SAFE. It is a GREAT speed to cruise at!Then we found our way to a long stretch of decently FLAT ground and decided to turn up the heat to “D” which adds MUCH MORE torque and maxes out the top speed at 16. This REALLY put a smile on my face. We buzzed for about two miles then took a break to check the scooters for looses screws, any problems, fragments in tires, just trying to take care of them. Then my error code 14 came back again when we stopped.I then then thought “man, they want you to flick the throttle every time you stop? That’s kinda over kill”. So then I ask my girlfriend if she has that problem and she said she didn’t so I thought it was strange…We then continue our journey, once again not thinking about it and go about our day. We rode up and down neighborhoods, buzzed up and down streets, and just had a GREAT time. And after about 16 miles we went back home. And not another problem.The NEXT day, we go out and we fire up sport mode feeling a little peppy, and this is where Inalmost lost a tooth grinning…the torque…alone…will make you smile…this thing is fantastic. I top out at a steady 19 mph, and run on flat ground at 20. This is better than advertised but also scary. Bumps really make you question if it’s worth getting there quick. But a flat straight line I say GO FOR IT.lolThis…is where the problems really started. We were about 6 miles away from hoke when the error 14 came back. And everytime I would left off the accelerator, the 14 would happen and I would have to flick the throttle. The motor then started to cut out on me when I would hit the break and 14 would pop up CONSTANTLY letting me know that it really WAS AN ISSUE. We knew we needed to get home so we immediately venture that way and boy it was a struggle. I went from LOVING the thing to womdering if I was going to make it or have to kick it home, which is NOT THE EASIEST as the motor worls against itself slowing down.After about 31,942 error code 14’s home, we made it. Hers didn’t act up once.We allowed them to cool for a half an hour and charged them back up and tested them and the code was still there, but the MOTOR wasn’t cutting out, so it must have been a heat problem? Which is weird because we weren’t doing anything the scooter wasn’t DESIGNED to do. So THAT makes me nervous.But I comtacted amazon and we recieved a NEW scooter, and I just put it together and we do NOT have the Error code 14 out of the box, and everything is fine. So far. I will update this in time and date it so you you will know.Should this deter you from buying one? No. Absolutely get one, if it’s mechanical it is going to fail. I just think there might be a design flaw because I am not the only one with the problem…lolBut my buddy came over last night who weighs 220 pounds and he kept up a 19mph speed average on flat ground. So if you’re in that weight range or less, go for it. You will love it. Seriously.I’d say Eco with no hills? 40 miles easy. No questions asked.Mode D- 30-35 miles with slight hillsMode S- 25 to 30 miles with some hills.But a guranTEED 30 without hills in anymode. But we weigh less so just do math. HahaI was gonna take a star away, but amazon helped me get a new scooter QUICK, and the old scooter was DRIVEABLE just a pain at times. So we’ll see what happens!July 22nd, 2019So we have had these scooters for a month now, and with it raining and with life changing, we have only put on 400 miles on these guys.The next problem we had was my girlfriends scooter kept beeping when we would take it out on a fresh charge. Thought something was wrong but we discovered it was TRYING TO CHARGE THE BATTERY so it was BEEPING to let us know it was full. We noticed it left after about 5 minutes of riding so problem SOLVED!We got steanded in the rain TWICE. No problems. Very heavy rain. We found shelter but there was a 5 minute drive in it before the stop. They’re great in the rain!My scooter in the past few days has had this grinding sound in the front tire that comes and goes haven’t quite figured it out….We noticed that drivers are REALLY ignorant when it comes to sidewalks, crossings and right of way. We have had three VERY close calls so just be careful!Because ai weight 20-30 pounds more than here I usually come back from a trip with 10-15% less power than her. Absolutely acceptable considering I drive always in S mode, and basically gun it here and there for fun.We rode 33 miles today and had 40 percent battery left. Idk HOW. But we checked the mileage on both of our phones, then used google maps to map out WHERE we went, and we shortcutted the MAP because it took a straight shot to the destinations and we cruise IN and OUT of neighborhoods to just look at house and find trash treasures and we calculated 35 MILES WITH GOOGLE MAPS. WITH 40…PERCENT…BATTERY LEFT. IDK. HOW.Just get them… they’re so much fun. We crossed a bridge that was REALLY steep and it got me over it at 15mph…I’ll update here soon!

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  5. Philip JeanPhilip Jean

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    G2 is a game changer

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is my first E-Scooter purchase. I was in the market to buy one for a while but setbacks kept me from making the purchase. I researched tirelessly until I realized it’s best for me to try and ride one for reference. So I saw Unagi has a rental service and I rented a Model One. It had dual motors for hills which I thought was necessary for hill climbing on my commute. While the scooter was decent it lacked suspension and the solid and tiny all rubber tires just made me come home with achy knees, ankles, and neck. The stem wobbled and just felt like it would eventually break. So I thought I needed a dual motor full suspension scooter which tended to be the high-speed ones that cost over $1200. I went to test drive a bunch that went over 30 MPH. They were all heavy and I knew I couldn’t have something over 60 lbs and they were just too much power for me with jerky throttles. Then the G2 came out and I watched reviews and saw that this was considered a huge upgrade from the very popular G30 Max that I saw everywhere because of the suspension. So I took the plunge and ordered the G2. I absolutely love this thing. Tubeless 10″ air-filled tires, check. Hydraulic suspension in the front which tends to be found on scooters way more expensive WITH dual spring adjustable suspension in the rear, check. Solid build quality with a manageable yet enjoyable commuter-friendly top-speed, check. Solid wobble-free stem at top speed, check. It has great torque and acceleration and on every hill, I’ve tried it on on your usual NYC streets, it handles with ease going faster than even the dual-motor Unagi at an average speed of 17 MPH. The brakes are good but I’d recommend setting the regen electrical breaks to medium to assist. I’ve had no high-temperature failures like some have mentioned nor any of the other programming bugs others have also mentioned. I believe the Universe made sure that I didn’t purchase a scooter I’d regret buying and made sure I waited for this perfect scooter to come along. The ONLY issue is the weight since I have 6 flights of steps with my top floor apartment but the trade-off with the suspension is worth it. I have no pain in my body after riding this scooter around for even long rides. It just glides over everything. It is the absolute best way to get around NYC and I find myself not wanting to drive at all. It has transformed my Summer as I can easily explore my neighborhood and others close by with ease and comfort. The G30 Max is a legend but they say once you’ve had a scooter with suspension there’s no going back and I can tell you for sure that is very true. Spend a bit more money (if you can) and get the G2 over the G30. Your joints will thank you, believe me. If you are over 200 lbs I’d recommend waiting until Segway fixes the issue with overheating since it seems like this happens with heavy riders since its max weight limit is 265 lbs. This is all the scooter you need for daily urban commuting with all the potholes, road cracks, uneven pavement, and hills like in NYC.

  6. strongarm18strongarm18

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for commuting – LONG battery & Simple controls

    Got this to leave the truck at home for a short commute.Out of the box the scooter is mostly assembled, move stem upright and close outer clamp and push in securing clamp and then simply connect one cord and place the handle unit into the front stem and screw in six small M5 screws (driver included) and it’s ready!Initial thoughts, well-built and sturdy. It weighs 42 lbs. and simply collapses into an easy carry system but not for going up many flights of stairs. You MUST use the app to connect (simple to download in store) or you’ll be limited to 6 MPH.Switches are easy and there’s one button (hold to turn on, double click to move between eco, normal and sport and single press to turn on light. The back light can either go on while braking or you can turn it on Permanently in the app.Screen is simple and very bright even in the Florida sun showing battery life, speed and mode.The scooter is tubeless and will fill punctures with an innovative slime inside but does require some air here and there. It came at 40 PSI and the tire reads 55. Connect the adapter hose (included) to your pump and then secure to the Schrader valve until you don’t hear the air leak. Two full pumps and it was at 55 PSI.The battery is underneath which helps the balance and the “shock absorbing” is built into the tubeless tire as there’s no external dampening but that’s fine for normal road and concrete use.A great benefit is the AC adapter is built into the scooter so to charge, all you need is a light and portable cable in the picture.Cruise control is nice (turn on in the app) and once you hold the throttle constant for 5 seconds it’ll beep and hold speed until you brake or touch throttle again.It has a pedestrian mode which limits speed to 6 MPH which can be nice if a lot of people are around so you don’t accidentally accelerate.The brake is on the left handlebar similar to bikes and is a mechanical connection to a drum brake system which is nice as it is enclosed and doesn’t require maintenance or work. Can also stomp on back fender as a last resort.Another nice feature is the very wide deck which comfortable fits my larger feed and stature unlike other scooter snared wide as a shoe.There is a bell built into the leer handle bar (roared forward or backwards to “ding”) which is good enough for me but if you want that loud “DING” but a $10 one in amazon for bike handlebar mount.Iffy on buying the Ninebot phone mount as it intrudes in the display (To be fair, most mouths will be a tough fit due to limited space) and doesn’t fit phones in cases like otter box commuter or defenders. The phone in the photo is my work iPhone 7 which isn’t very secure and It did not fit my iPhone 11 Pro.The scooter is rated against water as “splashes in all direction” with no dust rating. I would avoid water where possible and dunking it in deep puddles or similar but rain and light water on ground should affect it.Will update review as use continues.Overall, at $800 this is the best bang for your buck with features and reliability. Shorter commute and don’t need or want to use your phone? Then a mode at about half the price will do.**24-mile update 05 26 20** So far so good. The scooter rides well and has 6.1 miles of the claimed “40” mile range which puts it at 30-mile total. However, I’ve ridden in “S” Sport mode the entire time with stopping/going, small hills and wind I think 30 miles is fair. There is LIMITED space to put anything on the handlebar, especially a phone unless it is NOT in a case and is an iPhone 7…it’ll be a tight fit. Suggest buying an accessory bar or a mount which product your phone outwards. I’ve purchased the (Onvian Upgraded Wireless Anti-Theft Motorcycle Bike Alarm with Remote, Waterproof Bicycle Security Alarm Vibration Sensor, 113dB Loud) which is available on Amazon and is cheap and WATERPROOF as an added security measure as it can be difficult to use a lock through the front wheel. For the mount, I use) Bike Phone Mount – RYYMX Bicycle Phone Holder: 360° Rotation Adjustable Motorcycle Phone Mount for iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 Plus, Samsung S10+ S9 S8, Note 10 9 8, GPS, 4-7 inches Android Cell Phones) also available on Amazon. The only oddities thus far are I couldn’t manually turn off the scooter after a ten-mile ride on a hot Florida day (no biggie). Other is that the stem isn’t staying true to the handlebars and the bolts are as comfortable tight as I can get them without fear of twisting off the heads. This is NOT a part you assemble out of the box so they should be factor tight however after a few curbs while crossing streets the handlebars became off angle be about 5 degrees which is annoying. Easily fixed my holding the tire with your shoes and twisting back…but that shouldn’t be happening when the bolts are VERY tight. Reached out to HQ for this one.**Update from HQ regarding is Amazon an authorized seller? YES. And rain resistance…below “Answering your question the scooter has an IPX5 rating which means it can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. but it won’t be recommended for a downpour. Splash in all directions means it can be washable but heavy rain and heavy water Jet spray won’t be recommended.And yes, If the device is purchased from an authorized dealer, it will be repaired under warranty.”

