Xiaomi Deerma HX20 Intelligent Shoe Dryer

The Deerma HX20 shoe dryer can not only dry shoes! At the same time it also fights bad odours and bacteria thanks to its built-in ceramic ozone generator. With its U-shaped outlets and extendable hose, it dries up to two pairs of shoes efficiently at the same time. Find out what else the Deerma HX20 can do here!

The Xiaomi intelligent shoe dryer is designed to provide an intelligent constant temperature that helps to quickly absorb the moisture and keep the shoe dry. With its well-structured ‘U-shape’ air outlet, drying two shoes at the same time is never a challenge, now that helps save time! Also, the telescopic hose is not left out on this as it can be easily compatible with a variety of shoes. In such conditions where a shoe is long, the telescopic hose is designed to stretch to ensure the interior part of the footwear is dry. And in a case where the shoe is heavy, the hose tilts its body to enhance proper drying performance.

Ozone Benefits

As it was mentioned above, the Xiaomi product performs two main functions – dries your footwear and deodorizes it with ozone. The purpose for which this particular gas was chosen is its effective ability to kill bacteria. And you may be wondering where those bacteria come from, well the feet naturally tend to sweat and with lots of substances such as urea, lactic acid, bacteria is then produced. Moreover, its worthy of note that the amount of ozone produced by the intelligent shoe dryer isn’t toxic or harmful. However, as a result of the ambient temperature which gradually increases, moisture in the is vaporized which helps keep the indoor environment dry. The air does not only keep the shoe dry but also keeps it warm.

Selling Points

  • Intelligent constant temperature
  • Ozone care
  • U-shaped air outlet
  • Telescopic hose
  • Triple security measures
  • 15 seconds to dry a pair

With Xiaomi Deerma HX20 intelligent shoe dryer, you can be assured of always getting your shoe in a good wearing condition not minding if it’s wet or not.

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