Xiaomi MITU Mini Drone in Dubai

Xiaomi MITU Mini Drone WiFi FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone Precision Hover and Multi-Machine Infrared Battle Mini Drone.

720P HD Camera: The built-in 720P camera is tuned amazingly to capture pictures and videos from the sky and gives FPV transmission in real-time.

Precision Hover: Thanks to the Altitude Hold function, the drone hovers at a certain height, fly steadily and smoothly in the indoor environment.

Headless Mode: Locking the current head orientation as the forward direction, even if rotating the drone does not affect the right forward direction of flight, making the manipulation easier and easier to master. With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.

G-sensor Mode: In G-sensor Mode, control the fly direction by only tilt your RC drone. The one-hand control is also so easy.

360-degree Air Tumbling: Do a 360-degree flip, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.

A small body full of technology
4-core processor, 5 sensors
Small body is full of technology – 4-core processor and 5 sensors. The body of the Mi Drone mini is equipped with a quad-core 1.2G SOC master chip that can quickly process various data collected by various sensors such as ultrasonic probes, barometers, optical airflow sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. Combined with an independent vibration-absorbing hull construction, it can achieve precise altitude and fixed-point hovering as the flight is stable and accurate. Battery capacity is 920mAh and battery life is up to 10 minutes

Come play an aerial battle
Infrared mode of battle
The variety of gaming lets you play with one person. You can play battles with your friends in IR mode. Drones can be connected and using the remote control to play a 3D battle. Battles in the air have a sharp confrontation, and the impact on enemies can be shocking. Get your friends, fight, win!

Remote control, high definition image transfer
Record rare moments
The Mi Drone mini remote uses 5.8 GHz high bandwidth, low latency, and strong interference immunity and the remote control distance can reach 50 meters for FPV HD HD video transmission. It features an HD 720p camera that gives you a new look at self-portraits. 4 GB internal storage space to shoot, record, shoot and save your photos and videos.

5.8GHz Wi-Fi high-frequency signal
FPV HD Real-time image transfer
1600 x 1200 Image resolution
1280 x 720 Video resolution

A mini lightweight body that you can wear and play without difficulty
The drone size is about 11 cm and weighs only 88 g. The aerial control area for the drone is 50 m and 25 m high. Dron can carry with you and you can fly anywhere.

The appearance of Mi Drone mini is simple and unique. It has excellent design and processing. The machining process connects perfectly all the hull connections. It also has a unique integrated frame design. The fuselage is made of special low-density composite material and high toughness that is more resistant to falling. The propeller contains a super-hard composite that is less prone to breakage, and the propeller is more durable.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE and get delivered Next-Day in Dubai and 1-2 Days in rest of UAE.

Note: by scanning the QR code on the user manual, you can only download the Chinese Version App.
If your country has a 5.8G limit, click the link to swipe to 2.4G ( functions of the product are not affected ), the English manual is here.

Xiaomi Mini Drone Dubai

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