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Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone [PlayStation Edition]

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

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Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone
[PlayStation Edition] – Enhance Your Gaming Experience on iPhone – Play PlayStation, Play XBOX, Steam, Fortnite,
Call of Duty Mobile & More

  • PLAY ANY CONTROLLER SUPPORTED GAMES: Responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.
  • LOWEST LATENCY, PASS-THROUGH CHARGING & 3.5MM HEADSET JACK: Connects to your iPhone’s Lightning port for ultra-responsive gameplay. Charge and use your favorite headset while you play.
  • WORKS WITH ANY IPHONE: Compatible with the latest iPhones. Adapter included for better experience on iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.
  • 1 MONTH BACKBONE+ INCLUDED: Get access to exclusive perks and the Backbone app, which serves as a hub for all your games, recommends new games, connect with friends, screen record, play on any screen, and more. The Backbone can still be used as a gaming controller without Backbone+. Then $39.99/year after offer ends.
  • BUILT FOR PLAYSTATION: From the DualSense inspired design to the special integrations with the PlayStation and PS Remote Play app, like the ability to deep link into the PlayStation app to install games onto your console remotely so you can play it later via PS Remote Play, this exclusive Backbone is unlike anything the world has ever seen.


Language ‏ : ‎ English

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 17 x 10 x 3 cm; 280.66 Grams

Release date ‏ : ‎ 1 November 2022


Item model number ‏ : ‎ 850041963037

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone has responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks for the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Connects to your iPhone’s lightning port for ultra-responsive gameplay. Charge and use your favorite headset while you play. Compatible with the latest iPhones. Adapter included for better experience on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Get access to exclusive perks and the Backbone app, which serves as a hub for all your games, recommends new games, connect with friends, screen record, play on any screen, and more. The Backbone can still be used as a gaming controller without Backbone plus. Comes in white colour.









Language ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

17 x 10 x 3 cm; 280.66 Grams

Release date ‏ : ‎

1 November 2022

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Item model number ‏ : ‎


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60 reviews for Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone [PlayStation Edition]

  1. John Wakim

    Good controller but…

    Got the PS5 version. The sticks aren’t in the right spot for a true PS5 experience. The sticks are in the Xbox locations.Additionally, the large touchpad button on the PS5 Controller is a little bit clunky to use when doing PS Remote Play.

  2. Mohamed Almohareb

    يد تحكم رائعة ولكن …

    تجربة مستخدم ممتازة جداً ومتوافقة مع جميع الألعاب الي جربتها، عيبها الوحيد عدم توافقها مع أغلب الأغطية ولازم تشوف لك غطاء مناسب ومو متوافقة مع الآيباد ميني مثلاً. الباقي جداً ممتاز وصار اللعب على الجوال فعلاً ممتع- وجود التطبيق جداً مفيد ويساعد في جعل التجربة شبيهة بالكونسول جداً.- اللعب عن بعد بأجهزة PS5 و XSX كان جداً ممتاز ومتجاوب (يظل يعتمد على اتصالك)- الألعاب الأصلية في الايفون كانت ممتازة جداً وتجربة تحكم أفضل من اللمس بكثير.أخيراً أتمنى توفيرها بسعر مماثل للأصلي (٩٩ دولار أو ٣٧٥ ريال) لكن يظل السعر الحالي غير مبالغ فيه.

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  3. Nugget

    Pretty good

    Love the controller itself but I don’t like having to remove my case and my camera protector. I think it’s fantastic idea but not for me right now. I look forward to future designs to allow cases (at least some thin ones) and camera protectors

  4. Séb


    Juste parfait pour jouer à la PS5 de n’importe où et aux jeux mobile comme Asphalt ou COD! Qualité de la manette impeccable.

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  5. Emmanuel


    Excelente buena inversión 😉

  6. Kristin

    My husband loves it

    It also has a spot where you can charge your phone while using it

  7. Bueno


    Lo disfruto micho

  8. Tim from Toronto

    You don’t need the app. It’s a great controller, wish it was cheaper.

    After using this for almost a week and seeing the reviews about the $$$ subscription…. Good news…You don’t even need the app, except for doing any updates to the device. The app is useless haha…. All it does is combine all games from your other apps or games on your iPhone into one. The app doesn’t actually give you anything to play. I will not be subscribing when my free year is finished. You get a free 1 year…so use it and make sure you turn off auto-renew. To sum it up, the app is just an organizer of your games from other platforms or services. Not worth $50+ for an “organizer app”. Wish backbone did a better job with this and actually offered something. It should be free. The controller is only worth $100 so this “free 1 year subscription” is clearly built into the price.Without the app, you can Load up PS remote play, or an App Store game or Apple Arcade…as long as the game is controller friendly your good to go.I was hesitant to buy this because of the price…and I still don’t agree but I cannot argue the high quality easy to use controller that this is. It really makes gaming just like your playing on your PC or console. Steam link worked perfectly. PS remote obviously worked well. The big iOS games like COD Mobile, Apex Legends mobile, Genshin Impact all worked perfectly. No battery to deal with, plugs directly into phone and away you go… that has been useful.My only gripe is price…but good things cost more…I don’t regret buying it. I just think this should be cheaper. I recommend it as it’s a great controller and super convenient to use. if your looking for cheaper i would still recommend buying this, wait for a sale or buy an Amazon warehouse deal if one of these is available.

