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Dyson V15s Detect Submarine​ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Dyson’s powerful vacuum now washes hard floors
  • Removes spills and tough stains.
  • Reveals 2X more invisible dust.
  • Captures hair without tangling
  • Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head

Original price was: 3,299 AED.Current price is: 2,699 AED. Exc. VAT

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Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Wet & Dry
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V15s Detect Submarine​, Bagless

Product information

Technical Details

Product Dimensions ‎26.92 x 25.4 x 124.71 cm; 8.23 Kilograms Item Weight ‎8.23 Kilograms Specific uses ‎Hard Floor, Carpet Form factor ‎Handheld Batteries required ‎Yes Included components ‎Brush

Product Dimensions ‎26.92 x 25.4 x 124.71 cm; 8.23 Kilograms

Item Weight ‎8.23 Kilograms

Specific uses ‎Hard Floor, Carpet

Form factor ‎Handheld

Batteries required ‎Yes

Included components ‎Brush


Item model number 473814-01

Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available 12 September 2023

About this item Dyson deep cleaning power now washes hard floors. All in one machine. Advanced Dyson vacuum technology provides 100% more power¹ and up to 60 minutes of run time.² Fluffy Optic cleaner head reveals 2x more hidden dust on hard floors.³ Digital Motorbar cleaner head deep cleans all floor types and de-tangles hair. Submarine cleaner head washes hard floors and removes the wet and dry debris simultaneously The Submarine cleaner head’s motorized wet roller picks up liquids, debris and tough stains, which are continuously extracted from the roller with each rotation. Washes with clean water from start to finish. Compatible with gentle, common floor detergents when used in accordance with usage guidance.⁵ The Submarine cleaner head covers over 1000 sq. ft. with the 300ml water tank. The full-width brush bar cleans edge-to-edge, maneuvers easily around obstacles and reaches low under furniture.​ While dry vacuuming, the Dyson V15s Detect intelligently adapts suction based on debris and floor type detected. LCD screen shows total picked-up particles on-screen as you clean.⁴ Displays power mode, maintenance alerts, and remaining run time.​


The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is engineered with the power, intelligence, versatility, and run time to deep clean your whole home. Now with three cleaner heads for all-in-one cleaning. The Submarine™ cleaner head washes hard floors and removes wet and dry debris simultaneously. The Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head reveals invisible dust on hard floors. The de-tangling Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head deep cleans carpets and hard floors without tangles and adapts suction power to floor type.⁴ A piezo sensor intelligently optimizes power and run time based on the debris picked up, reporting it all on the LCD screen.⁴ The versatile cordless format transforms into a handheld vacuum with one click so you can clean up high, down low, and everywhere in between. Comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime Dyson support.

¹Compared to the Dyson V8™.​

²Actual runtime will vary based on power mode, dust level, floor type and/or attachments used​.

³Compared to the original Dyson Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head.​

⁴Accuracy may vary. Best accuracy in Auto mode. Auto ramp feature in Auto mode only. ​

⁵In Boost mode. All other modes achieve at least 99.97% filtration.​












Product Dimensions

‎26.92 x 25.4 x 124.71 cm; 8.23 Kilograms

Item Weight

‎8.23 Kilograms

Specific uses

‎Hard Floor, Carpet

Form factor


Batteries required


Included components




Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

12 September 2023

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4.1 out of 5 stars

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#4,211 in Kitchen (See Top 100 in Kitchen) #11 in Stick Vacuums & Electric Brooms

56 reviews for Dyson V15s Detect Submarine​ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Colten Locke

    Compared to my V7, this seemingly pulled out MUCH more fine particles BUT ……

    I was amazed what it was still pulling out of my carpet after running a roomba S9 over it, plus a dyson V8. I really like the particle detect feature, both the head attachment (perfect for my cat litter issues) and the display on the back of the unit.but…The particle counter stopped worked after a few weeks. I can’t get it to turn back on. I also had a weird issue with my LCD screen turning off every few seconds while trying to get through the menus.

    7 people found this helpful

  2. YuEs

    Mop is not practical neither does a good cleaning.

    I purchased this new Dyson model of course for the mop. I had to return it. It doesn’t do a good job and it is very slow and not practical

  3. Amazon Customer

    My best freind !

    With 5 cats and 2 huge dogs, i needed a very powerful vacuum , and this one just does it !!! By far the best!!! It makes my life so much better , and yes, it worth the $$$$.

  4. Jorge Jiménez


    Producto de muy buena calidad

  5. KEVIN


    Work good I just wish the would have a trigger lock and extra battery ,I had to buy another battery so u can use the floor mop works exactly like it say

    8 people found this helpful

  6. Jeff

    The Best Vacuum

    I absolutely love it!

    One person found this helpful

  7. Matthew J. Liptak

    Not ready for prime time and basically a messy, water coating mop head not a vac mop…returned it

    Sorry Dyson but this is a miss for me. I have owned most models of stick and uprights from Dyson and tend to buy the latest and greatest from them but I b ought this and returned it. Basically, this is not what you think it is, the floor mop is basically not a vac mop, in fact the end of the attachment is closed off and it basically is a water sprayer onto the floor and spinning heads coating yopur floor with clean water but squeezing the heads dirty water into a bin that spills all over the place once you remove it from the vacuum and its a mess trust me. I thought I was doing something wron g but in the end, this is sort of a serious miss from Dyson. Dont come out with a floor vac mop that is not really a vac mop. Plus you need to vac the floor first and then mop after and its a serious pain to detach the mop head and fill it and replace it. I returned this and traded it in for the Gen5 detect which to me is a superior machine and Ill stick to a swiffer power mop until Dyson gets it act together with the mop capability.

    27 people found this helpful

  8. Scott



    One person found this helpful

  9. Rosemarie Pantalone

    Plastic is damaged and missing two attachments

    Bought this as a Christmas gift and the product arrived with what looks like temperature damage to the plastic and missing two attachments.