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  7. AndrewAndrew

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Honda Civic of Escooters!

    2 YEAR UPDATE: 1,000 miles later, and it’s still doing quite well! The only issue I’ve had so far is that one of the bearings is starting to go bad. Otherwise, no problems whatsoever. Keep the tires aired up, don’t run the battery down to 0 and it’ll just keep going.I purchased this scooter as an upgrade from a basic one I bought earlier in the year that was already starting to fall apart. I wanted something fairly affordable that would last a long time. The Max was highly praised by many and seemed to check all of the right boxes, so I picked one up on sale for $600. As of now, I’m very pleased with this scooter.For some context, I am around 6 feet tall and roughly 220 pounds. I purchased the G30LP variant of the Ninebot Max, which is identical to the original G30 apart from the color, smaller battery, and slightly smaller chassis.INITIAL SETUP: Getting the scooter set up was relatively easy. Take it out of the box, unfold it, and screw in the top segment. Once that’s done, you have to sign up for an account to pair and activate the scooter. While somewhat annoying, it didn’t take too long to do. I was up and running in under 10 minutes.SPEED: The top speed of 18-19 MPH is about average for scooters in this price range. For casual riders like myself, it’s more than enough to get you around. There are also other modes that limit the speed, should you want to do so.ACCELERATION: The 350W motor should perform similarly on paper to my old scooter, but I noticed it felt much more responsive overall. It also performed better on hills- the hilliest parts of my neighborhood only brought it down to around 8 MPH, and it was usually moving quicker than that.BRAKING: The motor and drum brake both bring the Max to a stop very quickly. Both are operated using a single lever on the left side of the scooter. The braking is very balanced, and doesn’t seem to put you at any risk of tipping forwards when braking hard. Passive regenerative braking can be adjusted in the app for when you let off the throttle.RANGE: After taking an 8 mile trip across a trail, I still had around 3 bars (~50%) remaining when before I’d be nearly out. In addition, the scooter didn’t appear to lose power as battery capacity dropped. I haven’t tested the full range, but I’d estimate around 12-16 miles for a heavier rider such as myself. You’ll likely fare better if you weigh less. It’s also worth mentioning that you can install the full G30 battery in this scooter to improve the capacity- they are the same physical size.COMFORT: While there’s no dedicated suspension, the ride quality is a HUGE improvement over my previous scooter. The air-filled tires do a great job at cushioning the ride compared to solid ones, and I’d say that they are almost certainly worth the added maintenance. Cracks in roads or dips in sidewalks that would jolt me previously were barely noticeable on this scooter. It’s certainly not an off-roader, but you won’t have any issues riding around on most roads.BUILD: Part of why I bought this scooter was for the durable chassis, and so far it’s lived up to the hype. It feels rock solid whenever I’m riding or carrying it. The folding mechanism feels sturdy in either position, and the scooter overall feels like it’ll last a very long time.PORTABILITY: At nearly 40 pounds, it’s certainly not the most portable scooter. The folding mechanism is sturdy, but doesn’t fold flat by design. It’s easy enough to move around, but if you’re going to be carrying your scooter a lot you may want to look into something lighter.FEATURES: The Max doesn’t have anything unique, but it’s got all the essentials. A headlight and brake light, and a bell. In the app, you can enable cruise control, adjust the regenerative braking when letting off the throttle, and monitor a few other features like total distance travelled.LOOKS: It’s certainly not the most stunning looking ride out there, but still looks refined and clean for an e-scooter. It doesn’t look cheap or like it’s copying a popular model like many cheaper ones do. The white paint job also looks far better than the typical black/gray of most other scooters, including the full Max. I’m a fan.OTHER: A major plus people might not often consider is the wide aftermarket support for this scooter. Short of the M365, the Max appears to be one of the most modifiable scooters on the market. Replacement parts and aftermarket upgrades are widely available- everything from motors to batteries to custom built suspension modules. You can build out this scooter and turn it into an absolute monster if you really wanted to. Even if you don’t plan on doing that, it makes it very easy to find replacement parts if something breaks.OVERALL: I’m very pleased with this scooter. It’s got everything I wanted and should last a long time with proper maintenance. I’ve seen stories from people who’ve gone thousands of miles on theirs, and look forward to seeing if mine does the same. If you’re looking for something well-built and reliable, it’s a great option. It doesn’t offer anything its competitors don’t, but it nails every aspect of a mid-range scooter.

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  8. Sarah

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Efficient, Smooth, and So Much Fun

    I originally got this scooter because I was having some knee pain and consequent walking issues. Quickly, I have come to love this scooter. It’s mileage and battery life, while I have not directly tested, feel on par to the advertised amounts and I have had no issues. I am currently a college student so I have mostly used it for campus commuting and it is nice only having to charge it every other day or so. It is really nice for being able to go to the store or visit friends as well and adds a nice degree of freedom, especially at this stage of life. Especially for a campus setting, I recommend, as it is really convenient and efficient. Just be careful if a driveway bump is too big and I don’t recommend driving on gravel. While it works find to drive on gravel, it does add some wear and tear that I don’t think is worth it. This works well for all terrains I’ve ridden on so far, from grass to brick to pavement.

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  9. Eric N. Udell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Big, heavy, expensive but worth it.

    I bought this scooter to keep on our boat for running errands, small grocery runs and the like, since I don’t have room for a bike.I’m a big guy ( close to 300 lbs ) and was concerned about a smaller, lighter scooter not being able to handle the abuse of me riding it, particularly if I had cargo in a backpack. This scooter is rated for 220 lbs, but seems totally able to handle far more. Unlike a lot of scooters, this one folds at the base of the steering, rather than a latch in the middle of the frame. The frame is one welded piece of aluminum and the wheels are 10″ air filled. There’s no suspension, which means it doesn’t bottom out, but also means the only shock absorption is the tires.This scooter is big ( doesn’t fit in the back of cars well ) because of the large deck and large diameter tires, but if you’ve got a good spot to park it, that’s not an issue.A lot of electric scooters are children’s toys, this is not one of them. It’s a serious piece of last mile transportation, well built and capable.It’s heavy ( a bit over 40 lbs ) because it’s solidly built, has a massive battery pack for a scooter and the charger is built in. If you don’t have to carry it far, that’s not much of an issue either. You don’t really feel the weight when moving and all that energy gives great range. The built in charger means there’s no power brick to lose and all you need to carry with you is a cord if you want to charge it when not at home. The cord is a fairly standard appliance cord, so getting a replacement or a second one would be easy and inexpensive.There’s an LED tail light ( it flashes when you hit the brakes ) and a nice, bright LED headlight with fairly good coverage, though I wish it was aimed just a bit higher for a longer throw. It’s easy to overdrive it if you’re moving fast. The brakes are a combination of a lever activated drum brake on the front wheel and regenerative braking on the rear wheel. I’ve got my lever adjusted to where I can run pull it only a little to trigger only the rear brake ( nice for long downhill ) or pull it more to grab the front if I really want to stop.The LED dash shows battery status in 10% increments ( 5 LED’s, and the largest value one flashes to show it’s half used ) plus bluetooth status, power mode ( eco, standard and sport ) MPH and if the headlight is on.There’s also a phone app that allows you to update the scooter, make a few setting changes ( a sort of “cruise control” and regen level ) and lock/unlock the rear wheel for a little security when unattended. The Android app at least is a little unpolished with some translation issues. I sometimes see notifications in what I assume is Chinese and have no idea what it’s trying to tell me and have seen Chinese instead of English in a few other spots as well.Range is great. As noted, I’m a big guy and I often carry a backpack with groceries and the scooter has far more range than I’ve ever needed. Product specs are about 40 miles ( with a light rider and a slow speed ) and I mostly ride on sport mode and full throttle a lot to accelerate. Still, I’ll go 12 miles and it will tell me the battery is a 50%. It’s got all the range that anyone commuting on a kick scooter could need and then some.Power is good. Steep hills slow it down some, but so far it’s climbed everything I’ve used it on. Obviously, a lighter person would climb better.Speed is adequate. There are two versions of the max, the G30 ( 18.9 MPH ) and the G30P ( 15.5 MPH ). I somehow ended up with the P version, but frankly, 15.5 MPH is fast enough for me. 10″ still isn’t a terribly large tire and you’ve really got to watch for road hazards.So, in summary, most of it’s downsides are consequences of it’s upsides. Yes, it’s big, heavy and expensive. But that size and weight give it good power, good speed, good range, big tires and a great build quality.Despite buying it from Segway through Amazon, the purchasing experience was less than perfect. My scooter was the slower model, despite the fact that it was advertised as the faster one. It arrived damaged ( some dings and scratches ) and appeared that it might have been opened before, since it was missing the screws to fasten the handlebars on and the allen wrench to do this. I complained to Segway and got a small discount, but they never sent the screws and tools as they had promised and I had to source my own screws to use the scooter.Still, overall, I’m pretty happy with the scooter. It’s solid, powerful and fun to ride.

