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70mai Tire Pressure Monitor External TPMS Sensor T04

70mai Tire Pressure Monitor
External TPMS Sensor
T04 Tyre Pressure Warning Only for M500

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70mai Tire Pressure Monitor
External TPMS Sensor T04 Tyre Pressure
Warning Only for M500

Note: 70mai TPMS T04 can only fits dash cam M500.

CAN’T be used for any other cams.

*The 70mai TPMS T04 is sold separately.

1. Full-color Screen Design: It has a stylish, high-end appearance, which improves the car’s sense of technology. Small size, light weight and space saving. The screen displays tire pressure and temperature in real time, and provides visual and audible alerts when abnormal conditions occur.

2. Six Alarms & User-set Alarm Values: The system provides six alarm modes (including quick leak alarm, high/low pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, sensor low pressure alarm and sensor failure alarm). You can also set pressure and temperature alarm values.

3. Charging Method: It is convenient to charge, don’t worry about losing due to small size, and keep the long-term electrified state. It also displays the voltage of the car battery to help you understand whether the car battery is abnormal. The hard feet can also be used as an emergency escape hammer.

4. Low-power & Long-life Sensors: We equip you with 4 advanced external sensors with low power consumption (the C1632 battery can be used for 1 year) and long service life (up to 3 years). Small size, light weight, high tire pressure detection accuracy (acceptable small tire pressure error ±0.1Bar). Easy to install, can withstand harsh environments. (0-3.5BAR)

5. Easy Installation: Just insert the product into the igniter port, install the sensor on the four tires, and then wirelessly pair the sensor with the display to complete the installation. After driving for 10 minutes, it will automatically start to monitor the status. You no longer need to check the condition of your tires regularly, this tire pressure gauge will become a good assistant focusing on driving, saving time and energy.

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Midrive T04

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Mainland China

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Alarm Systems & Security

TPMS Sensor



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