    2 people found this helpful

  10. Rennie B. Rankin

    Dyson customer service sucks

    I spent a fortune on this vacuum because I wanted the cordless Dyson and I just moved to a home with all hard surface floors. The mop head never worked and I spent so much time trying to get them to understand, and they wanted me to send the whole vacuum cleaner back. They said I would be without it for 3-4 weeks, plus I didn’t have a box big enough. I ended up returning it through Amazon and not the next model down for half the price, and a shark floor steamer separately. For the money you pay for a Dyson, you’d think their customer service would be phenomenal. But it wasn’t and the fact that I paid that much and the submarine head never worked was so frustrating.

    2 people found this helpful

  11. Dragon’s Breath

    Makes Mopping Fun

    We used both the wet and vacuum and we noticed how strong motor is. All the heads work simultaneously that results in a deep clean. This is our first Dyson, the power is incredible as it sucks up the dog hair around our home that the iRobot missed which didn’t realize until used the attachment with the green light. It’s easy to swap the heads out from dry too wet.When we used the submarine part we diluted some detergent per the manual. While cleaning our nasty floors we noticed how the perfect amount of water was used to clean. The reservoir water shows how well the submarine cleaned, the water was nasty/dirty. I guarantee we will be using this several times a week.

    9 people found this helpful

  12. Maiya Sykes


    This is an extraordinary machine. It provides a deep clean for such a compact machine. It takes up very little room and really does a fantastic job. Highly rated.

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  13. Edward Pritchard

    Dyson multi vacuum

    Amazing value for four superior vacuums in one. The versatile machine has a carpet head, upholstery head, hard floor dusting head and innovative self contained mop unit. All with Dyson’s complete mobility, power and filter systems. The smart vac even identifies the type and quantity of what it picks up. Perfect cleaning machine!

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  14. Jody Venable


    This is lightweight, great suction, great battery power and comes with a bunch of attachments.

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  15. Traci williams

    Dyson: A layman’s review

    To be clear this is not my first Dyson, but I’m no expert. I’m just a mom to two boys, a dog mom xs 2, and the one who cleans the floors. So yeah, I’ve definitely got opinions. My first Dyson was probably 14 or so years ago. I’ve owned a few since then, and they’ve all been good to varying degrees, but generally improving over time. I was intrigued by the whole “mopping” thing so I figured I’d give this a try even though a $950 vacuum is not what I’d call affordable for the average household, which mine is. I’ve been making friends and getting to know this unit for about 5 weeks and I’m impressed by how lightweight it is and the overall maneuverability. It comes with a wall mount, battery, power cord, the power center/canister part, a small brush for crevice, car, furniture, etc type spaces, the general floor vacuum head, a special little conical shaped head that’s amazing at pulling pet hair off of upholstery, a very futuristic (and the most fun) head with a green laser light that illuminates every speck of dust, dirt and debris you missed with your first run using the regular vacuum head and lets you know with a quickness that your vacuuming skills aren’t as good as you though they were (looking at myself here), and then there’s the mop… Now this is what differentiates the Dyson v15 Submarine from its non-Submarine v15 Detect counterpart. Well, that and a significant price bump. I’m not sure I’d say that this is a “great value” at just shy of a thousand dollars, but if you have little ones, frequent spills, small wet or sticky messes, what have you, then it’s probably worth the upcharge to get the Submarine because this really is an all in one, do nearly everything type of unit. If not, and you’re not averse to using a regular mop, swiffer, whatever on the floor every so often when you happen to think about it or for the odd spill, mess, etc then it’s probably not worth the added cost just to get the mop head. *Please note that this mop head is not backwards compatible with any other Dyson unit and is not sold separately.Having said that, I love everything about this unit. It has a clear and easy to read display that tells me how much time I have left on the battery, let’s me switch between different power levels, and gives me a (terrifyingly) comprehensive breakdown of the different particulates I’ve vacuumed up. It’s easy and mess free to empty the canister. The parts and pieces are easy to swap out and each one of them does exactly what they’re designed to do. In fact I’d say the only weakness this unit has is in the mop head and even that is going to be a very subjective and household specific thing. First off, it does not have a self cleaning cycle so after you use it to mop up a mess, and you need to clean that head, you WILL get your hands dirty washing each piece manually. At that point I could have just used the aforementioned mop, swiffer, whatever. Not to mention there are more affordable competitors that DO have self cleaning options, also function as vacuums, and cost less. They aren’t Dysons though, so that’s the trade off. Again, with this mop head, it does not under any circumstances pick up solids. If the mess you’re looking to mop up is oatmeal, spilled cereal, wet coffee grounds you spilled on your way to the trash… this will not help you. You’ll have to clean up the solids using another method at which point the Submarine is more than happy to jump in and take care of the remaining liquid. Overall I do think this is a fantastic piece of technology, and I appreciate the versatility. I use it daily to vacuum the floors and I like to run the mop once or twice a week just because it’s convenient. We’re not a household with many spills or mop specific types of messes though. Do I like that mop head? Yes. Would I winge about the substantial price bump between this and the regular v15 Detect just to get the mop head? Yes! BUT, would I have loved this mop head like it were my own child, and wholeheartedly felt it was worth every penny back when my sons were toddlers and spilling milk, juice, and God only knows what on my floors? Also yes!So, if you’re a fan of Dyson, love the brand, the reliability, customer service, build quality, versatility, the all in one type of unit, etc, AND you like to mop occasionally then this could be the Dyson you’re looking for. (Doing my best Obi-Wan Kenobi impression)So here you have it, a Layman’s perspective on the Dyson v15 Submarine. I love it. We’ve bonded. It does pretty much everything I need it to do, and yes, I really am happy with my order.