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  10. Stephen J.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Tweaking the speed settings

    At first I was considering writing a negative review, but as an old boss of mine used to say: “You’ve got to be smarter than your equipment.”With that said, initially I was unhappy with the speed and the ability to go up a small incline. But I kept wondering about the “ECO” light on the LED display. Googled how to turn that off…courtesy of a 2 minute U-Tube video, et voilá. This scooter rocks! It handles everything I need and I’m very happy with the speeds…max is 20 mph I think. Has enough a** to handle the local inclines well. Really happy with the purchase and so glad I didn’t have to correct a negative review.

  11. A. Bombac

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love love love this scooter! Although it has three speed modes (relative also to battery life and distance cap), I leave it in Sport mode like 95% of the time because it feels so good to cruise at 19mph on the thing. I’ve got some pretty wide roads where I live, and when there’s no traffic around you can swoop/slalom around and it takes me back to the days when I was a snowboarder before some vertebral disc injuries. So I can feel like I’m doing that any time I want (as long as it’s above 40 degrees – a battery life thing)! The brakes are snappy and anti-lock, the torque really picks up to top speed quickly, the tires have some nice traction and take a bit of any shock you might get from bumps, pebbles, etc, and the stance/handlebars/etc let you keep a great posture while riding. I used to play video games quite a bit when I wasn’t feeling like getting exercise or working on projects, but now I’m just scootin’ around really often. So fun!

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  12. OC Resident

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic scooter. This is the one to beat.

    I looked at a lot of scooters before buying two of the Ninebot Max G30P scooters. The G30P differs from the G30LP mainly in its estimated range. The G30P range is 40 miles while the G30LP is 25 miles. The G30LP has been on sale at Costco for over a year now and they have sold quite a few of them. However, the price difference between the two models is generally only about $100. The extra range on the G30P is quite significant and well worth the extra $100.Keep in mind that the manufacturers stated range is based on moving about 10 mph, weighing around 160 pounds, and riding primarily on flat ground. On a recent ride along the beach I rode 20 miles round trip and still had 51% battery remaining. I weigh right about 160 pounds so for me the estimated range appears to be accurate. However, my riding partner is closer to 200 pounds and on the same trip he only had 26% battery power left. So every extra pound over 160 will reduce your overall range. If you ever needed a reason to diet and lose some weight, now you have it!If you are new to riding electric scooters you will find the Ninebot Max to be very easy to get comfortable with. The large deck platform and overall weight of the scooter keeps it well planted on the ground and easy to maintain your balance on. The optional Segway seat is quite comfortable too. For longer rides I like sitting down, although when seated it feels more like a bicycle than a scooter. That’s not a bad thing though. It just depends on what style of ride you are looking for.The G30P has a built in charging brick which allows you to charge the battery with a simple Mickey Mouse cord. I purchased an extra one on Amazon for $4 and I keep it in my scooter bag so that if I find myself going further than I was expecting and need to stop and charge it somewhere I have the ability to do so. Most scooters require you carry around a separate brick, so this makes the G30P significantly easier to stay prepared for a last minute charge along the road if need be.If you are looking for a long range 40 mile scooter in the under $1000 price range, this is pretty much the only one to look at. Gotrax just came out with their GMAX Ultra model to compete with the Ninebot Max so they may finally offer Segway some competition in this space. Until then, the Ninebot Max is the undisputed champion of the long range affordable scooter market.

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  13. WinWin

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Sport mode drains battery faster than you think

    UPDATE 12/9/20: hopefully my final update. My kids and I have really put some miles on this scooter. Mixed results but we still enjoy having the scooter.I took my kids to my alma mater and we had a blast. No one is on campus so we were able to just go go go. Mixed terrain and cold temps this scooter gave us a fun ride.One observation we noticed is that in cold temps, 30 degrees, the scooter slows down. I’m assuming the battery is cold and there is some lack of power transfer. I’d assume in extreme heat this would be the same.I have no doubt that this scooter can handle the 220lb max as I put both of my kids in here, 6 & 4 y/o, w/ me (150lbs soaking wet) and there was not a single issue. Perhaps a small decrease in acceleration on inclines but nothing to worry about.My only concern is battery life. I think in sport mode you can expect 10-12 miles tops. I would also say that range is at 200lbs or less. The app gives a good ballpark measurement for distance but I don’t believe it.One last thing to mention is that the stem collapses nicely but you do need some hand strength to break it down. Something to keep in mind for commuters or anyone planning to toss this in the trunk of your car.Unless there is some huge decline in performance we will keep the scooter and the leave this review as is. Again, we purchased this at $449 and still believe it is worth it at that price. I’m hoping for a lot of family fun w/ this scooter.UPDATE 12/7/20: finally found some time to get this scooter out and put it through some paces. Today my kids and I put just under 11 miles (sport mode) on this scooter. Leaving our house at %100 traveling on overwhelmingly level concrete at roughly 18mph we arrived back home w/ %24 battery remaining.I noticed that at %60 and %25 I could feel the performance start to dip. Especially at %25 the acceleration was pretty slow. Even with that slow step we did get the scooter going 18mph.The lack of suspension is quite weird. Coming from an ES3 we expect some bumps to be noticeable while others not so much. The opposite was actually what happened. Small little bumps felt like we were on a roller coaster while large bumps were smooth and easy on the joints.The app also is interesting. I’m not sure what exactly is causing a difference between the speedometer on the scooter and what the app records but being shown 18mph will record 19-20mph on the app. There is also a discrepancy w/ distance that I still need to clearly and accurately calculate. Today the app said we went just under 11 miles but mapping known distance runs I know for a fact that where we went today was more like 8 miles. I could be wrong but I am fairly certain of the distance from our house to the places we went and they do not add up to 11 miles.I knew there would be a difference between our old ES3 and this g30lp but something feels off about our new scooter.Will we keep it? Yes but I plan on buying an extended warranty. I’ll try to take the scooter out again before Xmas break. Will post our observations when we can.ORIGINAL REVIEW: Ok so this Segway (g30LP) was delivered today. Box was clean and absolutely no signs of abuse during shipping. Setup was easy. 6 screws and it needed to charge a little bit to get to 100.I tested this by myself before my kids joined me for a quick cruise around the block, just under 800m. Eco, D, and sport are all what you think they are; eco being slow, D is slightly quicker but someone on foot can keep up, sport takes you to 18mph fairly quick.I kept it on sport for the one go around the block and I’m kinda surprised in a bad way. Going around my block (800m) in sport spent 10% of the battery. I’m not a mathematician but half a mile at 10% means sport mode will get me 5 miles. Not that pleased as we used to own an ES3 that we loved! That scooter would go 17 mph for north of 20miles easy!I’ll keep testing this out all week w/ my youngest daughter but we are fearing this scooter won’t be able to handle a family of 5 that’s wants to play.I read a lot of the reviews most of them speak of the g30, the max version that advertise 40 mile range. I have not had any of those dead on arrival issues or error codes and only found a few bad reviews for my g30lp model. I’m really hoping for better performance tomorrow and moving forward.Price was a huge driving force in making this purchase. Black Friday sale w/ an additional $100 off was too good to pass up. A newer model Segway scooter at $449? C’mon you would too if you’re reading this review.We promise updates soon.

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  14. Yadon Yashar-Al

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I Thought It Was Well Built & Efficient: But ..