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  9. Roberto

    Mi piace tantissimo

    Devo dire che soddisfa molto le mie aspettative, ed in alcuni giochi è persino molto più comodo, anche se, devo abituarmi con gli stick asimmetrici.

  10. Wickedsick

    Amazing Customer Support

    To start off, the feel of the controller is amazing. The buttons are all extremely responsive, well positioned, and very well made. The clicking sound when pulling the paddles apart to lock in your phone is sensational to hear the quality of craftsmanship.They DO include the extra piece needed for the iPhone 13 max, and let me say… the feel of this separate piece is excellent, and the same goes for the quality as well. This is no trashy quick 3d printed part coming off a line.You will absolutely not be mad/sad with this purchase. If you are into playing all types of games on your phone and want something as dedicated as a controller. Than you will be so amazed with this purchase.Let me also mention, You can even connect your lightning cable to the controller, than to your iPad and play on a larger screen. It’s also got the “elusive” headphone jack that seems to be in no friggin iPhones anymore.As for the software part of this product. You DON’T need to have Backbone App installed to use the controller. Just connect it through BT like any typical BT device. But if you do decide to use the app, than good choice. The app places all of your games into one location. You can search for more within the app, as well as having PS remote play, Xbox App and remote play, Steam link, Luna, Discord, Strata, and so so much more. You can add your friends and have suggested friends shown to you. You get all types of rewards and perks in the perks category of the app. There’s just so much within the app itself. Just know, you do receive a trial with your controller. But after that, the app will cost a monthly fee. The app is absolutely worth every cent of that Big Mac meal (pre inflation). It’s actually much cheaper than that even.Now for the support side of this. I had nothing but the best experience with Customer Support. They answered every question I had in an extremely quick turnaround time. They are by far the best support I’ve ever had from a company. Hell, I hate writing reviews and I decided to spend all this time letting all of you know how damn amazing this company is and the product they have.So just buy one already, and have some fun!!

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  11. Valentina Prc


    Il Backbone secondo me è fantastico, racchiude tutti i giochi per console e pc in un unico posto, poi con l’app proprietaria la gestione dei giochi è spaziale.L’app contiene le raccolte di tutti i giochi, permette di creare party e scambiare messaggi con i vostri amici (che hanno Backbone), potete streammare su Twitch, catturare foto/video di alta qualità.Con il mio iPhone 14 Pro Max si comporta bene, non consuma troppa batteria, solo che dopo ore potrebbe scaldarsi leggermente la parte posteriore, per il resto è perfetto e super fluido.Importante: Per giocare ai giochi PlayStation o i giochi da Steam dovete avere comunque una console o un pc.

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  12. MilkCratesJay

    You can not play PS unless you’re in the same Wi-Fi as the system.

    Great device me and my Son both have one of the PS version and my wife has the XBox. Connected great with our systems and phones. Easy assembly for the iPhone 13 Max Attachment as well.

  13. Fahad


    ممتاز لمحبين كلفدوتي

  14. naud m.

    Super produit mais!

    Super produit marche tres bienCe qui est dommage c est que si on a une coque on est obligé de l enlever pour pourvoir mettre son iphone dans la manette

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  15. Deadacyd

    Best way to play on your mobile phone

    Best way to play on your Xbox from anywhere or cloud gaming from Xbox worth the price

  16. Nicolas Santiago

    Amazing for Content Creators or those on the Go!

    As a YouTuber, this is a GAME CHANGER! I now have the ability to jump onto my gaming platforms and livestream or create content on the fly, when a story breaks, when surprise gaming content drops. I can make videos/content while on the toilet, at a funeral, at a boring ass kids recital, while getting pulled over by the police when YUNGFIKA and I are chasing down 30 patty McDonald’s cheeseburgers, or while YUNGFIKA is studying US history like a boss and needs the laptop…This thing is a godsend!

  17. Aylin T.

    Backbone Joystick

    Gutes Gerät .

  18. Paige


    Love this!! Works great and you can your play ps5 anywhere, any time.