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  16. Michael W

    Oh My Goodness, What A Machine, Where Have You Been All My Life

    Now, before I get into the nitty-gritty, nuts & bolts of what I like, don’t like, and any improvements that might be considered, I have to say one thing. No matter which of the heads I use, I can go over a freshly cleaned surface, and pick up more dirt… sometimes a LOT more dirt.Yet firstly to my situation and needs:1) I have a small studio apartment. It’s about 350sqft in size. Therefore, there’s lots of tight spaces.2) With the exception of about 76sqft of linoleum flooring, in bathroom & a kitchenette aisle, it was provided with a (blah) beige wall to wall velour carpet.3) Outside in the common hallway is a very old (50 to 70 years) felt style carpet.4) My dog doesn’t have fur, she has hair & fluff… lots of fluff. Fluff that she loses; year in, year out, doesn’t matter the season.5) This whole area gets a form of black sooty dust. And, that dust is sticky. For example: That common hallway carpet is saturated with that caked in dust. And that, even though it’s vacuumed once a week, and washed every season. So, even though I am running an A/C with fine filter, and two air cleaners, using only the A/C for fresh air inflow, my apartment gets tracked with that black sooty dust.6) After having worn out two expensive rug cleaning machine ($600 each), and four $500 vacuums, I gave up on just having that wall to wall carpet, and covered it almost completely with throw rugs. Thus, the throw rugs protect the wall to wall carpet, while are easy to pick up and wash completely (either wash machine, or for the larger I use the bathtub). I now do primarily just spot washing of the wall to wall carpet, with a small hand machine.Testing I’ve Done So Far On This Machine:1) After the janitor had “just” vacuumed the common hallway, I went out with the big vacuum head & manually set the vacuum on turbo. Off of a 6x6ft swath of the hallway, and vacuuming for about 5 to 8 minutes, I had “more than” a handful of that sticky black soot in the catch-bin. (That janitor is now very jealous of me. He wants one too, but the landlord won’t buy one.)2) After “just having” wet mopped the bathroom floor and let dry, I used the mop-head and clear water on it. I got some really muddy water as a result. (I’m actually surprised at how well I was able to work in and around my extremely (below code) tight toilet space. I did not expect that. (Would be nice though to be able to get a smaller mop-head, able to get into those really, really tight areas.)3) Most of my throw rugs are somewhat thick, and have a rubber (waterproof) backing. With them the large (standard) brush head, and set to auto-mode, works great. As with the wall-to-wall carpet, in a comparison to my 2 month old, $250, China-made vacuum, volume to volume of collected dirt, hair & dust, this Dyson gets me twice as much, out of the same area vacuumed. (And, I have always spot vacuumed daily, then once a week did a heavy full vacuum of the place. There should not have been that much.)4) Problematic with this Dyson, are some of my thinner throw rugs. But before going into the problem and solution, I have to say that ALL my prior electric vacuums failed completely on this type of throw rug. (They tried to eat them alive, and could not vacuum at all.) I was forced to use one of those old fashion carpet sweepers. Using the big (standard) brush head, and setting the Dyson to the lowest possible setting was still not enough. The moment the head touched the rug, the Dyson turned off… so as to not burn out (also a good feature the Dyson has, that others don’t). So, I tried out the hard-floor brush (of course set manually on lowest setting). It still has a tendency to push the rug around, but it is the sole electric vacuum that has succeeded. And of course, getting far more out of the rug than a simple carpet sweeper.5) And a final note about that wall to wall velour carpet. They look nice enough, when brand new. But, they soon start to matte down. Especially in hallways and high traffic areas. While it’s still too early to tell for certain (only done one major vacuuming so far), it looks like the Dyson is brushing them up, closer back to their “new look” condition. (This can be, because the Dyson does do a deeper vacuuming of such carpets.)So, the primary improvement suggestions that I have are;1) To included a second and smaller mop-head. (For those super tight areas.)2) One stage less suction on the vacuum. (Which would also be good for not only such throw rugs, but also things like curtains and other delicate things needing dusting.)Otherwise, this machine gets two thumbs, and two big toes, up from me.

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  17. E. Sam

    Best dual vac ever!

    I’ve always wondered about whether Dyson was really as good as people say, especially for such a high price. We have two cats and one dog so our floors are perpetually covered in fur but I had no idea just how much! The fluffy optic attachment was an eye-opener and the suction power lifts everything up quickly and easily. The submarine wet vac attachment has been great and very convenient for cleaning up messes around food bowls and for quick clean up by the back door that we constantly come in and out of, covered it muddy shoe and paw prints on rainy days.Things I dislike about the vacuum is that the attachments are difficult to remove or put on because the motor is heavy so it would be easier to lie the whole thing down on the floor when swapping attachments, and needing to hold down the power trigger gets tiring and makes my hand cramp. It would be nice if there was an option to lock down the button for longer cleanings.I love this vacuum and went to register it online but its serial number was not recognized by Dyson so it worries me a bit if this is a genuine Dyson product.

    27 people found this helpful

  18. AP

    Rounding up from 3.5 stars

    i will say from the go I am a huge Dyson fan. It’s a recent new discovery for me as my ability to afford such items is relatively new. The GF got me into Dyson vacuums. So, let’s talk about this item. It’s of the same exceptional workmanship that you can expect from Dyson. The vacuum feature and head is outright awesome. It actually displays the size of particles it’s picking up and adjusts accordingly. It’s powerful, as expected. Battery life is solid.Ok, now on to the dry vac and floor cleaning features. Yes, the floor cleaning does pick up dirt but there is no allowance for detergents. You are not to add detergent into the clean water compartment. You can add the detergent directly to the floor if this is something you prefer. Honestly, I disagree that any ‘deep cleaning’ can be accomplished by clean water alone. My Bona at least allows a spray mechanism to add detergent directly to the area of interest just prior to sweeping it up. No, I’m not comparing Bona to Dyson, just stating that my idea of a clean floor is one that was cleaned with some form of cleaning solution. As for the dry vac feature, the collection container is small and for any big spill you’re better off using a $50 dedicated wet/dry vac available at any hardware store. This whole issue makes the cost of this item somewhat questionable. I love Dyson products. I will be a Dyson fan til the day I die, but this item, at this price point, is just not justified for my needs.