    Edit 9/14/21: had my unit for a year. It stopped working @ 9 months. ZERO Costumer SERVICE SUPPORT…!So Buy the additional insurance or dont buy this scooter at all…Returned and replaced my first scooter due to lack of instruction in the quick start manual. The Bluetooth activation wasn’t connecting and therefore making the scooter inoperable.After several attempts I assumed that my scooter was malfunctioning, when actually it wasn’t. Once the Segway app is downloaded and the scooter is assembled. The GPS on your phone needs to be turned on. Then select the scooter image on the app as a selection of Segway items scroll past.Then hit activate vehicle and the bluetooth function should activate, then your scooter will be able to be ridden. I haven’t ridden mine yet. Just wanted to correct an incorrect review.Will update about the performance later…3/6/2020: my first ride was 8 miles on relatively level terrain on the side walk. Nice alternative to cycling full time.With no shock absorption, depending on the surface condition, the ride can be quite bumpy. Bike lanes or the shoulder on a smooth road would be preferential. Pay close attention to the road conditions and speed. Any unnoticed bump or obstacle in the way, with to much speed could lead to an avoidable mishap or injury.This is a nice mid entry-level commuter scooter for those who ride longer than the last mile, those who want a break from daily bike riding or as an alternative mininalist errand or leisure transport.Also a decent cable lock, handlebar extension accessory bar for a rear view mirror and cell phone holder. Because there is very little room on the scooters bar for anything nessesary/extra.Update 3/11/20: 16.5 to & from work, plus about 4 miles ruining errands in between = 20.5miles in sport mode @ 220+ lbs on relatively flat terrain with 50%left in the battery capacity.= Pretty Nice So FarUPDATE 03/23/2020 -Bitter sweet scenario. Was excellent with zero complaints until the top of the bolt in the connecting head set snapped completely off, leaving the bolt stuck in the frame of the scooter.For 800$ stainless steel performance bolts should also be included with this unit.So I returned for a refund. I still want another one though.UPDATE: 9/27/20So I bought another one to replace the last one. This one is a generation 2 version. (did not know that before buying this one)It has a better build to it in certain areas that is only noticeable if you rode a generation 1 model, that is notable and appreciated. Again an excellent buy for those in the market, it is a solid scooter indeed.This is one of the most modifiable e-scooters that I am aware of. From firmware to parts,you can upgrade this scooter as much as you can afford to. Aliexpress has practically all of the replacement parts and upgrades,even a front fork shock for around 100$.Check out youtu.be for other mod’s. You can actually mod this scooter to do 30mph with a higher output batter. Need to be a bit tech savvy, but it is achievable.Enjoy, Pay Attention & Be Safe…

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  15. thomas

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great first scooter! Positive real world Max review!

    This was my go to commuter scooter when I need it most this well build gorgeous classic scooter is build to last I had it for 4 years now and it’s aging really nicely, I have to say I do need to touch up a few things now like paint between the stem and the locking mechanism, I also had a flat on the back tire housing the motor but I just used a tire patch and replaced the screw between the stem and the locking point. Other then that it goes 18 mph on sport mode is a great first scooter to new people looking for something that can take you the distance safely.

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  16. DesignTech

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Scooter Good – Security Bad

    It took about 7 months while using the standard Segway combination bike lock and it got stolen. Fortunately, I put a Tile on it and after tracking it for over a day and staking out the location, I was able to get it back after neighbors there were helpful and word started getting around that a stolen scooter was nearby. The thief obviously heard as it magically appeared on the apartment stairs. They spray painted it poorly with gray and red. It now looks terrible. All the accessories gone. While I was staking the location out, I was brainstorming all the ways they could have gotten the security right on this:1. Provide an option where the scooter can only be activated using your phone.2. Provide a GPS like function on the scooter. If my $200 watch has it, how is it that they can’t include it here?3. The “lock” via bluetooth is a JOKE. The scooter has to be on, and you have to be in range. The app has strange connectivity like not registering your miles when you start it and the bluetooth cuts in and out constantly where you have to hit the B button to manually connect each time making the lock almost unusable. Why not make it a PERMANENT lock even when you shut it off, until you connect your phone again and manually unlock it again.4. Provide a way to connect via GPS and disable/enable the scooter.5. Have more lockable areas on the scooter. I saw some locks where you can put a lock with an alarm through a hole in the scooter wheel making it unridable and set off an alarm if used. Since the wheels are completely solid, there’s no way to attach this type of lock.Overall, I love this scooter. Ride-ability is great. Better than the few others I’ve tried. I usually only get bout 25 miles on a single charge. I’m nervous about battery life as it’s not removable/exchangeable. The annoying part is if you want it serviced…get this…you have to ship it to them. The whole thing. Even if it’s just the wheel that’s flat (which happened to me the first time I ordered it.) Make sure you keep your giant box. Since I do Uber Eats, it’s annoying that I can only do deliveries for about 3 hours. If I could change the battery out while making deliveries, I could work longer days. Or what about when the life of the battery eventually gets worse. It will be tough to replace it.Ride: B+ (wish they put a suspension on the front tire to really make it amazing)Battery: C (good battery life, but can’t change it, and I’m guessing you have to buy a whole new scooter when the battery eventually drains/dies out or else pay crazy shipping/repair fees when it’s out of warranty)Security: F

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  17. HeshNeedsCandy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    honestly, I love this scooter for real

    I was tired of renting the shared scooters around town… after almost a year of doing it I thought where is my money going? renting is for suckers. I was shopping for scooters like I was shopping for a car, at one point spread sheet comparisons were happening… if you are going through that like I was, signs have lead you to this scooter. you probably have already noticed it but the sticker price is pretty hefty…. but just do it, buy this scooter! it is the best scooter under a grand. it’s water resistant, climbs hills, goes farther than any other scooter at this price bracket, DOESN’T NEED A POWER BRICK TO CHARGE (I can’t stress how much you should not take this for granted) has cruise control, self healing tires, like legit I’ve had the scooter a month and less than 2 weeks in I’ve had a 2.5″ nail DIRECTLY in the center of the tire tread on the rear tire, I just pulled it out with my Leatherman, gave her a few pumps of fresh air and forget about it. I check the pressure every 3-4 days, NO LEAKS!real talk get a pump for your bag, with a dial gauge on it. YOU NEED TO CHECK PRESSURE ONCE A WEEK NO MATTER HOW CAREFUL YOU RIDE. small tires, it’s just the way it is.the included valve extender works great, twist until you hear air and turn it back 1/2 turn, then attach it to your pump and finish tightening the extender.I’ve already spent 2 days out, that were completely down pouring, like sheets. she keeps on going no problem, just don’t drive through a puddle duh.ENOUGH CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT THE RANGE! she go farrr. it’s nuts.she’s really well built, but the bottom plate is plastic like wtf…. I’m getting the stainless steel plate cover asap.it’s amazing, I love this scooter. the only reason I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 is cuz this thing should honestly come with a bracket for the rear mud guard… like no I’m not standing on it but it’s a concern… you’ll see. it should also come with a “trunk” like a flat shelf mounted over the rear fender. it should also come with turn signals… and the rear tail light is so puny and low to the ground… it should also come with a bottle holder, mirrors, a phone mount, options for gps tracker, easier access to the inside of the stem, like it would be perfect if I could snake my security chain into the stem omg. uh the app needs some work, it’s not very intuitive. the locking feature should be more significant. oh and there’s got to be a better way to deal with the brake and control wire situation… why can the not be in the stem and still fold like really..it doesn’t get any better for less than $1000. if you get anything other than this scooter, you’re just robbing yourself. spend the money, you won’t regret it

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  18. Robert Idel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic scooter

    I’ve purchased this scooter in July 2022 and have driven around 1800km (1100 miles) since, and charged it more than 150 times. It is a great and sturdy scooter, here are some thoughts on longevity (I am around 90kg/205lbs):- Mileage: Going 11 miles on flat terrain at full speed (that slowly decreases, see below) drains my battery to just below 20%. When I first bought it I was probably able to go 15 miles before dropping below 20%.- Scooter condition: Still great. I occasionally give the wheels a bit of oil. The breaks are still working perfectly. Only the handles show some depreciation, but are set for another 1000 miles. Light is still working as well.- Negative things (and this is complaining on a very high level): – The scooter reduces the power (or maximum speed) once the battery is below 50%. Especially below 20% gets really slow. I understand the idea, but it gets really annoying if you know you have only 1 mile left at 10% but the scooter is not going above 7 mph anymore…. – The scooter is heavy and not handy. I would not want to carry it around for more than a few meters. – I probably hit my leg at least 20 times on the kickstand while carrying the scooter. It is at a such unfortunate position to carry it with your right hand…

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  19. Nancy Wright

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Segway Scooter- Best

    Easy to put together. Easy to learn to ride. Tried another brand and didn’t like it.

  20. chuck

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Xmas gift

    This was a xmas gift for my grandson and he absolutely loves ❤️ it.

  21. Aliaksandr TapcheyeuAliaksandr Tapcheyeu

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best scooter

    The Segway Ninebot Max is a game-changer! Its long battery life keeps me rolling for miles, and the powerful motor effortlessly conquers hills. The sturdy build and comfortable ride make it an absolute joy to use, making my daily commute a breeze. Highly recommended! 🛴😃

  22. manuel francomanuel franco

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excelente, todo depende del usó

    Muy buen desempeño, aunque me gustaría que se cargará mas rápido. Llevo unas 450 millas recorridas y pude notar que su consumo varía con el peso y la velocidad.-Modo eco unas 40 millas aproximadamente.-Modo D unas 23 (+-2) millas aproximadamente.-Modo S unas 18 (+-2) millas aproximadamente.

  23. T-1T-1

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely Reliable

    I’m 5’11” 220lbs. I’ve put over 500 miles on this scooter so far. Never had any issues, or complaints.The reliability & build quality of this scooter are in stark contrast with Segway’s newest P-series scooters, which fall apart rapidly in my experience. [(L. L. Johnson) 4 YT shorts]The G-series scooters have been refined & tested throughout the years leading to a quality product.Would highly recommend the g30lp for anyone looking for a basic 19mph scooter without suspension.

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  24. Hawks Fan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fun to have

    I bought 2 of theses during prime days. Both my wife are enjoying them. We are seasonal at a campground and it is fun to ride them around. We even use it to go to town which is less then a mile away.