  19. Nick ash

    Feels worth the money

    Even the unboxing gave me the impression I didn’t waste money. The device fits will with my hands, larger size person. And little to no input delay, granted I haven’t played anything like APEX or COD yet.The only thing is that I’m so used to my phone being in its case all day every day, that walking around the house with it unprotected is a little weird, but it’s snug into the controller and is actually really secure on the 8-pin that I needed to put some oomph to release my phone.100% worth it, day 1

  20. Amazon Customer

    It fits iPhone 14 pro-Max and comes with an adapter!

    In response to the customer saying it barely fits the 14 pro max and needs an adapter. Well, the adapter comes with it! It’s the little box on the top inside cover of the box. However, It still fits well without it, it’s very flexible and stretches, and my nephews love it. You can subscribe to the backbone app and get the free trial going and then cancel by going to subscriptions in your iPhone settings, cancel it and still get the free trial. You can do this for all subs except the apple arcade store. It’s like having a PSP, and I guarantee you with be surprised. I hope this helps.

  21. Safieh

    Fue un regalo y me encanta 😊

    Hasta el momento todo ok. Vino empacado correctamente, funciona muy bien con mi iPhone 13 Pro Max, trae su adaptador. No conecta bien con otros juegos aunque lo utilizo únicamente para Call of Duty. Los demás juegos requieren tener PS o Xbox.

  22. Seb

    bluffé, meme si vu le prix, la qualité aurait pu être un poil meilleur au niveau du plastique

    Bien pensé, la connexion et la reconnaissance de l’input est immédiate.Compatible avec la plupart des plateformes de jeux (XBox GamePass, PS Remote, Steam…)Le seul moins pour le moment: le plastique fait un peu cassant et n’est pas texturé (comme les branches du pad PS5)et possesseur de iphone XX Max: le telephone -du fait du bloc optique arrière- est calé en oblique avec une équerre supplémentaire fournis: pas hyper génant mais tout de même… design flaw…je mettrai à jour en fonction de mon utilisation.

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  23. Abraham

    Your phone gets really hot

    Cool control but you have to connect the ps4 and share same Wi-Fi to be connected and play lags a here and there when streaming but my phone does get really hot after using a couple of apps.For a iPhone 14 max pro I have to strip the case off and camera cover to use the device, honestly I don’t feel comfortable having my phone nude on this control but it the only way to use this controller

  24. AJ

    Didn’t know what I was missing!

    I pulled the trigger on Black Friday and man! I had no idea I’d be having this much fun gaming on mobile. COD Mobile and Apex have been a great experience with the Backbone. It really does feel like you’re playing on a handheld console.My only gripe is that the small joysticks definitely take some getting used to, compared to the DualSense I use on console. I bought some Skull & Co. Skin thumb grips and it definitely made things a bit more comfortable.I haven’t had a chance to use remote play over fast mobile data yet (I don’t get the best service in my home) but it worked perfectly over WiFi. I wouldn’t recommend playing any FPS games on it (You WILL get beamed by people playing on console) but for fighting games it’s great! I’m sure there are other games that would work well also.

  25. IL_Lalo

    Backbone, better then Xbox controller

    Buttons work great the LB and RB are hard to reach sometimes but in most games you’ll be okay.The back bone works great and it truly feels like your mobile gaming with your phone.The ability to charge your phone is a great feature too.I’m still waiting to try my car aux with the backbone to see if I could charge my iPhone 14 plus and listen to music at the same time……will update later

  26. Dusty Cantrell

    Mind Boggling Tech

    I purchased for PS play capabilities for my PS5. It is everything I had hoped. You will drop frame rate if you don’t have a secure connection but as long as you are connected to a strong network, it is seamless! Not sure the Backbone subscription of $40/year is worth it for users who want to just play their PlayStation remotely. You could simply use this device paired with the PS Remote Play app instead of paying for the backbone gaming interface. Either way this is a great product.

  27. scott soto

    Love it, just not the button creak on day one

    Love it the buttons feel amazing and are very responsive. Only complaint I have about it is the right button on the d pad now creaks after just an evening of playing it. Not a deal breaker but if the house is quiet enough and the volume is down enough it drives me crazy. Would have given it five out of five had it not been for the button creaking on day one and it still creaking to this day.Edit: Got a replacement with no hassle and within two days after the request was sent. Sadly the right button on the d-pad still creaks when sliding from left to right.

  28. Remy Bucksaplenty

    iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Does not fit newest iPhone. Idk if the box came with a part for it I haven’t used it since I received the package. There are a lot of emails about the product after you receive it, too. They want you to subscribe to backbone and I don’t think it’s worth it. I only bought for it for remote play on PlayStation and it works but my phone doesn’t fit in the design. I hate iPhone anyway so when I can Ima upgrade. Nothing wrong with Backbone. They’re great. Controls are solid, input latency isn’t a big problem. Don’t play online games. It can be just a tab bit faster but its a phone app. No problems.

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  29. S. Silvas

    Like it more than I thought!