    35 people found this helpful

  19. M Gerrish

    Dyson V15s Detect Submarine

    Like other Dyson products, this has excellent suction power and really pulled up dirt I didn’t even know was there in a 650 sq ft room with no pets. It’s fairly light so it’s easy to maneuver. Of course it converts into a powerful handheld and upholstery vacuum attachments. The wash and vacuum ability is a modern touch that I love, and this machine does it well.I personally can’t understand the effort designers put into showing the amount of dirt collected. Maybe there are customers who care about that feature, but I can look in the bin and see that it picked up a lot or a little. I would lower the price by skipping that feature, but maybe that’s just me.The thing I don’t like? It’s loud, whining loud. Not real pleasant.

    10 people found this helpful

  20. E1ris

    Best stick vacuum (and mop) to own!

    Let me preface my review with saying that I have tried many cordless cleaners. All have their own shortcomings. However, it was really hard to find even a minor complaint about this one. It is as perfect as it can be. Nearly flawless.First impressions, this thing is powerful! The vacuum this replaced was another high end product from a very popular electronics company. I thought that vacuum was strong until I tried this. From cat litter, pat hair, to dirt and crumbs.. this just works better. Both the vacuum head attachment and the nosel attachment work amazingly. No need to repeat the job while using this model.The mop is interesting, and works well. I found a voiceless video to understand how to take it apart to fill the water container.. because I didn’t have the directions with me. It was super straight forward. I used just water like the video, but I am hoping to mix a light cleaner in the canister to make it have anti -bacterial effects. Maybe I will try, I just hope it doesn’t ruin that part of the unit. Also, note that this attachment, the submarine, is self enclosed, so the vacuum just powers it, but the water stays in the attachment itself. It did work very well, once the roller head was completely moist. It easily wiped up marks and pet stains!This also comes with a bunch of attachments that I didn’t list because I haven’t found the need to use then. The “dirt detector” cleaning head that shines a light to quickly notice unclean floors, the brush head, and a hair-gathering head. All look cool, but I don’t see a need to use those when the main vacuum, nossel, and wet mop work wonders.Attaching the charging station was a breeze. I was concerned at first because the adapter pin is one of those needle like connections. However, it is perfect when following the instructions. The whole vacuum easily connects and disconnects while charging super fast.About the battery life – I have had zero issues using for over 15 minutes at a time. I usually keep the vacuum power at mid or eco, because there isn’t a need to go higher. I have vacuumed the stairs and all the downstairs in a single go.. absolutely no battery capacity issues seen. It is amazing.Overall, this is a stellar product and the best vacuum I have owned. My only qualm with this vacuum is that you have to detach the entire stick under the vacuums container to empty, but that is super nitpicky, because it easily empties without having to dirty your hands. You disconnect the stick, and push down on the red lever to dump. Super quick and clean.I love this vacuum, it is the best I have ever owned. Dyson definitely produces high powered, efficient products and this submarine version is no different. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cordless vacuuming experience, and/or someone looking to have a wet-cleaning option too!

    15 people found this helpful

  21. Brendan & Sam

    Comes with everything you need to keep your floors clean!

    This has been a HUGE help! My floors haven’t felt this clean in so long, and the time it takes to clean them has been practically cut in half! This new Dyson model is very reliable, and has very strong suction power! It almost lifts the carpet a little off the floor just getting all the dirt out! They have made it very easily adjustable too, and the simple to use design is made ready to go as soon as you pull it out. This model included a mop head attachment, hence the submarine name, and does so well at deep cleaning hard wood floors! The battery life can range from 20-45 minutes typically, just depends on which mode you have it on! It also charges back up very quick with the included wall mount charger. Overall, I have been extremely impressed with this model and honestly recommend it for everyone looking to make this investment! So easy to use!

    2 people found this helpful

  22. Summer Girl

    Strong, works well, gets dirt other vacuums leave behind

    I ordered this to vacuum carpets, and it works great! I have been deciding whether to put vinyl flooring in, so I ordered this in case I decide to do that. So far, I haven’t used the wet portion of the vacuum. I have another vacuum by a different brand, that seems to work well. I ran over my floor, and then ran over it again with the Dyson. I didn’t realize how much my other vacuum was leaving behind. This does a fantastic job, as it should. This is my first Dyson, so I don’t know if they all work this way, but this one is one of the highest quality gadgets I have ever used. I recommend it!

  23. Avid couch surfer

    This thing could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose

    The third picture which is kind of hard to make out is the Dyson vacuum dirt collection portion vacuuming the same area of rug I used with another medium priced cordless vacuum. To test out how much better this vacuum can suck and clean my rugs I first vacuumed the hallway with my other cordless vacuum thoroughly and then went over the same area with the Dyson V15s and this is how much additional dirt and lint and hair the Dyson picked up that the other vacuum didn’t, honest the picture is real and vacuuming the exact same area. I knew my other vacuum was only good for spot cleaning and never really got the rugs very clean even if I ran it over time and time again over the same spot. The Dyson proved my suspicions, but again the Dyson is almost 4X times the price of the other vacuum I got at Costco. Is it worth it? I think so my carpets feel so much cleaner and when I walk on them I don’t get black stuff on the bottom of my bare feet.The vacuum system comes with a wet head for floor washing and I’m undecided on this vacuum or the other floor washer I recently got that does a good job of cleaning of hard floors. The Dyson definitely has more suction but the other was designed specifically for floor washing and does a good job on cleaning. If you don’t have a floor washer then this is the way to go with both a multipurpose vacuum and floor washing system.This is my first Dyson and I do like the suction power on this vacuum it is really powerful and that’s an understatement. It cleans large area rugs really well as long as they are big enough not to lift off the floor to cause the vacuum to shutdown if it blocks the suction. I use large area rugs in the bedroom and the living room as me and the kids like carpets instead of hard floors on our feet. I was able to vacuum the large area rugs no problem with this vacuum and not having to make multiple passes to clean the carpet is nice and knowing the carpets are clean is better. Two thumbs up on this vacuum it’s well made and you can feel the quality when you hold it and more importantly when you use it.