  25. A

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    400 Miles 30 Days

    This review is coming to you post 4 weeks of ownership.My first one I received was a dud, there was a failure with the brakes. Amazon was awesome and replaced it right away for me and set up for UPS to come pick up the original. Noted I did purchase the Asurion insurance which I think is what helped with the expedited service.Six weeks in and 400+ miles later and I love it. Living in a big city it handles the bumps well but you do feel them. I’ve had times where my neck or shoulders are sore cause I’ll tense up before hitting a big bump. The app that syncs with the scooter is a tad confusing at first but take time to navigate or watch a YouTube video on how to. I love that you can track each ride and see how fast you went and time it took to get to your destination. I use this to commute to and from work and sometimes to run small errands. You can balance light bags on the handles if you run to a store to grab something or some food.Now to talk about specs.The different driving modes are super helpful. You have eco which won’t allow you to speed past 13MPH but uses way less battery. The regular Drive mode works fine just doesn’t accelerate to full speed as quickly as Sport mode will. I tend to use Sport mode most of the time because of the city moving fast with traffic I like to take off right away and be able to move around bikers in the bike lane. The battery is true to advertisement. If I work my two jobs in one day which is about 17 miles total Im still left with just over 50% battery. The charge doesn’t take as long either. The bell that comes on the scooter is standard if you live in a city with tons of traffic I’d take off the original switch for something louder. Light on the front is decent to see some road when dark.I have a Lumos Matrix helmet to pair with this scooter so I’m super seen at night the bonus is this helmet does have a full panel display on back so when you signal it’s clear to drivers your intent. I’d look into purchasing one of their helmets plus the safety is top notch. Overall this scooter definitely deserves the five stars. Purchase the Asurion insurance for sure. I have a small squeak when I full accelerate and they’re working on getting it fixed up for me.Helpful tip I feel wasn’t given upon assembly. When you’re attaching the handle bar to the body there’s a tiny cable inside you need to weave out to connect to the small cable inside the body. It’s to give power to the display and power button :). When it comes to some usual upkeep there’s loads of YouTube videos on how to tighten screws and even replace the tires when ready. Which the tires are about $35 each. Cleaning the scooter is easy as well definitely keep up with that the bottom does build up over time if you don’t. Hope this review helps someone on the fence of grabbing this VS something cheaper. Truly buy this if your commute involves city streets that can be unstable or if you have mileage to cover to and from work. Also 40lbs may not seem like much but to carry that on a bus or train isn’t a dream.

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  26. HutchyHutchy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Check your model

    I was sent a G30 model which is the global market release where the speed is restricted to 15mph (25km/h).The model I purchased is the G30P which is for the American market and has a speed of around 18mph (30km/h) which also isn’t restricted and lowered when the battery drops to 80% or below. Requested a pickup and a replacement and I’m hoping they send the correct model this time around. If I wasn’t obsessively researching scooters I wouldn’t have noticed.G30 also comes in a mostly black box compared to the G30P which has a picture of the guy sitting on steps looking in his bag with scooter and helmet next to him on the front and back of box.Will update it all goes well and I receive the correct model later this week.Update:I received correct model today. G30P with 2022 serial and unrestricted motor speed.

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  27. Nick White

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    If its discounted it will be missing items. Good product though

    Would have been a five star if they had not sent me a previously returned item with no screws to attach teh handle. Apart from that it is a good product.

  28. Hell Belle ATXHell Belle ATX

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid Scooter – Very Smooth Ride -Ninebot Max

    I bought the Segway Ninebot Max G30LP.I took it out for a test drive after work.The ride is SO MUCH SMOOTHER than my last scooter. 🎉I rode on some notoriously bumpy streets that made my Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost rattle…I felt every bump – zero suspension. With the Ninebot, I could feel bumps, but they didn’t rattle me around. “Self-healing” pneumatic tires. I’m a fan.I thought I was going slower than my other scooter, but when I looked down I was at max speed of 25 kph (18.6 mph). I was zipping down my road!! Lol!!It’s a slightly larger scooter and far sturdier than my old one. It’s easy to handle and has a larger deck which means more foot room.The only drawback is that I’m not used to a kick start motor. It takes several yards to get to a decent speed, and I cannot tell how fast I’m going…it’s crazy. So, it’s a slower “restart” if I have to stop at an intersection. A minor annoyance that I will adjust to…it won’t be annoying for long.The locking mechanism is hard to release so I can fold it. It might be because it’s new and just kinda sticks. It takes a little effort to release it.The brakes are GREAT!!! No lurching and smooth braking.The lights are bright. The bell is easy to access while riding and loud enough to alert pedestrians. It folds up well, once the latch releases.I managed to roll it kind of like a dolly when going downstairs. It’s 10 lbs heavier than my last scooter (at 40 lbs) but it’s a better made machine.I am super happy with it, and with this scooter, I think will get out more. ❤️ 😎

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  29. CyberDude

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for short commute

    I recently sold my gas guzzler that I was paying $400/month for but hardly ever driving. I wish there was a tax rebate for selling a fossil fuel vehicle and not replacing it with an equivalent environment-killer! Overall I am impressed by the construction of the Ninebot Max. The powder coating makes the vehicle (I refuse to call it a “scooter”) feel like a real mode of transportation and not a child’s toy. I got some funny looks riding around my fair city, but as people get used to seeing me, they should stop noticing. When I rode on the sidewalk I felt like people were looking at me thinking, “get on the street where the bikes belong”, but when I was riding on the street it felt like people were thinking, “get that thing up on the sidewalk before you get run’d over”. (people in my head don’t always speak in proper King’s English, sadly). But those thoughts (and voices) are just in my head, back to the vehicle….I love the speed! At first I didn’t think 18mph was fast enough, but when it’s just you’re cabeza and the pavement, 18 is plenty fast enough. I should mention that I don’t wear a helmet for the same reason you don’t take out an insurance policy on a rotten watermelon.I put down 4 stars “For commuting” and 4 stars for “Mileage” because I feel like those are areas that can be improved upon. Hopefully Segway built in these deficiencies to allow 3rd party manufacturers to fill that void. I plan on riding this vehicle rain or shine, so the plastic fenders might not keep the roostertail off my backside.In “sport” mode, mind you only accessible after the first ride around the block as other reviewers have mentioned, there is a lot left to be desired on the range-front. After riding for 45 minutes in “Sport” mode I noticed I used 50% of the battery. That’s probably fine for commuting back and forth to work, but I would like to be able to ride for more than 90-120 minutes.A note on the ride: it’s bumpy! I found that my knees make better suspension than the non-existent suspension in the vehicle. If Segway thought that pneumatic tires were the only thing needed for a smooth ride, they didn’t take into account the streets/sidewalks in Maryland! I think I lost a filling on one of the jarring bumps. Don’t get me wrong, I can feel the pneumatic tires absorbing some of the shock, but would still like more suspension. If they could do that without adding any weight (this thing surely does not need more weight) I think it would make for a smoother ride.Again, overall I love this vehicle. I plan on customizing it as parts become available for it. I’d start with lighting so I make sure I’m visible at night, then I will move on to suspension solutions.I recommend this vehicle and am glad I waited until the 2nd generation came out (apparently on the 1st gen the vehicle would slow down as the battery depleted).If you decide to buy one, stay alert for vehicles and HAVE FUN!–D from MD

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  30. J Holterman

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the money

    Great scooters and high speed. Accurate description!

  31. Hamburger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nicely Built Commuter Scooter

    I’ve only owned this scooter for 3 days but I am already very impressed with its build and the ride quality. I got this to replace a Hiboy S2 Pro that finally died on me after 2 1/2 years and a few thousand miles and I plan to use that this as my daily commuter for a 10 mile round trip ride to work as well as for various errands.On initial impression: The battery has way more charge left after the commute than the Hiboy did; the tires provide a better ride quality than the solid tires; the stem is more stable; the headlight is brighter; the hand brake feels higher quality; it seems to accelerate slower than the Hiboy; it doesn’t have an electric brake, only the one hand brake which makes me a little nervous about how it will hold up under heavy use on city roads; and it’s a little more expensive than the Hiboy.I’ll update this in the next month or two.

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  32. Andrew Withers

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality Scooter from Segway

    I love this thing. I use it to commute to work every day. It is a quality scooter that is worth the money.Before you purchase one though, please be aware that it is a dangerous ride. That doesn’t mean don’t buy it, just know going in to respect the scooter and its limitations, and it may just respect you back enough to not break your neck lol.Hands down the main reason to exercise great caution while enjoying this scooter is the wheel size. Scooters like these could GREATLY benefit from larger, wider wheels. I feel like that should almost be mandatory moving forward. Unless you live in a pristine gated community with perfectly smooth paved roads and sidewalks, you must pay very close attention to the terrain in front of you.It cannot handle uneven terrain very well at all. I personally ride the scooter on the sidewalk as often as I can and only venture out into the roads when absolutely necessary because of this. If you wipe out and break a leg on the uneven sidewalk instead of the uneven roads, at least you won’t get ran over by traffic as well.Final Note: As long as you are comfortable with a fairly high risk of injury, get it ’cause it’s awesome! Just don’t get the models above this one. Segway makes impressive fancier versions of this scooter for thousands of dollars but I couldn’t ever fathom buying one of those. Not because of the price but because they have to be literal DEATH MACHINES lol those go like 30-40mph and looks like they still have the same wheel size as this model. There are cheaper ways to go. Hope I helped guys! Happy Scootin’!

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  33. JC

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love This Electric Kickscooter!

    Bought this for my 3-mile commute to work. I’ve never used an electric scooter before buying this one. It was surprisingly easy to start riding. Definitely a blast to ride. It’s exactly as advertised. Actually hits 19 miles per hour, which is about as fast as I’d ever want a scooter to go. Highly recommend!

  34. Becca P.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good scooter but heavy

    The scooter gets to about 19 mph max. It was heavy and not the most portable item. Ride is smooth though.

  35. Brian Cole

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good scooters

    Scooter is amazing and runs great except it slows down on inclines and also I wished it had shocks because you can fill every bump you hit.