    I love this thing. I use it with my iPhone 14 pro when my husband is watching tv but I want to play PS5. It’s really comfortable and I’ve used it way more than I thought I would. Charge lasts a few hours, which is enough for s casual gaming session. Charges back up fast or you can play with it plugged in, too.Only con is the annoying backbone button which opens the backbone app. The app is fine, but when you switch away from the PS remote play app, it terminates your session. I hit the button accidentally several times and then have to spend a min reconnecting to PS5.

  30. susana


    La experiencia de juego aumenta muchísimo, lo malo es que en Mexico no tiene habilitado el poder suscribirte a Stadia que tiene mas juegos solo las de app store.

  31. Mr. Al Khoori

    Professional and easy to use

    Recommend for all gamers

  32. A Walker

    Fantastic controller

    Works perfectly

  33. Tia Lachney

    Amazing controller with loads of features

    There are a lot of neat features to the backbone controller and as long as there is controller support for the game you’re playing, you can use the backbone. Let’s start with the capture button which includes screen and video capture at the click or hold of a button. They include a free iPhone 13/14 pro max adapter so that you can still fit the new phones in to the controller base without messing up your phone camera lens and the phone sits very securely in the middle of the controller arms. The design is sleek and the sizing for buttons and joysticks are superb in my opinion. I’ve had no issue with reach and accessibility to all buttons/joysticks and no issues with cramping like I do with my Xbox One controller. The weight and quality of the controller is really good, it’s not too heavy causing fatigue and it’s not too light where it might come across as cheap or easily breakable. The game play is great, and I have no lagging or latency issues. You can use it for mobile gaming, PS Remote play, Steam link and Xbox remote play. They even offer options for if you don’t have a console but I haven’t really looked into those so I cannot speak on them. It is easy to carry with me on the go, I got a little case for it and I just throw it in my backpack. Because of its compact size and collapsible, spring action middle bar it hardly takes up any space at all. I would say for the compatibility across multiple consoles for game play and the actual quality of the product itself the pricing is top notch, as a regular ps5 controller is $70 all by itself and has to be charged. The backbone barely draws any battery from your phone, and it never has to be charged so as long as your phone has battery your controller will work. That’s one of the reasons why I like it so much because I don’t have to worry about the last time I plugged my controller in to charge and I can take it with me everywhere. Now if you are running low on battery (because you’ve been playing for HOURS) they even included a pass through charging option so you can charge your phone without missing a beat. Lastly, there is also a 3.5mm jack on the backbone itself if you want to plug in a headset to talk to your friends and teammates.There is an app that you can download for the backbone, and it does have a paid subscription option for $39.99/year, but the subscription is not required to use the backbone itself. You do get firmware options with the app as well as button mapping and joystick calibration, factory reset and then system info on your backbone like the model and serial numbers and the version of firmware you are using. Now, you do HAVE to select the free trial to be able to use the app, but they make it really easy to cancel and even send you a reminder to cancel towards the end of your subscription plus, immediate in app instructions on how to cancel if you want to cancel right away. This really annoyed me at first but I bit the bullet and tried it anyway just so I could review it and… I freaking loved it so, I’m going to eat my crow, my original review was only 3 stars because of the app and the inability to use the app without selecting the free trial but it has loads of features including chat areas, adding friends, easy connection to Twitch, a place to hold your captures, an awesome support team in the help section and free 3 months of nitro for Discord(when I joined). So, I came back to update my review. I really have loved the backbone since I got it and I take it with me everywhere! The only feature I didn’t like was the app itself and now that I actually used it (instead of just being mad about a trial requirement) I really like it too. Great product all around at a really good price tag for what you’re getting.

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  34. Client d’Amazon

    Presque parfait.

    Le Backbone est un contrôleur compatible avec l’iPhone qui offre une expérience de jeu facile à utiliser et fluide avec les jeux disponibles sur Apple Arcade et les émulateurs tels que Delta et Retroarch.La qualité des matériaux utilisés est bonne, reflétant la qualité globale du produit. Les gâchettes analogiques sont fonctionnelles, même si elles pourraient être un peu plus longues.Cependant, il est à noter que les micros-switch sous les boutons A, B, X et Y peuvent être bruyants, et il est impossible d’utiliser une coque avec le contrôleur, même si la coque utilisée est l’une des plus fines sur le marché. En résumé, le Backbone est un bon choix pour les joueurs recherchant une expérience de jeu améliorée sur iPhone 12 Pro (Testé avec uniquement).Je donne une note globale au produit de 8.5/10

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  35. Joel

    Awesome Little Thing

    The first thing that stands out about the Backbone One is its sleek design. The controller is slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. It also features a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold for extended gaming sessions. The buttons are well-placed and have a satisfying click to them, providing a satisfying tactile response when pressed. Overall, the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller is an exceptional piece of hardware that is sure to please any mobile gamer. Its sleek design, responsive controls, and impressive feature set make it a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys gaming on the go. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just looking for a way to pass the time on your commute, the Backbone One is an excellent choice.