    22 people found this helpful

  24. Ntwrk_Admin

    First Dyson Vacuum.

    We had two stick vacuum’s prior to this one that didn’t last. They would always get clogged, suction power faded away no matter how clean the filters were. This Dyson is a game changer. This vacuum has various speeds, it detects the type of floor you’re vacuuming and adjusts the power as needed. It tells you what kinds of things you’re picking up.This one comes with so many attachments. One is for furniture, another is for dusting, daily vacuuming, and now it has one for mopping up your floors. Amazing! I can see why this brand is so pricy now. We will not go back to a middle of the road vacuum again. Well worth the money!

    3 people found this helpful

  25. Bailey Thomas

    This Vaccum is the bomb !!!!

    It does everything and is so lightweight and even came with its own storage solution. I love Dyson but the v15 is next level. Easy to use and the digital screen tells you exactly how much time you have before battery runs out. Battery is so long! My home is 3000 sq ft and I can take my time and vacuum the entire thing and still go. Only con so far is the piece where the stick attaches to the head already seems a little loose .

    2 people found this helpful

  26. The Gallardos

    Does it all smart device and best suction ever!

    By far the best vacuum I’ve ever had! It does it all I have a toddler and 4 cats and have really put this vacuum to the test and use it multiple times a day everyday and have used every attachment and function. My favorite feature it how it will automatically adjust the suction according to which type of floor you’re on. You can feel and hear the suction adjust while going over different surfaces but not only that if it senses a heavier presence of debris on any surface it will adjust for that as well. Another favorite function of mine is the submarine mop head and how quick and easy it is to mop up a spilled mess, sticky mess etc. Also the fluffy optic cleaner head will show everything you can’t see with the normal eye I am able to see every single cat hair and speck of dust! I love being able to see what’s detected as far as the levels of allergens, dust mites etc. A really nice feature to have is it tells you the battery life and it adjusts for different surfaces or depending if you have it on eco mode, auto or boost it’s nice knowing how much time I have left to get the job done. And this battery last forever! I still haven’t had it run out on me and I’ve tried to run it out before putting it back on the charger. The weight is very similar to my other Dysons it’s just a little heavier when the submarine head is attached. Many useful attachments my cat trees haven’t been this clean since we got them. I highly recommend this vacuum if you want flawless floors, clean furniture too and to save time.

    7 people found this helpful

  27. Alain Portmann

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautifully efficient and worth the high price tag

    The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine comes with a few tricks including a) a digital screen for easy navigation and control, b) a water and mop/roller attachment that slides over flat surfaces and c) the infrared tracker attachment. A really good purchase if want to have a more hygienic way of vacuuming and mopping floors. I would only suggest it if you have flat ceramic floors.

  28. D Sal


    Cannot believe anyone would write a negative review for this great tool, vacuum…it is lightweight(I am 73 and it is very light and no I am not a body builder just a person who keeps a clean house, walks her dobermans everyday and does yard work for fun)easy to use and does an incredible job…I was very hesitant to buy this submarine because of the negative reviews. It cleans incredibly well…I have 4100sq ft of hardwoods and tile in the wet areas..I do my bathrooms still on my hands and knees so the grout stays clean, but I no longer do hardwoods that way. I have tried many mops, machines etc and I would go after I cleaned and do a spot and it would still be dirty…BUT NOT ANYMORE…I do add a tblsp of Bona hardwood floor cleaner to the water..my floors are really really clean…and I do not find it hard at all to clean the submarine…I am blown away how dirty the water is…I do vacuum first with it then submarine…and I do my house on two batteries…one to vacuum one to submarine…give yourself a chance to get use to the submarine…it is so worth it

    11 people found this helpful

  29. Binky B

    Let me tell YOU, honey….

    This is my third Dyson. Nothing was wrong with my previous two, I just wanted an updated model. I was on the fence about this submarine because it costs a pretty penny…. but I finally just went for it. I’m SO glad that I did and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I saw all of these Vine member reviews and ofc I was jealous that they didn’t have to spend $1k to get theirs…. buuuuut, screw it. I wanted the stick vacuum with the light and the mop. GIRL. My floors have never been more clean. I love to vacuum. I do it several times a day even. I live with a hairy cat and a German Shedder, so constant vacuuming is just a part of life at this point. I’ll be willing to bet that my floors were never clean like I thought they were before I had the little green under glow light on my ride. What a freakin life changer. If you don’t go with the Submarine, at least get the V15 detect! That light is everything. Not only do I LOVE to vacuum, now my husband is entertained by the light and the instant satisfaction of using the machine! Friends come over and want to use it, too. I cannot rave enough. The mop…. YES. I used to mop about once a week. Id have to drag the bucket in and manually mop all the floors… now, I just fill my canister up to the line, click everything in place and the dang thing SELF PROPELS when you pull the trigger! I just walk behind it and it does its thing. So easy to empty and clean. The battery for both last forever. The water in the canister lasts for my entire house. It’s slim and doesn’t take up much footprint. I really cannot say any more good things about this machine. Just…. honey, TREAT YO SELF! ( the whole family will want to help! 😉 )