  36. John A. Ashley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good

    Test ride to the train was awesome for a new rider. I’m 56 and it didn’t beat me up too bad. 4 mile round trip in drive mode and the battery looked barely used

  37. see es es

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great little scooter!

    My wife and I have 2 of these. They are quick, have good batter life and so far have been trouble free. I have used extensively and it is going great.

  38. Eli

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I recently purchased this scooter, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations. This scooter is a true powerhouse that delivers an exceptional performance, making it worth every penny. Folding is very easy, however, is little bit heavy.It does a good job going uphill.

  39. Joel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing scooter!

    This was my first scooter and I love it. The only con is the display is very dim. Other than that no complaints!

  40. Tim NgTim Ng

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great scooter, poor customer service

    TL;DR: The Ninebot Max is a great scooter for casual rider and beginners, but there are many things that are left to be desired (Speed, ride quality, etc..). Segway’s Customer Service isn’t great, so I hope you don’t have to deal with them.Tips: I recommend leaving the scooter in the box until you’re finished setting it up. This way, you avoid having the console flopping around and damaging itself.- First impression: This scooter is well built, the metal parts are painted matte and have a quality touch to it. The gloss plastic parts on the console are very prone to scratches. Aside from that, nothing else feels cheap and the Max feels like a device that will last for years.Setup was quick and easy, you installed the Segway app, sign up and connect to your scooter by Bluetooth. Then you’re ready to ride. Ninebot Max have 3 modes with different speed limit: ECO, Drive and Sport. You can also adjust the regenerative braking strength as well as cruise control. The scooter came with Gen. 2 motor, which allows you to go at maximum speed until battery drops below 20%- Ride experience: Acceleration are decently zippy, but not overwhelming. The Ninebot Max are fully capable of maintaining its top speed (18.5 MPH) over longer distance and slight slopes. Braking is responsive with its dual brake system. With the battery being below deck, the ride feels very stable. There is a decent amount of space to put your feet, but not large enough to be comfortable (I wear size 10s for reference). The lack of suspension is forgivable on short to medium distance, but your wrist will feel it on longer rides. Also, forget about going on/off curbs, you will risk damaging the Max’s bottom or just get stuck.Overall, I think the Ninebot Max is very capable of city riding, it’s responsive and fast enough to ride along with cars & bikes. It is also capable for casual riding, such as a ride in the park or on a trail. Do also pay attention to your area’s road quality, as the lack of suspension will make the Max less enjoyable. The 18.5 MPH is well enough for city riding & park cruising, but left me desire for more on longer rides (I believe 20 MPH is the sweet spot).- Upgradability: You might have heard from someone that you can adjust the Max with custom firmware to draw more power out of it. If you buy a new Ninebot Max, this is no longer possible, as they all came with updated 1.7.1 firmware that prohibits flashing. What this mean is that you cannot customize the battery nor maximum speed. However, you can still upgrade physically and there are some options out there (Adding suspensions, custom handle bar, etc..)- Customer Service: Now, the Max that I got had a defective headlight. I contacted Segway Customer Service and was told that a senior consultant will contact me within 24 hours, since I purchased from Amazon. Fast forward 9 days later, I haven’t heard a word from Segway. Fortunately, Amazon came through and I was able to return the scooter.So yes, I would buy the Max again, but you might want to look at other scooters if you’re looking for speed or have bad roads in your area.

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  41. WS

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Could be better for regular people

    Other scooters seem designed more for people in the real world. Segway, no kidding, recommends you do not let this out of your sight as there is no good way to lock it. I did grind down a smaller cable lock so it would fit through a hole in the front wheel. Some immobilizing features are available via the phone app but since it’s still easy enough to carry off these might not work particularly well. Additionally, if you are thinking of having this for a kid they’ll need to have phone to use this immobilizing feature. Also, check the manufacturer’s website and maybe other sellers on Amazon as there are frequent situations where pricing or discounts there are better and some Amazon sellers like Cartier Arizona don’t price match even their own lower price they set the next day after you order it. There is no fender brake even though some pages list it as having a fender brake. The front brake is only so-so. It’s a good size for kids – not large like some scooters. The tiller is a good height. It’s smooth and sturdy. We had one non-Segway scooter battery fire and if you look into it scooter battery fires are a real thing. We were charging the scooters in the garage as it’s a good spot for us but also it’s a better spot for a small fire – concrete floor and a couple of concrete walls. It turns out battery fires are quite stinky. Months later the smell is still hanging around. So I’m hoping the Segway battery and charge controller can avoid that fire experience in the future – it’s not a good thing. I’m looking for interlinked smoke alarms to put one in the garage over the scooter charge area and one in the hallway near the bedrooms. Maybe these scooters should be sold with a pair of radio linked smoke alarms.Added: I forgot to add the additional oddity about Segway vs the real world is the instruction manual that comes with the scooter says “DO NOT ride the scooter in the rain” – do not get wet – and “DO NOT ride through puddles or other bodies of water”.

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  42. C. Santos

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good looking scooter

    Nice scooter if you get on a deal, rides and looks good, but you are going to feel every bump on your arms. Fast enough but runs short on range, the app is a little bit inaccurate when showing how much range you have left, eco mode is good if you are planning on moving long distances but won’t get there fast. Max speed I could get is 19 mph.

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  43. Easwari Pachunoori

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Nice. Thank you

  44. Roswell, NMRoswell, NM

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Broken quick release occurred on first ride

    We rode it around a little yesterday. Today I used it to commute to the downtown area, hit a minor bump (that I feel this thing should easily handle given the shock absorption it has), the quick release latch broke, the scooter folded up on me and I took a nasty dive into the asphalt. Outside of that, it was great for the 3 mile commute. I don’t really need to fold mine up so I threw 3 worm gear clamps on the latch to keep it from folding on me again. I haven’t reached out to Segway-Ninebot yet but I imagine they’ll want me to send it back so they can repair it under warranty. I probably won’t bother with all that though. It rides great, had great acceleration, braking is great, and the app for it is awesome. 3 stars due the cheap metal used in the quick latch mechanism.

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  45. Joseph G.

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    I wish the one I received was new.

    First the good. It seems like a pretty well made robust machine. Except for the handlebars. the tires were really well made of good material and had good grip on the road.The deck had good grip and did not seem to wear fast. Overall it still looked good when I sent it back! With almost 200 miles on it.The bad. From when I received it the battery only charged up for about a 5 Mile ride. From the first charge. Although showing 100% I rode it five miles each way, to work everyday for almost a month and all over town. To the beach etc. so that was constant. It would always be almost dead at five miles.They do make you feel like a kid again. And it only tried to kill me once. Because of a few sharp turns in the sidewalk around a low drainage basin, not because of the scooter.It was kinda fun looking at the face of the lady and her kids in the car. Turning ten feet ahead of me. As I jumped in the air at full speed and landed on my feet, a few feet from her. Like a super hero holding the scooter in one hand. I just smiled and rode away. They sat there for a minute. Kids screaming awesome. Mom not so much. I sent it back the next day. Next but most importantly the handlebars kept slowly bending towards the left, I believe. And would have come apart soon.I tried the unplug the dash board recommended for the battery. But it didn’t work.I’m 6’1 180 pounds. 44 years old. It fit me pretty well and felt good to ride.I definitely recommend rear wheel drive. For a much better overall experience. You would not think about how much the front comes up a little causing a more uneven ride, on front wheel drive.I don’t know if I would spend that much for another one. But I really do miss that scooter.Young me would be mad, I just said that about a scooter. Lol

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  46. Markus

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great scooter, but probably won’t take you 40 miles on a charge.

    I’ve owned this electric scooter for almost one year, and have ridden in over 500 miles. Aside from plugging it in to charge daily and tightening a few handlebar screws, it has been maintenance free.This scooter is comfortable to ride. It’s got a nice, wide platform to stand on. The air-filled tires help cushion bumps in the road.The hand controls are simple to operate and conveniently located. The built in bell was a nice idea and executed will. My thumb gets a little tired after holding the throttle for prolonged periods, but cruise control helps greatly. Because you have to maintain a consistent speed for six seconds, riding up hills or into strong wind can make it difficult to activate cruise control.My only complaint is that the manufacturer’s estimated battery life is very optimistic. Maybe you could achieve near that if you rode exclusively in eco mode and were well under the recommended weight limit. Once you’re comfortable on it, though, you’re probably going to want to ride at full speed. As a 200lb man who rides exclusively in sport mode, I can go maybe 15 miles before the battery is drained. I have noticed a slight loss in power and speed when the battery begins to get low, but it hasn’t felt like a problem.I stored my scooter in the basement over winter to prevent the extreme temperatures from affecting the battery life. I don’t notice a difference in the battery life now compared to when it was new. It’s still plenty of range to get me to and from work. I’m happy I purchased it.

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  47. Joseph Hernandez

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!!!

    I originally bought the Ninebot G30LP and then returned it for the G30P when I saw there was a discount. Both scooters are amazing! The G30Ps battery simply allows you to go further without having to constantly charge it. I highly recommend it if you can afford it. I am consistently clocking in between 18-19mph on a full battery. As the battery becomes more depleted you can expect for your mph to decrease as well. Overall, it’s a great high quality scooter!

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  48. Michael & Shannon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great scooter for the commuter!