  36. Beans Romeo

    Be aware of the Subscription Service to the Backbone+ features, but Great Controller.

    To start, the controller is absolutely fantastic, the only drawback is the expensive $50 annual subscription service just to use the console like features I think personally should come with the controller. The controller itself works without this subscription, and the first year is free for Backbone+, but be advised that it is not apparent on the surface level that some of the extra features and the UI are locked behind this annual fee. The backbone device itself fits on my phone perfectly due to the sliding mechanism and the lightning header secures in the phone and keeps the whole controller sturdy. I was excited over this controller because I use remote play on PlayStation periodically and this controller does the job for that very well while keeping the familiarity to the PlayStation controller. The backbone is also great in mobile games like Minecraft and Call of Duty Mobile. It makes these games feel more like their console counterparts and adds a wonderful amount of comfort. This version of the backbone has the triangle, cross, circle, and square buttons of the PlayStation controller, so translating the button bindings for A,B,X,Y is something muscle memory has to kick in for. Along with it, the UI of the Backbone app is fantastic. The backbone button functions like the home button on the PlayStation and takes you to the UI where all of your connected apps and games are available in a nice central hub to quickly switch to, but the love and practical use of this amazing UI is something that is disappointingly hampered by the subscription to it. This controller is great, it is the highest quality controller for a phone that I have ever used thus far, but the only thing that completely bums out the experience is the Backbone+ subscription to use the console like functionality. Again, THE CONTROLLER WORKS WITHOUT THE SUBSCRIPTION, but this subscription adds the features that make the experience so much better, faster, and easier.The thing that is suspicious about this controller that I wish was written on the box or something to forewarn the consumer on the description is that the fabulous UI that makes my phone into a game console is locked behind a subscription. It cost $50 annually to use and I think that it is a bit unfair to the consumer that nothing is explicitly mentioned about this on the description of the Backbone controller or even on the retail box. It comes with one full year of Backbone+ but after that year of loving it, you have to decide on paying a subscription or to just go without the UI software and features and just use the hardware of controller by itself alone. Again, the hardware of the controller is able to be used without the Backbone+ subscription, it just stings a bit that the UI and twitch streaming is locked behind this subscription. I have nothing wrong with the quality of the controller, but the not too obviously advertised subscription is the thing that is lost in the experience if you cannot afford it. I just also have the issue with the all or nothing approach on the sofware. Without subscribing, practically you keep the app for the firmware updates for the controller, thumb stick recalibration, and button mapping and that is pretty much it. It is basic and the controller works, but even a basic use of the console like UI would’ve been appreciated at that level.(Personal Input and Suggestion Alert :0 ) My personal input is that I feel like the UI and the streaming features should have some basic functionality without the subscription. Like perhaps the UI is free and if you want to stream at a higher fps or quality then the subscription is required, like the subscription structure of Discord. I feel like there should be some free tier to have the most basic UI functionality like being able to choose games from the UI to play so that there is some convenience. I just find locking almost everything good about the app behind the subscription is preposterous.Overall, this is a really high-quality controller that I can imagine using years to come for mobile games and PlayStation Remote Play, but I am going to shed a tear when I cannot afford to keep using the Backbone+ features. The software and UI is fantastic and intuitive, it just bites all of the fun good functionality is locked behind the Backbone+ subscription.

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  37. Derek Neal

    Worth the money! Love mine!

    I generally don’t leave reviews so this speaks to how much I love this product. Like many, I had seen the ads on Facebook and was interested but was hesitant because of the $100 price tag. I love my Nintendo switch but my ps5 has spoiled me to fast load times and incredible graphics/performance. I have been praying for a Nintendo switch type product with the power of a console. The backbone gets you just about as close as you can get. With some Christmas money I decided to take the plunge and see if it’s worth the $100 investment. I have not been disappointed. With the PS remote play app, I am sync’d up to my ps5 in a matter of minutes. Wife wants the TV, no problem, I’m on the backbone. Gotta take a dump, no problem, I’m still gaming. I will note that I have an extremely fast cable internet connection with no limit on data usage. Both my phone and my ps5 are pulling internet data to support this and I very rarely run into latency problems. I have yet to try this purely using my cell phone data if I’m out somewhere so I cannot attest to how well it works there. But on my WiFi (and my work WiFi) it works great. I hope that this reviews helps someone who was on the fence like me because of the price tag. As long as you have strong internet, I think you will be happy.