    42 people found this helpful

  30. James

    Not worth the money

    Amazon delayed 2 day prime shipping and lied 3 times about tracking numbers and dates it would arrive. Was originally told it would be shipped by Amazon then it changed to US Postal Service then it changed to UPS. None of the tracking codes worked each time we spoke with a customer service rep. They would say rest assured we will take care of this. It was a complete lie. I was told multiple times rest assured it would arrive that day and it didn’t. They do not care and did not do anything about it. It arrived 6 days later. When the vacuum arrived, you have to hold the button the entire time you’re using it or it will shut off. This is not good for people who have arthritis. It hurts to hold something down that long. You should be able to have a on off switch without having to hold, the button to keep it on. This is not good for people with disability either. Second, the battery said it would last 36 minutes with a full charge. It lasted under 15 minutes. We could not finish the entire house we do not have that big of a house. The suction seems good but it did still miss some pieces that were small and lightweight so it was kind of surprising that they did not get picked up. I will be returning this vacuum. Not worth 1k. Won’t buy from Amazon for a major purchase needed on time.

    15 people found this helpful

  31. AlohafromHawaii

    The BEST investment !!!!!

    I rarely write reviews but I was too excited not to!!!I just received my V15s. It did take a few weeks but I was fine with that. I currently have an older version and loved that one as well, but it was time to upgrade once I saw the multi purpose version.-The carbon fiber head with the light picked up every single dog hair and small dust particles I wasn’t aware was in areas of my floors; it also picked up other larger items too. LOVE THIS!-The mop head was also excellent and very easy to clean and dry.-And of course the vacuum head did an amazing job as usual and with strong suction.The battery charged very fast and it lasted a long time. I vacuumed my whole house and mopped my kitchen and family room (not my living area) and I still have more than half the battery life left.This vacuum hands beats a large clunky plugin vacuum and dealing with a dirty mop or a Swifter that has chemicals and has no rotating power.

    9 people found this helpful

  32. Curlznmyhair


    Wanted a Dyson and ability to vacuum and mop, this is a huge Dyson and weighs a bit. Works as all Dyson do, no issues with performance.

    3 people found this helpful

  33. E. Gilbert Deffenbaugh

    Best Floor Cleaner I’ve Ever Used

    Let me start by saying that at age 70, I have been through more vacuum cleaners than most. Things got real about 20 years ago when my household grew to three to four dogs at any given time! At the minimum, I need to use a robot vac every other day to keep the fur down. However, my effort still needed a boost. I first tried a lower end stick vac, knowing full well that it probably wouldn’t be up to the task. I returned it, and the next day, the V15 Submarine joined the team. One pass of the house takes me about 20 minutes per day, and I pretty much fill the canister every time. After about a week, I pulled out the detecting head. I was blown away to see that immediately after a full canister, I was able to pick up more! Our two Aussies have very long, fluffy fur, and I have, to date, not experienced any tangles whatsoever. The bottom of each cleaning head stays pretty clean, and there’s no odor from pet debris. As for the mop head, I consider it a bonus. It’s great for quick removal of muddy paw prints or footprints. If I had one wish, it would be for Dyson to design an outdoor vacuum cleaner as good as this unit. I use the hand vac component to pick up the fur from daily brushings on the outside deck.

    36 people found this helpful

  34. Nimai Hari

    Happy to upgrade to a better functioning vacuum

    We previously had a Shark vacuum that felt like it was functioning more as a broom then a vacuum. We knew the Dyson was the best in the market but were skeptical of the price/cost of a Dyson. It was well worth the investment. We spend much less time vacuuming as well as being frustrated about it not working. So far, the vacuum has been fantastic, it is also much lighter and comes with a plethora of attachments.

    5 people found this helpful

  35. D. Forst

    Underwhelming for a $1k vacuum

    I’ve always wanted a Dyson as I was convinced they make the most well designed products with exceptionally engineered motors. However, after a month or two with this vacuum, I’m not convinced it’s worth the extremely high price point.The main thing a vacuum should do is suck. It needs to suck up all the dirt and dust across my various surfaces. And this vacuum does a mediocre job. The hardwood attachment shows just how much dust accumulates around the house extremely well, but it also shows just how much is left behind after the first, second and sometimes even third pass. Basically the “laser” feature is amazing. It’s so amazing that it works better than the vacuum itself and highlights the flaws of the suction power.The carpet roller is about the same. It works, but feels like it needs multiple passes to really clean well. It also would weirdly stop rotating sometimes and I’d have to stop the vacuum and start it up again to get it going.And then there’s the mop attachment. The reason you pay $500 more for this model than the other models. And without a doubt it is not worth $500. I love the idea, but it just doesn’t work as advertised. Firstly the mop head takes several passes to get fully coated in the water so you get streaky coverage for a good 3-5 minutes until it gets going. Secondly, it’ll easily mop up fresh liquid or light dust, but anything caked on or set just doesn’t come off, even with lots of passes. Finally the cleaning of the mop head itself is a pain as it requires touching the dirty mop head (ew) and takes a while to dry so it’s not as simple as just storing after use unless you want a moldy mop.The other attachments are all fine. And for the most part it’s easy to use, swaps pieces easily, and is actually fun to vacuum with. I love the laser light way more than it has any right to be loved. Seeing the dust that it highlights gives me such an OCD satisfaction when I clean that I almost forget how much I paid for this thing. I also have a small apartment so I don’t need a very long battery life and love the convenience of a cordless stick vac. But all-in-all, you’d probably be better served getting a dedicated mop and a better vac then sacrifice on both accounts for the sake of convenience.The way I feel about this vacuum is the way a guilt tripping parent feels about their kid after they do something bad: I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

    5 people found this helpful

  36. Mark Parker

    Not worth $1,000.00

    We had a Dyson before and we loved it. So I was very excited about getting this one. I was very disappointment when the the Battery had be recharged every 15-20 min and it took about an hour to charge. I wish it had the option to use it while plugged in. I would have to get several batteries to get my whole house done in one day. Also, we have dogs, and it fills up quickly, having to emptying several times before finishing one single room. I’m very disappointed on this one. I’m going to look at other Dyson, not wireless vacuum that meets our needs.

