Xiaomi Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush in Dubai

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Give your teeth a perfect cleanliness
Quality electric toothbrushes not only have high-frequency vibration but also have a very strong performance. A high-performance, magnetically suspended acoustic engine developed jointly by German and Japanese professionals, with more than 31,000 vibrations per minute and power torque of up to 230 gfcm, so power stays not only on high-frequency motor vibration but also can more efficiently transfer power to the brush head.

Even when the toothbrush head is in contact with the teeth, it still maintains high performance to withstand water resistance in the mouth, foam from the toothpaste and creates perfect purity. It gets very well into hard-to-reach places and achieves a stronger cleaning effect than a regular toothbrush.


Seemingly common, but very different – a new, high-density, tough head
Small brush heads appear to be common, but they are quite different from conventional brush heads. The process of producing a brush head is to move the bristles with a high density (not containing metals). The bristle bottom is formed by thermal melting.

The bristles are attached to the brush head by means of the top of the brush head. Compared to ordinary brush heads, there is no problem with the throat and dirt deposits at the joint of the head and the brush body. Thanks to the use of high-quality soft bristles, DuPont achieves 40% more volume. Each bristle was roughened to prevent rounding of the bristles, rubbing the gums, and scratching the surface of the teeth.

Three cleaning modes, the choice is up to you
The Xiaomi Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers a choice of three cleaning modes. You can choose the standard mode, soft mode and customization.

Smart application control
Personal adaptation can be based on various daily habits and eating habits that require your own cleaning time, cleaning intensity, and various care functions for your mouth. Modes and functions can also be adjusted to suit different teeth cleaning needs.

Good or bad toothbrush?
How do I know if the toothbrush is good or not? The Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush toothbrush will help you think about the solution. Built-in high-precision acceleration sensor can reduce the position of your brush, track the top and bottom of the tooth, and record the area and time of each tooth brushing. Once connected to a smart app, you can see a score for each cleanup, record coverage data and cleanliness. This information can be shared at any time and shown to other care of your teeth.


On one charging time up to 18 days
Do not worry that your brush will only last for a few days, or if you brush your teeth suddenly. The Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush toothbrush has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 700 mAh. NiMH batteries have a long life and no memory effect. The battery life may stop for 18 days. The mobile application can easily monitor the charge level of your battery.

Do not worry about water immersion and stickiness of toothpaste
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush features a switch button made of one piece of silicone, providing waterproof and trouble-free functionality.

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 2W
Degree of protection: IPX7 (water resistance)
Charging time: 12 hours
Charge type: inductive
Brush material: DuPont bristles
Body size of the brush: 187.5 x 28.5 mm
Charge station size: 65 x 40 mm
Replacement head size: 85 x 24.8 mm
Weight: 295 g
Package Contents: Electric brush, spare head, charging station, user manual

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