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  38. Tim

    Great controller and even better customer service

    First let’s talk about the product: The hardware is great! It doesn’t feel cheap, the buttons are clicky, and the sticks seem pretty durable. (I was initially worried about the sticks because of how small the posts for them are) I love the fact that I can charge while I play and there’s a headphone jack too, for those of you who aren’t using Bluetooth headphones!I can see a possible issue with it not fitting future generations of iPhones because of the limited space between the lightning connector and the back of the controller, but we buy new phones every year! Is it too much to ask us to buy a new backbone every 4-5 generations? I can also see an issue for some people with having to take your case off to use it but I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a Pitaka case and it’s thin enough to not have to remove it while I’m using the controller. (This is my 3rd Pitaka case, that’s a 5 star product as well) So if that’s a concern just get a thinner case and stop being so clumsy.The Backbone+ service: Also excellent! It feels like a console experience in the palm of my hand! As Apple Arcade grows and mobile gaming becomes more and more popular I only expect it to get better! There are too many features to list here, you can find them in the description.. A couple that I love though are the ability to find games that are compatible with the controller and filter them by which ones are Apple Arcade games and which ones are just apps for purchase. I also love that they’ve made it SUPER easy to request that the developers add controller support for the games that we love that don’t already have it. You can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the app. That doesn’t even include the ability to stream my PS5 games with an actual physical controller! It can be tough to stream but has always worked great while I’m home and adding a controller makes the experience 1000 times more enjoyable.Finally, the customer service: Top notch! These guys are the real deal! I missed out on a promotion for the Backbone+ service and didn’t realize it until a friend that also purchased the Backbone 1 pointed it out to me. I sent an email with picture evidence that I should have received the promotion and they responded quickly and gave me above and beyond the promotion! No questions, no fuss, just great customer service and WAY above expectations!I like to think that this team is like me and remembers what it was like to be a kid in the 90’s, going to stay at their grandparents house, and wishing they could bring their favorite game with them. They’ve designed a product that is really great at what it does and is blowing the mind of 10 year old me!

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  39. Franken Gent

    Excellent device but the Backbone app needs to be free

    As far as the device goes, it’s the best controller adapter I’ve ever used on my iPhone and it fits perfectly on my iPhone 14 Pro with the little adapter included with my backbone. The hardware design and feel of the device makes it feel like an official Sony designed product not some unknown third party developer.Some of the negative reviews I read here make it patently obvious that they never attached this to their backbone. The other negative reviews I read complains that you can’t snap it in with your phone case still on your phone. From a design perspective there’s no way they could have accomplished this given the enormous array of iPhone cases on the market. The only phone case you can leave on while using the backbone is the official Apple silicone case which makes sense because of its design that doesn’t add any bulk to the phone..My only complaint is the backbone app they created that acts as a user interface to launch all your games and discover new games. It’s like having a PlayStation or Xbox interface right on your phone.The app itself is wonderful but they recently shifted from free one year with purchase to only ONE month. After that you need to pay.There’s absolutely no reason why this app needs a subscription. It needs to be free. Since the app leads to the discovery and sale of many games they should be getting a kickback for every sale it successfully leads to. That’s how they should be compensated for the app, NOT through user subscriptions.This could easily be a 5 star product if the backbone app was free

    18 people found this helpful

  40. Filippo

    Ottimo prodotto.

    Il prodotto è ottimo. Perfetta manifattura, ottimi materiali che al tatto fanno ben capire che è solito e non scadente.Se proprio devo trovare una pecca è l’app. Backbone è un app a pagamento , in poca sostanza si paga un pagamento per avere una schermata in cui sono raggruppati i giochi come se fosse console . Sostanzialmente però i giochi sono quelli che hai sull’iPhone o che usi in remoto dalla play. Quindi questo abbinamento non ti da accesso a titoli ma semplicemente ad una schermata che li raggruppa.

  41. Penelope Luna

    The Backbone is Legit

    The controller fits perfectly around the phone both securing it in place and amplifying the sound for the user. Controls are smooth and feel similar to the traditional XBox controller, that said it’s a slight bit off from the traditional PlayStation controller layout and may take a minute to adjust but game play is excellent.Connects seamlessly to PlayStation Remote both at home and away from home as long as the network your device is connected to has a strong signal. There is no vibration on the controller and some games may feel like the D-Pads seem loose but a quick adjustment in the game solved it every time. The controller runs off your phones power so there is no need to ever charge the control. All in all a great device and a perfect price point.

  42. Crystal Quiro

    Very good but a couple things you should know

    This is an exquisite piece of technology. The buttons are responsive and I see no real problem with it. Everything about the Backbone is perfect in my opinion but if you want to use the app with it you have to pay $40 a year for it. I wish they mentioned that in the description of the item but in my opinion it is very worth it. It comes with like a console feel layout and a bunch of game options and shows you what games you can play. With it you also get perks with it such as Discord nitro for 3 months. I really love it and if you are looking into buying this you’ll love it as well.