  37. Oakley

    One combo cleaning machine

    Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Wet Dry Vacuum, Yellow/NickelWith a household with four dogs. They are either leaving paw prints or tracking dirt/mud onto our tile and hardwood floors constantly. The vacuum and mop features in one machine allow you to clean up debris like grass, dirt, and hair they leave behind and the ability to mop with the same device to get those pesky paw prints that are still there after vacuuming. No need to sweep or vacuum the area and then drag out a disposable wet-pad or a mop and bucket. The cordless handheld Dyson V15s Detect Submarine addresses the need with only one machine.The Submarine cleaner head’s motorized wet roller picks up liquids, debris and tough stains. The Digital Motorbar head deep cleans all floor types and de-tangles picked up hair so that it doesn’t get wound up in the roller. The Fluffy Optic cleaner head is designed to reveal and pick up dust on hard floors for in between cleanings. Multiple attachments including a hair screw tool, combination tool, and crevice tool for those special cleaning needs.The water tank is large enough at 300ml/.2 gals to clean several room’s floors before the need to refill the tank. The roller continuously extracts the dirty water and debris with each rotation and is stored in a secondary tank for sanitary reasons. The floor is almost completely dry after your initial cleaning pass and dries the rest of the way within a minute. The Dyson V15s is compatible with most gentle, common floor detergents when used in accordance with the included usage guidelines.With a full charge, the Cordless battery can last up to an hour depending on the needed suction. While dry vacuuming, the Dyson V15s’ Detect intelligently adapts suction based on debris and floor type detected. LCD screen shows total picked-up particles on-screen as you clean. Displays power mode, maintenance alerts, and remaining approx. run time.As with most Dyson products, the cost does seem rather high for the initial purchase. But due to the longevity of Dyson products and the elimination of repurchasing cheaper products when they wear out. Is the initial cost investment in a quality product worth it to you?

    13 people found this helpful

  38. Kevin D Jensen

    Love it

    This cordless vacuum has great suction power. I really like the multiple attachments which provide multiple cleaning options. The top of the vacuum has a screen that lets you know how much battery life you have left. Very pleased.

    One person found this helpful

  39. JT

    my best stick vac ever (but also the priciest)

    Dyson V15s Detect Submarine​, Yellow/Nickel…++This model is sexy! We love our Dyson’s and view the brand as kind of the “Lexus” of vacuums.This is the best stick vac we have used (but at current price of ~$950 also 3x the most expensive).Everything does work better, except one thing. The vac suction is better and just ergo feels better. It includes all kinds of useful attachments including one that allows you to map floors (the submarine portion). The one thing that could be better is the ease of emptying out the vac into the trash, my wife fiddles this with to get it to work and she has griped about it.One thing I noticed is that this is a top end Dyson with all the extra accessories. I’ve seen the ~same vac with less accessories at lower prices.Overall, I rate 5-STARS in consideration of price/value/choices. The price is high, but you get what you pay for.

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  40. Mifke547

    Very Good Machine

    Dyson has earned its reputation. This is a versatile, powerful machine which really does the job. I have several stick vacuums and this one has more suction power than the other two put together. I LOVE the floor washing feature. It is NOT cheap. If price is a major factor, this might not be the unit for you. But, if you are willing to pay a fairly high price, you will not be sorry. It is well made, and does give you good value for every dollar you spend. It is made out of extremally sturdy materials and, although I have not had it long enough to be able to say this with certainty, I would be wiling to bet that this has he best motor in the industry. I think it will outlast any other vacuum that I have. My one negative is the instructions. They are written for idiots. All pictures, no descriptions. I grew up in a time when we learned to read. That time has passed. I spent a LOT of time figuring out what the stupid illustrations meant. But, you definitely get value for your dollar.

    4 people found this helpful

  41. Anthony Padgett

    Love it

    I’ve really liked this so far; it does an amazing job of vacuuming with any of the included attachments. I do wish instructions were a little clearer for when using the mopping head and that it was a little easier to empty the dirty water.

    2 people found this helpful

  42. Roo

    Excellent craftsmanship and quality components good suction

    This new model vacuum is quality components with exact fitting patrs. So easy to attach and remove. The craftsmanship is excellent. It comes with 4 heads. After each use vacuuming, I looked at the rollers under the heads and true to what they say – nothing got tangled up in rollers. I have alot of pet hair and human long hair in house, and a few strands here and there but nothing wrapped around the rollers. The fuzzy optic roller for hard floors – awesome to be able to see the dirt – kinda scary too so much dirt. You could vacuum in low light with this head. Easy to empty out compartment too. Every moving and attachable part of this vacuum is just exact and easy to use. Very intuitive. Vacuum in Eco mode or Auto. The water head works well too – it does leave wet floors – not soaking but still wet. The dry vac for hard floors: good suction – but if you have dirt that is crusted on the floor, it won’t pick it up. You have to loosen the dirt first then vacuum it. The carpet head: very good suction. Gets to corners well too. If it picks up something large, the power will sorta bog down for abit until you re-trigger.I gave this vacuum top rating but there are a few down side:The trigger on button must be held at all times – wish they had a “stay on” lever. The out vent thru the filter is on left side of machine so if you vacuum right handed you get the full blast of the out vent at your waist – which is okay – helps keep you cool. But maybe not so good for my asthmatic condition. So vacuum left handed. It does not like to vacuum very thin rugs – it will try to suck it up and then it bogs the power down so release the trigger. And the battery takes just under 3 hours to fully charge. And I only got about 40 minutes of full on vacuuming done. So maybe have another battery ready. Very pricey of course but again, quality and excellent engineered machine.