    I am new to electric scooters so this is a review by a novice. I am 35 years old and grew up biking everywhere. However, age and medical issues are catching up with me and biking isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. I live 9 miles away from my work and wanted an option to commute to work.Today I rode it for the first time after charging it and decided to take it to work. The scooter did awesome. I am a heavy rider, about 240 pounds and needed to use sport mode to make it up a few hills, but did great. The top speed for me is 18 in sport mode and hit 20 down hills. In D mode the top speed is 15 and in Eco the top speed is 10, but the motor has very little torque to make it up hills in Eco mode, while on Sport mode you can zip up pretty much anything. Eco great for putting around with my kids on thier bikes and scooters.The battery range is awesome. After a 20.1 mile commute I still had 40% battery left. I suppose I could have driven it 30, but I was told discharging the cells too low is bad for it.The suspension is lacking, as there is none. The 10 inch tires do very little to cushion large bumps. On a rocky road my brain felt like it was shook loose. However, most of my commuting is on pavement so it’s perfect.At 6’1″ with size 13 shoes the board seems to be a little too narrow for me, however I don’t see this as a big problem as I don’t believe I was in the target market when they designed this.Brakes work exactly as they should. There is a front drum brake and the internal hub motor will also help with braking and slow you down if you release the throttle.The segway app is lacking in a few aspects, but there are third party apps you can use with expanded functionality.Set up was a breeze, save for one aspect. In the stem of the handle bars when you install them make sure you look into the stem. You will see a blue wire that needs to be connected. If you do not connect it, the scooter will turn on and say error 14. So make sure it is plugged in before you install the screws.I am very happy with my purchase so far and highly recommend it. Nothing compares in the price range in my opinion and build quality is top notch. Also aftermarket support seems to be starting like it was with the m365 and m365 pro, so you can expect parts availability.Overall I highly recommend and give the ninebot max 5 stars.

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  49. Manuel Aguilar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cruising downtown

    This scoter has lived up to all my expectations so far ! Speed for me is great maxed out at 19 however I’m 220 lbs . Great handling and ride , even used it in the pouring rain . When I’m Sport mode battery is ok , definitely not 40 plus miles more like 20 . Definitely would recommend this especially if you live downtown!

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  50. P-Dawg

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My first E-Scooter.

    Let me start by saying this is my first electric scooter. I bought it to commute to work on a specific bike path. It takes about 4 miles to get to this path and the trip to work is 9 miles with an elevation gain of anout 750ft. At times the scooter would slow to 7mph while climbing the steepest hills, but the majority of the commute was 15-18mph and I weigh 220lb so I think that’s pretty impressive. On a cold winter night, I had 17% left of battery. About 3 miles maybe. So I had to charge it at work. Keep in mind, I was running the scooter flat out the entire trip. So around 12 miles with that kind of weight and grade I feel is decent. The trip back went much better and on a full charge I was left with 60% at the end of the commute.Ride quality.It’s very smooth and easy to ride, but the bumps will hit pretty hard if you don’t prepare for them. I honestly don’t know how much pressure is in the rear tire, just whatever it shipped with. But the tire is very hard.Built in headlight.The built in headlight is useful but not adequate for my graveyard commute. I added a Nitecore light and that’s plenty.Throttle and Brake.Both are very ergonomic and the brake works very well. I find myself having to use the brake quite a lot with the traffic around here and it doesn’t let me down.Bluetooth app.Honestly it’s crap. It has some cool features and you can change a couple things in there like regen brake strength and such, but otherwise it’s laskluster and the Bluetooth connection is spotty. But that could just be my phone, 9 times out of 10 you can never just blame the device.Handle bar space.The bars are fairly narrow so there isn’t a lot of space so I had to get creative. On the bar itself I mounted my nitecore dual beam light and my phone mount. Just off to the side on the stem I mounted a 3200lm klarus light. On the upright I have mounted a Bluetooth speaker, and a cheap headlamp witu battery pack for the strobe. Off the side of the deck is a 900lm light and ziptied to the rear fork is a 9led red flashlight on each side facing the rear. This is, of course, for visibility at night since I definitely do not trustthe drivers around here.I would buy it again, definitely. But unfortunately it won’t be my main scooter. I need to be able to get to work faster than this and I’ve already ordered a much more powerful machine to be the “daily driver” and I will keep this one around to ride with a friend or to use in poor weather since it has the great ingress protection rating.

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  51. Doc

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This Works For Me 👍🏽 I Like It

    Alright… I’ve got my Moroccan Mint Tea, sitting back, and trying to recall all the mental notes I’ve been making, and after a month, I’m ready to proffer a preliminary review for you.Out of the box & assembly: I’m sure you’ve seen the horror stories here. Gotta say, I was nervous. First impression, not overly impressed with the packaging, presentation, and wasn’t at all sure I was the first to see this scoot. Upon further, and painstakingly close inspection, I was convinced that I was the first to see this particular scoot, but the packaging (while unimpressive) fulfilled its role of protecting the unit.Assembly: Very easy. Intuitive. Hardware was sufficient and all components (including brakes) seemed properly adjusted. I had absolutely no issues with any aspect of assembly. Very pleased.First ride: Full disclosure, first time ever on a scooter. I’m 5’11” 204# and been on a LOT of fast two wheel vehicles (BMW 1200 Sport, Indian Vintage, Kaw Vulcan, Triumph American, Harley Road Glide, and my GF’s Vespa). Not since that damn Vespa have I felt so ill at ease on two wheels. Fortunately that was a fleeting feeling made better by the unusually wise decision to not go flat out as fast as possible just starting out.I found the deck very narrow. That took some getting used to, now I wouldn’t want it any wider as I love the small storage footprint.With a little experience: After about 40 miles on it I can say that the three solid Pros are 1) longevity of charge 2) sturdiness of the unit (no small plus) and 3) the controls that turn on the unit & switches modes is very user friendly.Some Cons that while I’m not happy about, we’re not enough to lower my rating. 1) The “headlight” is crap. Only because at a leisurely speed you are easily out driving your visibility. Order a new headlight now! 2) The thumb throttle seems like someone’s idea of a bad joke. After going for about 10mi or so, that little insult wears thin. Meaning I find it uncomfortable and begin losing feeling in my thumb. I have to see if that thing can be adjusted to start higher. 3) Would it kill the manufacturer to have a chip in the controls that would convert from metric to US Standard for speed & distance?! It’s 2020 people! There are toys that have this convenience! 4) The charge cord, in my opinion, is too short. Most people probably wouldn’t have a problem with this, but my outlets are higher than most and it’s an engineering marvel what I have to do to get the scoot up to the outlet.Other comments: The ride can be jolting. Know this going in. Meaning if you travel on cobblestone (or live in NYC or Chicago where road repairs is a distant and fond memory told to you by your grandparents) you are in for a very jarring ride. The App is not very intuitive and certainly not robust. In fact, for some unexplained reason, more times than not it seems to believe I flew in a straight line from some random point in my trip back home. Yeah… that could be better. Finally, according to the documentation, this can’t get wet. No rain, no puddles. This, for me, is something I think I’d have liked to know before the purchase & would be my biggest issue since there’s no work around. If you know of one, let me know.FYI, I didn’t get this for a daily commute. I live on a sail Cat and I needed a mode of transportation that could store small, fit in a dinghy, and have a fairly long range if needed. This was the best option for the price and that wasn’t in some way new or experimental.Bottom line: If the operating parameters matches your use, I’d say go for it. I’d recommend it, and in fact, we may be getting one for my wife.You may want to consider the following accessories: 1) Get the headlight 2) maybe a strap/should sling. I also got 3) a little bar that mounts on the handlebar so the headlight and 4) phone mount will fit. 5) and a little bag to carry a lock, the cord, & stuff. (That oddly was waterproof)UPDATE 2/2021: I did end up getting my wife one & she loves it! They improved the Bluetooth link that brings every aspect of initial startup process to near perfection. While I only intended to use this while at foreign ports it’s simply too much fun and way too easy to use for local errands and getting about.Let me know if this was helpful 👇🏽

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  52. Bonnie L Fellows

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great (not so) little scooter.

    We got 2 of these scooters. Both arrived at the same time in what looked like original packaging 2 days after ordering on Amazon. Both boxes were in good shape, both units looked brand new. The small amount of assembly required was very easy. Be careful removing the scooter from the box. The handle bar post is folded down in the box and the handle bar itself has not yet been attached, but the wires are. Better to have a 2nd person who can help so you don’t let the handlebars hang/yank/dangle on the wires when removing the scooter from the box.The rear tires on both of our units were completely deflated upon delivery. One front tire had 20 PSI, the other was a perfect 37 PSI. Both units were exactly 50% charged. Charging both to 100% took around 2 hours, faster than expected.App set up was pretty easy. Having a CR/barcode scanner installed helps. Yes a modern bluetooth capable smartphone is required to activate the scooter. It did take several tries to get one of the units to go into bluetooth pairing mode. It took a minute to figure out how to change driving modes (hit the power button quickly twice). The app takes some getting used to because there are no instructions but it’s not that difficult and works well enough. It seemed to record our trip fairly accurately.As others have said the scooter feels solid and well built. Driving is fun in any mode, a blast in sport mode. Normal driving mode works well, it’s good for sightseeing when not in a hurry, and/or when conserving battery is needed. Eco mode is situational, mostly useful for driving on sidewalks with pedestrians. Close to zero hill climbing ability in eco mode. Our maiden voyage was about 10 miles round trip. We used normal D mode on the way out for about 70% of the way. We switched between all modes while in a downtown area, and used sport mode and ran both scooters wide open for the entire ride home. Both 190lb drivers used about 40% charge in 10 miles over mostly flat terrain. Both units performed identically and used almost the same amount of charge.It was near dark when we arrived at home so we got some use of the lights. The rear light offers decent visibility but is fairly small and low to the ground. We added extra flashing lights to our upper back torsos for better road visibility. The headlight works well in an already somewhat lit up city environment. Might need something stronger for rural non-lit areas.The regen brakes and cruise control are both awesome. The regen brakes were on and set to “strong” by default, which seems just right to me. The cruise control has to be turned on in the app, and it is very useful to take some stress off of the throttle thumb.I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this model and noticed some changes/differences. The instructions still mention plugging in the wires for the display before attaching the handle bars but the plug in the handlebar post was already plugged in for both of our units. The handle bar post also appears to fold down and latch to a different location on the rear bumper compared to previous models, right on top instead of off to one side, which seems to be an improvement. The retainer clip for the handlebar post locking mechanism looks different/better than the one I have seen in some pictures/videos of this model.In summary these scooters are fast with excellent range and are well built. Very satisfied so far. But of course nothing is perfect. One thing I would change/add is adjustable height handlebars. The stock bars are a bit tall for shorter riders, especially if the seat is added. I am also not sure why it is easier/more cost effective to send a valve extender out with every model than it would be to just make slightly longer valve stems? The extender is just another thing to lose and it is not possible to inflate the rear tire without it.