    2 people found this helpful

  43. Joseph Weiner

    Worth it to play in bed

    Edit after 2 months: There is a review from IGN that mentions that some games use the iPhone’s haptic feedback for vibrations. But this is not true for PS Remote Play. This controller is fine for Remote Play as long as you aren’t playing a game that requires motion controls either. Disappointed that Backbone didn’t work more with Sony to get vibrations and motion control for this.I use this for PlayStation remote play, Steam link, and Apple Arcade. I was using a DualSense controller before this which is great but the weight of everything wasn’t ideal.Pros:-Very comfortable and I can easily play for hours in bed-Works across all platforms I use it for-*Can be used as a wired controller (requires their subscription service to use this feature)-Long press of the Backbone button works as the PS buttonCons:-Can’t use this with a case on your phone-No vibration motors which I’ve come to expect in a controller that is $100.Edit: IGN claims that certain apps from the appstore will use the phone’s haptic feedback for vibrations. PS Remote Play does not have this though.-Not as easy to use as the DualSense or DualShock 4 because of the touch pad. You’ll find yourself tapping the screen a few times to use this feature.-No motion controls for PS Remote PlayI really do love this controller. Their subscription service is really geared toward people that want to easily record and stream their games from their phone. Which is cool but I’m not one of those people. It’s weird to me that the ability to use this as a wired controller for your MacBook and such is locked behind that subscription service though. I’d rather just plug in a different controller than pay $40/year for just that feature.

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  44. Raven Bogues


    I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift. He loves it. He definitely needed the adjuster to fit his phone, but after he figured that out it’s been great. Only thing we didn’t know before buying was that you have to be under the same wifi as your playstation to use those games, otherwise you’re limited to Backbone games. Regardless of this one thing, he has not stopped playing with it since he got it! Highly recommend for those avid gamers or even kids who aren’t ready for an entire system.

  45. Christopher Stubbs

    Needs to be retro fitted for the new cameras on the iPhone 14 pro max

    I gave this 4 stars cause it works really well with the PlayStation and other apps. My main complaint is it say compatible with iPhone 14 pro max and it is not !! It needs to be retro fitted for the new phones as it scratches the lens and backbone cause it’s a very tight fit and it will not sit flush with the iPhone device. That is my on gripe other than that it’s an amazing device to play with. Fix it and I’ll buy the newest version.

  46. Taylor Mineo

    This thing is amazing

    Honestly when I realized I could play xbox game pass games without owning an xbox, just running it on my phone with this thing, an entire world opened up. I have a Playstation, Switch, and PC. I can now play my steam library via Steam Link on my phone, or Playstation games via Remote Play on my phone, or any xbox game that’s included with game pass (which it looks like is a TON of them, even heavy graphics games).Basically all the games you wish were Switch games can now feel like Switch games. I love this thing. Best purchase I’ve made in a while.I do advise that whatever you are streaming to your phone be hard wired to the internet – for example if you’re doing Playstation Remote Play make sure your Playstation is hard wired, it will run better. Same with your PC for Steam Link.HIGHLY recommend this product! I got the white playstation edition and the buttons feel so smooth and the whole thing is well made and sturdy/high quality.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Art Aki

    Backbone for iPhone14 Pro

    I opened the package and put the iPhone14 Pro in and it initially didn’t close. This is due to the bigger camera on the new phones sticking out. I realized later that the package came with an adapter that you can slide in that shims the gap to allow the phone to rise slightly to clear the camera, which now locks the phone in. It works! Everything is great, the controller size and feel is excellent, game play and software interface is smooth. I give 4.5/5 stars because of the fit is not perfect and my OCD in me isn’t 100% satisfied that the phone doesn’t lay completely flat. I would give 5 stars if they came out with a new model for the iPhone 14 Pro. I love this product, it’s well made and opens up different ways to mobile game.

    2 people found this helpful

  48. Carlos Gómez

    Puede ser mejor

    Este control cuenta con buena tecnología dado que convierte tu celular en una consola de video juegos. Pero no es tan fácil de jugar dado que los joystick son muy cortos y para juegos de armas es casi imposible apuntar con precisión. Para ser un control de ese dinero pienso que puede ser mejor dado que los gatillos son igualmente cortos y pierde las propiedades del control original.Ahora la conectividad al PS5 en la misma Wifi es excelente con una conexión casi que perfecta puedo jugar FIFA23 desde cualquier lugar de la casa con una excelente imagen y sonido.Para mi hijo también es un excelente accesorio para jugar Roblox y demás juegos de aventura desde el phone.