    19 people found this helpful

  43. Queen B

    Very nice

    Very nice and works great!! Dyson is always a top notch branded item!

    One person found this helpful

  44. Lauren


    I have 3 cats and a corgi, so my house is CONSTANTLY filled with hair and vacuuming takes a *while*. Not with this bad boy. This is hands down the best vacuum I have ever used. The power on this thing is incredible – it has picked up every speck of dust in my kitchen and this is not an exaggeration.I have not had a chance to use all of the heads, but I cannot wait to use the Submarine cleaner head. Assembly for the machine takes literal seconds, just pop everything into place and you are good to go. It is a tad bit loud, but with how powerful it is, it isn’t surprising.I am thoroughly impressed by this vacuum cleaner, and have always wanted a Dyson because of their longevity. If you are in the need of a new vacuum, don’t let the price dissuade you – it is a Dyson and they last a very long time. Get this vacuum.

    4 people found this helpful

  45. A.marie


    At first, I thought the price of this was too much. But after receiving it and trying it out for myself.. I 100 percent understand why. And it is WORTH IT. I thought I had a good vacuum before but it doesn’t even compare to this. The first time I used it I was shocked to see how much it picked up. I love the fact that it doesn’t need plugged in. You just charge it and you are good to go! It’s very lightweight as well. This vacuum also washes hard floors too! It does everything. You need this in your life!!!

    4 people found this helpful

  46. G84U

    Wow! What a vacuum!

    I’m not sure if I should call this a vacuum. It’s more like cleaning technology! It handles our hardwood floors as well as carpeted stairs like I hired a professional cleaner. This is an amazing piece of technology all homes should have. I am thoroughly amazed by how clean our floors and carpeted areas look AND feel! I don’t see dust or stains anywhere. Unbelievable!!! I would give this 6-stars if I could.

    3 people found this helpful

  47. Scubi Scoti

    The vacuum part is great, the submarine or mop part is useless

    Dyson should have stuck to just making great vacuums. Because this “mop” extension for the vacuum sucks! It’s a pain in the *** to take apart and wash each time and if you actually use it to clean up a mess it needs to be washed every time. It also does not clean the floor since you’re not supposed to use anything but water and the water is room temperature. Kind of like running a mop over your floor and forget into add soap or bleach to the mop bucket. Kind of a waste of time. A Swiffer wet jet works a hell of a lot better and it’s faster. Dyson should have just stuck to vacuums especially since the price of this is outrageous. But Amazon has a nice return policy and this product is getting returned.

    9 people found this helpful

  48. CallmeOJ

    Complete waste of money

    I can’t believe this thing cost $1000. I wouldn’t want it for free. A total waste of money and a hassle to use. U need to add water like every three minutes if you’re trying to mop which takes like another five minutes. Returned this so fast didn’t even blink

    One person found this helpful

  49. Michael J White

    Broke after 3 uses

    Worked great first two times I used it. Third time the water stopped coming out of the reservoir. Only 4 more payments to go and it’s all mine…

    One person found this helpful

  50. Meerwais Abdiani

    Not the Greatest

    The mop head does not suck up the dirty water. It’s literally a one directional paint roller that smears dog poo water across your floor. Not worth $1k. Spend 1/3 on a dedicated mop vacuum that removes the dirty water vs smearing across the floor.

    2 people found this helpful

  51. Sabrina

    Not worth the money

    For being 1000.00, this vacuum is not worth it. I had it for 2 weeks and it wouldn’t hold a charge. Also, you have to hold the lever for it to turn on and keep running.

    One person found this helpful

  52. Frankie

    Battery stopped charging after two times

    The machine overall is great. Battery wouldn’t charge. Followed all instructions. Tried to contact Dyson number doesn’t work. Asked Amazon to exchange it for a new one or exchange the battery and cord they said I have to return for a refund.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Jans

    Horrible first Dyson product I regret buying

    I don’t know why this product has good reviews I was shocked because this is not the Dyson quality I’m used to. The cleaning strength is a 2/10 for me. Will return

    3 people found this helpful

  54. Amazon Customer

    Was given open box item

    I love dyson products but I paid full price for an open box item. When trying to do the return, it doesn’t guarantee me full refund. Very disappointing.

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  55. BoyMom

    Love the vacuum!

    I love the vacuum and it is the best Dyson I have! This is my third with my oldest being the V7. That vacuum is still working and hasn’t lost much suction. This bad boy has all the bells and whistles. It detects and lets you see all the dirt. It sucks up all my dogs hair and hasn’t clogged once yet. It is easy to empty too. The battery outlast every vacuum I’ve had which is great when your using it for your whole house!Now for the mop… I do love it but I really don’t find that I use it much. It’s easy to use and cleans up decent spills and muddy paws. You have to buy this Dyson to use the mop. The attachments will not fit other V15s as this sucks the water through the motor. It is great if you use attachments but I personally find these to be more work than a regular mop and bucket.I highly recommend and I love the V15. I personally would of just bought that as the mop part just doesn’t get used enough in our house to justify the cost.

  56. Kat M

    Works great – but expensive

    The only down side to this machine is the price, it is expensive when comparing it to the dozens of cheaper alternatives on the market. I do also own a Bissell Crosswave which is about a quarter of the price and works almost as good.With that being said I am a die hard Dyson fan. This replaced our aging V6 that we owned for over 5 years and I absolutely love this wet/dry vacuum. If it lasts nearly as long as our V6 did then it’s worth every single penny. The design is gorgeous and extremely well made. Charging power is great and battery lasts long enough to get all my floors done in 900sqft with some to spare. Suction is powerful. I don’t have any issues with this.I have chronic pain and this is lightweight enough for me to manage without aggravating my back too much. It sucks that our previous accessories don’t work for this model – but we chose Dyson for the longevity of the product. My Bissell does a great job but the Dyson definitely outshines it in all categories.

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