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  53. SkyeSkye

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to set up, smooth riding, solid machine

    Out of the box it was just a matter of fitting the handlebar to the stem with 6 screws. All tools provided. The app is used to set cruise control, rear light, and record the ride distance. I do wish it showed miles traveled on the stem display, but I can manage without that. Acceleration and braking are smooth. Deck for standing is wide enough to do side by side feet if you preferred. I had an ES2 before and this one way outshines that one. Rides smooth as silk and rock solid. I may get the seat for longer rides. I got this in place of an electric bike so that I can meander along wooded paths without frantic pedaling and travel long distances on local railtrails. It’s a little heavy but once folded it can be wheeled on it’s front tire down modest steps in and out of an apartment. I had no trouble with the folding mechanism and it clamps shut solidly to lift and for riding. I wanted the Max when it first came out and I am so happy with my purchase. I think it is the best!

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  54. Neal Marcelo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Put it in Sport Mode and never change it

    When I first started this scooter it was so slow going uphill I almost returned it. Then I actually read the instructions and saw there is Sport mode, which makes it go max 22 mph and fast acceleration, and handles uphill slopes very well. Put it in Sport mode and just keep it there, you will still get 20+ miles range. This is a blast to ride.

  55. JoeyLeePM

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best…With Just a Few Notes…

    Okay. So, these are the best scooters and they’re priced accordingly. Here’s my notes you should be aware of…* Folding is easy, but clipping it onto the rear fender is a joke. It doesn’t stay put and it’s kind of like an after thought. Be careful and make sure it’s secure before lifting — or else your chin is about to get a painful ouchie.* You MUST download their app to unlock and initialize the scooter for the first time. For that, I recommend using a throw-away email address from Apple or Google. Use it once, then delete the address. You WILL need an email address to verify an access code. This is all so that they can spam the !@#$ out of you, I’m sure. Once initialized, you can still connect to the scooter with the app and change settings.* DO NOT turn on cruise control. It’s not worth it and it’s gimmicky. It’s an option only in the app. It’s dangerous. You get used to letting off the throttle and slowing down as natural, but you forget that’s on. So many times the scooter just kept going and I nearly hit someone (and/or killed myself).* The break is front-wheel ONLY. If you’re about to hit a bump or pothole, don’t put on the break. You’ll end up endowing over the handlebars, if the scenario is right. Instead, try to ride over the bump or avoid it.* DO NOT try to answer your text message with one hand. I learned that one the hard way. With one hand on the handlebars, I lost control and the rest was history. Strangely, it’s super easy to lose control with only one hand. You’ll see!Good luck! Stay safe. And, for Peete’s sake, have fun!!

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  56. Boneh Avidor

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just right. Very happy with purchase so far. Owned for 6 weeks.

    I have never tried a scooter before. This scooter was easy to get used to. I have used it about 12 times now. Everything works just as it should. Seems simply and solidly built. Definitely for smooth pavement – not for dirt trails. App that works with it is a lot of fun. It has cruise control, so I can set a low speed for downhill, as it keeps the correct speed by accelerating and braking on its’ own. Took me a minute to find, but if you hold the throttle at a given speed for 5 seconds, you hear a beep and you are in cruise control. I like ‘D’ (Drive) mode for some roads – it goes 12 mph. For fun and when I feel like paying more attention to my ride, I use ‘S’ (Sport) mode, up to 19 mph. ‘S’ mode is especially useful for hills. ‘D’ gets me up the hill to my house, which is a 20 degree incline, as advertised. There is a steeper hill near me, probably 30-35 degrees, and ‘S’ mode does it fine, slowing a bit toward the top. On my 20 degree hill, ‘S’ mode maintains speed no problem. You need to enable cruise control in the app. I live a mile from the beach and a mile and a half from my pizza place. So when I get a break from working at home, I take a ride. I love this thing. Its a kick.

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  57. Brittany

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    So far decent

    I like the overall design of the scooter but wish the floorboard was a little longer and it went faster than 18.6 mph. I also got it on sale which I’m glad because I wouldn’t pay main price for it.I also received it with some scratches on the screen, and the box was pretty beat up. Reached out to amazon for at least amazon credit and they ignored how I felt and said there’s nothing they can do, so not too happy with amazon’s customer service lately.

  58. Nate

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what I needed

    Have a 1 mile trip I need to do 6-8 times a year that I’m too lazy to walk. Bought a 250w scooter about 3y ago that is just underpowered enough for my fat carcass that it can’t handle a couple peaks on the trip. This one handles that fine. Couple of nits. I have an extra cable in the box that looks like either an RF or power cable about 6 inches long that is not mentioned in the manual, so I’m not sure if it’s an extra part or what. Also, the sensors that tell the motor that it’s OK to engage seem a little bit sensitive. It doesn’t always go when I hit the throttle button. Not super pleased that I have to have an app on my phone to use the thing but I guess that is the nature of today. Overall, I’m pleased, but have these minor issues as well.

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  59. G. E. Graham

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good range, very smooth quiet ride

    I rated this five stars because it does what is advertised, and it is better than I hoped. I bought two of these, one for me and one for my wife.Right out of the box, both were out of alignment…the handlebar didn’t align with the front tire. One by a couple of mm, the other by an inch. No worries; it was easy to adjust. Watch out for this though as the scooter is not safe to ride out of alignment.I live in scooter Eutopia: A huge golf cart community in central Florida with hundreds of miles of smooth, dedicated multi-modal paths to ride on. Golf cart speed limit is 20mph, so this scooter holds it own at ~19mph. I have already put 460 miles on the scooter in just a few weeks.When it comes to performance, weight and riding style matter. For your reference I am 6′ tall and weigh about 197 lbs. dressed to scoot. My riding style is full out fun. I go as fast as circumstances safely allow, and I land-surf for fun. I do keep to paved surfaces and NEVER jump off curbs or anything like that. (BTW…I’m 60 years old and never had this much fun as a kid!!).The scooter meets the manufacturers claims for speed and distance, but do your research! 40 mile range? Ok, but only in “eco” mode which means no speed (maybe 9mph), no acceleration, no slope climbing at all (you’ll be pushing your scooter), and no fun! “Drive” mode gets about 14mph, very little acceleration, a little slope “crawling” but certainly nothing nearing 20 degrees, and minimal fun. 19mph (18.6 per Segway)? Yes, but only in “Sport” mode. With a 40 mile range? Not hardly. More like 18-20 miles, and by the end of that ride you’ll be speeding along at maybe 3-5mph. But, you’ll sure be having fun, climbing slopes at good speed, keeping out of the way of traffic, and land-surfing with a smile on your face. Honestly, I do not consider “eco” or “drive” modes to be safe to use if there is any automobile traffic in the vicinity. Without torque to provide acceleration, you cannot get out of the way quickly and the lower speeds present more of a hinderance to auto traffic which is just not a good idea. All that to say, I suggest using predominately “Sport” mode as it is truly safer and more fun. There are always exceptions. I occasionally ride on the wildlife trails where I live which are also used by a lot of photographers and walkers. On these trails, I only use “eco” mode in order to keep my speed down and other folks safe.Things I like:Fit, finish, quality all good.Smooth, quiet ride due to hybrid/pneumatic tires and a longer deck/wheel span.Regenerative braking and cruise control (both can be turned on or off…riders choice).Slope climbing ability (Sport Mode only)Acceleration (Sport Mode only)Battery life (when getting back home is more important than having fun)Charging cable without a brick transformer.The loud bell. (which I use to let people know I am coming).Height of the handlebar is perfect (no bending over at all for me).The deck is bigger than most allowing comfortable standing position and weight shifting.Accelerator on the right; brake and bell on the left. Everything handy and not confusing.The iPhone software which maps your rides. Surprising not all scooter software does this. (Hi-boy does not, which frustrates a friend of mine with a Hi-boy S2 Pro).Frankly, there’s not much to dislike!Things to improve:Adjustable torque/acceleration in “eco” and “drive” modes (via software? Should be easy to do).Faster charging.If your environment provides you with an opportunity to safely enjoy alternate forms of transportation such as a scooter, then I highly recommend the Segway Ninebot Max (G30).

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  60. Marie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than a car

    I own this over 2 years, the product it’s amazing. It take you everywhere and you don’t have to pay for gas, parking insurage- I will say the battery take over 3 hours to get over. To get the warranty it’s very recommendable but try to find somebody out site to Amazon because Asurion its the worst and its a pain in the ass you need to fight with them in case you need them and if you fight enough and you bother them enough maybe they help you. I recommend you to get covers and details for the scooter it will last longer. If you have a flat tire contact segway to find the closest center to help you do not go to anywhere please that its a huge mistake. This scooter its good but just if you take good maintenance. In general I totally recommend the scooter. Just be careful out there.

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