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  49. Cliente Amazon

    Prodotto fantastico per il gaming mobile

    Perfetto per giocare da telefono nel mio caso un iPhone 13 pro davvero molto comodo e funzionale trasforma il telefono in un vero e proprio joystick come se si stesse giocando a una console. Nessun problema riscontrato ottimo prodotto assolutamente consigliato

  50. Eeek

    Good if using naked phone

    These are really good but there are 3 negatives from my experience influencing my decision to 3 star my review. 1: can’t use a case with them, if you’re using a case it does start to become annoying removing it evertime want to use backbone then putting back on, would be perfect for naked phone users or using a sleeve pouch instead of a case, but I like keeping my gripzilla case on my iphone personally, kinda nitpicky but it is what it is. 2: not sure if it’s my misfortune but first one had an overly loose loud clicky r2 button and same with it’s replacement, not as bad as first but replacement also had wierd powdery stuff on it & box was everywhere, kinda looked like baby powder along with faultyish r2, if it isn’t my roll of the dice then something’s up at the assembly line where it’s made, don’t think I’ll be replacing again twice is enough, other than those issues it felt more premium than the rest of it’s competition & would of kept otherwise, felt so good using it to, bummer. 3: the app isn’t free & they basically want playstation plus prices to use it, not justified in my opinion after the 100$ price tag, playstation plus atleast offers free monthly games whereas the only thing backbone app offers is convenience, kinda pricey convenience tax, can be used without the app but it is a waste because the app is decent for sure. Final thoughts: If you’re going to spend premium price for a mobile controller I recommend it for naked phone users for sure, I myself being a case user prefer the gamevice flex, flex app not as good as the backbone app but it is free, flex feels not as premium as backbone but 1/1 defect free for me & felt good in the hands, very customizable for case users & I like the analogs better on flex, it grew on me you could say more than the backbone pretty much, I do like the backbone’s back more than the flex though.Hope this review is helpful for case users on the fence, pro tip: can use joycon thumb caps on both backbone & flex, analogs felt better for me with those on, especially on the backbone, isn’t necessary but kinda nice for the thumbs. Ones I used were the skull and co ones for joycons, not sure how other brands fit but should fit all the same probably.

    3 people found this helpful

  51. Gosstragos

    Excelente calidad y la mejor oferta en amazon, super funcional

     El control es de muy buena calidad, lo que se esperaba por el precio y teniendo licencia de PlayStation, yo lo uso con un iPhone 14 pro max y funciona y cabe sin problemas, solo se debe remover el protector, lo use jugando el PS remote, el cloud gaming de Xbox y con juegos instalados en el cel, funciona muy bien y cumple el propósito. Solo no esperes que con cloud gaming de Xbox te cambie los iconos de botones por los de play, igual funciona, Lo recomiendo mucho.

  52. Angela Rivers

    Such a cool concept

    I bought this for my husband and son to each have one and play together. They think it’s really cool but if you want to play PlayStation games your PlayStation has to be turned on which is slightly inconvenient. Otherwise super cool!

  53. Janelle

    Works great!

    I got this mainly to play fortnite but forgot that they’re in a battle with apple so I just play other phone games cause remote play doesn’t work unless u open WiFi ports or something like that.

  54. Ciro

    Miglior passatempo

    Ottimo per passare del tempo

  55. Marcus

    Cool but Different

    Great for remote play but layout is more like switch then a PlayStation controller.

  56. Cole Kirk

    Absolutely a must have for down time

    I have a lot of downtime at work and I HATE virtual controls on my phone! This literally feels like a larger PS5 controller is in my hand. It’s super responsive and comfortable to hold in the hands, I just wish the triggers had a little more resistance, but does not ruin my experience.

  57. Mikayla


    Got this as a Christmas present for my husband and he absolutely loves it! Can take it anywhere and play available mobile PlayStation games on his phone

  58. Nico soutelo

    Au top

    Adepte des jeux sur console portable et salon c’est un plaisir de faire les deux sur un seul appareil, je recommande à 100% confort de jeu agréable rien a dire

    2 people found this helpful

  59. joan carroll

    The Easiest Device for Gaming Novices!

    The Backbone is truly the best mobile gaming device I’ve experienced. No difficult controls or lags, and very user friendly for those without a ton of gaming experience. I love playing games on Backbone, especially when I’m on the go thanks to its compact design. Can’t recommend enough!

  60. Heidi N. Clinefelter

    iPhone 14 Pro Max *can* fit, but not perfectly

    This does work with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It comes with an iPhone 13 adapter, I guess? In order to get this to hold the iPhone, I put the adapter onto the iPhone first, then put the adapter + iPhone into the left side, and finally the right (with the charger).This does work with the iPhone 14 Pro Max just fine. It’s sturdy enough. So long as you don’t shake the controller with the iPhone in it, you should be okay.I do hope an adapter will come out that I can purchase separately specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The only reason the iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t a flush fit is due to the 3 cameras that stick out from the iPhone on the back.Took off 1 star due to inability to have the iPhone 14 Pro Max in a 100% secure/flush fit to this controller.

    18 people found this helpful

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